Unusual Dreams (redo)

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Kim was sitting on her bed having herself scanned by the medical scanner on her Kimmunicator.  A blue light washed over her body and showed her the results on the display.

‘Alright so no vaginal tears and no other serious damage.  So just take my shot and that should be it.’ Thought Kim as she took a small syringe and injected it contents into her leg.  It’s a new prototype medicine that heals bruising and soreness at an accelerated rate, combine that with moderate stretches she should be good to go by tomorrow morning.

Kim put her freshly washed clothes, she didn’t know who washed them but she made a note to thank them, and wondered around the shack looking at various objects.  She walked into the workshop and saw Emilio working on a project and she walked up behind him intending to strike a conversation with him, after all she was fairly sure there’s a person attached to that penis.

“Hey Emilio.” Said Kim as she looked over her shoulder

“Oh, hey Kim what brings you hear?” asked Emilio

“Just wondering what you’re doing.  What is that a motor to?” wondered Kim

“Electric motor for a jackhammer, the one nice thing about these storms is that give me a chance to catch up on the maintenance.” Explained Emilio, ‘Thank god she has her clothes on, if she wanted sex again I think it would kill me.  My balls are hurting from you.’

“Well looks like the grounding wires fallen off and the leads on the batteries have corroded.  So how come you don’t mine while it storms, you guys work underground.” Asked Kim

“We mine the gold underground but we have to separate the gold form the earth using a sieve on the side of the mountain and the rain makes that area to slippery to safely work.” Said Emilio

“Yea broken legs are not good.  Anyway, I’ll leave you to your work.” Said Kim as she patted him on his shoulders and walked out of the workroom with Emilio just shrugging his shoulder and continued his work.

Kim was walking down the hallway and walked into the kitchen and saw Juan cooking todays lunch.

“What smells so good?” said Kim as she made her presence known to Juan

“Lunch.” Said Juan

“So, you’re the cook here.” Wondered Kim

“Yep, I cook and wash the dishes.  Emilio fixes everything, Paulo cleans and washes our clothes, and Raul does all the book work.” Said Juan

“You have Paulo wash everyone’s clothes, doesn’t that get uncomfortable?” asked Kim while also making note to thank Paulo later.

“Not really were pretty close so it’s really never been a problem.  I mean we would have to be pretty comfortable with each other to have a gangbang with you right?” said Juan

“Yea good point.” Said Kim sheepishly as she felt a small blush from on her face remembering last night’s debauchery, ‘Yea we’re defiantly doing that again.’

“So I hope your hungry lunch will be ready soon.” Said Juan

“Starving, I missed breakfast and I used up a lot of energy with all that sex last night.” Said Kim

“Well there’s going to be plenty to eat but it’s still going to be a little bit.” Said Juan

“Alright I’ll leave you to it.” Said Kim as she walked out of the kitchen, she would have offered to help but her skills in the kitchen were not the greatest, something she didn’t inherent from her mom she got her athletic body but not her cooking skills.

Kim was walking down the hallway when she heard Paulo, she could tell because the noises were coming from his room, working out.  Kim opened the door and was greeted with Paulo’s cock and balls just hanging out for everyone to see.  He was using a pullup bar and his junk was perfectly level with her eyes.

“Oh hey Kim nice to see your back up.  Here for another round” Said Paulo as he got down

“Hey, no I’m not, and why are you naked?” asked Kim, not that she minded seeing the eye candy of course.

“Never know when you want to go for another round, always have to be ready.” Said Paulo

“What do you think I am?  Some sort of super slut?”  said Kim

“Nothing like that, you just know what you like don’t let anything get in your way is all and I’m more than willing to give it to you.” Said Paulo

“So any other interests.” Asked Kim

“Not really, only things I care about is money, my body and sex.” Explained Paulo

“Well that’s surprisingly simple.” Said Kim, she noticed that his cock was starting to stand up again and that it wanted some attention.

“Think you can give me a hand with this.” Asked Paulo

Kim lifted the bottom of her shirt and moved her bra over her breasts exposing them and showing off her hard nipples, “All I can give you, your just gonna have to use your hand this time.” Said Kim

Paulo smiled and waved her off.  Kim put her shirt and bra back into position and walked out of the room to give him his privacy.  She walked to the end of the hallway and opened the door.  Raul was sitting at his desk looking over some paperwork with a worried furrow on his brow. 

“Everything alright.” Asked Kim

“Yea storm season is always a little worrisome for me.  Something always happens, and it always costs money.” Said Raul

“Well anything I can do to help.” Asked Kim

“Not really, only thing to do is hope it’s nothing too expensive.” Said Raul

Kim nodded in agreement and walked around the desk and looked at the photos on his desk.  She saw two photos of two different women with different kids, one photo was older than the other and both were in a prominent position.

“These your ex-wives?” asked Kim

“One, my first wife died in a car accident and the other divorced me because she couldn’t handle being a miner’s wife.” Explained Raul

“I’m sorry.”

“Not your fault and besides it was mutual, and I still have a happy relationship with all six of my kids.” Said Raul

“Six I see five.”

“I had a quick tryst with one of the local women and we had a daughter.  I see them every now and again, but my daughter doesn’t want anything to do with me.” Said Raul

“Damn I’m sorry to ask.” Said Kim

“Its life, I send the village some money every month and they use it however they want, and I get to keep the mine.” Said Raul

Kim hugged Raul and they heard Juan say that Lunch was ready.  Everyone stopped what they were doing and went to the kitchen to eat, Paulo had to put on some clothes.  After lunch Kim had everyone sit down on the couch and Kim decided it was time to lay down some rules for their sexcapades.

“Alright everyone after last night and this morning I think it’s about time to have some rules.  If I’m going to be here for the rest of this storm I think I should be the one to decide the pace of how much fucking we do.  I also decide how many partners I’m going to have at any one time, now don’t worry I’m not going to play favorites and everyone will get to have fun.  Any questions?” Explained Kim

“Do we have to wear condoms?” asked Paulo

Kim moved her right sleeve above her bicep muscle showing a small scar.  “This is an implant I got a few months ago which prevents me from getting pregnant.”

Everyone else nodded in agreement and no one else had any other questions and Kim felt happy with this arrangement, she was in control of the sex and they were fine with it.  Now she couldn’t wait for her pussy to heal up because she has a lot of fucking to do before this storm comes to an end.


Alright that’s it for this chapter I know it was light on sex and heavy on talking but not every chapter is going to have her getting gangbanged and a woman needs her rest.

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