Unusual Dreams (redo)

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What is considered ‘acceptable’ to human society has always been rather narrow.  No deviation is allowed with only the smallest exceptions, and even then, most of those exceptions apply for men.  Threesomes with two women are allowed, so long as there one-night stands and not a serious relationship.  As for women, unless there participating in a threesome or is a lesbian then it’s nothing but monogamy for them. 

This was the problem for Kim Possible because the thing that turned her on was something outside the norm.  She’s always wanted to get gangbanged.  She has no idea where it came from but she certainly remembers when it started.  Thru-out her early teens she experimented a little with porn, nothing to shocking first just regular stuff and then moving into BBC stuff.  But one night she accidently clicked the wrong link and ended up watching a video staring a blond woman with big boobs getting used by three different men.  It set off a spark inside her turned on in a way that she hadn’t felt before and left her with sore fingers and wrist. 

Unfortunately, though it was only ever going to be a fantasy for the rest of her teenage years.  Now there is some good news over the horizon Ron has a fantasy involving multiple women and they both reached an agreement that we would each help fulfil each other’s fantasy’s when they get older.  After we started dating we talked about our sexual desires and it was also the night that I gave him her virginity.

 Just the thought that all those men paying attention to her and her alone.  Also, the fact that even if one was a quick shot there’s another one ready to go.  If she had an ideal number it would be 3 or 4 men and there all fit with nice size cocks. 

This is the story of how dreams can come true, just maybe not the way you were expecting.

Kim and Ron had just defeated Monkey Fist and were on their way home from some temple in South America.  Where it was no one knew exactly but they were flying over the Amazon Jungle and were on their way home.

“Hey, Ron did you think about what college you’re going to?” asked Kim with the wind ripping thru her red hair. 

“I was thinking of applying to the same one you were.” Said Ron while looking outside and noticing that the clouds look kinda bad. “Hey, I think we should probably land this thing soon I don’t like the look of those clouds.”

Kim looked out of the same window and she agreed with him.  Dark clouds were forming and they were heading towards them and fast.

“Hey I think we need to change direction.” Kim yelled at the pilot and pointed to the cloud formation. 

The pilot looked at the clouds and nodded his head in agreement.  He banked hard to the right where a new cloud formation had appeared.

“Oh come on what are the odds of that happening.” Whined Ron, “It’s like someone wants us to crash today.”

“Ron get your parachute on quick.” Commanded Kim while slipping hers on.

“I already put it on.” Said Ron while patting his shoulder signaling that he had put it on.

Kim finished putting her’s on when the pilot suddenly opened the side door and jumped out, signaling that it was time to get out. 

“Did that really just happen?” said a rather surprised Kim, “Ok Ron you first, I’ll see you when we get down that.  If we get separated we head for the top of that mountain.” Kim pointed to which mountain she was talking about and then pushed Ron out of the door and jumped right after him. 

“Alright see you on the ground love you.” Said Ron as he jumped.

Kim jumped right after him and saw that Ron’s chute opened and opened her’s as well.  As she was falling she noticed that the wind had carried them in different directions.  She saw Ron float over the river and settle down while she floated down into the jungle but she got caught up in some branches.  She managed to release herself but she fell to the ground on to her side where her Kimunnicator was.

“Well this is just perfect, let’s hope that Ron’s didn’t break.” Complained Kim as she saw that the screen was broken and there was a small trail of smoke coming from inside.  Of course, just as she was examining her device there was a sudden rainfall. “Just wonderful, as if this day couldn’t get any worse.”

Kim ran thru the forest looking for anything that could be used as a makeshift shelter when she happened upon a dirt road and a truck that looked like it was older then her own father.  The truck pulled up and a man lowered the window and looked at her.  He looked like he could be in either his late 30’s or early 40’s with a little grey in his well-trimmed mustache and his combed hair.  He was certainly handsome by anyone’s imagination.  She may have enjoyed the eye candy but she was more concerned about getting out of this rain. 

“You need a place to get out of this rain.” The man asked in mostly perfect English, he only had a slight accent.

“Thank goodness but do you live around here.” Asked Kim, now normally most women wouldn’t be as trusting as Kim is in this situation but she was very confident in her ability to fight him off if he tried something.

“yea I live in a shelter nearby, hop in and I’ll take you there.” He said and Kim opened the door and hopped in.  After she shut the door he put the truck into gear and continued down the road.

Now what she didn’t know was that this chance encounter would just be the beginning of a new and unusual relationship.  And she would be a happier person for it.


Alright that’s it for chapter 1 and I hope you enjoyed it.  Now this is going to be a redo of my old story because I’m not happy with how it turned out.  Now like the other one this is a reimagining of a much older fic that is now gone. 

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