Unusual Dreams (redo)

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Kim woke up the next morning feeling 100% better.  Her pussy was back to normal and ready to get fucked.  She hopped out of her bed and walked out of her temporary room, without any clothes.  She prowled the hallway for the slightest sign of movement from any of the boys.

‘Mmmm do I want Raul’s long cock or a nice big load from Juan.  No Paulo said he was ready whenever I was.  Time to hold him to it.’ Thought Kim as she opened his door, she noticed that Paulo was getting up and Kim hid her body behind the door as best as she was able.

“Morning Paulo, sleep well.” Asked Kim barley holding back how horney she was.  She can feel how wet her pussy was and could feel it running down her legs.  She was really hoping Paulo meant what he said.

“Pretty good.” Said Paulo as he removed his blanket and revealing his bad case of morning wood.

“Oh, my that almost looks painful.” Commented Kim as she got a good eyeful.

“Well if you want to give me a hand I’d more than welcome it.” Said Paulo

“And you were thinking of what exactly?” asked Kim

“Your mouth, blowjobs have always been my favorite.” Said Paulo

“Really because I wanted us both to have fun.” Said Kim as she revealed her naked body from behind the door and walked toward Paulo.  Her nipples proudly on display and her soaking wet pussy can be seen leaking down her supple legs.

“Sure you can handle it. You were pretty sore yesterday.” Said Paulo

“I’m fine, so how do you want me.” Said Kim

“Lay down I want to watch your tits bounce as I fuck you.” Said Paulo as he got out of her way.

Kim laid down and let Paulo between her legs.  He nibbled on her nipples while using his right hand on her pussy and clit.  Kim was squirming underneath his ministrations, she needs Paulo’s cock in her and he was driving her crazy.

“Not fair, not fair.” Whined Kim, “Just stick it in me, I’m more than ready.”

Paulo smiled and aimed his penis at her entrance and thrusted into her.  Kim felt his thick cock stretch her pussy and it was exactly what she needed.  He pounded her pussy slowly at first and then picked up his speed until his balls were bouncing off her ass.  Kim moaned with every thrust as she felt her breasts bounce when Paulo wasn’t grabbing them.  Kim was enjoying the fucking until he let out a grunt and she felt a warm liquid enter her far too soon then she was expecting.

‘Forgot Paulo’s a quick shot.’ Thought Kim

Kim looked out the door and saw Juan walking past, probably going to go make breakfast, and Kim called out to him.

“Hey Juan, come here.” said Kim as Juan turned and walked into Paulo’s room.

“You guys want me to join in?” asked Juan

“Yea ready to have my first threesome.” Said Kim as she got on all fours and offered her pussy to Juan by moving it side to side to entice him.

Juan removed his clothes and stroked his cock till it got hard.  Kim took Paulo’s cock in her mouth, after she had him wash it off because she didn’t want to taste herself, and bobbed her head up and down the shaft as she felt Juan enter her from behind.  He didn’t even bother with starting out slowly as he just started hammering away at her pussy straight away.  She could feel his big pendulous balls slapping against her clit as she worked the head of Paulo’s thick cock.  She felt it convulse in her mouth and she knew he was about to blow so she removed his dick with an audible pop and stroked his shaft till his seed started coating her face, he didn’t stop till her entire face had at least some of his seed and a good amount in her hair. 

Juan gabbed Kim’s ass and used her as leverage to pound into her pussy harder.  Kim experienced several orgasms and let out a loud moan each thrust.  Juan suddenly let out a small moan himself and finished inside Kim’s pussy.  He let out his large load into her womb and filled her to the brim with his seed.

Juan pulled out and put his clothes back on, he still has breakfast to make and he was sure that their activities would have woken up everyone else, and walked out of the room.  Paulo jumped out of bed, feeling rather refreshed, and put his morning clothes on to go do his morning workout in their small gym.  As for Kim she was tired, her face was covered in Paulo’s cum and she was leaking Juan’s huge load out of her pussy.  She got up and used one of Paulo’s towels to clean her face, only seemed fair, and walked back to her room to put her own clothes on and get some breakfast. 

She would have invited the others to join in, but she knew she needed to pace herself or else she won’t get to finally live her dream to the fullest. 

Kim walked into the kitchen and joined the boys for breakfast.

“So sounds like you had some fun this morning.” Said Raul

“Everything’s healed up and I was ready to go.” Said Kim as she started eating her breakfast

“That was fast.” Said Emilio

Paulo walked in from his workout and started eating along with everyone else.

“Yea it’s a new medicine that I’m testing out.  It mostly just works on muscle soreness and fatigue and after our first night I would give it my stamp of approval.” Said Kim

Kim looked out the window and noticed that a new break had formed in the storm and it would be a good time to see if she can get ahold of Ron and check up on him.

Kim excused herself, got dressed, and walked outside with her Kimmunicator and tried to get ahold of Ron.

“Hey Ron, its Kim can you hear me.” Said Kim, she was sure he was alright, but she wanted to hear his voice.

“Hey KP how are things there?” asked Ron

“They’re going great Ron, I tested out that new medicine Wade gave us, I defiantly give it my stamp of approval.” Said Kim

“Yea I’ve used it too it works wonders.  Sounds like you’re doing ok Kim.” Said Ron

“I am Ron and it sounds like you’re doing good yourself.” Said Kim

“I am, crap hey I’m sorry but I can hear the storm picking back up again I think we should stop talking and get back under cover.” Said Ron

Kim could hear thunder rolling in and several drops of rain hit her face.

“Yea your right Ron I’ll talk to you next time there’s a break love you.” Said Kim

“Defiantly KP love you.” Said Ron

Kim shut off her device and went inside to begin her week of living her dream.

Alright everyone this is the newest chapter and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it.  If you have any suggestions I’ll gladly hear them and apply them to future chapters if I like them.  IF you could leave me a review I would really appreciate it after all I’m not making money off this so reviews will stroke my ego and get me to write more.

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