Unusual Dreams (redo)

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Kim woke up on the couch wishing her pain medication wasn’t so far away.  The pain in her leg was throbbing and her neck was sore from sleeping at an unusual angle. 

‘I’m adding a new rule he fucks her at her place I’m not spending another night on the couch just so Ron can get his balls emptied.  Need to draw the line somewhere damnit.’ Thought Kim as she opened her Rx bottle and downed a pill to help with her pain and another pill to help with the problems that come with taking pain pills.

Kim got up and hopped her way to the bedroom to check on her boyfriend.  As she hopped along the pain in her leg began to subside By the time she got to their bedroom door the pain was almost gone and when she opened it she was more then a little taken aback. 

Ron and Tara were on opposite sides of the bed, which Kim liked to see Ron maintaining an emotional separation, more then a few condoms were in the waste bin beside the bed and their wrappers were scattered everywhere.  Ron’s cock and balls were out and she could see that they were an unnatural shade of red, which brought a small smile to her face knowing that he fucked her enough times to satisfy himself.  Tara was a complete mess, her blond curls and settled somewhere between curly and perm.  She could see small light bruises in the shape of Rons hands over chest and ass.  Her red and overly used pussy was still twitching like it still wanted to be fucked, but Kim also noted that nothing was leaking out so she knew that a condom never broke.

Kim smiled and kissed Ron’s forehead which caused him to wake up.

“Hmmm hey Kim did you sleep well?” asked a half-asleep Ron

“It was alright, last night was more about you, now scooch over I want some cuddles.” Said Kim as she lightly pushed Ron to make room.

He shuffled more toward the center of their king-sized bed, it was a gift from a mattress salesman she saved before her accident.  When she managed to make her way into Ron’s arms she noticed that the bed smelled of Tara.

‘Yea new rule, Ron can fuck Tara only at her place I’m not smelling her in our bed again.’ Thought Kim as she tried to think of new rules for the two to follow.

The warmth the two shared between the two made her love him even more.  For the first time on months she heard Ron give a sigh of relief, truly seeing him relax since the accident.  She smiled and moved in closer. 

After an hour of lying in bed Kim decided it was time to get up.  Despite enjoying how it feels she knew she had to get up.  She had to talk to Tara now that she was finally sober.  She opened a hidden door in the closet floor and brought out a small locked container that kept her most secret possessions, ones that she couldn’t trust on a computer.  Digging thru various files she found her prize, a white envelop containing the picture from her first week with her ‘sex friends’.  She opened the envelop and the memories brought a smile to her face.  The sheer rush of all the debauchery that she did almost brought her sex drive back, all the orgasms she had and was the cause off, the fact that there were all of these horny men and she was the only woman around for miles. 

‘Ohhhh man that brings me back.’ Thought Kim as she felt a small amount of warmth in her stomach, this made Kim think that maybe her sex drive wasn’t completely gone, but for now she will still need the services of Tara.

Kim hobbled her way into the kitchen and sat down in a chair holding the picture and waited for Tara to wake up. 

Kim heard a loud gasp and knew Tara had woken up.  Kim was sure she wouldn’t remember last night and that she was in for a very awkward conversation with a very scared Tara.  Tara came rushing out of the bedroom as white as a sheet with her clothes barley on, she was apparently fine with the idea of walking outside half naked.  As she was about to make her way to the door she saw the last person she wanted to see, Kim Possible sitting at the kitchen table.  Tara’s breathing became shallow and rapid as her pupils widened in fear, even half crippled Kim was still a force to be reckoned with. 

However Kim remained calm, she already knew how this was going to play out. 

“Tara I need you to calm down ok?  Just breath you’re not in trouble I promise you.  Seriously Tara breath slow and deeply or else you’ll pass out.” Tara followed Kims orders and took several minutes to calm down.  “Ok now why don’t you sit down.”

“Kim I’m am so sorry for being a whore, I swear I wouldn’t have slept with him if I was sober and I know I crossed a line.  Please don’t kill me I swear I’ll never drink again.” Said Tara rapidly and feeling herself shrink with each passing word.

“Tara it’s ok I let you have sex with Ron.” Assured Kim

Tara sat in her chair confused by what she just said.

“Last night you offered to have sex with Ron while my leg heals and I agreed.  Now you’re not in trouble and you won’t be, alright.  Since your sober we just need to go over a few rules.” Kim went over the rules with Tara nodding at each one understanding.

“Ok now that its over there is something I wanted to talk to you about.  So last night you told you something really personal.”

Tara’s blood drained from her face.

“You told me that you’ve always wanted to get gangbanged.”

Tara hid her shame behind her hands.

“Its ok you don’t have to hide I’m not judging you, in fact we’re the same here.” Said Kim as she showed Tara her old picture.  “A year ago I got trapped in the jungles of South America and I got picked up by that man there, the oldest of them.  After I got to know them I figured they might be open to gangbanging a woman and I was happily surprised to find out that they were eager to fuck me.” Kim gave Tara a smile as she saw her relax.  Tara knew she had found an ally and shed a small tear in happiness.  For years she held this part of herself in, when she wasn’t drunk, and could openly talk to someone about it.  The fact that it’s a friend that she’s known for years only made it better.

Of course, now that she looks at the picture of a naked Kim and four guy and knowing what they did to her before and after made her feel warm inside, if slightly jealous.  “So I have to ask why are you telling me this?”

“Because I want you to know that you’re not alone and I’m just glad I’m not the only one.  It just feels so good to know I’m not the only one who enjoys getting gangbanged.”

“Oh my god I know.” Tara’s face brightened and the look on her face changed, she had an idea.  “You know I know we’ve just found each other out but I was wondering is there any chance I could go see these guys for a weekend.”

‘Huh wonder why I didn’t think of this?’ thought Kim as it dawned on her.  She had never enjoyed the fact that her friends were fucking whores and the possible dangers that went along with it.  She knew they would always be careful but everyone makes mistakes and mistakes can hurt people.  But if Tara could handle them then she would have nothing to worry about.  She already knows she has nothing and won’t do anything to hurt her.  It was perfect.  “You know that sounds like a good idea.  I’ll talk to Raul about it and see if he agrees.” Kim couldn’t think of a reason why not.  Now they get to bust into a hot blonde whos the same age as her. 

The two could hear Ron begin stirring from his slumber. “You know why don’t you go give Ron another round, and don’t worry I felt him poking me in the back earlier so he’s good to go again.” Assured Kim as Tara smiled wide and ran back into the bed room, she felt a new rush of energy and wanted to burn it with someone.

‘And now off to look at those files I ‘liberated’ from Bonnie.’ Thought Kim as she heard Tara and Ron having there fun.  Bringing her laptop out she turned it on allowing the screen to turn on she scrolled to the icon and clicked it.  More then three dozen pages appeared and she was correct.  It was Kims medical files, specifically what happened to her after her accident.  However her files were the only ones she could read, Bonnies files were completely blacked out.  There was nothing for her to read and she suspected that Bonnie knew Kim would go looking and set this up. 

‘When in the hell did Bonnie get this smart.’ Thought Kim as she continued to look thru for any clue.

Kim eyes grew wide as she could feel the blood leave her face.  The last page contained the only viewable picture.  It was of Kim riding Juan’s cock while sucking off Alamar and jerking off Paulo and her face covered in Raul’s cum.  Kim felt sick and horrified.

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