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Old Enemies

Four months after Kim and Ron started their regular trips Kim was sitting in a small Café across from an old enemy of her.  Shego sat with a menu in hand, she wore simple clothes that showed off her swollen belly and looked thru the menu with an annoyed look on her face.

“There has to be something without any sugar in it.” Said Shego

“Why the ban on sugar?” wondered Kim as she found something she wanted to eat.

“Every time I have sugar the damn kids beats my uterus like a bongo drum.  I swear I can’t wait for this kid to finally come out.  Damn little brat.” Said Shego in a tone that made Kim think she might go back to her old ways.


“What!? I’m the pregnant one here I’m allowed to say these kinda things.” Complained Shego as she finally found an item that might work, with a few alterations of course.

‘Yea, mama instincts are not strong with you.’ Thought Kim

“So how are thing going with you and John their cupcake?” asked Shego

Kim always hated how she would call her ‘cupcake’, she didn’t know if it was a jab at the size of her breasts or if it was just a pet name she gave her.

“RON and I are doing alright.” Said Kim

“Oh so how are things in the sack huh?  Must be pretty good if he can keep a looker like you happy.” Said Shego

“I fell in love with him because of who he is.  The fact that he’s hung like a horse is just a nice side benefit.” Said Kim while saying that last part quietly to herself, not that Shego didn’t hear though. ‘Course the fact that I banging five guys is certainly making my life easier.’

“Ohh Kimmy got herself a stud.  So come on give me details I want to know all of them.” Said Shego with a look of hunger that wasn’t there before.

“What’s gotten into you Shego you were never this perverted.” Said Kim while being mildly shocked.

“This damn baby is messing with my hormones.  I’m hornier then I’ve ever been in my entire life, I would kill Drakken if he didn’t have….” Shego went quiet and had a blush spread across her face.

“Have what?” asked Kim, she knew Shego messed up and she wasn’t going to let this one go.


“Oh really now so you want to pay for your own meal then.” Said Kim with a rather evil smirk on her face.

  “Grr has anyone ever told you to never get between a pregnant woman and her next meal.  Besides you’ve never been this evil.” Complained Shego

“What can I say must be the company I’m keeping.” Said Kim while looking directly at Shego.

“Touché cupcake.  Alright because I want to eat I’ll tell you.  We managed to figure a use for Drakkens mutations and it’s the only thing that’s been keeping him alive.” Said Shego while shrinking more and more as she described their new love making.

“Well I’m glad for you.” Said Kim while giving her a sweet smile

“Thanks, so you want some advice from a woman who’s been around.” Offered Shego

“Don’t think I’ll need it but go ahead.”

“Don’t be afraid to experiment when it comes to sex, the last thing you need is for everything to get stale.  Personally I would recommend asking Ron to let you have sex with a woman, in fact let him watch he might like it.” Said Shego as she waved a waiter over.

“No thanks.” Said Kim as she gave her order, ‘Besides both of our sexual lives are completely fulfilled.’

Kim was eating lunch with Shego as a part of her internship program.  After the alien invasion was ended Drakken and Shego were ‘volunteered’ in a probation program designed to rehabilitate villains that was run by Global Justice.  After graduation Kim enlisted in GJ’s internship program and one of the thing that they have to do it be a junior probation officer to a reformed villain.  Every couple of week she would check in with Shego and Ron would talk to Drakken.  They would talk and Kim would take down notes then she would turn in those notes to her Senior Officer who would fact check her answers. 

Of course, ever since Drakken switched sides he’s been able to make a lot more money, Its absolutely amazing how useful a death ray can be when used properly, so they weren’t hurting for money but part of their probation is that they have to have a job and that’s the problem.  No one wants to hire an ex-villain, even one that saved the world, and with Shego’s pregnancy theirs even more pressure for Drakken to find a job.  Kim did feel some sympathy for the couple and wanted to help them as best she could.

“So how’s the job hunt going?” asked Kim

“Horrible, Drakken’s only been able to get part time jobs that fire him as soon as they find out what he used to do for a living.  I’m getting worried that we’re going to get kicked out.” Said Shego

Kim wrote down what Shego said on a notebook pad.  Kim knew that if they got kicked out of the program their lives would be over.  All of their assets would be frozen and with the world more peaceful then its ever been GJ could commit more resources to hunting them down. 

“So what about your brothers could they help.” Said Kim as she took a bite of her meal

“Still hasn’t forgiving me for leaving the team.  Pretty much said that he doesn’t care about my kid and that I won’t get any help from him or my other brothers.” Said Shego with a sad look on her face.

“I’m sorry.”

“Not your fault cupcake just paying for past sins.” Said Shego as she finished her meal in record time while Kim was barely half finished.

Kim asked several more questions and Shego answered them in a matter of fact tone.

“So got everything?” asked Shego as she finished her third dessert.

“Yep, you have anything you want to add.” Offered Kim

“Nope, ok not that the business part is over lets talk about something more fun.  You never answered my question.  How’s Ron in the sack.” Said Shego with a look of hunger of a different kind.

“He’s perfectly fine.” Said Kim simply

“OH I think its something else.  You see I know you two were having sex when you were in highschool and yet after your summer vacation ended something changed.  Now I wonder what that could be.  Must be something really kinky if its gotten you to relax more.” Said Shego with a smile that reminded Kim of her villain days

“You have no idea what your talking about.” Said Kim

“Come on it’s the 21st century, we’ve had a movie which showed that women like their men young and another one where we like kinky sex.  At least tell me what you would like to do, give me something that let me know your human.” Said Shego

“Nope sorry not gonna happen.” Said Kim while having a sly smirk.

“Tease.” Said Shego as she got out of her chair, “You know you should take my advice.  When it comes to sex I know a thing or two.  Don’t be afraid to try new things, your young and now would be the time to try different things.  I’m pretty confident that it would make you two love each other more.”

“Trust me we’re fine.” Said Kim, ‘Funny thing is that your right, after I got gangbanged I love Ron more.’

Kim got up and walked with Shego to her car. 

“So still interested in joining GJ with all their paperwork.” Said Shego

“Yea my dream is to get to the top and replace the director.  Paperwork is the least of my worries.” Said Kim

“You know the world is getting nicer might not stay that way.” Said Shego

“You think something is over the horizon.” Asked Kim

“Don’t know, all I know is that things never stay nice, they always turn to shit right when you least expect it.” Said Shego as she rubbed her belly

“Nothing will happen, I promise.” Said Kim

“You don’t know the future, you have to enjoy the time you have before something happens.  The only things I’m worried about are my baby and Drakken.” Said Shego

“Hey it’ll work out, Drakken will get a job and everything will be alright.” Said Kim as she put her hand on her shoulder, “What’s up with you, one second your asking about my sex life the next you’re the more depressed person I know.”

“Hormones they make me go up and down in the span of a sentence.” Explained Shego but Kim got the feeling that wasn’t the complete truth. 

In the months after she graduated she’s gotten to know Shego better, she would often use socially unacceptable subjects to either weird a person out or use it as a smoke screen to hide her more complex emotions.  If Kim had a guess she was really worried for her husband and her baby’s future. She decided she wouldn’t press further and simply let the subject drop.

When they got to Shego’s car Kim opened the door for her and as she was about to close the door she leaned in close and said, “I’ve always wanted Ron to fuck me in the ass but he’s just way to big for me to take the risk.”

It was a lie but she needed to tell her something to get Shego’s mind off of what dark subject it was currently on.

“Well it’s too bad I’m with Drakken because I just might offer to join in for a threeway.” Said Shego as she gave her a small smile.

Kim smiled and closed the door and watched Shego drive off into the distance.  Kim organized her notes and put them in the approved envelop for GJ purposes.  As she walked home she was thinking of her boys down south and how lucky she was to have a boyfriend that understood her and was willing to let her live out her dream.  This weekend was the time they were going to go see everyone for ‘stress relief’ and was wondering what she was going to do about Emilio.  She liked him but nothing more then as a friend and lately she’s been getting the impression that he likes her more than as a friend and it was not acceptable.  She’s going to have a talk with him and then have to see if she can continue to go see her boys.

Alright that’s it I hope you enjoy this chapter and if you do leave a review and let me know how I’m doing. 

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