Unusual Dreams (redo)

BY : dxslayer
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Kim waved goodbye to Ron as he took off in the direction of the village for a weekend of fun with his three girls.  Kim walked to the shack door and entered, she doesn’t even bothering knocking since they know she was coming.  She was greeted at the door with Raul, Paulo and Juan standing in the living room with their intentions clear as day, they were completely naked.  This was a normal way of greeting and didn’t phase Kim in the slightest.

“Hey guys where’s Emilio I wanted to talk to him before we start anything.” Asked Kim as she felt a warmth in her stomach rise from seeing their cocks getting hard right in from of her.

“Yea sure he’s in his shop.” Said Raul

“Thanks.” Said Kim as she smiled and walked down the hall, ‘Please let this work out I really need to get laid.’

Kim opened the door and saw Emilio working on his latest project.

“Hey Emilio we need to talk.” Said Kim as she shut the door, she wanted to give them some privacy.

“Yea sure.”

“Is something going on because I’ve been getting the feeling that you might be starting to like me.” Said Kim

Emilio just sat there and she could see his face get red from embarrassment. Kim didn’t need him to answer his body language said enough but she needed to hear him say it.

“Yea I do.” Said Emilio while hanging his head low

“What?!  You do know I have a boyfriend right?!  I do love him and I have no intentions of leaving him and even if I did I don’t want to stop getting gangbanged.” Said Kim

“I know and I didn’t want to like you it just sorta happened.” Said Emilio, “I mean you did take my virginity so it makes sense.”

“I did WHAT.” Screamed Kim, “Wait Raul said you guys have orgies here often so theirs no way you were a virgin.  I mean come on your 27 most people would have lost it by then.”

“I was never good at talking to girls and I was only working for them for a couple of months before you showed up and Raul wasn’t able to get any girls here the entire time I’ve been here.” Explained Emilio

“Oh my god I can believe I took your virginity.  You’re not supposed to pop your cherry in a gangbang.  Hell, I’m the one with that fetish and I wouldn’t want to lose my v-card in a gangbang.” Said Kim as she paced his room having a mild panic attack from the revelation.

“Are you alright Kim?” asked Emilio

“This is fucked up alright.  Now I want you to understand that I can never return the feeling you feel towards me and I’m not going to fuck other guys with you in the same building.” Said Kim as she crossed her arms.

“Why not I’m fine with you fucking other guys with me in the same building.” Said Emilio

“First off I know that’s a lie and second its fucked up in a way that only a few people can handle and Ron is secure enough with me in this relationship to let me have sex with other people and frankly you don’t have it.” Explained Kim in a matter of fact tone.

“You don’t know that.” Said Emilio

“I do, you might be fine with it now but as the months roll by you’ll grow to resent it more until either you leave or something stupid happens and frankly I would rather leave and end everything before someone gets hurt because of my sex drive.” Said Kim as she started picking up her bags, she was going to leave and go to Ron before something happened.

“Don’t leave alright I’ll go.  Your right I don’t have what it takes and I rather see you happy.” Said Emilio as he could feel the tears form in his eyes. 

“Look you’re a great guy and I know you’ll find someone but its just not me.  I have a boyfriend that understands me in ways that are beyond love, he completes me and I thank what ever force brought us together.” Said Kim as a way to try and reassure him. 

“Thanks.” Said Emilio simply as he walked to his dresser and packed him bags.

“Hey Kim what’s going on and why is Emilio packing his bags?” asked Juan

“I’m going to quit.” Said Emilio simply as he slung his bag of clothes over his shoulder.

“Why the hell you quitting I need you hear.” Said Raul

“The mine will do fine without me long after you’ll replace me and I don’t want to be here.” Said Emilio as he walked to the door.

Emilio walked thru the door and close it behind him.  He was gone from their lives for good.

“That’s why never let my feelings get in the way, to much drama.” Said Paulo as he took a sip of beer.

“Not helping Paulo, look I’m sorry but I’m just not in the mood right now maybe after dinner I can fuck you guys.” Said Kim as she went to her room.

Kim didn’t want it to end like this, she simply didn’t know how to feel.  She held to her morals but it cost her a friend.

Alright I know this was a short chapter but I hope you enjoy it.  If you did or want to leave some advice leave a review.

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