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Chapter 8: Crushing It

It was Monday afternoon—forty-eight hours after the drug-induced orgy in Lisa’s room, which Lincoln was still thinking about fondly. Although he had almost choked on his bologna sandwich at lunch when Liam asked him how his weekend was.

Now, Lincoln was sitting in class, checking out Mrs. Johnson’s ass as she bent over to plug in the video monitor on which the class would be watching a film about the Reconstruction era. Somehow, having seen Mrs. Johnson naked and having touched, squeezed, and spanked that ass did not make Lincoln any less inclined to look at it appreciatively, even when it was clothed and in public.

“Psst! Lincoln!” Clyde whispered, nearly startling Lincoln out of his skin. “Don’t look, but I think Cristina is checking you out through the window.”

Despite Clyde’s warning, Lincoln couldn’t help but look. Indeed, Cristina, who was outside at recess with the rest of her class, was standing about twenty feet from the window and looking right at him. The cute, poofy-haired girl had on her usual blue dress, matching blue shoes, and yellow hairband; yet to Lincoln, she looked more attractive than ever. Which was saying something, given how hard Lincoln had crushed on her for a while during the previous school year.

And when they made eye contact, instead of Cristina immediately turning away and pretending to look at something else, she gave him a tiny smile before rejoining her classmates in their game of kickball.

A bit huffily, Rusty whispered, “Seems like a lot of girls are checking Lincoln out these days.”

“Yeah, what’s going on with you, Lincoln?” Zach asked quietly. “Half the girls in school are giving you the eye.”

“Yep,” Liam agreed. “My goat Matilda gives me that same look whenever matin’ season comes around.” He shivered. “Ain’t nothin’ creepier than a nanny lookin’ atcha like that with them goat-eyes.”

“I don’t know what you guys are talking about,” Lincoln fibbed.

“Maybe white hair is in this year,” said Clyde.

Lunging at the opportunity to change the direction of the conversation, Lincoln half-chuckled and said, “I should tell my Pop-Pop.”


Cristina was facing a dilemma. Until last spring, the fifth-grader never had any particular feelings, good or bad, about Lincoln Loud. Then came the day when Lincoln released a video that soon went viral and that, among other things, showed him flirting with some kind of weird vampire-head statue with Cristina’s picture taped to it. Humiliated and creeped out, Cristina had switched out of Mrs. Johnson’s class so that she wouldn’t have to see Lincoln every day. And after the chatter about the video finally died down, she had tried to forget about the whole thing.

But since the new school year began, Cristina—like a lot of other girls, if the lunchtime chitchat in the cafeteria was any indication—had noticed how different Lincoln seemed. She hadn’t actually interacted with him, as he’d been considerate enough to avoid her ever since the incident. But since the day two weeks earlier when she’d passed close by him in the hallway, she’d noticed how he seemed more confident, more…charming. Like a completely different person from the awkward creeper in the video.

Day after day, Cristina had found herself increasingly unable to ignore Lincoln whenever she happened to see him. In fact, these days, she watched Lincoln out the window whenever Mrs. Johnson’s class had gym outside. She had even taken to passing close by him whenever she had the chance, inhaling his subtle but distinctive scent, which she found strangely addictive. And the thoughts that went through her mind as she looked at Lincoln in his tight gym shorts or passed him in the hallway were not like any she’d had about other boys up to that point.

And there lay the conundrum. Because suddenly, the boy from whom Cristina had studiously kept her distance for the past six months was now the boy she most wished would ask her out, or speak to her, or even just make eye contact.

She needed to do something to close the distance between them—and preferably to eliminate said distance all together. The thought of there being no physical distance between herself and Lincoln made Cristina imagine his toned body pressed against her own, his lips against hers, touching her all over her, her touching him all over. After she first had this thought, it returned to her mind again and again, even when she lay in her bed at night, causing her hand to journey down between her thighs.

All of this made it clear to Cristina that eye contact would not be nearly enough.

She didn’t know how she was going to get close to Lincoln despite their unpleasant shared history. She couldn’t just pretend that none of it had happened. But whatever it was he had that drew her to him, she needed it. And she was going to get it, even if she had to beg.

Maybe especially if she had to beg.


That night, as Lincoln lay in bed, he couldn’t help but think about the way Cristina had looked at him through the window—despite the fact that he and Luna had just enjoyed three awesome climaxes, the last one not ten minutes earlier. The teenager now snored softly next to him, her legs still spread wide, her pussy still open and leaking cum.

In recent weeks, Lincoln had gotten pretty familiar with the look Cristina had on her face, because he’d seen it on the faces of various other girls—Girl Jordan, Stella, and Mrs. Johnson among them. Cristina was clearly interested in him. Which was weird, considering that the previous year, she’d changed classes just to get away from him. They hadn’t even talked since then. Why would she suddenly change her mind?

He now felt a little stupid at not having given any thought to this before now, because he could have asked a similar question about Girl Jordan’s sudden attraction to him, or Stella’s. Most certainly Mrs. Johnson’s. Had his “awakening” given him some sort of girl-magnetism?

And now the guys were starting to notice it, too. That could complicate things. Things that were already pretty complicated.


Lincoln was in class, listening to Mrs. Johnson as she began her lecture. Although the subject wasn’t one he’d expected her to discuss.

“Class,” Mrs. Johnson said, “today we’re going to talk about a topic that is near and dear to my heart: the importance of sexual endurance in boys.”

Over the low chatter that this announcement elicited among the students, Mrs. Johnson continued, “Lincoln, since you’re our most accomplished student in that subject, you’ll come up front and demonstrate.”

“W- What? Me?” Lincoln blurted.

Seemingly ignoring Lincoln’s response, Mrs. Johnson looked around the room as she went on, “Stella, Mollie, Penelope, Jordan—no, Girl Jordan—please assist Lincoln in this demonstration. You may use my desk.”

“Man, I never get included in anything,” Boy Jordan griped.

The four girls got up from their desks and unabashedly approached Lincoln where he now stood in front of the class, smiling at him sexily.

“Who do you wanna do first, Lincoln?” Stella asked in a naughty tone.

Liam stood up from his desk, turning to his and Lincoln’s other male friends, and sighed, “C’mon, fellers, I got ol’ Bessie tied up outside. We kin take turns humpin’ ‘er; she likes it pretty good.”

“Great,” Rusty pouted. “Lincoln gets all the girls, and we have to have sex with a cow.”

“Oh, Bessie ain’t no cow,” Liam clarified. “She’s a chicken.”

Clyde said, “Suddenly, my right hand is looking like the better option.”

“Mine, too,” Zach chimed in. “And I’m left handed!”

“Thanks for nothing, Lincoln,” Rusty said.

“Yeah, thanks,” Zach grumped.

Lincoln opened his eyes. He was still in bed, next to the snoozing Luna.

The boy was surprised by his nightmare. Yes, his conversation with the guys at school that day had been awkward, but he hadn’t realized how much it had gotten to him. 

Maybe it was a sign that he needed to put the brakes on all his sexual shenanigans at school. Maybe it was finally time to start practicing some self-control instead of giving in to his every desire. Maybe he could actually do it this time. 

Or maybe he was just kidding himself.


Once Cristina understood what it was that she needed from Lincoln, she set about determining how to get it. The obvious move would be to ask him out on a date. But she couldn’t just do that out of the blue, could she? He might freak out. He might even think she was planning to play some sort of trick on him.

But part of what was different about Lincoln these days was his apparent abundance of confidence—especially, from what Cristina had observed, around girls. It seemed unlikely that he’d react badly to being asked out, even by a girl who had previously avoided him. Rather, he’d probably be intrigued, or even flattered. Maybe, even, his previous attraction to her would reawaken.

And if it didn’t, there was another option. Cristina’s sister Casey was, to put it politely, very popular with the boys at her community college. Cristina could always tear a leaf from Casey’s playbook.

And thinking of her sister gave Cristina another idea…


The next afternoon, Lincoln and his friends were leaving school as a group. Lincoln was glad that his ongoing sexual shenanigans with Stella—with whom he had hooked up three more times after their first encounter—didn’t seem to affect how the two of them acted when they were hanging with Liam, Zack, Rusty, and Clyde. It was nice that some parts of his life hadn’t changed.

Or so Lincoln thought, until he was approached by the last girl he’d ever expected to talk to again: Cristina. The girl with the poofy auburn hair and blue dress fast-walked past Lincoln and his cohort from behind, then turned around directly in front of him.

“Hi Lincoln,” she said. “Can I talk to you for a sex- I mean, a sec?”

Lincoln couldn’t help but notice the looks he was getting from his friends. Stella and Clyde’s expressions were merely quizzical, whereas Rusty’s, Liam’s, and Zach’s seemed slightly accusatory.

“Um, sure,” Lincoln replied anxiously, taking the girl’s arm and hustling her away from the group—and then behind a tree for good measure.

“So, um, what’s up?” Lincoln asked.

“Well,” Cristina started. Then she straightened her posture and cleared her throat. “Lincoln, I, uh, misjudged you. I treated you like a creep when you were just, you know, privately expressing your feelings. So I wanted to make it up to you by taking you to dinner and the arcade on Friday.”

Given the way he’d seen Cristina looking at him recently, Lincoln wasn’t entirely surprised by Cristina approaching him like this. But he hadn’t expected a full-on invitation to a date.

“Wow, that, that sounds great,” Lincoln replied. “Should I just meet you there, or-?”

“My mom will drive us,” Cristina replied. “We’ll pick you up at six. See you Friday!”

Cristina hurried away, feigning an effort to catch up with some friends who happened to be walking by. She’d given herself just enough time to give Lincoln the invite, because she was afraid of what might happen if she hung around Lincoln too long. Like that she might be overwhelmed by his intoxicating male scent and make a fool of herself—or give away the fact that she hadn’t been entirely truthful with Lincoln about where they were going on Friday.


On Friday at six, Lincoln was out in front of his house when Cristina and her mom pulled up in their SUV. Cristina was sitting in the back—wearing her usual outfit, plus a little black handbag—so Lincoln hopped in next to her. Cristina and her mom greeted him, then chatted as they drove across town. As they traveled, Lincoln realized that their route wasn’t what he’d expected.

“Um,” he asked, “is this the way to the arcade?”

“Oh,” Cristina replied as casually as she could manage, “we’re not going to the arcade in town. We’re going to the one at Royal Woods Community College.”

“Cristina’s sister Casey goes there,” Cristina’s mom explained, “and Cristina thought it would be fun to take you to the game room on campus.”

“Oh, um, yeah, cool,” Lincoln replied. He’d never visited RWCC, so he hadn’t known there was an arcade there, and he was intrigued by the idea of going someplace new. 

“All right, kids,” Cristina’s mom said as she pulled up to the curb in front of the RWCC student center. “I’ll pick you up right here at nine. Have fun!”

“Thanks, Mom,” Cristina replied.

“Thanks, Ms. Milewicz,” Lincoln said, sliding over and hopping out on the curb side behind Cristina.

They started off by visiting the student union grill, whose menu featured many greasy delights. Lincoln and Cristina chatted about school and movies—entirely avoiding the subject of Lincoln’s video—while they feasted on chicken fingers and chili cheese fries.

The game room at the student center had significantly fewer games than the arcade downtown, but it had some that Lincoln hadn’t played before, so he rather enjoyed it. But it was clear to him that Cristina wasn’t very familiar with the games here, either, and her low-level skills suggested that she wasn’t as avid a gamer in general. Which made him curious as to why she’d chosen this venue for their date.

Maybe she’s just being extra-nice to me because she wants to get past the whole not-talking-to-each-other thing and be friends, Lincoln thought. Or maybe…no. No, if this was like what Stella did, taking me to that empty classroom, we’d be alone somewhere, not in a student center with dozens of college kids.

It was shortly after Lincoln had this thought that they finished a game of Ragin’ Road Rally, whereupon Cristina said, “So, you want to go see some of the campus?”

“Um, sure,” Lincoln replied.

Cristina was pleased with herself for being so well prepared. She had studied a map of the campus and plotted a specific route across it, which enabled her to point out various features—the library, the science building, and the spot where the statue of RWCC founder Fritz Sabatino had been before the revelation of his history of sexual harassment had induced the school to remove most traces of his existence.

To Lincoln’s surprise, they then went into one of the campus’ few dorms—most SWCC students were commuters—to which Cristina somehow had a key. Now, they were in a long hallway lined with doors, some of which had handmade signs with messages like “Josh’s room” and “Chad’s Rad Pad.” 

With the same key, Cristina opened one of the doors. Beyond was a small dorm room with a single bed, a wooden desk, and a bunch of old movie posters on the walls.

“This is my sister’s friend Chuck’s dorm room,” Cristina said. “Isn’t it cool? Chuck’s a Media Studies major.”

“Yeah,” Lincoln replied. “It is pretty cool.”

Cristina could scarcely believe she’d been able to swing this, even though her entire plan hung on it. Like most RWCC students, Cristina’s sister Casey lived at home, so she didn’t have her own dorm room. But Casey’s wide social network included a few students who lived on campus, including Chuck, and Casey had persuaded him to lend her his key for a few hours. This required nothing more than Casey inviting Chuck to the Milewicz house to “study”—that is, bone like rabbits the moment Christina and her mom were out the door—which Casey would have done anyway. Cristina, in return for the loan of Chuck’s room, had pledged total and eternal secrecy about Casey’s male visitors, past, present, and future.

Lincoln, meanwhile, had gone from being unclear about Cristina’s intentions to being dead certain. And his cock was already starting to harden at the thought.

“So I was thinking,” Cristina said, coming closer to Lincoln, “that since we’re here, maybe we ought to do, you know, what college kids do.”

Lincoln knew Cristina wasn’t talking about beer pong—whatever that was. And he didn’t need even a smidge more encouragement than what she’d just given him. He pulled her close and kissed her.

Cristina had managed to hold herself together during the hour-and-a-half of their date so far, even though she had found being close to Lincoln distracting to say the least. But now that she was in his arms, their lips touching, his intoxicating scent filling her head, she was being swept up by the storm of hormones that was beginning to roil in her brain and body.

The next thing she knew, her hands had gone up under Lincoln’s shirttail and were caressing his bare back. And then she was holding her arms up in the air as Lincoln lifted her blue dress up and off, and suddenly for the first time ever she was standing in front of a boy in nothing but her favorite pair of panties (pink, with a little bow on the front) and her white knee-socks.

Cristina helped Lincoln get his orange polo off, then watched avidly as he dropped his jeans to the floor to reveal a handsome pair of red briefs. She found herself wondering whether all of his underwear was that nice.

Then she saw the size of the bulge in the front of said underwear, and suddenly she couldn’t think about anything else.

Lincoln was excited to say the least. Despite what had happened with Stella, he hadn’t expected Cristina to straight-up throw herself at him. Not after what had happened the year before. But he wasn’t about to look this gift horse in the mouth.

To Lincoln’s surprise, Cristina grabbed the waistband of his briefs and yanked them down, causing his nearly erect cock to spring free. She stared at it avidly.

“I’ll do whatever you want,” she gasped, not taking her eyes off Lincoln’s member. “I’m ready for anything.”

Before Lincoln could even begin to respond, Cristina dropped to her knees and looked at his cock point-blank. It was hard, and big, bigger than she’d expected, which was intimidating and yet exciting in the extreme.

“Put it in my mouth,” she said urgently. “I’ll make you feel really good, I promise.”

This was another big surprise for Lincoln. For girls, fucking didn’t necessarily require a lot of skill or experience; he’d had a great pussy-fuck with Girl Jordan and a great ass-fuck with Stella, neither of whom had ever fucked before. But oral sex was a whole other thing, because there was a lot that a girl could do wrong (mostly involving contact between her teeth and his cock) and a lot that a girl could do to make it great. Was it possible that Cristina had actually given a blowjob before? Or was she offering one to Lincoln simply because she thought he would like that, even though she had no real idea what to do beyond opening her mouth?

The truth was that Cristina had never given anyone a blowjob, but she’d often overheard Casey discussing the subject with her friends and describing her preferred technique in great detail. What was more, Cristina had borrowed Casey’s laptop (with permission, although she’d obtained said permission when Casey was clearly stoned out of her mind) and watched several of her sister’s favorite porn videos, which Casey apparently used to get ideas for her own sexual activities. The videos had been very informative.

So when Lincoln put his cock to her lips, Cristina—still in her pink panties and knee socks—took hold of the base and began swirling her tongue around the head. At the same time, she looked up at his face, like the girls in Casey’s videos always did. It wasn’t like there was any point in looking at what she was doing; she’d have gone cross-eyed.

For some of Lincoln’s sisters, as well as his mom, the tongue-swirl was a standard opening move. Luna used it every single time they engaged in sixty-nine; Lincoln guessed that it was because it was similar to what she did with his sisters’ clits when she ate them out, an act she was as avid about as she was about cocksucking. In any case, Lincoln was pleased by Cristina’s show of technique, and he definitely wanted to encourage her. 

“Mmm,” he said, “that’s nice.”

Cristina was indeed encouraged. Lincoln’s show of pleasure seemed to validate at least some of what she’d learned, so she kept at it for another minute or so. Then she moved on to the next step: opening her mouth and taking Lincoln’s cockhead inside, then keeping her lips taut around it as she moved her head forward and back, making sure to stimulate the sensitive underside of his cockhead each time.

“That’s even nicer,” Lincoln breathed.

Cristina kept this up for minutes, during which she gradually increased the length of cock that she took into her mouth on each stroke. She’d heard Casey say that this didn’t actually provide the guy with a lot more stimulation than a “shallow blow,” but that most guys were turned on by watching a girl take his cock deep in her mouth. Judging from Lincoln’s now-audible breathing, that seemed to be true.

Lincoln wound his fingers in Cristina’s auburn hair, but he made sure not to disrupt his eye contact with her as she continued sucking him. She might not have been the expert that some of his sisters had become—or the derangedly eager cock-swallower that Lily was—but Lincoln was definitely enjoying Cristina’s efforts. Not to mention seeing his cock in a new mouth.

Cristina could see why Casey liked doing this. It was like playing an instrument, and Lincoln’s expressions and little sounds of pleasure were the notes. And even though this was her first time, Cristina was finding cocksucking to be a lot more intuitive than playing the clarinet.

That said, Cristina didn’t think she had the skill—yet—to actually make Lincoln cum this way. But that was fine, because as much as she enjoyed having his cock in her mouth, there was more that she wanted to do with it. Seeing Lincoln aroused, and knowing that she was responsible, was making her crazy-aroused herself.

She released him from her mouth, then quickly stood up and shucked her pink panties down to the floor, showing Lincoln her little bald, pink pussy. Then, before Lincoln could react, she got on the bed on all fours, positioning herself so that Lincoln would be able to stand right behind her. She was so turned on that she hadn’t even bothered to strip off her knee socks.

“Please,” the girl panted, “I need it. Just shove it in me.” Then, without any thought whatsoever, she found herself gasping, “I don’t care which hole.”

Filled with confidence by Cristina’s plea, and enjoying the sight of Cristina wearing nothing but her long white socks, Lincoln said, “Let’s start here.”

He put his cockhead to her pussy’s entrance and pushed. Both boy and girl groaned with pleasure as he eased into her.

As part of her preparation for this event, Cristina had borrowed a dildo from Casey’s collection of sex toys and popped her own cherry with it, wanting not to have to deal with that when and if her plan to seduce Lincoln succeeded. Despite the pain, she had used the toy to fuck herself to a powerful orgasm, largely by imagining that it was Lincoln’s cock and not a molded piece of silicone rubber inside her.

Nonetheless, the dildo Cristina had selected for her physical deflowering had not been as large as the precociously well-hung Lincoln. But that was okay; his size felt amazing inside her. 

Once he bottomed out in her, he pulled back slowly and pushed in again, and again, and again. His girth was stretching Cristina’s pussy open so wide that it pulled tight the hood of skin over her love-button, stimulating it with every stroke.

To Lincoln, it felt great to fuck yet another new, tight, virgin pussy, even though he’d fucked over a dozen such pussies so far. That didn’t seem like something he’d ever stop being excited about. But even more exciting was fucking a girl he’d once crushed on (or maybe, in hindsight, lusted after), and who had once rejected him hard, but who now was bending over for him and literally begging him to fuck her.

As a result, even though Lincoln wanted to savor this fuck, he was too excited to take it slow. In the space of just a few minutes, his pace accelerated until he was fucking Cristina’s pussy hard and fast. 

Cristina didn’t mind at all; she’d been so horny even before she’d presented her pussy to Lincoln that she was glad not to have come the moment he’d shoved his cock into her. Now, she gasped and moaned continuously as she experienced what was by far the greatest sexual pleasure of her young life.

“Cristina,” Lincoln panted. “Gonna…cum…soon…” 

Cristina had stashed one of Casey’s morning-after pills in her sock drawer at home just in case, so the thought of Lincoln shooting his load inside her only amped up Cristina’s arousal further.

“Yes,” Cristina gasped. “Cum inside me. Cum inside me!”

That was all the encouragement Lincoln needed. He cried out “AAAAAAH!” and shot hard and deep into Cristina’s tight love-channel. The girl screeched and thrashed as she came along with him.

But even after he finished, Lincoln was still plenty horny. Horny enough that he stayed inside Cristina, slowly pumping her even as the panting, gasping girl recovered from her own orgasm.

“Are we…really…not…finished?” the girl panted excitedly.

“Nuh-uh,” Lincoln answered; being in rather good shape these days, he’d gotten his breath back faster than Cristina had. “Fucking you is great; I’m not ready to stop.”

Hearing Lincoln say the words “fucking you,” combined with his thick cock pumping slowly inside her and pushing his thick, hot cumload further up into her body, was ramping Cristina’s horniness back up again in a big way.

“No,” she gasped. “Don’t stop…”

But much as Lincoln was enjoying fucking Christina’s pussy for a second time, he couldn’t forget the girl’s plea of “I don’t care which hole.” And now that he thought about it, it occurred to him that he had never before given a girl her first fuck in her pussy, mouth, and ass all on the same day.

His cock had already regained its tumescence, but this thought turned it to steel. So he pulled out of Christina’s pussy and pressed his cockhead, slick with his own cum and the girl’s natural lube, against Cristina’s tiny pink anus.

Cristina gasped, and her fingers tightened their grip on the comforter that covered the bed. She had forgotten about her earlier words to Lincoln. What was more, she hadn’t thought to try this with the dildo. 

Then Lincoln started to push in, and these thoughts and all others were gone from her mind.

“Aaaaaah,” Cristina moaned as that thick cock eased in and in. “Aaaaah, aaaaaah AAAAAAAH!”

To her own surprise and Lincoln’s, she came again, with Lincoln’s cock only halfway in her ass. Lincoln was willing to bet that Cristina was multiorgasmic—in his experience, a lot of girls were, if you took your time with them—so he held the spasming girl’s ass in place while he gently pushed the rest of his length into her. As the panting Cristina began to recover, he started thrusting slowly into her ass.

Cristina’s mind was blown. She might have semi-invited Lincoln to fuck her in the ass, but she’d never realized just how much she would like it—no, love it. Even now, as she came down from the most powerful orgasm of her life to date, her sexual excitement was already starting to rise again. No pleasure she’d ever experienced could match the feeling of that thick cock—Lincoln’s cock—pumping slowly in her ass.

This time, despite his excitement at scoring a triple cherry, Lincoln had a lot more self-control. He fucked Christina’s ass at an easy pace for a good long while.

Whether that while was minutes or hours, Cristina didn’t know. Her mind floated on a cloud of pure bliss while her body moved with Lincoln’s, gently pushing her petite ass back against his hips to ensure that his lovely thick shaft went as deep into her ass as possible on every sweet thrust.

Lincoln, too, was in a very good place. Cristina’s ass-ring was wonderfully tight, as tight as four-year-old Darcy’s, and the heat of her bowels felt very nice around his cockshaft. So he pumped her slow and deep for as long as he could make himself. Only after a great many minutes was Lincoln’s desire to prolong their anal coupling overcome by his need to fuck her faster.

The more rapid and forceful impact of Lincoln’s hips against Cristina’s ass, not to mention the more rapid plunging of his cock deep into her bowels, roused Cristina from her haze of erotic pleasure. Now, instead of moving her ass forward and back at a dreamily sedate pace, she started fucking it back hard against Lincoln, making his thrusts into her ass even stronger.

The greatly increased enthusiasm of Cristina’s participation spurred Lincoln to fuck her faster still. His hips slapped audibly against her small ass, and he panted with effort and excitement while Cristina moaned and gasped.

“More!” she grunted. “Harder!”

Lincoln plowed Cristina at full speed, the two of them grunting in unison with effort and pleasure and straining, aching need. Cristina clutched at the comforter beneath her, her eyes squeezed shut as Lincoln’s thick cock pounded her and pleasured her deep in her ass. Never before had she wanted something to go on forever yet desperately needed it to finish at the same time.

“Yes!” Cristina cried. “Yes, yes, YES!”

At the first squeeze of Cristina’s already exquisitely tight hole around his cock, Lincoln lost it. He shouted “HuuuuaaaAAAH!” and shot a hot load deep into Cristina’s ass even as the girl screamed and writhed with her own orgasm.

Cristina collapsed on the bed, and Lincoln fell onto it next to her.

“Wow,” Cristina panted. “Wow.”

“Yeah,” Lincoln replied.

Through the wall, a male voice called, “Are you guys done? I’ve got a calc test in the morning.”

Lincoln deepened his voice as best he could and shouted, “Sorry!”

Cristina turned onto her side to face Lincoln. Her face was already red from exertion, and now it turned a shade redder.

“I didn’t know,” she panted in Lincoln’s ear, “the walls here…were so thin.”


They cleaned up, using some wipes that Cristina had brought in her little handbag. Then they got dressed. Ms. Milewicz would be arriving at the student center to pick them up in fifteen minutes.

“So, can we do this again?” Cristina asked as she fished her yellow hairband out from behind the bed, where it had fallen during their fuck-session. “You could come over to my house Sunday afternoon. My mom will be out at her bridge class from two to four.”

“What about your sister?” Lincoln asked.

“Believe me, she won’t care.”

“Well, that sounds great,” Lincoln replied. “But…”

There was one thing that Lincoln couldn’t bring himself to hide from Cristina. Not after she’d gone to so much trouble to seduce him. Besides, if he didn’t tell her now, the odds were probably better than even that she’d find out on her own later, now that Lincoln had so many balls in the air.

“…well,” he continued, “there are…other girls I do this with. We wouldn’t be, you know, exclusive. If that’s a problem for you, I’ll understand.”

When Cristina thought about it, she wasn’t terribly surprised. She couldn’t expect other girls to keep their hands off a prize bull like Lincoln any more than she could. Of course others had gotten to him first. She bet Girl Jordan was one of them; she was cute as hell, and aggressive too, if her behavior on the dodgeball court was anything to go by.

Using vocabulary she had picked up from Casey, Cristina replied, “Well, if we’re just fucking and not dating, and as long as we can keep doing it on the regular, I guess I don’t mind.”

Lincoln was relieved. In fact, in hindsight, he wondered why he’d even been worried. His ten sisters were already sharing him without coming to blows. Mostly.

“And hey,” he said, “about that video-”

“Don’t even worry about that,” Cristina replied. “Heck, I think I’ll watch it again. The good part, anyway.”

Coming up—Chapter 9: No Substitute

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