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Chapter 4: Girl Friend

It was Monday again. This was going to be a long day for Lincoln, because he knew he was going to spend it fighting the urges that had led him to break the Cardinal Rule with Girl Jordan—twice—the week before.

Once again, he found himself wavering between guilt and excitement. Could he resist the urge to approach Girl Jordan for another encounter? Maybe. But what if she approached him? He’d been the one to suggest to her that they keep having clandestine rendezvous at school, so he could hardly refuse her. At best, it would be rude, like giving her something and then snatching it away again; at worst, it would be like breaking a promise. So if she wanted to fuck today, he could hardly say no, could he? Merely thinking about this possibility had started some stirring beneath his school desk. At the same time, it reminded him of how utterly he had failed to do the right thing since day one of the new school year.

But maybe Girl Jordan wouldn’t approach him today. And if she didn’t, he’d be free to make his own choices. After having so much amazing sex with his mom on Saturday afternoon—followed by a satisfying cowgirl-style bang with Luna that night, one of Lily’s awesome turbo-blowjobs the next morning, and finishing out the weekend with a doggystyle fuck with Lisa on Sunday evening—Lincoln had to believe that he could last eight hours without falling off the wagon again.

Unless, of course, someone knocked him off it.


Stella normally thought of herself as having a lot of self-control, especially when it came to boys. That was part of how she’d managed to establish so many solid platonic friendships since she came to Royal Woods, becoming part of what had previously been an all-boy clique. Lincoln was the first of the boys that Stella had befriended, and she’d never seen him as anything other than a friend.

But when the school year began the previous week, Stella had started seeing Lincoln in a whole new light. Now, she couldn’t stop thinking about…no, “thinking” was the wrong word. She was feeling a weird, visceral attraction to him. It wasn’t love; it was something more primal. Something that made her want to do…things…with him.

There was a recurrent fantasy that Stella had been having since the night a few months earlier when she’d first felt the urge to reach beneath the covers and touch herself. Although Stella had never experienced more with a boy than a chaste kiss, the act she fantasized about was far more intense and, some would say, perverted.

Until recently, the fantasy had involved a faceless boy who never spoke, and whose sole role was to push his cock into Stella from behind and fuck her until she came. But now, Stella could not get herself off to this scenario without imagining looking back over her shoulder and seeing Lincoln’s face, shiny with perspiration and rosy with desire, as he pumped Stella for all he was worth. In fact, these days, it was usually that image that triggered Stella’s pillow-muffled orgasms.

This wasn’t okay. Stella didn’t want her time hanging with the guys to be ruined by intrusive thoughts about Lincoln, or what was in Lincoln’s pants, or what it might feel like inside her. She needed to deal with this, to get this out of her system so she and Lincoln could go back to being buds again.

So on Sunday night, Stella had tried to figure out the best way to do that. And then it hit her.

Omigosh, Stella realized. I need to seduce him.


The school day had just ended. Lincoln hadn’t made any plans with his friends for that afternoon; rather, this being Wednesday, he was looking forward to heading home for a well-deserved hour of new-comic reading before he had to launch into chores and homework. Although, given that he had a whole day’s worth of pent-up need, he’d probably want a quickie with whichever sister was available and interested before doing any of that. 

Nonetheless, having a large family and a gaggle of friends, Lincoln was used to changing his plans on the fly. So he wasn’t at all perturbed when Stella approached him and pulled him aside in the hallway.

“Hey Linc,” she said. “Can I borrow you for a minute?”

“Sure,” the white-haired boy replied. “What’s up?”

“Come with me,” Stella said.

He followed her down the hall to the elementary school’s one unused classroom, which was near the rear doors. Stella looked around to make sure no one was watching, then pulled out a small pair of scissors, like the kind they used in class to do craft projects. She opened the scissors and stuck one of the pointy ends into the door lock, then turned it. The lock clicked open.

Surprised, Lincoln asked, “That’s all you have to do to open that door?”

“According to Mollie,” Stella replied, “you can open most of the locks in the building this way.”

“Wow,” Lincoln said. Then he looked around. “So, what are we doing in here?”

“Well…can I tell you a secret?”

Lincoln was intrigued—not just by the question, but by the vixenish look on Stella’s face when she asked it. His pledge to himself to stay on the wagon was instantly forgotten.

Oh my gosh, he thought. Did she bring me in here to come on to me?

“Yeah,” he replied, his tone a bit saucy. “I can keep a secret.”

“You sure you want to hear it? It’s really naughty.”

Oh, yeah, she’s coming on to me, he thought. And what was more, Lincoln found himself responding to her question before he could even begin to consider whether he should.

“Now I’m definitely sure.”

“Sooooo…” Stella lowered her voice. “Sometimes, when I think about what I want the first time I have sex to be like…” Her voice dropped to a whisper. “…I like to think about the guy putting it in my butt.”

Oh yeah, Lincoln thought. This is happening.

Lincoln could already feel his cock stiffening. Up to now, Lana had been the only girl he’d had anal sex with; his other sisters didn’t seem too interested. He had the vague impression that Lynn was curious about it, although Lincoln wasn’t sure why he thought so, as the athletic thirteen-year-old had never brought it up.

So right now, Lincoln was getting awfully horny at the prospect of having another tight ass to fuck.

“Well,” Lincoln replied in his flirtiest tone, “you do have a really nice butt.”

Stella stood up, turned sideways to Lincoln, and bent forward just a tad, showing him her cute little bottom in profile in her tight black skirt.

“You really think so?” she asked, in a tone that could not have been more overtly flirtatious.

This isn’t just happening, Lincoln thought. This is happening right now.

Boldly, he reached out and cupped one of Stella’s little bottom cheeks in the palm of his hand.

“I definitely think so.”

He pulled his hand away and then slapped his thighs with both palms.

“How ‘bout you set it down right here?”

She smiled at him lasciviously. “Don’t mind if I do.”

Stella lowered herself sideways onto Lincoln’s lap, then wriggled her bottom for a moment as though to ensure that it was settled securely between the boy’s slim thighs. This had the effect of bringing Lincoln’s cock from quarter-staff to half, which in turn seemed to inspire Stella to wriggle a bit more.

“Um, have you got something in your pocket?” she teased.

“Yup,” Lincoln replied. “And it’s for you.”

A few months ago, Lincoln couldn’t have imagined flirting with a girl so confidently. Fantasized about it, certainly, but not thought that he could actually do it in real life. And yet here he was, brazenly trying to get into Stella’s panties with nary a stammer or a spike of anxiety. Maybe it helped that he and Stella were friends. It definitely helped that Stella was obviously wanting this to go somewhere.

“Oh yeah?” Stella replied, standing up but still straddling his lap. “Wanna show me?”

Stella could scarcely believe that she was actually saying these things to Lincoln. Before now, she’d barely even kissed a boy, and now she was asking her platonic buddy to show her his dick. But she just couldn’t help herself. Lincoln wasn’t the same boy he’d been when they had exchanged a farewell fist-bump at the end of the previous school year, and being this close to him made the differences even clearer. This Lincoln 2.0 was as fun and nice as the old version, but at the same time, just being around him made Stella feel warm between her legs. No, not warm—hot. And there was some primitive part of her that wasn’t going to let her alone until she satisfied the intense urges he had stirred up in her in the week since school had begun.

“Okay,” Lincoln replied.

Stella and Lincoln stood up, and Lincoln unzipped his jeans and pushed them down, revealing a blue pair of rather flattering jockeys. Although Stella was less interested in the underwear than in the substantial bulge in the front of them.

“Whoa,” she murmured. “Is that really all you?”

Lincoln slid the jockeys down and let his half-hard cock loose. “Yup.”

Before Stella could even give the matter any conscious thought, her hand went right to Lincoln’s cock and wrapped around it. She felt it grow stiffer in her palm, which made that heat between her thighs rise by a few more degrees.

“Wow,” she said. “I didn’t think it would be this…”

“Big?” Lincoln replied with a grin.

“Big,” Stella affirmed. Then she found herself adding, “I bet this would feel amazing in my butt.”

“Only one way to find out,” Lincoln replied.

“I guess so.”

Stella reached under her short black skirt and pulled down her plain black undies. Unabashedly, Lincoln went around behind Stella and lifted said skirt to get a good look at the girl’s now-bare ass.

“Wow,” he said, looking at Stella’s small, tight bottom. “It’s really nice.”

“Thanks,” the girl replied.

Not even thinking about it, Lincoln started squeezing and massaging Stella’s ass, enjoying how her little globes fit in his hands almost as neatly as Lola’s or Lana’s buttcheeks did.

“And it feels nice, too,” Lincoln said.

That feeling of warmth between Stella’s thighs was now expanding outward, spreading through her whole body. Even though all she was doing was standing there while Lincoln skillfully felt up her ass, she felt herself breathing a little harder. And when Lincoln’s thumbs parted her asscheeks and came into contact with the edges of her little hole, she sucked in a gasping breath.

“Y- You’re good at this,” she stammered.

“Uh, thanks,” Lincoln replied.

For the first time since this encounter began, Lincoln felt awkward. He really didn’t want to tell Stella—or anybody outside the Loud house—how he had acquired any of his sexual skills. 

He decided he’d better take Stella’s mind off the subject. So Lincoln put the tip of his index finger right in the center of her little hole and pushed very slightly. Stella moaned.

The sound made Lincoln’s cock go fully hard. He moved his hand away and instead pressed his cockhead against Stella’s asshole. She moaned again.

“Oh, wow,” she gasped. “I don’t know if you can actually get that thing in me…but I really want you to try.”

Lincoln was very anxious to try, too. Although one practical consideration came to mind.

“Wait,” he said. “We need some kind of lube.”

Stella smiled inwardly at her own cleverness. Not only had she thought about the need for lube in the course of planning her seduction of Lincoln, but she had come up with a perfect excuse to have it on her, rather than having to admit that she had bought it specifically for this. She reached into her bookbag and pulled out a small tube of petroleum jelly.

“Here,” she said, handing the tube to Lincoln. “I use this when my skin gets dry.”

Lincoln didn’t even bother to consider whether this was true. (It wasn’t; Stella preferred moisturizer.) Instead, he was entirely focused on the task of squirting the jelly into his hand and smoothing it onto his dick so that he could get said dick up Stella’s little hole as soon as possible.

“Ready for this?” Lincoln nearly panted.

“Yeah,” Stella breathed. “But let’s just…take it slow.”

“Here,” Lincoln said, sitting down in a chair. “You just lower yourself down as slow as you want.”

“That sounds great.”

As Lincoln held his cock in position, Stella turned around to face him, straddled his lap, and then eased down until her small ass made contact with Lincoln’s cockhead. She stopped for a moment while Lincoln positioned his lubricated member against her little rear hole.

“Whenever you’re ready,” he said breathily.

“Okay,” she panted. “Here goes.”

Carefully, Stella settled her body weight fraction by fraction down on Lincoln’s cock, making his cockhead press incrementally harder against Stella’s little brown hole until it began to open.

“Ahhhh,” Stella moaned.

She kept slowly increasing the pressure, until her asshole opened fully and Lincoln’s cock started sinking into her. Both of them gasped.

“Oh, Stella, you’re so tight,” Lincoln moaned.

“Maybe that’s because,” Stella gasped, “you’re so big.”

She eased down, and down, and then she was sitting on Lincoln’s lap.

Stella whimpered, “Oh, God, Lincoln, it’s up my ass, it’s all the way up my ass…”

“Mmmhhh, yeah,” Lincoln moaned. “You’re like a furnace inside…”

The boy held still, reveling in the sensation of having his cock fully buried in Stella’s tight, sweet ass. He would let Stella start moving whenever she was ready.

So far, this experience had been everything Stella had hoped for and more. Lincoln’s cock felt wonderfully filling and deep inside her. And sitting there on his lap, looking right at his face even as his cock was fully buried in her ass—in a classroom, no less—made her feel every bit as deliciously depraved as she had hoped to feel the first time she had sex.

“Lincoln,” Stella said naughtily, “this feels so…perverted.”

Grinning at her, Lincoln replied, “And we’re not even fucking yet.”

Thus cued, Stella rose up several inches until only the head of Lincoln’s cock was penetrating her ass. Then she sank back down, re-impaling herself on Lincoln’s member. Both of them moaned.

Now we’re fucking,” Lincoln breathed.

“Mmmm, let’s fuck some more,” Stella moaned.

She began moving slowly up and down on Lincoln’s lap, putting her hands on his thighs for leverage. Lincoln gave a long, loud sigh of pleasure at the sensation of Stella’s tight asshole massaging the length of his cock.

“Oh, God, I can’t believe it,” Stella moaned. “I can’t believe I’m actually losing my virginity this way…God, it’s so good…”

“It’s really good for me, too,” Lincoln breathed.

Stella kept moving up and down. Lincoln held her ass to help her move, and having her tight, smooth, naked globes in his hands enhanced his pleasure further.

So it wasn’t long before Lincoln needed Stella to move faster. He gripped her ass a little tighter, pulling her cheeks apart as he used his arms to get Stella pumping a little more vigorously on his lap. Stella moaned and added her own efforts to speed up their fucking.

“Lincoln,” she gasped in his ear, “it feels…really good…when you hold me…open…like that…”

Lincoln was also starting to breathe harder. “I just wanna…make sure…I get…as deep…in you…as I can…every time…”

For Stella, this wasn’t just a dream come true—it was better than that. In her fantasies, she’d only glimpsed Lincoln’s face as he fucked her ass, but here, she was looking right at it, watching his eyes squeeze shut with his every thrust into her, looking at his parted lips as he panted with the effort of fucking her. She’d never even thought about kissing him, but those lips were suddenly irresistible, and now she pressed her open mouth against his, the length of her tongue against his. And then his tongue was in her mouth, fucking it with the same excited energy that his long, thick member was fucking the depths of her ass.

All of that together cranked up Stella’s arousal to the point of sexual frenzy. Now she moved as fast as she possibly could, bouncing hard on Lincoln’s lap, letting out a rhythmic series of whimpering gasps as her white-haired lover’s dick rammed up into her again and again, bigger and deeper and hotter and better than anything she’d dared to imagine.

“Lincoln,” she whimpered, “I’m…I’m gonna…”

It always excited Lincoln to hear his partner on the verge of orgasm. And right now, it excited him past the point of no return.

“AaaaaaAAAAAAAH!” Lincoln cried, and then Stella could actually feel his hot seed bursting forth from his thick cockhead and filling her insides. She screamed loud and high and long as her own climax took her, her hands clutching Lincoln’s shoulders as hard as his were squeezing her ass.

When it was over, Stella stayed on Lincoln’s lap, her arms around him and her chin resting on his shoulder, as the two sweating preteens panted. Lincoln’s cock shrank until it fell out of Stella’s ass, and cum dripped copiously onto his bare thighs. It was a good thing, Lincoln thought, that this classroom had its own bathroom. It was also a good thing that he could hear children screaming on the playground outside; hopefully, his and Stella’s orgasmic cries had blended in with those sounds.

When they had both caught their breath, Stella leaned back, and she and Lincoln looked at each other. Then, in near unison, they each asked the same question.

“Wanna do this again sometime?”

Inwardly, neither Lincoln nor Stella could believe what they’d just said. Lincoln had been trying to resist temptation at school, and now he’d just doubled the number of sources of temptation he’d be seeing every day in class. Stella, for her part, had meant this to be a one-time thing, to get her erotic thoughts of Lincoln out of her head. But it was clear to her now that those thoughts weren’t going anywhere. Maybe the situation could be at least partly salvaged, though.

“This isn’t going to make things weird between us, is it?” Stella said. “I mean, I want to keep being friends. But I wouldn’t mind if we were…what do they call it…”

“Friends with benefits?”

“Yeah, that’s it.”

“That sounds great to me.”

Lincoln now realized that he’d been fooling himself. Deep down, he’d known since that first tryst with Girl Jordan that he’d reached a point from which there was no going back. It was time he accepted that so that he could enjoy all of these wonderful new experiences to the fullest.

If he could find a way to deal with the guilt.

On deck—Chapter 5: Good for the Soul

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