Just One Rule

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Just One Rule

by George Glass

Summary: Sequel to “Enter the Sandboy.” All summer, Lincoln Loud has been having regular sex with all ten sisters and his mom, on just one condition: no sex outside the Loud house. But now that a new school year is beginning, will Lincoln be able to resist temptation? Spoiler alert: No.

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Chapter 1: The New Normal

Lincoln Loud had only just awakened, and he wasn’t yet ready to open his eyes to the light of day. Instead, he slowly extended his arms out from his sides, feeling for whoever else might be in bed with him.

There was no one. Which was odd, because these days, Lincoln almost never woke up alone. One sister or another, and sometimes more than one, had slept with him almost every night for the past two months. Occasionally his mom did, too, but only when he’d exhausted her such that she fell asleep before she could make it back to her bedroom.

Then Lincoln remembered two things. First, last night had been Lori’s turn with him, per the signup sheet. Lori had a tendency to skedaddle before Lincoln could awaken, because talking to him in his bedroom in the morning tended to make her think about all the sex she’d had with her own eleven-year-old brother—and not with her long-distance boyfriend—the night before, and she clearly preferred to keep all of that out of her mind, at least until the next time she got horny. Luan liked to quip that Lori had replaced Cleopatra as the queen of de-nial.

The second thing Lincoln remembered was that it was Saturday morning. Early on after the implementation of the signup sheet, an agreement had been made that weekend mornings would constitute their own time slot, separate from the night before. Thus, any sister who spent Friday or Saturday night with Lincoln and then tried to grab a little extra nookie from him the next morning would be guilty of double-dipping and would be banned from using the signup sheet for a week.

Lincoln opened his eyes and looked at the clock. It was nearing seven-thirty, which was the agreed-upon time for one sister to leave Lincoln’s room and for another to arrive. Lincoln tried to remember who had signed up for this particular time slot, but before he could bring the memory up from the depths of his still sleep-hazy brain, he heard the sound of a small, high-heeled shoe slamming into the door of his bedroom, followed immediately by the sound of the door crashing into the wall. Only one of his sisters always opened his bedroom door in quite that way.

“Morning, Linky!” Lola sang. “Time to give your favorite sister some of your special Lincoln-Love!”

“Morning, Lola,” Lincoln managed. He was still sleepy, but the thought of sex with his cute, tight little sister was clearing away the haze.

“I wore my bestest underwear just for you,” Lola declared proudly.

“Oh, yeah? Wanna show me?”

It was a needless question; these days, there were few activities that made Lola as happy as parading around in front of Lincoln in her lingerie du jour. The six-year-old declared it a crime that Elizabeth’s Mystery didn’t make teddies, thongs, and corsets in junior sizes, so she regularly commissioned Leni to sew special undergarments for her, for which Lola paid with stacks of bills from the zippered secret compartment inside her teddy bear. Where Lola was getting all this cash was anyone’s guess.

With a theatrical flourish, Lola pulled her pink nightgown up and off, tossing it onto Lincoln’s desk chair. Now, she wore only a diaphanous, utterly see-through white half-camisole that came down to the border between her chest and stomach. Below that, Lola sported a pair of lacy white panties with a petite pink bow on the front.

“What do you think?” Lola said, posing with one hand on her hip. “I thought about making the top a bustier, but I know how much you like looking at my little pink love-dots.” She touched an index finger to each of her tiny nipples, making Lincoln’s cock stir in his pajama bottoms.

“Yeah, it’s perfect just like that,” Lincoln said, nearly drooling. “How do you want it today?”

“Boy on top, so you can really drive it in there. I need it deep and hard.”

Not for the first time, Lincoln marveled at what an extremely sexual being his six-year-old sister had become in the past two months. All of the Loud kids had, but Lola’s young age made the transformation seem particularly dramatic. Not that he minded in the least; these days, Lincoln needed sex at least once a day to stay sane, and preferably more often than that.

Lola herself could not have been happier about her precocious sexual awakening. Having adult desires made her feel like an adult herself. And getting fucked by an older boy was hot; she didn’t care a bit that he was her brother. Nor did her little pink pussy, which even now ached to be filled by Lincoln’s lovely, thick shaft.

“Well, that works,” Lincoln said, now fully conscious and growing harder by the second, “‘cause that’s exactly how I wanna give it to you.”

Lola lay down supine on the bed and spread her slim legs wide. “Then get on and get in, big brother. Hearing you say that is all the foreplay I need. Oooh, and look.”

She pulled the slim crotch of her panties to the side, revealing her puffy little bald pussy. “I had Leni make them narrow in the middle so I don’t have to take them off for you to put it in me.”

“Awesome,” Lincoln replied.

With enthusiasm, Lincoln lay himself on top of Lola, putting his hips between her widely spread thighs. She reached down and used her index and middle fingers to spread her cute, hairless pussy wide open for him. Lincoln couldn’t see her do it, but merely knowing that she was doing it made him so hard it hurt. Luckily, the cure for his pain was now mere inches away from his cock.

He reached down and settled his cockhead in between the simple folds that Lola was holding open for him. She was so hot and wet down there that he could find her entrance by sensation alone.

“Don’t take it easy on me,” Lola said, panting with anticipation. “I’m not a fragile little girl. I want you to do me as hard as anyone.”

She said this almost every time. Lola’s fetish, if you could call it that, was being treated like an adult during sex. And in her mind, that meant getting fucked good and hard.

“You got it,” Lincoln breathed. Then he thrust powerfully into her.

“Yeah, shove it in!” Lola hollered.

Despite two months of being fucked at least once or twice a week, six-year-old Lola’s pussy remained exquisitely tight. For Lincoln, the sensation of thrusting so deep inside it was like a shock that electrified his entire body with pleasure. Pleasure he instantly craved more of.

“Oh…yeah…Lola,” Lincoln grunted as he started pumping his little sister hard and fast. “Gonna…shove it…in you…nice and…hard…”

“Oh, God, Linky,” Lola moaned, lifting her slim legs high in the air to help her brother pump her deeper. “How…does anybody…live…without this…”

“I’ve…got…no…idea,” Lincoln panted.

It was true. As Lincoln thrust and thrust into his eager little sister, he couldn’t imagine ever going a day without fucking—without experiencing the sheer bliss of shooting his load into a girl’s pussy, or mouth, or ass. Heck, some days he couldn’t even go half a day without it.

Lola opened her little thighs wider, craving every millimeter of her brother’s cocklength. She and Lincoln were clearly in sexual sync today, and she wanted to make the most of it.

“Yes!” she cried. “Pound my peach! POUND IT!”

Happy to oblige, Lincoln fucked Lola’s little pussy as hard and as fast as he could. The siblings grunted in rhythmic unison as Lincoln hammered Lola and Lola humped her hips up against his, her legs high in the air.

“Lincoln,” she barely managed to gasp. “I’m gonna…gonna…AAAAAHHHHHH!”

The climaxing little girl clutched Lincoln in her arms as hard as her pussy was squeezing his cock.

“YAAAAAAAAAAH!” Lincoln cried, and he thrust as deep into Lola as he could go to shoot a generous load up cum up into her preadolescent womb.

“Yes!” Lola screamed at a volume that rivaled anything Luna’s amps could produce. “Fill me! FILL MEEEEEE!”

Lincoln finally finished firing his cumload into his little blonde sister, and the girl lowered her feet to the bed, panting.

“Oh…Lincoln…so…nice…” Lola gasped.

“Uh…huh…” the perspiring Lincoln agreed.

Almost immediately after Lincoln rolled off of Lola, there was a knock at the door.

“Linky? Lola?” It was unmistakably Leni. “Can I come in?”

“Sure,” the exhausted Lincoln managed.

Leni opened the door.

“Hey, Lola! That camisole looks great on you. Don’t you think, Lincoln? You can totally see her cute little nippies through the top.”

“Yeah, it’s definitely hot,” Lincoln replied. “Although I’d really like you to never say ‘nippies’ again.”

Unfazed by Lincoln’s comment, Leni looked to Lola and said, “Anyway, I just wanted to remind you that Lynn’s class starts in ten minutes.”

“Ooooh, right!” Lola said, hopping out of Lincoln’s bed. “I’d better go clean up and get into my spandex.”

“Spandex?” Lincoln said. “What kind of class is this?”

“We all want to get more out of our nights with you,” Leni explained, “so Lynn’s going to be doing a sexercise class for us every Saturday morning. Isn’t she the best?

“Um, don’t you mean ‘exercise?’ Lincoln asked.

“Nope!” Leni replied cheerfully, and went off down the stairs.


Fifteen minutes later, Lincoln had showered and was heading downstairs to grab a bowl of cereal. There was music coming from the living room, and over that, Lynn’s voice.

“C’mon, girls, get those hips in the air!” Lynn was shouting. “Really work those glutes! Remember, if you don’t squeeze that butt, nobody else will!”

Lincoln reached the bottom of the stairs and was greeted by an amazing sight. The living room furniture had been pushed against the walls, and all ten of his sisters and his mother were on the floor, exercising. Each of them was wearing some kind of sexy exercise gear—Lynn, for example, had on a white crop top and tight red shorts that showed off her toned ass in detail—and all of them were on their backs, fucking their hips into the air with their legs spread wide. All thoughts of breakfast vanished from Lincoln’s mind as he felt his cock stir.

“Guys,” Lincoln announced, “sorry to interrupt, but I think I need a quickie.”

Several of the girls screeched with excitement.

“Luna,” Lori said hastily, pointing at a shelf behind the young rocker, “grab the Quickie Jar.”

Luna took a blue ceramic jar off the shelf and unscrewed the lid as she shouted, “All right, who wants in?”

Eight hands shot up. Lola, per the household Quickie Rules, couldn’t participate because she’d already had sex with Lincoln that day. Luna was signed up to sleep with Lincoln that night and was therefore also disqualified. And Luan was about to go meet Benny for bagels and ventriloquism—not to mention that she had finished banging Lynn Sr shortly before the exercise class began. He was still upstairs recovering and cleaning up, having both given and received a cream pie during their liaison.

Luna therefore emptied the eleven colorful marbles from the jar, set three of them aside, and put the other eight—including the sole white marble—back in. She put one hand over the mouth of the jar, shook it, then held the open jar out to the others, letting each of them reach in blindly to take a marble.

One by one, Rita, Lori, Leni, Lana, and Lisa each took a marble from the jar and sighed with disappointment. Lily chose hers, then cursed “Poopoo!” as she hurled the yellow marble to the floor.

Then Lynn took her turn, and when she pulled the white marble from the jar, she held it up and hollered, “Whoo! I win!”

She began dancing around the room, repeatedly thrusting her butt backwards as she chanted, “Oh yeah! I got it! I’m gonna get laid no doubt about it!”

“Your rhyme scheme is imprecise at besht,” Lisa observed dryly.

“I guess our sexercise class is getting out early,” Lucy sighed. “But I can’t go back to my room. Lynn’s screaming could wake the dead.”

Lynn grabbed Lincoln’s hand and shouted, “Let’s do this!”

She practically ran upstairs, half-dragging Lincoln behind her, and pulled him into her and Lucy’s room. Lynn preferred to do it in her bed because she liked it when her sheets smelled like sex afterward.

The truth was, leading the sexercise class had put Lynn on the sexual thirty-yard line already. When she had thrust her hips into the air in time to the music, she’d been imagining Lincoln on top of her, shoving that sweet dick of his into her again and again. Although she had a different position in mind for right now.

As soon as she closed her bedroom door behind them, Lynn grabbed Lincoln and kissed him hard even as she pulled him to the edge of her bed. Then she pulled off his recently donned orange polo and chucked it into a corner.

“Finish getting naked,” she said, turning around and pushing down her tight red shorts and panties to show him her toned, freckled ass. “I want to run the two hundred this time, not the marathon.”

As Lincoln quickly took off his sneakers, socks, and jeans, he had the thought that this was turning out to be a very good morning. He sometimes enjoyed foreplay, but other times, like today, he wanted to get right at it. And both Lola and Lynn had come to him fully ready for action.

Lynn leaped onto her bed, landing on her hands and knees and exposing the pink slit, topped with just a few wisps of brown hair, between her slender but strong thighs. Then she looked back over her shoulder at Lincoln.

“Hit me, I’m wide open!”

“Oh yeah,” Lincoln replied, his voice already breathy with anticipation. Then, remembering words he’d heard Lynn using in another context, he added, “I’m throwing this one deep.”

Lynn grinned at him, then turned away and braced herself as Lincoln got on the bed behind her.

“Fifteen!” she called. “Forty-two! Twenty-three! Hike!

With an “Unh!” Lincoln shoved his entire cock into Lynn’s wet pussy in one go.

Yeah!” Lynn hollered.

As he had been with Lola, Lincoln was glad to be on the same page as Lynn—horny and ready to go full-throttle right from the start. So he plowed Lynn’s pink pussy hard and fast, keeping a firm grip on her magnificently tight, firm ass.

Lynn panted and gasped with pleasure as she fucked her ass forcefully back against her brother’s hips. She liked sex in just about any position, but doggy was one of her faves. It let Lincoln get into her nice and deep, especially when she shoved her hips back like she was doing; some of the girls tired out fast when they did that, but Lynn could and would do it all day long if she had the chance. One of these days, when her turn came up and she could have Lincoln to herself for a few hours, maybe she’d finally get up the nerve to let him put it in her butt; that would probably make him horny enough that he’d be good for four or five rounds.

It was a hell of a thought: having Lincoln fuck her doggystyle in the ass, then pushing him down on his back to mount and ride him, then flipping over and fucking him missionary style, then pulling her legs behind her head to take him in her ass again while watching the look on his face as he pumped her, then back to doggystyle but in her pussy this time…

These images in her mind, plus Lincoln’s generously proportioned cock pumping in her pussy, soon had Lynn panting, moaning, and gasping words of encouragement.

“Oh, yeah, Linc, fuck me, fuck me hard, don’t stop, ohhhh fuck yeah, pump my cunt, pump it, go deep, I wanna feel you in my fucking end zone, oh God…”

Spurred on by Lynn’s words, Lincoln fucked her as fast as he could, even as he panted his reply. “Oh…God…Lynn…I’m…not…gonna…last…much…longer!”

“Then cum in me!” Lynn cried. “Cum! CUM! CUUUUUUUUUUUMMMM!”

Her pussy clamped down hard on Lincoln’s cock, increasing the friction between cock and cunt to the point where Lincoln couldn’t hold off for another second.

“Yeeee-AAAAAAAAAAAAH!” the boy cried, and shot a substantial load of thick white seed into his sister’s depths.

They collapsed together on Lynn’s bed, panting.

“Fuck, that was good,” Lynn declared.

“You do…a great…quickie,” Lincoln puffed.

“Man, it’s gonna suck moose boner when school starts on Monday, and we can’t just do this whenever anymore.”

After taking one more moment to recover his breath, Lincoln said, “Gosh, I hadn’t even thought about that.”

It was true. Lincoln had preferred to let himself believe that summer would last forever, and that he would spend every day and night of the foreseeable future having wild sex with what amounted to his harem of eleven (albeit a harem he shared with his father, and those of his sisters who enjoyed girl-girl stuff).

Lincoln continued, “It’s gonna be tough being stuck behind a desk for eight hours a day.”

“Especially when you’re surrounded by girls you can’t bang,” Lynn replied.

“Yeah, I know, Mom and Dad’s ‘Just one rule,’” Lincoln replied. “‘No sex outside the Loud House.’ How are you going to handle it?”

“Join the wrestling team. That way, I can grab all the boy-ass I want.”

“Good thinking.”

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Next up—Chapter 2: Crossing the River

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