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Chapter 3: Make It a Dozen

Over the past few days, Lincoln had been riding an emotional rollercoaster. On the one hand, he was excited to have had sex with a hot girl who he’d never boned before, who he’d been attracted to all summer, and who seemed interested in continuing their new sexual relationship. On the other hand, Lincoln realized that he had not lasted so much as one day of school without breaking his parents’ cardinal rule: no sex outside the Loud House. And now he was guilty of this crime twice over, having had another secret rendezvous with Girl Jordan under the bleachers on Thursday.

It was now Saturday afternoon. Lincoln’s best friend, Clyde, was with his dads at an antiques fair, so Lincoln was on his own in the search for a distraction from his inner turmoil. He decided to go with sugar.

He went to the kitchen and was about to grab what appeared to be the last chocolate pudding out of the fridge when he heard someone clear their throat directly behind him. Whirling around, he found Lisa standing there.

“Um, hey, Leese,” Lincoln said.

“Greetings, male shibling,” the four-year-old prodigy replied. “I possess information that I hypothesize would be of great interesht to you. I would be willing to impart this datum in exchange for the promise of a quickie in my room at a future date and time of my choosing.”

Having already broken the biggest rule of the Loud House, Lincoln wasn’t about to tempt fate by breaking any of the others. “Lisa, you know I’m not allowed to trade quickies for stuff. You wrote that rule yourself.”

“Did I? I don’t recall.”

“Who else would write, ‘Sexual activity is not to be commoditized?’”

“You have me there. In that case”—Lisa glanced inside the fridge—”I will trade you thish information in exchange for dibs on the last pudding.”

Lincoln sighed. “Fine. Now what is it?”

“I have been tracking Mother’s menstrual cycles and recording her body temperature twice daily.”

“Mom lets you take her temperature twice a day?”

“Um…sure. The point I am endeavoring to make is that according to my data, Mother should begin ovulating in-” she looked up at the kitchen clock “-the next twenty minutes. Thus, if you were to engage in sexual intercourse with her within the next few hours, the odds of consheption would be highly favorable.” With a wicked little smile, Lisa added, “I have deduced from your repeated and, frankly, overtly salacious visual observations of our mother’s bosom, midsection, and child-bearing hips that you are intereshted in impregnating her.”

Lincoln didn’t know which was scarier: that Lisa knew their mother’s menstrual cycle down to the minute, or that she knew how much Lincoln wanted to knock their mother up. Nonetheless, the mere thought of actually fucking a baby into his mom was already giving him a semi-boner. And he knew that she was upstairs folding laundry in her bedroom, so this would be a good time to approach her.

“Okay, that was definitely worth a pudding,” Lincoln conceded. “Thanks, Lisa.”

“My pleasure,” Lisa replied, peeling the foil off her pudding cup. “And best of luck to you in your effort to inseminate our maternal parental unit. Your putative offspring would make a fascinating subject for experim-, I mean, um, innocuous family activities.”

Lincoln went up the stairs, restraining himself from running. He saw that his parents’ bedroom door was open, and his mother was indeed inside, balling up pairs of socks and putting them in the top drawer of Lynn Senior’s dresser.

“Hi, Mom,” Lincoln said as nonchalantly as he could. “Can I help?”

“Sure, sweetie.”

Lincoln began pairing up socks beside his mother. He clearly hadn’t had nearly as much practice at the task; whereas his mom was producing ovoid balls, Lincoln’s conjoined socks looked more like two-tailed sperm cells, making Lincoln hope he wasn’t making some kind of manual Freudian slip that would give him away.

“So,” he said, still rolling socks, “I was, uh, just wondering if, you know, after this, you might wanna, uh, have a little of our ‘special mother-son time.’”

Rita raised an eyebrow. “Well, I have a lot to do. But,” she added with a tiny smile, “I might be able to make some time for my special boy.”

Lincoln’s heart leaped, and his cock began to stiffen.

If,” his mother continued, “you tell me honestly why me, and why right now.”

Oh, jeez, she knows, Lincoln thought.

Well, if she did know, there was no point in lying, or beating around the bush. So Lincoln just dived right in with the truth.

“Lisa told me that if I have sex with you right now, there’s a good chance I could get you pregnant,” he confessed. Then, suddenly self-conscious, he asked, “Is…that…okay?”

His mother had just put the last of the socks in the drawer and closed it. Now she took Lincoln’s hand in both of hers and smiled.

“Yes, sweetie, it’s okay.” Her smile turned from sweet to saucy as she added, “Actually, it’s more than okay.”


“Lincoln, when your father and I started having kids, I secretly fantasized about having a boy who would grow up to want to have sex with me. But after having five girls in a row, I started to think it was never going to be even a possibility.

“Then you came along, and my fantasy came back stronger than ever.” Rita blushed as she went on, “I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but sometimes, when you were little and I was giving you a bath, I’d look at your little penis, and I’d wonder how big it was going to get as you got older, and whether you’d ever want to put it inside me. And then I’d wonder whether you might want to make a baby in me…”


“Sweetie, in case it’s not obvious, I love having babies. And I’d love to have one by my beautiful boy.” Lincoln could see her pupils enlarge as she added, “It gives me such a naughty thrill, imagining my own son putting a new life inside me…”

It was true. In fact, Rita couldn’t remember the last time she’d been this horny. Which was really saying something—not only because she’d had an especially strong libido since her early teens, but because life in the Loud house had been a serious sexapalooza for the past two months. These days, she found herself thinking about sex almost constantly; it was hard not to when she so often heard, through the house’s thin walls, various family members having it. As a result, she used the signup sheet for sessions with Lincoln as often as any of her daughters did, even though she was still getting regular and satisfying poundings from her husband, and occasionally even having “girl time” with one or more of her horny female offspring.

“And now,” Rita continued, “I’m so excited to be able to teach you some of my special babymaking traditions. So how about we get our clothes off and get to it?”

“Sure!” Lincoln replied.

Both mother and son expeditiously stripped off their clothes. Lincoln finished first, then took a moment to admire his mom’s body, most especially her wide, childbearing hips. And when she pulled down her plain white panties, Lincoln smiled at the sight of the blonde triangle of hair above her pussy.

“I never get tired of seeing you naked, Mom.”

Rita pulled Lincoln to her and kissed him, enjoying the feel of his bare skin against her breasts and belly just as much as she enjoyed the sensation of his young lips pressed against hers. The mere thought that her eleven-year-old son was not only willing but excited to impregnate her was making her hornier by the second.

The moment Rita broke off the kiss and straightened up, Lincoln moved forward and, keeping his body pressed against hers, took one of her breasts into his mouth and sucked it gently. At the same time, his hand went down between her thick thighs and began to work her clit.

“Oh, sweetie,” Rita moaned lightly, “you’re getting so good at that. I doubt there’s a girl or woman in the world who wouldn’t spread her legs for you after some of this treatment.”

Lincoln’s mind flashed back to his experience with Girl Jordan that Monday. The moment he’d started pleasuring her clit with his fingers had clearly been the moment she made up her mind to let him do whatever he wanted with her.

Suddenly, Rita dropped to her knees and took Lincoln’s erect cock into her mouth. She bobbed her head on her son’s erection for a full minute as Lincoln moaned and wound his fingers in her blonde hair. Then she got back to her feet.

“Ready?” she asked teasingly.

“More than ready,” Lincoln breathed.

Rita lay back on the bed, then lifted her legs into the air and pulled her knees back toward her shoulders.

“Come get on top of me,” she said eagerly, “and put my ankles on your shoulders. I call this my ‘getting-pregnant position.’ I’m pretty sure this is how I conceived at least six of you kids.”

Lincoln’s excitement rose another notch. Somehow, it only turned him on more to think that he was about to fuck his mom in the way his dad had when they’d made babies. She looked so wide-open that he knew he’d be able to get in her really deep, giving his seed a head start toward her fertile womb.

Moving on top of his mother, Lincoln put his hips between her open thighs. With her in this position, he was able to slide his cock right into her wet pussy with a minimum of manual guidance.

“Oh, yes, sweetie,” Rita breathed. “Mommy loves it when you push into her like that. Now fuck me, baby.”

“I’m on it,” Lincoln replied breathily.

He started pumping her slowly. His head was right above his mother’s breasts, so he licked and tongued her nipples as he worked his cock inside her.

At this point in her life, Rita Loud had been impregnated so many times by being fucked this way that merely assuming this position, lying down on her back and holding her legs in the air, had become arousing for her in and of itself. And doing it while being fucked by her young but virile son even as he pleasured her nipples with his mouth, and when she knew she was ovulating, ticked an awful lot of her erotic boxes. The idea of her own little boy shooting his seed into her open, waiting womb to fertilize her egg with his incestuous sperm…God, she was getting so aroused she could barely stand it.

Lincoln reached beneath Rita with both hands and grabbed hold of her ample ass. He kept up the same slow pace, but he used his grip on his mother’s thick backside to make each thrust deeper and more forceful. She began to breathe harder in his ear.

“That’s it, sweetie…,” Rita panted. “Squeeze Mommy’s ass good and hard…Make sure you get in as deep as you can…”

Aroused by her words, Lincoln couldn’t help but fuck his mom a little faster. 

“God, sweetheart,” Rita gasped. “You’re pumping me so good…”

She opened her thick thighs wider and clutched her son to her, wanting him in deep, in hard. A part of her mind wondered how much seed he would shoot in her and hoped it would be a lot.

“Oh, yeah, Mom,” Lincoln gasped. “Let me get deep inside you…let me get you pregnant…”

“Yes, sweetheart,” she gasped. “I can’t wait until you cum inside Mommy…and make a baby in me…Please, my beautiful boy, put your baby in Mommy’s tummy…Make me a mommy one more time…”

In his previous sexual liaisons with her, Lincoln had found that his mom only started referring to herself as Mommy, and in the third person, when she was well and truly turned on. This, in turn, turned Lincoln on even more, to the point that he started talking, barely aware of what he was saying.

“Oh, God, Mom, yeah,” he breathed, pumping her faster. “I wanna knock you up…so hard…you have twins again…”

Oh my gosh, Rita thought, her arousal flaring even higher. He couldn’t be turning me on more if he tried.

She pumped her hips up against his, forcing her son’s cock deeper inside her on each thrust. Each upward push was like doing a crunch, and Rita knew her abs would be sore later, but for the pleasure she was experiencing right now, she was more than happy to make that trade.

“Yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she panted in Lincoln’s ear. “Fuck me deep, fuck me to my womb, fuck me so full of baby-juice that I can’t help but get pregnant…and give you one more sibling…”

Lincoln lost it—he was so aroused now that he couldn’t do anything but fuck his mom as hard as he was physically capable of. Rita’s hips couldn’t keep up with his pace anymore; instead, she raised her legs high, spread them as wide as possible, and just let her son fuck her deep and hard, gasping and moaning as he gave her pussy the pounding it now desperately needed.

“Yes, baby, yes,” she babbled in a whimper. “Fuck Mommy, fuck Mommy fuckmommy fuckmommy-”

“Gonna…shoot…” Lincoln grunted, having barely enough breath to form the words as he hammered his mom’s cunt as though for dear life. “Gonna…shoot…in you…”

“Yes!” Rita cried. “Get Mommy pregnant! Make Mommy a mommy again!”

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Lincoln cried, and then he was shooting gout after gout after gout of hot, thick, potent semen deep into his mother’s body. Rita screamed like a wildcat and came along with him, clutching his body to hers and keeping his cock deeply buried inside her as he filled her with his precious seed.

When it was over, both mother and son were panting, sweating, and nearly exhausted. Rita let her arms and legs drop, leaving them splayed around her as Lincoln lay on top of her. It took nearly a minute for them both to get their breath.

“Well, sweetie,” Rita said, “you are definitely a Loud. Your father is never more enthusiastic about sex than when he’s trying to get me pregnant.”

“I love trying to get you pregnant, Mom,” Lincoln answered dreamily, his mind and body suffused with post-orgasmic bliss. “I’m just imagining all my millions of sperm swimming up inside you, looking for your egg so they can make a baby…”

His mother squeezed his hand as she turned to him and smiled.

“Lincoln, if you’re not careful, you’re going to get me horny again.”

He smiled back at her as he replied, “I wouldn’t mind. I kinda wanna put more sperm in you.”

Rita felt her lust rising up inside her again as she replied, “Oh, sweetie, you can put gallons of it in me if you want to.”

She rolled him on top of her and raised her legs in the air, and they were off again. 

Next time—Chapter 4: Girl Friend

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