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Chapter 6: Extra Credit

Lincoln was sitting in class, stealing furtive glances at Girl Jordan and Stella alternately. It had occurred to him that neither girl knew about Lincoln’s on-the-down-low sexual activities with the other. Although both girls had essentially committed to being fuck-buddies with Lincoln and not to a dating relationship, Lincoln still wondered how they would react if they learned that their special brand of friendship with him was not exclusive.

“All right, everyone,” Mrs. Johnson said, putting down her lecture notes and pulling Lincoln’s attention back to the here and now. “It’s time for gym class.”

Most of the kids seemed happy to get up from their desks and head out the door. Lincoln certainly was. Not least because so many of his female classmates looked good in gym shorts.

“Lincoln,” Mrs. Johnson said as the boy got up, “stay here, please.”

“Hope you’re not in trouble, buddy,” Clyde said quietly as he passed his bestie.

“Me too,” Lincoln whispered back.

Agnes Johnson liked to think that she had a pretty good handle on things. In her years as a fifth-grade teacher, she’d seen just about every form of behavior that eleven-year-olds were capable of, and she had learned how to deal with it all.

Or so she’d thought. Because since the school year began, she’d noticed some decidedly age-inappropriate behavior among some of the girls in her class. Agnes was certainly no stranger to gossip and schoolgirl crushes among her students, but this was different. The whispered words and fond gazes had a decidedly sexual overtone that Agnes would not have expected from these children until they reached at least middle school.

Having noticed this behavior, Agnes had decided that she needed to study it quietly before deciding what to do. And after a week of observation, Agnes had concluded that all of the girls’ behavior was focused on one student. And after a second week, during which Agnes had watched that student closely, she had come to realize why. Now, it was time to have a talk with him.

To say the least, Lincoln was concerned when Mrs. Johnson asked him to remain in the classroom as the other kids filed out the door. And he didn’t know what to make of it when she then locked the classroom door and closed the blinds.

“Lincoln,” Mrs. Johnson said, “I can’t help but notice the way you’ve been acting since the start of school. Specifically, the way you’ve been looking at the girls in our class.”

Uh-oh, Lincoln thought.

“And, especially, the way you’ve been looking at me.”

In the space of several seconds, Lincoln had gone from vaguely anxious to decidedly worried to panicked. He’d tried to be subtle in checking out the various girls in his class, and especially when stealing glances at Mrs. Johnson’s perky tits and generously proportioned ass. Apparently, he’d failed.

Lincoln stammered, “Well, I, uh- I didn’t-”

“It’s not just that you look at me,” Mrs. Johnson interrupted. “It’s how you look at me. Like you have something specific in mind.”

She moved closer as she added, “Specific things you want to do with me…with my body.”

Lincoln might have been only eleven years old, but he’d learned from his mom what lust sounded like in the voice of an adult woman. His anxiety began to fade, and his cock began to rise.

The truth was, in the week she’d spent keeping a close eye on Lincoln, Agnes had become acutely aware of what the girls in her class saw in him. Despite his youth, he had a magnetism—a distinctly sexual magnetism—that was rare even among adult men. And Agnes was forced to admit to herself that she had fallen very much under its sway.

“If you tell me what those things are,” Mrs. Johnson continued, “maybe I’ll understand.”

She moved even closer, such that her breasts were inches from Lincoln’s face as she finished, “I might even let you do them.”

Lincoln’s mood swung again, going from fifty shades of panic to a wild storm of other feelings, most of all relief…and lust.

His confidence returned in full force as he realized that all he had to do was tell Mrs. Johnson his deliciously dirty thoughts about her, of which he’d had plenty. What was more, he was getting the idea that the more honest and explicit he was in describing these thoughts, the more turned on Mrs. Johnson was likely to get, thereby increasing the odds that she would make his fantasies reality.

“Well, in that case…” Lincoln began, “I’ll tell you everything.”

“Please do.”

“For starters, I like your perky boobs,” Lincoln said boldly.

When he saw no sign that Mrs. Johnson had taken offense to that, Lincoln continued, “Sometimes I imagine what they look like naked, and what they’d feel like in my hands. And I think those same things about your nice, wide ass.”

Agnes pressed her thighs together in response to the warmth she was feeling between them. She did her best to sound calm as she said, “Go on.”

“When I look at your ass,” Lincoln said, “sometimes I think about bending you over your desk and pulling up your skirt, and then rubbing my dick against it so you can feel how big and hard you made it get—right before I shove it in you and just plow you like crazy, holding on to your big, beautiful ass the whole time. And I wouldn’t even be able to help shooting a huge load in you because I’d be so turned on.”

By the time Lincoln was finished, Mrs. Johnson’s face was flushed red, and her skin glowed with a light sheen of perspiration. Lincoln knew what that meant.

“Well, Lincoln,” Mrs. Johnson said breathily, “I suspect you’ve been with a girl or two-”

Or twelve, Lincoln thought. Plus Mom.

“-but there are some important differences between young girls and adult women. And one of them is that a grown woman usually has a much better idea of what will please her.”

I don’t know about that, Lincoln thought. Stella seemed to have a pretty good idea. Not to mention every single one of my sisters.

“So I’ll be asking you to do a few things you probably haven’t done before,” she continued. “To begin with, why don’t you start by showing me how well you play second base?”

Lincoln didn’t speak; he just grinned broadly at Mrs. Johnson and then put his hands on her taut little tits, feeling them up in exactly the way he had described. Mrs. Johnson interrupted him only to pull off her green sweater and yellow blouse and then to take off her plain white bra, showing Lincoln her small, pink, cone-shaped nipples. Lincoln boldly took them between his fingers and played with them, gently pinching, twisting, and tugging them the way some of his sisters liked. 

Agnes was surprised and delighted. She had no idea that a fifth-grader could be so skilled in pleasing her breasts—especially given that most girls Lincoln’s age didn’t yet have any.

Making sure to keep her breasts well within Lincoln’s reach, Agnes bent down and kissed his lips before murmuring in his ear.

“Mmm, Lincoln,” she said, “you seem to have some experience with this sort of thing.”

“Uh, some,” Lincoln replied.

He continued to toy with one of Mrs. Johnson’s nipples with his fingers while moving forward and taking her other nipple into his mouth to pleasure it with his lips and tongue. The woman moaned.

“Oh, Lincoln,” she said, winding her fingers in his white hair. “That’s B-plus work at least…”

Lincoln took his lips away from Mrs. Johnson’s breast just long enough to say, “Let’s see if I can bump that up to an A.”

He returned to sucking her breast, but now, one of his hands slid slowly down her stomach and undid her belt of brass discs, letting it clatter to the floor. With that obstacle removed, his hand then coasted under the waistband of her dark-green skirt and slipped down into her panties. His fingers had no trouble finding Mrs. Johnson’s engorged, heartbeat-throbbing clit, which he then began to make tiny circles around.

“Oh! Oh, my…” Agnes said.

It was obvious to her that Lincoln had done this before—probably many times before, given his skill. Right now, she didn’t care; she just wanted more. But in a particular way.

“Come around behind me,” she said, “and feel me up from there.”

Lincoln stopped sucking her tit and said, “Um, sure.”

He moved behind her, then reached up and around her and put both hands on her breasts. Then he resumed with her nipples, squeezing them both gently between his fingers.

“Squeeze harder,” Mrs. Johnson said breathily. “Make it hurt a little. I like that.”

Lincoln’s eyebrows rose. He was usually careful not to hurt his sisters—especially the younger, smaller ones—when he was having sex with them. Lynn liked him to be rough with her, of course, but she’d never specifically asked him to hurt her.

Curious, Lincoln squeezed Mrs. Johnson’s nipples harder. The woman let out a soft moan.

“That’s it,” she breathed. “Don’t stop…”

He continued pinching and squeezing his teacher’s conical, shell-pink nipples, then began twisting them, harder than he would his mom’s or sisters’. Mrs. Johnson moaned louder.

Lincoln felt his cock grow harder, pressing firmly against Mrs. Johnson’s broad ass. It turned out that hurting someone who actually wanted to be hurt was a real turn-on.

“Wait,” Mrs. Johnson said.

She took Lincoln’s hands off of her breasts and turned around to face him. 

“I can tell you’re enjoying this as much as I am,” she said, her voice raspy with arousal. “So why don’t we take this a little farther?”

Intrigued, Lincoln asked, “What do you mean?”

“Being in charge of you kids all day long can be exhausting,” Mrs. Johnson explained. “Rewarding, but exhausting. So sometimes, when the school day is over, I want someone to take charge of me.”

Lincoln raised an eyebrow. “You mean, you want me to tell you what to do?”

“Exactly,” Mrs. Johnson replied. “Be as bossy as you want. Oh, and for right now, call me Agnes.” She gave him a naughty smile and added, “Don’t be afraid to call me other names, too…Mr. Loud.”

Lincoln hadn’t seen this coming. Yes, some of his sisters liked it when he took the lead during their sexual encounters, but none of them had ever actually asked him to boss them around. And the idea of doing that with an adult woman—his teacher, no less—was turning him on more by the second.

“In that case, Agnes,” Lincoln said eagerly, “I want to see you let your hair down. Literally, I mean.”

Agnes reached up and pulled the pencil out of her hair, then shook her head, causing her long, red hair to fall down around her shoulders. Lincoln smiled appreciatively.

“Nice,” he said. Then, happily falling into his new role, he said, “Now, do the same thing with the skirt.”

With a naughty smile, Agnes replied, “What if I don’t want to?”

Lincoln wasn’t expecting that. “Well, then I’ll have to, uh…”

“Punish me?”

As she spoke, Agnes bent forward slightly and put her hands on her desk. It took Lincoln a moment to get the hint.

“Um, that’s right,” he replied. “You just keep your hands right there, you, you naughty girl.”

Agnes was pleased. Lincoln seemed to understand the scenario she was setting up. Now she hoped that he could fulfill her desires as capably as he had comprehended them.

Lincoln saw that his teacher’s skirt had a zipper on the side, so he pulled it down and let the green garment fall to the floor. Underneath, Agnes was wearing a surprisingly sexy pair of green panties, made from a fine mesh-like material, with a large Elizabeth’s Mystery “EM” logo in lace across the bottom.

Luan would probably call that ass-vertising, Lincoln thought.

He wasn’t surprised by the sight, though. Mrs. Johnson had always had a not-so-secret wild side, and it seemed pretty plausible to Lincoln that she would wear sexy underthings beneath her otherwise pedestrian teacher’s wardrobe.

Knowing what Agnes was expecting next, Lincoln pulled his hand back and smacked her on her panty-covered ass, making it jiggle. Agnes turned her head to look back at Lincoln, taking one hand off her desk.

“Not bad,” she said, “but-”

“Did I say you could move?” Lincoln interrupted. He was definitely getting into his role now.

Agnes put her hands back on the edge of the desk. “No, Mr. Loud.”

Lincoln roughly yanked Agnes’ panties down to her knees, exposing her ass. It was as pleasingly wide and feminine as his mother’s, and he liked how her dark-pink pussy protruded invitingly between the big white globes.

All of Lincoln’s classroom daydreams about what he’d like to do with Mrs. Johnson’s ass flooded back into his mind. But first, he had a job to do.

He pulled his hand back and smacked Agnes’ ass again, harder this time. She moaned. Encouraged, he hit her again, even harder, and again, and again, drawing a horny yelp from the woman each time. Her ass was so big that he could only hit one cheek at a time, so he switched back and forth between them. With every blow, he slapped the woman’s broad backside hard enough to leave a red handprint, and soon her ass was decorated with what looked like a bunch of red Thanksgiving hand-turkeys. Then he hit her one more time, right over her red-tufted pussy. Mrs. Johnson moaned.

“Well, Agnes, that concludes this part of your punishment,” Lincoln said, now feeling much more confident in his role. “Time to move on to the next.”

In the front corner of the room, by the windows, was a stepstool that Mrs. Johnson used when she needed to write on the top part of the chalkboard. Lincoln grabbed it and placed it on the floor behind her. Agnes began to turn her head to look back at him.

“Eyes forward, Agnes,” Lincoln commanded. “You’re about to find out how I punish slutty girls like you.”

So far, this was going better than Agnes could have hoped. She hadn’t imagined that Lincoln would have either the confidence or the vocabulary to play his role this well. She felt a drop of wetness from her pussy slide down her thigh, and every muscle in her body was taut with anticipation as she waited for Lincoln to do what she now fervently hoped he would. Although she wasn’t sure whether an eleven-year-old would have the kind of endowment she preferred.

Agnes heard him unzip his jeans, and her excitement grew. Then he positioned his cockhead between her open pussylips and pushed.

“Oh my!” she blurted, eyes going wide.

“Bigger than you expected, Agnes?” Lincoln asked casually as he eased in farther.

“Much bigger,” the woman gasped.

Lincoln grinned. His mother had been pleased with his size, too, but it was nice to have independent confirmation from another adult woman—one who, presumably, had taken her share of cocks.

He got balls-deep in her, his cockhead pressing against her cervix. Agnes gasped; she hadn’t expected Lincoln’s cock to be this thick and this long.

“That’s right,” Lincoln said. “Take your punishment, you”—he tried to think of a word Lisa would use—“you impudent slut.”

She gasped again, clearly excited by his words. Then Lincoln started pumping her, and she moaned again.

Mrs. Johnson’s pussy wasn’t as tight as his sisters’, or Girl Jordan’s, but the feel of her broad, soft ass in his hands was just lovely. Not to mention that this whole role-reversal thing was turning out to be really fun.

Now that Lincoln had introduced Agnes to his cock, and given how horny both she and he were, he saw no reason to take things slow. He started fucking her at a solid pace, enjoying the way her ass jiggled every time he thrust his hips against it.

“You’re a bad girl, aren’t you, Agnes?” Lincoln said as he pumped his teacher’s pussy.

“Y- Yes,” the horny woman gasped. “Very bad.”

“You’re a little slut who’ll fuck anyone with a dick,” Lincoln went on. “Even a young boy.”

“Yes,” Agnes panted.

“Well, then,” Lincoln said eagerly, “I’ve decided that your punishment will be a big load of cum.”

Agnes gasped in spite of herself, because she was more excited by this than she dared let on. She had no man in her life these days, so she wasn’t on any form of birth control. What was more, she had always wanted a child, but her biological clock was ticking down, so she had been giving serious thought to artificial insemination. It had never even occurred to her that an eleven-year-old student could provide her with an alternative.

I could skip all those doctor visits and filling out forms, she thought even as she gripped her desk, her body moving forward and back with Lincoln’s thrusts. If Lincoln is shooting as much cum as he claims, I could get pregnant by him. I could get pregnant by him right now.

In the back of her mind, Agnes knew that this route to pregnancy was fraught with peril. But just thinking about getting pregnant by Lincoln—right here in her classroom—had made Agnes much too horny to contemplate the risks.

“Yes, Mr. Loud,” she gasped, now aroused beyond reason. “Please…punish me…with your cum…I deserve it…”

Lincoln fucked her full-force now, his slim hips pounding and slapping his teacher’s big, red-welted ass. Because Mrs. Johnson’s wide backside reminded him of his mom’s, Lincoln flashed back to the other day when he’d tried to get her pregnant—and had hopefully succeeded. Now that Mrs. Johnson had invited him to shoot his load into her, he couldn’t help but imagine impregnating her, too. Even though she surely was using some kind of birth control, or else she wouldn’t be doing this. Right?

In his excitement, Lincoln could only control himself enough to remember to say a few of the right words to her and to try to keep his voice down as he growled, “Take it, you little bitch, take it…Nnnnguuuhhhhh!”

He slammed his hips against her ass, hilting in her pussy and squeezing those big, soft asscheeks in his hands as he emptied his balls into her. He could tell by feel alone that it was a prodigious load, and he hoped Mrs. Johnson could feel it, too.

“Oh, God,” she gasped, and then her pussy spasmed around his shaft as she came, too.

When it was over, Lincoln kept his hips snug against his teacher’s ass, staying inside her until he went soft and fell out. Then Mrs. Johnson reached into her desk and pulled out some wipes for them both.

They cleaned themselves up and began to dress. Lincoln was a little disappointed—he’d have liked their session to last longer—but a glance at the clock showed that they had only a minute or two left.

“Lincoln,” Mrs. Johnson said as she fastened her bra, “I’d like us to keep having these little sessions, if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind at all,” Lincoln said, smiling. He was already thinking about what he’d like to do with Mrs. Johnson—or rather, do to her—the next time.

“Shall we say…once a week?”

“Sure!” Lincoln could feel his smile widen into a grin as he added, “I think little Agnes is going to need a lot more discipline.”

Just then, the bell rang, and Lincoln finished dressing and took his seat just before his classmates flooded back in and took their seats all around him.

“Everything okay?” Clyde whispered.

“Yeah,” Lincoln replied. “I’m just gonna be skipping gym class once a week to get some tutoring from Ag- Mrs. Johnson. It’s no big deal.”

Mrs. Johnson resumed her lessons as though nothing unusual had happened. Although Lincoln noticed that she didn’t sit down for the rest of the day.

Lincoln had a distraction of his own—a couple of them, really. One was the excitement of having fucked his teacher, and the prospect of doing it again regularly in the future. There were a lot of fun directions he could take this game of “Mr. Loud and Naughty Agnes.”

The other distraction was this thought: that if he’d boned one teacher, maybe he could bone others, too. Including one whose short skirt every boy in his class would kill to get into.

Easy, Lincoln, he thought to himself. Let’s just take this one teacher at a time…for now.

Next time—Chapter 7: Human Subjects

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