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Chapter 5: Good for the Soul

It was new-comic Wednesday, and Lincoln was hanging out in his room, wearing only his red jockeys as he devoured the latest issue of Cowboy Trails. Western comics were always a nice change of pace from his usual superhero ones. Plus, his dad actually liked reading them, too, so it gave them something to talk about.

He had just leafed past a full-page ad for X-Ray Shades when someone knocked on his half-open door, then swung it the rest of the way open before Lincoln could even say “Come in.”

“Hey, Linc,” Lana said, ambling into the room in her usual blue overalls and red baseball cap. “I know it’s not my turn or anything, but since you’re already in your underwear, could I just hang out and lick your balls for a while? It’ll be totally low key, I swear.”

“Um, sure,” Lincoln replied. Then he raised a finger. “But if you get me turned on, standard quickie rules apply.”

“Fair enough.”

Lincoln pulled his underpants down to his knees and lay back again, parting his legs for Lana and putting his head back down on his pillow as he resumed reading his comic. The little blonde six-year-old crawled between her big brother’s open legs, lay her head sideways on the mattress by his crotch, and began licking his hairless scrotum.

“Mmm,” Lincoln heard Lana murmur, seemingly to herself. “I love these balls.”

She kept at it for a good while. At first, Lincoln had no trouble reading on as Lana licked and tongued him. But eventually, he felt his cock begin to rise. And by the time it was lying fully hard against his stomach, he could no longer focus on his comic.

“Well, you’ve done it, Lana,” he said. “‘Scuse me.”

The little blonde tomboy moved out of the way, and Lincoln got up, pulled his red undies up over his hard member, and opened his bedroom door.

“Hey guys!” he called, “I need a quickie!”

There was a sound of scampering feet up the stairs, and then several of his sisters charged into his doorway. Lori was in the lead, holding the Quickie Jar.

She pointed at each girl in the crowd as she counted six sisters in total. Then Lori removed five of the colored marbles from the jar and put the other five back in with the white marble. She held the jar out to the others.

“Okay,” she said, “everybody draw.”

They each grabbed a marble. This time, it was Lucy who got the white one.

“Man,” Lana griped as she held up her red marble, “I wish Lincoln was a redhead.”

“Or a bluehead,” Leni replied, frowning at her own marble.

Lucy dropped the white marble back in the jar, took Lincoln’s hand, and went with him back into his room, closing the door on her disappointed sisters.

“I need a little warming up,” Lucy said. “So to speak.”

“Sure,” Lincoln replied eagerly.

He pulled her to him and kissed her lips. Much as Lucy might have wished otherwise, her scent and body heat made her feel so very alive, such that Lincoln couldn’t help but want to pull her closer, kiss her harder. Lucy reached up and wound her fingers in his white hair, leaning her head back and opening her mouth a bit. Lincoln accepted her unspoken invitation and began probing his eight-year-old sister’s mouth with his tongue.

Lucy stepped out of her shoes but left her striped knee-socks on as she put her hands on her brother’s bare chest. She liked that part of him especially well; she always enjoyed running her hands all over it, feeling Lincoln’s developing pectoral muscles and the ribs below them. She was pretty partial to his shoulders, too, which was why she had already had a particular position in mind for their liaison.

“How do you want to do it?” Lincoln asked her, toying with her erect nipples through the fabric of her black dress.

“Against the wall,” Lucy replied.

Lucy reached up under her dress’ skirt, pulled her black-and-white-striped panties down and off, and tossed them onto the bed before putting her back against the wall next to the door. Being a bit shy, even when she was alone with Lincoln, she tended to prefer having sex with most of her clothes on. For her, it also added to the thrill to appear “decent” when in fact she had her brother’s cock buried to the hilt in her eight-year-old pussy. The fact that mainstream society would consider them both very underage for sex, the prepubescent Lucy especially, made the act even hotter for her, as did violating the incest taboo. Lucy sometimes wondered whether she could ever get as much satisfaction from fucking someone not related to her. She supposed she would find out someday. But for now, she would take every brother-fucking opportunity she could get.

Lincoln moved up close to Lucy and pulled his red undies down just far enough to free his cock again. He knew his dark-haired sister liked it when he kept some of his clothes on, too.

Lucy, for her part, put her hands on Lincoln’s shoulders. Then she raised one black-and-white-stockinged leg and then the other as Lincoln put his hands under her thighs. This enabled Lucy to lift both feet up off the ground and wrap her legs around her brother’s waist. Then she put her arms around his neck and her cheek against Lincoln’s.

“Put it in,” she murmured in his ear.

Lincoln was more than ready. Now that Lucy had her legs firmly wrapped around him, he could let go of her thighs and position his cock between her hairless pussy-folds.

“Here it comes,” he whispered to her. Then he pushed, easing slowly but steadily into his little sister.

“Unnnngh,” Lucy groaned. “You’re really getting big.”

“Do you mind?”

“Not at all. I like it.”

He continued to push in slowly until his cockhead touched bottom. Then he gave one more tiny push, making sure he was snugly inside Lucy—another thing he knew she liked.

“Mmm, I love how you’re filling me up,” she murmured in his ear.

“And I love filling you up,” the boy replied. “It always feels like you’re hugging me on the inside.”

“I think I am.” Her arms held him a little more tightly. “It’s like my whole body is…happy…when you’re inside me.”

“Then let’s make it happier.”

Holding Lucy firmly against the wall, Lincoln began to make slow, deep thrusts into her. Lucy let out a long sigh in Lincoln’s ear every time he pushed in.

It wasn’t more than a minute before Lucy’s lust grew from aching to burning. Using the leverage provided by the wall, she flexed her lower back repeatedly so as to thrust her hips against Lincoln’s, helping him fuck her. Lincoln couldn’t help but fuck his little sister a bit faster in response.

“Let’s never stop doing this,” Lucy breathed in Lincoln’s ear. “When I’m ten, twelve, fifteen, thirty, I’m still going to want to fuck my big brother.”

Turned on by his sister’s words, Lincoln pumped her faster still.

“We’ll…never…stop…” Lincoln panted. “We’re gonna…do this…our whole…lives…”

“And beyond,” Lucy gasped.

Driven to sexual madness by each other’s words, brother and sister fucked as though possessed. Lincoln rammed his cock into Lucy with ferocious ardor, and Lucy bucked wildly against him.

“Lincoln,” Lucy gasped. “I’m- I’m almost-”

“HuuuuaAAAAAH!” Lincoln cried out, thrusting deep into Lucy and flooding her with a gusher of hot seed.

“EeeeAAAAAH!” Lucy screamed, her whole body flailing madly around her brother’s.

When their orgasms subsided, Lincoln managed to carry Lucy over to his bed and lay her down on it before collapsing next to her.

“That was…wonderful…Lincoln,” Lucy panted.

“Agreed,” Lincoln gasped in reply.

They lay without speaking again for a full minute. As Lincoln caught his breath, he put his head close to Lucy so he could hear the sound of her breathing over the usual din of Loud-family activity in the upstairs hallway outside his door. He was suddenly feeling compelled to speak, but he waited until Lucy had fully recovered.

“Lucy, can I tell you a secret?”

“Always,” the girl replied. “They say confession is good for the soul.”

“And you promise to keep it a secret?” Lincoln added. He still remembered Lola’s indiscretion from early that summer, when she had blabbed to Lucy—even after telling Lincoln that it would be their secret—about what she’d done with Lincoln in his bed while the boy was dreaming of Girl Jordan.

“I’ll take it to my grave,” Lucy replied.

Lincoln sighed. “Okay. Well, you know how Mom and Dad said we’re not allowed to have sex outside the family?”


“Well, I…kind of did.”

“With who? Excuse me, ‘With whom?’”

“Girl Jordan.”


“And Stella.”

“Gosh,” Lucy said. “It hasn’t even been two weeks since school started.”

“I know!” Lincoln yelped in reply. “I’m a total sex maniac!”

“I love that about you.”

“Yeah, but I’m out of control. I mean, shouldn’t having ten sisters and Mom to get it on with be enough?”

“Even eternity is not enough.”

“Say what now?”

“I was quoting Edwin.”


“Well,” Lucy said, “I have a confession for you, too.”

“What’s that?”

“I heard you and Mom going at it the other day.”

“Well that’s no secret. We were pretty noisy.”

“I mean, I heard what you were saying to each other,” Lucy elaborated.


“And…honestly…it really turned me on.”

“It did?”

“Every time I’ve pleasured myself since then—which has been a lot of times—I’ve fantasized about you getting Mom pregnant. And then…and then Lori.”

“Wow,” Lincoln replied, a bit wide-eyed.

“And then Leni, and Luna, and so on…until it’s me you’re getting pregnant. And your being my brother just makes it even more exciting.”

Lucy paused for a moment. “Is…Is that weird? I mean, I know I’m too young to get-”

“No no no,” Lincoln said rapidly, “it’s not weird. Okay, maybe it is, but I love it.”


“Yeah. I mean, it’s not like I ever thought about it before, but now that I am thinking about it, the idea of getting you pregnant is pretty darn hot.”

He pointed down at his crotch. “Look—just you saying that is already getting me hard again.”

“Wow,” Lucy gasped. “Do you…wanna do it again?”

“Heck yeah,” Lincoln replied. Then he had an idea. “Here, let me put you in Mom’s ‘getting pregnant pose.’”

Lucy let Lincoln roll her onto her back. Then he took hold of her legs and put her stockinged ankles up on his shoulders.

“Oh, yes,” Lucy breathed. “I feel so open. Like you could get even deeper inside me this way.”

“I know for a fact I can,” Lincoln replied with a grin. 

Looking at her face, he slowly sank his cock into her until he was balls-deep in his pale sister’s bald pussy. Then he put his lips to her ear.

“Mom says,” he murmured, “she got pregnant with at least six of us this way.”

Lucy gasped with excited arousal. “I hope one of them was me.”

Lincoln started pumping her. Lucy moaned loudly and gripped his torso in her arms.

“Don’t go slow,” she gasped. “I’m already so horny I could die.”

Lincoln felt the same way, so he started fucking Lucy hard and fast. The young girl thrust her ass upward as he pumped her, relishing the feeling of her big brother’s big cock plunging into her depths again and again.

“Oh yes, oh please yes,” she moaned. “Take me, all of me, my pussy, my womb, take me and fill me with your warm, living seed…”

“Nnnnngh…yes…” Lincoln grunted. “Want it…all…gonna take you…and take you…and take you…”

Lucy’s arms tightened around Lincoln, and she thrust her pale ass against his hips as he plowed her harder and harder. 

“Get me pregnant, Lincoln,” Lucy gasped. “Put your child in my womb…”

The still-functioning portion of Lincoln’s intellect knew that this was impossible. And yet that just seemed to make Lucy’s words even more exciting, especially when spoken in the voice of an eight-year-old.

He wondered if any of his other younger sisters shared this fantasy. And then he was picturing them all in his mind—Lucy, Lola, Lana, Lisa, and even Lily, lying nude around him, smiles on their faces, their prepubescent bellies swollen with babies he had somehow put inside them…

“YAAAAAAAH!” Lincoln cried, suddenly shoved over the precipice of orgasm by that image in his mind. Even though this was his second orgasm of the afternoon, the load he pumped into Lucy’s young body felt even bigger than the first.

“YES!” Lucy shrieked. “FILL ME! FILL MEEEEE!”

Lincoln’s climax lasted so long that he felt as though he must have filled Lucy to the brim by the time it was over. But even then, he was in no hurry to pull out of her and see; he stayed on top of her and inside her, his not-yet-softening cock still buried in the young girl’s hot depths. And Lucy was clearly happy to keep him there, as her arms remained wrapped around him.

She kissed him, long and slow and lovingly. Then she panted, “That was…amazing…”

“It sure was,” Lincoln replied. “And… thanks. This made me feel better, in a lot of ways.”

She pulled him tighter against her as she replied, “Any time, big brother.”

Coming soon—Chapter 6: Extra Credit

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