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Chapter 7: Human Subjects

It was late Saturday afternoon. Lincoln had been playing Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack with Clyde, during which they’d solved the mystery of the missing Three-of-a-Kind Diamonds and returned them to their rightful owner. Clyde had just headed home for dinner.

Now, Lincoln found himself feeling horny. And this time, he knew exactly what and whom he was horny for. So rather than calling for a quickie—which he couldn’t do anyway, seeing as Lori had her friend Carol Pingrey over for putting practice and nail-painting—Lincoln went to Lily’s room, hoping that his baby sister would be up for giving him one of her trademark super-suction blowjobs. All she ever seemed to want in return was as much cum as she could get out of her big brother’s balls, and given how Lincoln was feeling right now, he was sure he could give Lily a generous mouthful. His horniness only increased as he mused inwardly about how long it would be before Lily was grown enough to fuck.

But Lincoln’s hopes were dashed the moment he arrived at Lisa and Lily’s door. Not only was Lily not there in her crib (now that Lincoln thought about it, he dimly recalled his dad saying something about taking Lily to the park), but Lisa had her school friend Darcy over, which further diminished Lincoln’s prospects of finding satisfaction at home. Judging by the picture that Lisa was currently bringing up on her computer monitor, it appeared that the two girls had been playing with Lisa’s MRI machine.

“We’ve obtained a fine sagittal image of your brain, Darcy,” Lisa was saying. “Hmm, your anterior cingulate cortex seems eshpecially well developed.”

“Thanks, Lisa!” the girl said with her characteristic cheer. Then she noticed Lincoln in the doorway and smiled as she added, “Hey, your big brother’s here. Hi, Lincoln!”

“Hi, Darcy,” Lincoln replied awkwardly.

He was trying to arrange his posture in a way that would minimize the visibility of the bulge in his jeans. And maybe was working with respect to Darcy, but it was clear from the sly look on Lisa’s face that she’d noticed.

“Ah, Lincoln,” Lisa said in a welcoming tone as she looked between him and Darcy. “Since you and Darcy are both present, perhaps the two of you would like to partishipate in an experiment I’ve been devising. I think you will find it”—she glanced at his crotch—”shtimulating.”

Lincoln raised an eyebrow. “Um, what kind of experiment?”

“I believe I have isholated the unique neurochemical in the Loud brain that is responsible for our intense sexual impulses. Now, I am most curious to know what effect thish chemical would have on the cerebrum of a subject to whom it is not endogenous.”

Lincoln looked at her blankly. Lisa sighed.

“I want to see how it affects a non-Loud. And I believe Darcy here would make a fine subject.”

Lisa turned to Darcy. “Would you like to be part of my experiment? In the interest of obtaining informed consent, I should mention that your participation may result in your engaging in sexual activity with Lincoln.”

“Okay!” Darcy replied, even though she clearly didn’t fully grasp Lisa’s meaning. Then, leaning over to Lisa, she said in a not-quite whisper, “Your brother’s cute.”

“Excellent,” Lisa replied. “And Lincoln, given that you have already violated the no-sex-outside-the-family agreement at least twice, I imagine you will have no objection.”

“Wait, how do you know about that?” Lincoln demanded.

“Lucy informed me.”

“She said she’d take that to her grave!”

“She did. I encountered her at the cemetery yesterday. She has already shelected a plot for herself.”

“Do I even want to know what you were doing at the cemetery?”

“You do not.”

Lisa put a large laboratory flask filled with a tan liquid on top of a Bunsen burner as she continued, “Now, I believe that a hot liquid medium will be ideal for oral administration. So I have infused forty-three milliliters of the neurochemical—which I have named ‘loudamine’—into one-point-three liters of Zesty Lemon tea.”

“Oooh, tea party!” Darcy cried. Then she went to her backpack, which was sitting on Lisa’s stool, and pulled out a plastic bag. “And look, I brought sugar cookies!”

“Ah, the perfect accompaniment,” Lisa replied. “Now, while the tea is heating to the appropriate temperature, I believe I should visit the little chemist’s room. I will return presently. Lincoln, would you be so kind as to fetch some teacups from downshtairs?”

“Sure,” Lincoln replied. “Be right back, Darcy.”

Lincoln went down to the kitchen and returned with three teacups, placing them on the little table that Darcy had pulled into the middle of the room. Then, being an unwilling veteran of several of Lola’s tea parties, Lincoln realized that he’d forgotten a few things.

“Hang on, Darcy,” he said. “I should get the sugar bowl and some napkins, too.”

Lincoln went back downstairs. When he returned with the napkins and sugar bowl, he found Lisa standing in her bedroom doorway, looking disconcerted. And when he reached the doorway himself, he understood why.

“Um,” Lisa said, looking at the two new people in the room, “eldest shibling, eldest shibling’s same-age companion…What are you doing here?”

“We saw you kids were having a tea party,” Lori began.

“And we thought it was so cute that we had to drop in,” Carol Pingrey added. “Tea party selfie!”

She pulled Darcy and Lori to her sides, then took a picture of the three of them with her phone, capturing the little table and teacups at the bottom of the frame.

“Yesh, that will be quite enough visual evidence,” Lisa said anxiously. “You haven’t consumed any of the Camellia sinensis infusion, have you?”

“No,” Lori said. “But we had some tea.”

“Oh, dear,” Lisa replied. “I had calibrated the dose of loudamine for a preadolescent subject. Carol’s postpubertal hormonal system may react…differently.”

“‘Differently’ how?” said Carol, eyebrows rising.

“Well, although your body mass subshtantially exceeds that of the intended subject-”

“Excuse me?” Carol interjected. 

“-the activity of your central nervous system may be affected more dramatically by the loudamine than Darcy’s will.”

“So what does that- oh,” said Carol, her pupils dilating hugely. “Oh, wow…”

Looking hungrily at Lincoln, Carol continued, “Lori, your little brother is…is…”

“Oh, no,” Lori murmured. Her own pupils were expanding a bit, too.

“…hot,” Carol finished.

Carol’s face was pure lust as she stared at Lincoln with parted lips and huge pupils. Lincoln—who had always found Carol attractive but had never dreamed of actually having sex with her—started getting hard.

Carol felt as though she were on fire. She was consumed by a need so great that nothing else mattered. She needed, badly, and the boy in front of her had something that would satisfy that need.

She practically tackled Lincoln to the carpeted floor, pressing her whole body against his. Her breasts ached with need, and the feel of his chest against them was good and yet not enough, teasing her unbearably. She tore her purple sweater from her body, then ripped her blouse open, sending buttons flying.

“Faschinating,” Lisa murmured as she watched this action. “I shall be sure to take note of this.”

Lincoln was concerned about what might happen when Carol finished tearing off her clothes and turned her maniacal focus toward his. Specifically, he worried about what she would do to his orange polo—or his body—if she couldn’t get the shirt off him. So as the blonde teenager wrestled her bra off like it was an attacking boa constrictor, Lincoln pulled off his shirt and flung it away.

“Hey, I wanna play with Lincoln,” Darcy whined to Lisa.

“No need to be concerned, Darcy,” Lisa reassured her. “Lincoln’s shexual stamina is prodigious, so we will surely have a turn with him once Carol is sated. In the interim, allow me to demonstrate some of the techniques of Sapphic pleasure in which my third-eldest sibling has instructed me. Although, to do this adequately, we will need to remove our clothing.” 

Lisa took off her shoes and socks and then pulled her green turtleneck up and off. 

“Yay!” Darcy cheered. She had always enjoyed being naked, and she was glad to know that Lisa did, too. So she quickly pulled off her footwear, then threw off her turquoise top and pushed down her tan shorts and pink undies simultaneously.

Once Lisa and Darcy were fully undressed, Lisa grabbed a square white patch from her desk, peeled a layer off the back, and slapped the patch on the inside of Darcy’s forearm.

“This will release a transdermal analgesic into your system,” the bespectacled girl explained. “You’ll be glad of it later.”

Before Darcy could even begin to ask for an explanation, Lisa pulled the girl to her, bent down, and began skillfully tonguing one of Darcy’s tiny brown nipples. Darcy moaned.

“Feel me up!” Carol demanded, grabbing Lincoln’s hands and pressing his palms against her small, bare breasts. “C’mon, squeeze ‘em before I go crazy!”

“It’s a tad late for that,” Lisa observed wryly, then returned to licking Darcy’s nipple.

Lincoln didn’t care; despite the insanity in Carol’s eyes, he was more than happy to play with her sweet little breasts. And more.

He began by squeezing and fondling Carol’s breasts wholesale. Then he used his fingertips to toy with and then tug at her shell-pink nipples. Carol moaned.

“Oh, God, more, I need more…”

Lincoln started sucking on one of Carol’s little tits. Lori, who had stripped off her blue tank top and her bra to expose her own small, perky breasts, bent down to suck Carol’s other nipple.

Carol thought she was losing her mind. It felt like every part of her body was burning, especially down between her thighs. So even as Lincoln continued feeling her up, the blonde girl tore off her short brown skirt and then her light-purple panties, desperate to expose her pussy to Lincoln’s eyes and hands.

Darcy’s eyes were closed as Lisa continued to lick, suck, and gently tweak her nipples.

“This is…nice…Lisa…” Darcy said.

Lisa released the girl’s brown nipple from her mouth and straightened up as she replied, “Then I believe you will find this enjoyable, as well.”

She kissed Darcy on the lips. Then Darcy’s arms went around Lisa, and they kissed again, and again, each girl’s hands coming down to grasp and squeeze the other girl’s small bottom. 

Darcy pulled her lips away from Lisa’s and looked at her friend with big-pupiled eyes.

“You have a nice butt, Lisa!”

“Why, thank you, Darcy,” Lisa replied. “And I am greatly enjoying the tactile sensations of fondling your poshterior.”

Darcy giggled. Then she and Lisa kissed some more.

Carol now lay mostly naked on the rug. Lincoln was fingering Carol’s pussy with one hand as he and Lori continued sucking the teenager’s nipples. Carol had the fingers of each hand wound in the hair of her sibling lovers.

“More,” she begged. “Please, more…”

Lori raised her head. “Lincoln, I think you’d better get in there.”

Perhaps unconsciously, Lori’s hand cupped her own mound. Her blue panties were now visibly wet, and Lincoln guessed that although Lori had been talking about Carol, Lori herself was also craving some of her brother’s special attention.

Lincoln quickly pulled off his jeans and briefs, letting his erection bounce free. Carol’s eyes locked onto it; then she grasped it in both hands as though she were afraid it might run away.

“In,” she gasped. “Put it in.” 

As Lincoln moved on top of her, Carol spread her legs wide and grabbed the boy’s bare ass in both hands.

In!” she repeated desperately.

Carol’s blonde-fringed pussy was as wet as any Lincoln had ever penetrated. He had no trouble sliding his full length into the teenager’s tight channel.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes,” Carol gasped.

“Wow,” Lori murmured. 

She knew Carol had gone all the way with at least one boy before this, but from the way Carol had described the experience (and the boy’s lack thereof), Lori deduced that it hadn’t been terribly special. No doubt getting fucked by a boy with Lincoln’s sexual prowess was going to be a next-level experience for Carol, loudamine or not.

Lincoln started pumping Carol slowly, producing a low moan from the girl with each measured thrust. The girl writhed beneath him, her legs and her arms clutching his body to hers. Lincoln rather enjoyed the sight of the teenager’s blue knee-socks on the legs that were wrapped around his waist; it made him think of Lucy and her fetish for being fucked with her clothes on.

Meanwhile, Darcy had her eyes closed, and her arms were around Lisa’s neck as the bespectacled girl kissed her and fondled her between her legs. 

Darcy often didn’t understand the things her smarter friend said and did. But that never stopped Darcy from enjoying them, and this was no exception. She stepped one foot a bit farther to the side so as to give Lisa better access to her little bald pussy.

“You’re making…me feel…really good…Lisa,” she breathed in her friend’s ear. 

“I am gratified to know it,” Lisa replied. “Further, I deduce that you will enjoy my next action, as well.”

Lisa dropped to her knees between Darcy’s parted thighs and began licking the girl’s pussy. Darcy’s eyes practically popped out of her head.

“Ooooooh!” she cried. “That’s…that’s so naughty! And so good!”

Lisa stopped licking just long enough to grin at Darcy and reply, “I would concur with both assessments.”

Lincoln, meanwhile, was already speeding up as Carol urged him on with both her movements and her words.

“Harder,” she gasped in his ear. “Harder, please, fuck me harder, I need it, I need it so bad…”

Carol was using her grip on Lincoln’s ass to repeatedly pull his hips against her thighs while simultaneously thrusting her hips up against his, thus helping Lincoln drive his cock into her to maximum depth each time. Carol’s normally fair face, neck, and upper chest were dark-red with an intense sexual flush.

Given Carol’s desperation and Lincoln’s own fast-rising lust, the boy saw no reason to prolong things. He started fucking Carol fast and hard, and Carol immediately picked up her hip-thrusting pace to match his.

“Yes!” she cried, “Yes! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!

Lori, watching this action, rubbed her clit faster. She had always been private in her sexual encounters with Lincoln, never sharing a session with any of her sisters. As a result, she had never before watched him fuck someone else—or realized how much she would enjoy watching. For one thing, the act was guilt-free; whereas fucking Lincoln could be construed as cheating on Bobby (although Lori told herself after every session with Lincoln that “It’s not cheating if it’s family”), watching her brother pound her sweating, panting, screaming best friend was simply harmless entertainment. The fact that Lori was imagining that long, thick, so-hard cock pumping forcefully inside her own pussy was immaterial.

Lisa, meanwhile, had brought Darcy over to her bed, where she was teaching the girl that the number sixty-nine had applications outside of arithmetic. Darcy might have lacked experience in the art of cunnilingus, but Lisa nonetheless found it naughtily exciting to be pleasured by a friend whose relationship with her had not previously included a sexual component. Now, as Lisa tongued her young friend’s bald pussy, she found herself looking forward to many more afternoons of sexual interaction with Darcy.

“Oh God, oh God, oh fuck!” Carol cried. Lincoln was plowing her with a speed and force that she’d ever only experienced in her fantasies, and she was out of her mind with pleasure. Her manicured fingers gripped Lincoln’s ass and yanked his hips against her thighs again and again, hard enough for Lincoln’s hipbones to bruise her, but she was oblivious to the pain. 

“Fuck me!” she screamed, orgasm looming like a mighty wave she was desperate to ride. “Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK MEEEEEEEE!”

Carol thrashed and screamed like a girl possessed, squeezing Lincoln’s ass hard and pulling his hips against her thighs as hard as she could. Lincoln, his mind blown by the intensity of Carol’s orgasm, cried “AAAAAAAAH!” and unleashed a huge load inside her.

When Lincoln’s orgasm subsided, he lay on top of Carol for a long moment, sweaty and spent. Now that the edge had been well and truly taken off, he wasn’t exactly sure what to say to her. But that turned out to be moot, as the girl now lay limp beneath him, breathing hard but with eyes closed and mouth open.

“It appears,” Lisa said, raising her head from between Darcy’s tan thighs, “that Carol has lost consciousness. This is perhapsh for the best; I would be concerned for Lincoln’s welfare if Carol had continued to demand so much of him physically.”

Darcy, whose tongue was deep inside Lisa’s pussy, now pulled it free and asked, “Is it my turn with Lincoln now?”

Lincoln looked at the little girl, remembering how he had undressed her with his eyes on the first day of school. At the time, he hadn’t dared to imagine that he might actually have the opportunity to have sex with Darcy. So despite his having just come long and hard inside Carol, his boner was already returning to the stage for an encore.

“Sure, Darcy!” Lincoln replied, getting to his feet. “Lisa, mind if we use your desk?”

“Given that all of this is in the interesht of science,” Lisa replied, “I have no objection.”

She and Darcy got up from the bed. Darcy smiled up at Lincoln and said, “Yay, let’s play!”

“Okay, Darcy,” Lincoln said, putting his hands on the girl’s waist, “upsy-daisy.”

He lifted the naked Darcy up and placed her on the edge of Lisa’s desk. Then he moved his hands up from her waist to her chest and used his thumbs to rub her tiny, stiff, dark-brown nipples as he leaned down and kissed her. Darcy kissed him back with unmistakable eagerness.

“Hey,” Lincoln said, “you’re not a bad kisser.”

“Thanks!” Darcy replied. “Lisa just taught me.” She looked over at Lisa and grinned. “I always learn a lot from Lisa.”

Lori, meanwhile, was watching this action from where she sat on the rug next to the unconscious Carol. But now Lori was feeling an increasing need to do more than just sit there touching herself.

“Lisa,” she said, “since all of this is your fault, the least you can do is eat me out while Lincoln bangs your little friend.” Because it’s not cheating if it’s with family.

“Hmm,” Lisa replied, “I shuppose that would be equitable. Please seat yourself on my bed.”

As Lisa knelt on the rug and began to give oral attention to Lori’s now very wet blonde pussy, Lincoln continued kissing and fondling Darcy. One of his hands kept on toying with her nipple as the other went down between her small thighs and stimulated the little girl’s tiny clit. Darcy pulled her face away and gasped.

“Oooooohhh, that feels good, Lincoln!”

“I’m glad,” the boy replied. “Here, you want to play with mine?”

His cock was now mostly hard, and he held it up to show Darcy. She cautiously took hold of it in both hands, then gave it a little squeeze.

“I’ve never touched a boy’s thingy before,” she said. She began fondling Lincoln’s cock a bit more assertively as she added, “It’s really cool.”

“If you play with it some more,” Lincoln replied, “I’ll keep playing with you.”


They kissed and fondled each other for a few more minutes, during which time Lincoln switched from playing with Darcy’s clit to finger-fucking her tight little hole. Behind him, Lincoln could hear Lori starting to moan softly as Lisa continued applying her tongue to Lori’s puss with considerable skill. Lincoln supposed Lisa could learn pretty much anything she set her mind to.

Now, his full attention turned back to Darcy.

“This is fun,” he murmured in the four-year-old’s ear, “but what I really wanna do is fuck you.”

“You wanna what me?” Darcy replied.

“You know, put my cock in your…” He pointed down between her thighs. “What do you like to call it?”

“Oh, my coochie-coo! Yeah, I wanna do that, too!”

“Okay then,” Lincoln said. “Just lean back a little and spread your legs.”


Darcy put her hands behind her on the desk, leaned back slightly, and opened her tan thighs to show Lincoln her cute little bald cleft. Lincoln grinned.

Lisa pulled her face from between Lori’s legs. “Eldest sibling,” she said, “if you will excuse me for a moment, I would like to observe Darcy’s first coitus. For research purposes, of course.” Then, as Lisa got up and came over to the desk, she added, “Darcy, I believe you will find this a mosht enjoyable experience.”

“Then here we go,” Lincoln said to Darcy. “Don’t worry, I’ll take it easy at first.”

Darcy looked up at him, and her eyes were all trust and admiration as she replied, “Okay.”

Lincoln’s cock was still slick with his cum from fucking Carol, so he didn’t feel the need for additional lube; he just put his cockhead against the little girl’s entrance. Then, gently, he pushed.

“Hmm,” he said, frowning. Darcy’s pussy hadn’t opened for his cock in the slightest. 

He pushed a bit harder, but her entrance still wouldn’t budge. He’d noticed how tight Darcy was when he fingered her hole, but he hadn’t really thought about how that was going to affect his ability to fuck her. Now he realized that he should have. He turned to Lisa.

“She’s too tight,” Lincoln said. “I can’t get in.”

“You needn’t be concerned about her discomfort, Lincoln,” Lisa replied. “I’ve administered analgesic medication to her prophylactically.”

Lisa giving people drugs without their knowledge or consent, Lincoln thought. It must be Tuesday.

Lisa added, “Try increasing your force by approximately forty percent.”

Lincoln pushed again, harder this time. Darcy’s hole still wouldn’t budge.

“Wow,” Lori said, observing from Lisa’s bed. “He literally can’t get inside her.”

“In retrosphect,” Lisa said, “perhaps I should have anticipated this eventuality. I am the youngest female with whom Lincoln has engaged in vaginal coitus to date, and I took significant preparatory shteps prior to our first copulation. Darcy has undergone no such preparation.”

Darcy looked at Lisa, tears welling in her big eyes. “Lisaaaaaa, what do we do? I want your brother to put his thing in meeeee!”

“Now, now, Darcy,” Lisa replied, “there is no need for emotional distress. As the shaying goes, there is more than one way to separate a felis domesticus from its epidermis. Simply turn over onto all fours, and Lincoln will penetrate you anally instead of vaginally.”

“Lisa, are you sure that’ll work?” Lincoln asked.

“Given Darcy’s age and stage of physical development, I believe you will find her anal sphincter conshiderably more penetrable than her vulva.”

“If you say so,” Lincoln said.

He took a pillow from Lisa’s bed and placed it lengthwise on the desk. “Here, Darcy, lie down on this on your tummy.”

Still tearful but with a glimmer of hope in her eyes, Darcy lay down on the pillow, pushing her small bottom in Lincoln’s direction.

His cock was still slicked with his own cum from his fuck with Carol, and the head additionally had a layer of precum from the anticipation of fucking Darcy. So Lincoln, gazing excitedly at Darcy’s virgin four-year-old asshole, again didn’t bother with any further lubrication before he placed his cockhead against the little brown circle.

“Here we go, Darcy,” he said. Then he took hold of the little girl’s hips and pushed.

“Ooooooooh,” Darcy moaned as Lincoln’s member began to open her little asshole. Then, as the hole stretched wider and wider, her volume increased: “Ooooooooh! Lisa, this feels good!”

“If you find the dilation enjoyable,” Lisa replied, “just wait until Lincoln achieves full intromission.”

As usual, Darcy didn’t understand Lisa’s words per se, but she intuited that they meant that this was going to feel even better soon. Darcy hadn’t had any idea that having her butthole stretched open like this would feel so good. But maybe part of why it felt so good was that it was a boy’s thingy doing the stretching—Lincoln’s thingy in particular.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Lincoln murmured, watching Darcy’s hole open wider and wider as his cockhead pressed against it. “Just a little more…there!”

His cockhead eased fully inside her, and the rest of his shaft began to follow.

“Oooooooooh!” Darcy cried. “Omigosh omigosh omigosh! It’s sooooo biiiiig!”

With a smug little smile, Lisa replied, “His endowment, you will find, is just one of several gratifying ashpects of engaging in coitus with my male sibling.”

Lisa got up on the desk and sat next to where Darcy lay on the pillow. The young scientist was interested to observe Darcy’s facial expressions as the girl experienced her first anal penetration. Although Lisa had to admit to herself that her interest was not purely scientific; seeing Darcy’s arousal was in itself arousing.

“He’s filling me all up!” Darcy cried. 

She seized Lisa and kissed her hard and deep. Lisa was surprised but delighted and kissed her friend back enthusiastically.

Lincoln took this to mean that Darcy was enjoying herself, so he started fucking her gently. The four-year-old’s asshole might have been more penetrable than her pussy, but it was still exquisitely tight; he pulled most of the way out on each stroke so that he could feel his glans sliding through her little ring again and again. But he also pushed all the way in each time, aroused by the fact that while Darcy’s pussy couldn’t take him at all, her ass could accommodate his entire length. He would have to remember this in case he got the chance to fuck other girls Darcy’s age.

Darcy stopped kissing Lisa and panted in her ear, “Oh, this feels so good, I’m all full of Lincoln and it feels so good…”

“I’m most pleased to know it,” Lisa replied. “I believe that this exshperiment is an unqualified success.”

Lisa resumed kissing Darcy. She also reached down and fondled the girl’s ass, enjoying touching the place where Lincoln’s thick shaft was sliding in and out of Darcy’s wide-stretched hole. There was definitely something to be said for voyeurism, be it visual or tactile, as a source of erotic stimulation.

Lori would have agreed. She was back to rubbing her clit as she watched Lincoln pumping little Darcy’s asshole.

How is it, she thought, that watching my little brother fuck some four-year-old up the butt is literally as hot as anything I’ve ever seen?

It occurred to Lori that given how much she was enjoying this sight, perhaps she should provide some encouragement.

“C’mon, Lincoln,” she said, “give it to her. Fuck that tight little ass.”

Lincoln had never heard Lori talk this way. In their sessions together, she usually said almost nothing; she would just come into his room, undress, ride him to a screaming orgasm, and then pretend like it had never happened. Hearing her actually cheering him on, even in an inside voice, was an unexpected turn-on. So he started pumping Darcy faster. And faster, and faster.

“Ooooooh, yes!” the little girl cried. “Do it hard, Lincoln!”

Darcy grabbed Lisa again and went crazy on her, tongue-fucking her friend’s mouth as fast and hard as Lincoln was fucking Darcy’s ass. Lisa reciprocated, which is what Darcy realized she’d hoped would happen, and it felt so good to be penetrated from both ends at once that Darcy began to whimper into Lisa’s mouth. The sounds grew louder when Lisa reached down between Darcy’s thighs and began rubbing the girl’s little love-button.

She’s gonna cum any second, Lincoln thought. As Luna would say, time to turn this thing up to eleven.

He fucked Darcy as hard and as fast as he could, his hips spanking her ass audibly and making it jiggle nonstop. Darcy pulled her lips and tongue from Lisa’s mouth and cried, “Oh! OH! OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!”

Her asshole squeezed Lincoln’s cockshaft so hard that it took all his strength to force himself balls-deep inside her one last time as he shouted “NnnnggggggAAAAAAAHHHHH!” and fired a huge load into the kindergartener’s bowels.

For a long moment after he came, Lincoln stayed buried inside Darcy’s ass—partly because he loved feeling the heat of her insides around him, and partly to give Lisa time to go grab a towel to protect her desk from the upcoming mess. In front of him, Darcy had gone completely limp on the pillow.

“Woooooowwwwwww,” the girl moaned in what Lincoln readily recognized as postcoital bliss. “Soooooo hot an’ gooey insiiiiiide…”

Lisa returned and placed the towel under Darcy. Lincoln then pulled out, and the towel caught the cum that leaked plentifully from the little girl’s petite ass. Lisa then pulled a wipe of some kind out of a box, mopped the sweat from Lincoln’s brow with it, and sealed it in a glass jar, which she put in the mini-fridge she used for biological samples.

“I reiterate,” Lisa said, “that this experiment was an unqualified success. Loudamine clearly has erotogenic properties. I shall enjoy writing up my findings this evening.” When Lincoln shot her a look, she added, “The anonymity of all subjects will be reshpected, of course.”

She lowered her gaze from Lincoln’s face to his softening, cum-slicked cock. “Now, if you would be so kind as to clean yourself up, I believe I have earned some of your sexual attentions for myself.”

“Ahem,” Lori said, making Lincoln and Lisa turn to look at her. “Your experiment’s not over yet. I drank some of that tea, too, and I’m done with just watching.” She turned from her sister to her brother. “Lincoln, you can’t just bone my friend and then Lisa’s friend in front of me and not bone me, too.”

Lincoln blinked. This was the first time Lori had ever actually asked him outright for sex instead of just slipping into his room and climbing into his bed.

“Well, uh, yeah,” Lincoln replied. “I guess, I guess that’s fair.”

“Indeed,” Lisa said. Turning to Lori, she added, “I shall continue to observe. After which, however, I would appreciate having a coital interlude with our male sibling myself.”

This was another first for Lincoln. He’d never had sex with more than two girls in one session, and today he was doubling that number. The thought started his cock rising again.

As Lori straddled Lincoln on Lisa’s bed, Lisa checked on the unconscious Carol. She seemed to be in good health, although Lisa wondered whether she was using any form of birth control. It would not be a problem if she wasn’t; Lisa had patches for that, too.

Satisfied that the teenager was otherwise well, Lisa moved on to Darcy, whose eyes were open but hazy with afterglow.

“Lisa,” the girl asked dreamily, “will you help me so Lincoln can get his thing in my coochie-coo next time?”

“It would be my pleasure,” Lisa said with a smile.

Stay tuned for—Chapter 8: Crushing It

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