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Chapter 2: Crossing the River

It was the first day of school. Three hours into the first day of school. And Lincoln, sitting at his desk in Mrs. Johnson’s classroom, already knew that this was going to be a problem.

As recently as three months ago, Lincoln hadn’t viewed most of the girls in his class much differently than he had the boys. But now, he couldn’t help but notice that every single girl in the room had one or more features that turned him on. Molly’s legs in those tights. Stella’s ass in that black skirt. Gabby’s cute face, and the way Lincoln found himself imagining how that face would look if Gabby were on her knees, gazing up at him with his cock in her mouth. And Girl Jordan…jeez, everything about Girl Jordan was sexy. She had, after all, literally been the girl of his dreams for quite a while during the summer, and for good reason.

On and off over the summer, Lincoln had been at least sort of crushing on Girl Jordan. He liked her smile, and how sweet and friendly she was, at least off the dodgeball court. There was also how nice her bottom looked in a pair of tight gym shorts. But between the physical intensity of summer camp and everything that had been going on at home, Lincoln hadn’t had much time or energy to explore those feelings. Not until now.

What does she look like naked? Lincoln wondered. Gosh, what do all of them look like naked?

And it wasn’t just the girls his own age. At one point, he’d looked out the window at the kindergarteners at recess and seen Lisa’s friend Darcy Helmandollar playing on the swings. The girl was wearing her usual, rather short shorts, and Lincoln found himself imagining pulling them down and letting his fingers explore between Darcy’s slender thighs as the little girl giggled.

And at the other extreme, as Mrs. Johnson was lecturing the class on the American Civil War, Lincoln found himself gazing at her pert little breasts and wondering what her nipples looked like, and how they would feel in his mouth. And when she turned around to take a question from someone on the other side of the classroom, Lincoln took a long look at her disproportionately wide ass, noticing for the first time the way her skirt clung to it, seemingly inviting him to touch, to caress, to reach beneath…


“Yaaaah!” Lincoln cried, fumbling wildly and knocking his textbook to the floor before realizing that it had just been Clyde whispering to him.

“Sorry, buddy,” Clyde said. “I just wanted to ask if I could borrow a pencil.”

“Um, sure,” Lincoln said, reddening and reaching into his school bag.

“Lincoln,” Mrs. Johnson said, turning to him, “is everything all right?”

“Um, yes, everything’s fine,” Lincoln replied as he forced himself to look at her face and not her perky little boobs. “It’s just, you know, the loss of life at Gettysburg was so shocking.”


The first day of school was halfway done. Girl Jordan was just grabbing her bag lunch from her locker to take to the cafeteria when Stella jogged up behind her.

“Hey, Girl Jordan,” Stella said.

“Hey, Stella,” Girl Jordan replied. “How was your summer in Arizona?”

Nobody should spend the summer in Arizona,” Stella replied. “That so-called dry heat makes you feel like beef jerky.”

“Well, if it makes you feel any better, summer in Royal Woods was no picnic, either. Camp was brutal, and we had this drought, so we couldn’t have fireworks or barbecues or anything.”

“Huh,” Stella said. “So it was literally no picnic.”

Stella moved right up next to Girl Jordan, and in a lower tone of voice, she continued, “Anyway, I was wondering…Is there something different about Lincoln?”

“You’ve noticed it, too?” Girl Jordan said, raising an eyebrow. “Yeah, he seems more confident. And…I’m not sure how to say this…”

“Sexy as hell?” Stella ventured.

Blushing a bit, Girl Jordan replied, “Yeah, that’s it.”

“He definitely is. And I don’t even know why, exactly.”

“Well, we all got a lot of exercise at camp. Maybe he’s in better shape now.” Girl Jordan glanced around and then, satisfied that no one but Stella was looking, smacked herself on the butt. “I know I’ve definitely toned up back here.”

“Yeah, maybe that’s it,” Stella said. “About Lincoln, I mean. No lesbo.”

“No lesbo,” Girl Jordan agreed. “You know, not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

“Anyway,” Stella said, “gotta grab my sandwich. See you in the caf.”

As Stella walked away, Girl Jordan still had Lincoln on her mind. She’d seen quite a lot of him at camp, and during the last few weeks before it ended, she’d found herself increasingly interested in him. It wasn’t a crush; her thoughts were not about romance, some far-off prom night, marriage, or anything like that. It was more that she liked looking at him, and thinking about what it would be like to touch him. And when she lay in bed at night, she would think about what he might look like, and feel like, without clothes on. 

Now she found herself wondering if Lincoln ever thought about her in the same way. And, more surprisingly, she found herself hoping that he did.


“I really don’t get Girl Jordan,” Clyde said, rubbing his head as they exited the gym later that day. “She’s so nice most of the time, but put a pink rubber ball in her hands and she turns feral. You think she has deep-seated anger issues?”

“I don’t know,” Lincoln replied, “but when we get old enough for Driver’s Ed, I don’t think I wanna be in the car when she’s driving.”

Lincoln managed to stop himself before saying the next thing he’d been about to say, and instead just thought it: She’s awfully hot, though.

“Hey, Lincoln,” Girl Jordan said, approaching him in the hall. “Hey, Clyde.”

“Oh, uh, hey, Girl Jordan,” Clyde said, perhaps worried that she’d overheard his and Lincoln’s conversation. “I, um, need to, uh, go to my locker. See ya.”

He hustled away. Lincoln wondered if Clyde even remembered that he had only just visited his locker.

“So, Lincoln,” Girl Jordan said, coming closer to him, “I, uh, hope I wasn’t too hard on you in dodgeball today.”

“Oh, no, it’s, it’s fine,” Lincoln stammered. “Actually, um, it kinda seemed like you were going easy on me.”

Or at least on my eyes, Lincoln thought. He couldn’t help notice how super-cute Girl Jordan looked today, even though she was wearing the same yellow sweater and pleated blue skirt she usually wore to school.

“Well, I, uh…” Girl Jordan said.

Suddenly seized by an impulse, Lincoln said, “Let’s talk in here.”

He took Girl Jordan by the wrist and quickly led her through a windowless door, which he closed behind him before pulling a string to turn on a light.

“Um, why are we in the janitor’s closet?” Jordan asked.

“It just seemed like, uh,” Lincoln said, moving close to her, “you wanted to…talk privately.”

The truth was, Lincoln was rapidly becoming crazy horny. It seemed like Girl Jordan was coming on to him, which was all it took to get some serious stirring going in his pants, even though he was acutely aware of how wrong and bad and completely against the rules—well, one really important rule—it was for him to even be contemplating doing with Girl Jordan the kind of thing that he was only supposed to do with his sisters and mom.

Without looking or, it appeared, thinking, Girl Jordan put a hand on Lincoln’s chest. 

“I…” she stammered, “I just…wanted…”

Gosh, Lincoln thought, she does want it. He could see it in the width of her pupils, the reddening of her cheeks, the quick rise and fall of her chest. And then all of his self-control was gone.

“Me too,” he whispered rapidly. 

He pulled her to him and kissed her, hard. She kissed him back just as forcefully, her skinny arms wrapping around him, pulling his chest tightly against hers. They stumbled around the closet as they made out, as though both children’s bodies wanted to take the action somewhere but were blindly guessing at the destination.

They finally landed against a wall, with Girl Jordan’s body pressed between it and Lincoln’s. Feeling a sort of ravenous hunger flaring up inside her, Jordan lifted one skinny leg and wrapped it around Lincoln’s waist to pull him even harder against her.

Then Lincoln’s hand slid up between her thighs, under her blue skirt, and touched her most private place through her damp panties. Girl Jordan broke off the kiss.

“Lincoln,” she gasped in his ear, “I- I don’t think we should-”

Lincoln’s skilled fingers found the girl’s clit and began to rub it gently through the cotton of her undies. Girl Jordan sucked in a gasping breath.

“Never mind,” she panted. “We totally should.”

She reached under her skirt and pushed her panties down to her thighs, giving Lincoln’s hand full access to her prepubescent pussy. Lincoln rewarded her by rubbing her clit a little faster while using a finger of his other hand to find and probe her little entrance.

“Oh! Oh God,” the girl whimpered, the words striking Lincoln as especially sexy when spoken in Girl Jordan’s high-pitched voice.

Lincoln’s cock was painfully hard and felt as though it were threatening to rip a hole in his jeans if Lincoln didn’t let it out first. Not knowing what else to do, he took one hand from between Girl Jordan’s thighs, unzipped his pants, and pushed them and his high–thread-count briefs down to his knees (he wore top-quality underwear pretty much every day now, for which his mom and sisters chipped in to keep him looking his best for them), letting his aching member free.

Girl Jordan looked down and gasped, her eyes bugging out. She’d seen boys’ penises before—she had three brothers at home, making accidental sightings inevitable—but Lincoln’s penis looked more like a grown man’s. 

Before she could even think, Girl Jordan grabbed Lincoln’s erect member with both hands and started feeling and rubbing it, her fingers checking out every inch. Meanwhile, Lincoln’s fingers were stimulating the girl’s hairless pussy with more skill than she herself could, and it was driving her into a near-frenzy.

“Lincoln,” she gasped. “I…I wanna…I need…”

She didn’t even know what she was asking for; the words were just tumbling from her mouth with no thought behind them. But Lincoln seemed to think she was asking for something specific.

“Sit right here,” he said, pointing to a sealed cardboard box labeled “Paper Towels.”

Not knowing what Lincoln had in mind but being willing to do just about anything as long as he kept making her feel so amazingly good, Jordan hopped up on the box and then pulled Lincoln to her, kissing him passionately and wrapping her bare legs around his hips.

To Lincoln, it appeared that Girl Jordan wanted exactly the same thing he did. So he didn’t expect her to look quite as surprised as she did when he took hold of his cock, put the head to her entrance, and began pushing into her.

“Oh God!” she yelped. Then, apparently remembering where she was, she clapped both hands over her own mouth.

If Girl Jordan had said “Stop!” or “No!” or something like that, Lincoln would have been shocked out of his consuming lust and been able to end this. But Jordan’s cry didn’t sound like a demand that he desist. In fact, his mom and sisters sometimes made that very same sound when they were really enjoying themselves.

So Lincoln kept pushing in. Girl Jordan’s eyes squeezed shut, and her hands gripped his shoulders as forcefully as her slim legs squeezed his waist.

It felt amazing. Not only was Girl Jordan as tight as any of Lincoln’s sisters, but the illicit thrill of having sex at school was turning out to be a big turn-on. One of several.

As soon as his cockhead came up against the wall at the end of Jordan’s love-channel, Lincoln pulled back slowly and then pushed in again.

Girl Jordan’s eyes were closed as she sighed with pleasure. So much about this situation seemed impossible to her.

I’m losing my virginity. she thought. At eleven years old…at school…to the hunkiest boy in class…

It was too much to deal with rationally. So while these thoughts occupied her mind, spinning around like clothes in an overpowered dryer, the rest of her simply enjoyed the unprecedented pleasure that Lincoln was giving her. Every square inch of her skin felt alive with it, and the sensation of that cock moving inside her was deliriously wonderful.

As for Lincoln, he had to struggle to control himself. He’d admired Girl Jordan’s face and body from afar for months, and he could barely believe that now he was actually fucking her. On top of that was the thrill of the forbidden: Not only was he breaking his parents’ one rule, but he was doing it at school in the middle of the day. Anyone and everyone could be walking past this janitor’s closet at this very moment.

All of this was amping up Lincoln’s arousal in a big way, making him want to start banging Girl Jordan as hard and fast as humanly possible. But he restrained himself—partly for Jordan’s sake, and partly because he didn’t want it to be over too quickly. The correctness of Lincoln’s instinct was confirmed when Girl Jordan whispered in his ear.

“Yes… please…don’t stop…”

For Girl Jordan, this erotic experience far surpassed anything in her preteen life to date. She’d experimented with masturbation a few times, but it seemed that Lincoln had a far better understanding of what to do with her clitoris than she herself had. And her one attempt at penetration, which had involved a carrot and some petroleum jelly, had been absolutely nothing like this. To feel a warm, girthy human cock moving inside her, especially one belonging to the total studmuffin that Lincoln had somehow become, was exciting beyond words. Feeling his surprisingly muscular chest against hers, his strong grip on her shoulders, and his raspy breath in her ear, Jordan couldn’t imagine anyone better to have her first fuck with, regardless of the time and place.

“Oh God…oh God…oh God…” she panted in Lincoln’s ear, in time with his thrusts.

Lincoln, for his part, wasn’t managing actual words; he could only grunt softly in Girl Jordan’s ear as he penetrated her to the hilt again and again. The sheer pleasure of fucking not only a brand-new girl but one he’d had the hots for since the start of his “awakening” was beginning to overwhelm him.

Girl Jordan gasped as Lincoln began fucking her faster. Without a thought, her arms tightened around his shoulders and her legs around his hips, her body wanton in its desire to pull him close, to pull him deeper inside her.

They fucked faster and faster, bodies bucking against each other, boy and girl panting, moaning, and murmuring incomprehensible sounds to each other as they worked harder and harder to reach their release. And then Girl Jordan’s sounds became a staccato but comprehensible series of words gasped in Lincoln’s ear.

“Oh- God- Lincoln- don’t- stop- don’t- stop- fucking- me- I- don’t- wanna- stop- ever- ever- EVER!”

When Girl Jordan hit her climax, her pussy squeezed Lincoln’s cock harder than even four-year-old Lisa’s did when she came.

“UNNNNNGH!” Lincoln grunted, fighting to keep from opening his mouth and screaming as he shot what might have been his biggest single load of cum yet into Girl Jordan’s hairless, newly deflowered pussy.

Girl Jordan released Lincoln from her leg-grasp and collapsed back against the cinderblock wall, panting. Lincoln remained standing but leaned forward with his elbows on his thighs, also breathing hard. It was almost a minute before either of them spoke.

“So,” Girl Jordan said, “are we…dating, now?”

Despite his state of post-orgasmic bliss, Lincoln felt a surge of inner turmoil. On the one hand, he definitely wouldn’t mind giving a dating relationship with Girl Jordan a try. She was super-cute and generally nice. Plus, maybe she’d take it easier on him in dodgeball.

On the other hand, Lincoln had just broken his parents’ cardinal rule: no sex outside the Loud house. He was already worried that someone had seen them going into the janitor’s closet, or would see them coming out. If he and Girl Jordan started spending time together after this, that could attract even more suspicion.

“Well,” he said cautiously, “do you want to be dating?” he asked.

Girl Jordan stood up, wiped herself off with a paper towel, and pulled up her panties as she replied, “I don’t know. My mom says I’m too young to have a boyfriend…”

Lincoln was at once disappointed and relieved. But he also felt a zing of excitement as an idea occurred to him.

“Well…how about we just keep doing this? As long as we’re careful, our parents won’t have to know.”

Lincoln honestly didn’t know how Girl Jordan would respond to his proposal. Maybe she’d be disgusted. Maybe she’d slap him. Or, on the other hand, maybe she’d say-


As they cleaned themselves up and dressed, Lincoln was reminded of one of Mrs. Johnson’s history lessons: that when Julius Caesar had brought his troops across the Rubicon River to confront his enemies in the Roman civil war, he knew at that moment that there would be no turning back. Now, Lincoln felt as though he had crossed a river of his own: not the Rubicon, but the River Jordan. And there would be no turning back.

Coming up—Chapter 3: Make It a Dozen

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