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Story 8: Arnold Shortman

(Blue screen. A few seconds later, "►PLAY" appears on the top left corner of the screen, cutting shortly thereafter to Arnold's room, the football-headed boy staring at the camera and adjusting it as needed.)
"Aaaaand the red light's flashing. Sweet."
(Arnold steps back until he is standing a few feet behind his bed, wasting no time to clear his throat and address the recipient.)
"Sup Gerald. If you're watching this, I'm assuming you've seen my note that came with the tape. If that's the case, I'm glad you're alone, cause I think you know what kind of territory I'm about to dive into. (pause) Heh, you thought I was gonna forget all about that conversation we had a few weeks ago, huh? Y'know, the one about our...habits."
(Arnold paces the room slowly during the following monologue.)
"Look, I know it felt kind of awkward to talk about something we'd normally keep private, and I honestly forget how our conversation went in that direction, but...I don't really feel all that embarrassed about it, and you shouldn't have to feel that way either, bud. Best friends are best friends for a reason, after all; they tell each other everything they want to. The fact that you trusted me enough to tell me about your own habits when doing something that almost everyone down the street does anyways...that says a lot, man."
(His pacing stops here.)
"Now if you remember, I know you asked me about my own habits, and I told you I'd figure out a way to show them to you some other time. Well...this is it. Heh, hope you won't mind seeing me naked least it won't be the first time you have, so it shouldn't bother you too much."

"I'm sure now you're wondering what I do to get in the mood, so to speak. Easy..."
(Arnold reaches a hand into his jeans, pulling out his remote.)
"...I let the music tell me what to do."
(With the press of a button, his stereo system launches into music at a moderate volume. A jazzy Rhodes piano, together with a soft ride cymbal, leads the beginning of the first song on the cassette being played. Arnold sets the remote on the floor, intending to put it back where it belongs later.)
"Just a mixtape I made. I've made a handful from time to time...but this one's my favorite. Only a few songs on it..."
(He leans down to take off his shoes, continuing to talk as he tosses them onto the floor.)
"...but to me, it's the perfect collection of music. Especially for now."
(As Arnold sits down to removes his socks, the musical intro concludes, leading into the A section. A soft saxophone takes the melody, accompanied by keys, bass, and soft jazz brushes on the drums. With socks removed, Arnold stands back up and removes his blue cap, tossing that aside.)
"This feels better already. Good thing the rest of these clothes aren't too difficult to take off."
(He turns around, then turns his face back to the camera.)
"But I'd rather not give away everything I've got just yet. You get a compromise first."
(Facing his head away from the camera, the boy puts his hands under his faux kilt to reach for the waistband of his jeans, which, along with his underwear, are removed quickly and tossed on the floor. Currently nothing is exposed from the back besides his legs. He turns his head back to the camera.)
"Preeeetty sure no one's gonna disturb me now; these sessions always go uninterrupted."
(Turning his head away, he peels off his teal shirt.)
"So it's a good thing they're usually quick ones too."
(With little trepidation, Arnold slowly removes the last article of clothing on him, his long-lengthed red plaid shirt. Tossing it on the floor alongside the rest of his clothes, he stands fully naked, his bare back and butt presenting themselves to the camera.)
"Yeeeeeahhh! That's more like it!"

(Turning his head back to the camera, he starts walking backwards, heading towards the tripod.)
"It's not every day you get to be naked for a minute of time."
(He carefully picks up the tripod and moves it closer to his bed, setting it down not too far from the bed. Squatting down, Arnold uses the adjustment nut on the tripod to aim the camera closer to his bed.)
"That'll do."
(With a smile, Arnold gets onto his bed, laying on his stomach if only to avoid showing off anything private of his other than his plump butt. By this point, the music in the background has changed directions slightly; while the tempo stays the same throughout, the saxophone solo ends, switching into the start of a mid-section Rhodes highlight. As it begins, Arnold pulls up the bedsheets, doing so until it reaches the middle of his back. He then flips over and lies on his back, putting his hands behind his head, closing his eyes, and sighing in relaxation. From his covering, only his nipples can be shown for now.)

"Nothing like sitting in bed naked as day...about to play with yourself. (opens eyes) I should mention before I forget...this mixtape you're hearing, I made specifically for times like this. Whenever I have time to Sexy. This slow little ditty helps me to just...chill. To relax, and think of anything sexy that comes to mind. Y'know, Gerald, I don't think you told me anything you think of when you're getting ready this, but I'm betting you've got some good thoughts up there."
(Closing his eyes once more, Arnold stays silent momentarily, listening to the music and being lost in his thoughts.)
(He opens his eyes slightly)
"Wanna know what I'm thinking of now? Well...I'm thinking of a handful of things. (looks up) Like...what could happen if someone were to see me like this from the window roof. Maybe I'm just thinking that cause I usually show my entire body when I'm feeling sexy like this. Still, makes me wonder."
(Arnold closes his eyes again as the Rhodes highlight in the music ends, the saxophonist helping himself for seconds on a solo.)
"I'm also thinking...of the sight of all the other boys' bodies in the locker room showers after every basketball game. One memory that really comes to mind is that one time in the showers...when Tucker played with himself in front of everyone, with no shame at all. Heh, come to think of it, I'm kinda surprised no one else joined in with him."
(His legs shake in arousal from under the covers.)
"Or that one time I accidentally saw inside the girls' locker room...through the peephole barely anyone notices. So many butts...sometimes I wish I would've just stayed there and watched all the girls in their naked weird as that sounds."
(He opens his eyes.)
"Just make sure none of this gets out, alright man? I don't think anyone would wanna know me as the football-headed creep."

(Arnold eyes' peer downwards.)
"But anyways, I'm all relaxed...not to mention feeling stiff down there if I'm riiiiight."
(He reaches his hand over to his sheets, pinching at his covered erection.)
"Yep, sure am."
(As the song in the background reaches conclusion, Arnold pulls down his sheets enough to uncover his body down to his navel. He then puts both hands under the covers in preparation and relaxes as the song comes to an end, silence taking place momentarily.)
"It's time."

(The next song on the tape begins playing, a mid-tempo slap bass line to start off. As if on cue, Arnold grips his penis with his left hand, slowly beginning to stroke it. As he closes his eyes and shudders lightly from the contact, a drum fill kicks in, leading into the rest of the band entering, with keys and a couple of funk guitars coming in to add the icing on the already established cake that is the groove.)
" to a great start...!"
(The football-headed boy keeps his eyes closed, taking his time with jerking off slowly, as can be seen by his hand shuffling from under the bedsheets. Meanwhile the music mellows in volume from the intense opening, a soft synth line establishing the melody with the rest of the band backing it.)
"Mmmmm...this song gets me to move a bit. Before I know it...I'm stroking to it's rhythm. Not just to that...but to the dirty thoughts I keep having."
(The music continues with the same atmosphere for the next couple minutes, as Arnold focuses on simultaneously listening and stroking, uttering nothing more than a soft moan here and there. In between, his strokes begin to pick up in speed, his body moving slightly, thrusting his hips gently. During a musical interlude, he slows down his strokes, opening his eyes once more.)

" nice as this feels, it's always much better to not have anything else get in the way."
(Arnold's eyes peer over to the camera.)
"You wouldn't mind if I, um...showed off the rest of what I've been hiding, right Gerald? I mean, we're both boys if I'm not mistaken, so why bother hiding what we've got? Also it's how I prefer to do this anyways, so..."
(He uncovers his hands from under the sheets and pulls on the edge of them.)
"As long as this doesn't get out, this should be okay."
(With a smile, Arnold throws off the bedsheets, timing it with the end of a drum fill in the song, leading back into another synth solo. His privates, along with his legs and feet, are now fully visible to the camera, his erection not outstanding, but standing proud nonetheless.)
"There, that's more like it!"
(He then looks down, eyes wandering to his penis, his face turning surprised as a result.)
"Did it get...bigger? I mean, I've heard Grandpa talk about early puberty, but it can't be striking me this fast, can it?"
(Tossing this thought aside for the moment, Arnold closes his eyes, grips his cock with his left hand, and resumes masturbating at a steady pace.)
"Mmm...all that matters now feels sooo good to touch!"
(He moans softly, continuing to jerk it as the song in the background reaches its end, the band continuing to play as the music gradually fades out.)
"The next song coming up is my'll know why in a minute."

(The music having completed faded out, Arnold masturbates in silence momentarily before a new tune blasts through the speakers. The tune begins with a fast horn line, leading into the rest of the big band joining in with the horn section. Once the intro concludes, everyone drops out excluding the rhythm section, playing a fast ditty, the lead guitar taking it's time to shine. All the while, Arnold grits his teeth lightly, smiling as he begins to pick up the pace. Pumping his erection, he moves his hips and moans just as softly as before, attempting to catch up to the beat of the music.)
"I tunes like this! They always get me to...finish off what I started...!"
(He jerks faster and faster, his hips moving more intensely as do the volume of his moans. Meanwhile the lead guitar ends his solo, the keyboard taking that occupation in the music, now with the sax section backing it. Arnold's free hand, having stood mostly still the entire time, starts to grasp the bed, clinging onto it as if he were holding on for dear life.)
"I'm...I'm getting close...! Just gotta...wait for the end..."
(He slows down his strokes so as not to finish too soon, doing so for the next minute up until the end of the song's keyboard lead, the entire big band now being the center of attention for the third act. Knowing what's to come next, the football-headed blonde speeds up his strokes rapidly, gritting his teeth and smiling in anticipation.)
"Mmmm, I'm feeling it now! It''s coming! Just a...little...more...!"
(The tune slows down rapidly, with each sax, trumpet, and trombone coming in one by one over a tom roll that crescendos alongside the band, the tune preparing to reach it's climax, as is Arnold, who is stroking faster than ever.)
(Several horn jabs follow Arnold's shout. Groaning, his body shakes, his hips contracting alongside his penis with each jab as a dry orgasm surrounds his figure. A final prolonged horn jab follows suit for several seconds until it ends, therefore concluding the song. As it does, Arnold is now fully relaxed, taking in a few deep breaths to compose himself after the strong climax. Seconds pass with no new music coming in, indicating the end of the mixtape. The boy opens his eyes after about a minute of relaxation.)

"Wow...that was one of my more intense ones."
(He blushes slightly in embarrassment, as if only now realizing he'd been recording himself.)
"Heh, I think I got a little carried away there. You probably didn't even have to watch this whole thing. But if you did...thanks I guess. If anything, you at least got a deeper glimpse of what I do in my private time than most people probably will."
(Arnold sets his feet onto the floor, adjusting the tripod slightly as he speaks.)
"Heck, I wouldn't even mind if you...enjoyed yourself to this if you liked watching that much. Like I said though, just...let this be kept between us, okay dude? Thanks in advance. See you again tomorrow."
(With that, Arnold performs his part of him and Gerald's secret handshake, then gives out the peace sign.)
"Later man."
(He reaches over and turns off the camera. Blue screen.)


UP NEXT: Marco Diaz

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