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Story 1: Steven Universe

(Scene opens with static, lasting for a second before cutting to the bedroom of Steven Universe. It is nighttime, but the open windows and the moon's glow are light enough to capture his room clearly. Steven, in his signature attire sans sandals, is shown adjusting the camera.)

"Oh good, it's recording."

(He steps back until his full body is in view)

"Hi guys! It's me, Steven! So, I thought about doing something like this for the past week, but I've been so busy I never got the chance. Guess I'm gonna remedy that tonight though. The other gems are back in the temple, so of course I'm the only one here. Which is good, because I don't think they'd want to see anything I'm doing. But I know you would, so...I guess I'll get started."

(Steven takes off his shirt casually (though his slow pace suggests otherwise), revealing his chest and gem. He tosses it onto his bed.)

"Guess I've always been a little on the chubby side. I kinda hope that doesn't make me any less good looking...if you know what I mean, hehe."

(He unbuttons his jeans before slowly sliding them off, being more seductive this time around, as he dances a bit while doing so. Tossing them to the floor, now only his white briefs are intact.)

"Sometimes, wearing just these tighty whities on a hot day can be the best therapy for your body. Other times...well, I'll get to that in a bit. But for now..."

(Steven turns around and bends over slightly, then starts to slowly shake his rear back and forth. He turns his face to the camera.)

"I know I've said a few 'buts' already, buuuut...there's one more."

(He snickers suggestively, then turns his face away before moving a hand to grope one of his buttocks.)

"Mmm...oh yeahhhh. I needed this."

(After a few seconds, Steven turns his face to the camera again, this time with raised eyebrows and a concerned look.)

"Oh, I'm sorry, you wanted the full moon? Well..."
(Smirking, he pulls down his briefs, showing off his bare butt to the viewer)
" you go then."

(Steven puts his hands on each buttock and starts groping)
"Mmm...feels much better touching my butt directly."

(He moans softly as he continues to massage his butt, then uses one hand to smack it, gasping in pleasure as he does so.)

"Oh yes! (smacks his butt several more times, letting out cries and moans in the process) Yes! Yes!"

(Steven puts his hands on his hips and, while bent over, catches his breath, leaving his now slightly sore rear exposed. He then pulls his briefs back up to his waist and turns around. His briefs now carry a slight bulge at the front.)

"I usually don't spank myself, but the mood kinda felt right, you know? I'm sure that was a pleasant surprise. Although..."
(His eyes peek down at his bulge, then back at the camera with a smirk)
"I think I know what you reaaaally wanna see. But maybe I'll wait on that..."

(silence, then...)
"Look fast!"
(He quickly pulls down his briefs, exposing his penis (semi-erect at this point) to the camera momentarily before pulling them back up, laughing at himself.)

"Sorry about that! I couldn't resist teasing you. But from this point more teasing. Unless you like being that way."
"Figured. You've been teased enough. Here goes nothing, hehe."

(Steven grips the waistbands of his briefs and begins to slowly pull them down. Taking care of the bottom half first, he works towards the front half of the undies, eventually revealing his smooth, hairless crotch, along with his now full erection. Finishing pulling them off, he tosses them aside, landing on the floor next to his jeans.)

"I wonder what you like seeing more, that whole striptease..."
(He motions his hand towards his erection and grips it)
"...or this?"
(He looks down at his penis, pulling his foreskin back a bit as he does)
"I measured it once when no one else was home. I think it came out to...almost six inches."
(Looks back at the camera)
"Kinda funny how hard-ons grow on more ways than one."
(Raises eyebrows)
"Now, enjoy the moment you've been waiting for, hehe."

(With legs spread and his hand now firmly grasping his cock, Steven closes his eyes and starts to stroke it slowly. Moans of pleasure escape from his mouth as he stays in this pose for a few moments before squatting slightly, continuing to masturbate in that position. He keeps this up for another minute, all the while picking up his pace, gyrating his hips and letting out moans and occasional cries ("Yes! Yes!"), with one or two expletives thrown in for good measure. He then takes a second to open his eyes and slow down his strokes.)

"Hang on a sec..."
(He approaches his tripod and uses his free hand to move it closer to him before using the adjustment nut to aim the camera closer to his bed. His occupied hand is still in action throughout this.)
"That's better..."

(Now laying down on the bed, Steven closes his eyes again and continues masturbating. By now, precum is leaking out of his member and being coated onto his hand, the amount and viscosity of which increases as his strokes speed up. His moans and cries increase in volume (as do his breaths), his cheeks have become blush red, and beads of sweat form on the side of his forehead. His strokes eventually reach near full speed, bringing himself closer to his peak. Suddenly, he reduces his speed to a few slow strokes before taking his hand off his cock. He takes a few moments to catch his breath before letting his eyes open slightly, a smile at the camera forming.)

"If you're fapping with me; let's face it, you probably are; hopefully you haven't finished yet. But if you did, I suppose I don't blame you. Hey, maybe you have another one in you? (chuckles) I'd love for us to finish off together if you're up to it."

(He sits in silence momentarily, his throbbing erection still as present as ever.)

"I bet you're wondering how I learned to do all this. Or what I think about in sessions like this one. Well, as for learning, I guess it started out simple. Pearl was the one who taught me the basics on how babies are made once she did her research."

(Steven's right hand gradually wanders back to his member, but he doesn't stroke it yet.)

"But it was actually Connie who told me about so many other things to do with sex. She said she learned it all through books and the internet. Knowing her, that's what she'd probably do, hehe."

(His hand slowly starts to work on his cock once more. Ellipses at this point indicate heavy breaths, shudders, grunts and moans in between sentences unless stated otherwise.)

"I was thinking about her one day when I started feeling the tingles...down in you-know-where land. Luckily, I kinda knew what to do then...since Connie educated me on erections and what to do about them. I don't think...I've looked back since. It felt so good to it does now!"
(His stroking starts to increase in pace, beads of precum surrounding his member yet again.)
"As for what I...fantasize depends on the day. Connie keeps coming up...fairly often. I'd love to see her in the buff one day...if she'd let me. Maybe she feels...the same way about seeing my body."
(His cheeks start to become red again as his stroking becomes more intense.)
"I'd feel guilty for...thinking of the other Gems in this manner, or at least...the ones that are technically my moms. So I try not to. But sometimes I wonder...what Peridot or Lapis would look like...out of their clothes. I bet they'd look so pretty...shifted into human bodies. Maybe they'd try a few things with me..."

(Steven stops stroking with his hand. Upon taking a few deep breaths, he opens his eyes and lifts his legs to move his feet towards his penis. Once he is comfortable at that position, he begins giving himself a gentle footjob.)
"My friend Peedee...told me he walked in on...his brother doing this once. One day I wondered if...I could do it myself...and well, sure enough, hehe! Hmm, I wonder what Peedee's...feet smell like...or taste like, now that I think of it. Next time I see him...I'll make sure to ask."
(Steven, getting reasonably worn out in this position, flops his legs back down on the bed before having his hand relocate to his cock to resume masturbating at full pace, eyes closed yet again.)

"Yes...yes! Ahhhh! I'm getting so close! Are...are you?"
(Knowing what's to come in a matter of seconds, his masturbating hand is at its fastest speed.)
"I'm gonna cum! (eyes open slightly) Let's...let's cum...together!"
(His eyes close again. By this point, his cheeks are as red as ever, and his teeth are gritted slightly, anticipating his upcoming explosion.)
"Here it...comes...!"
(Steven lets out a loud scream of ecstasy as his orgasm arrives, firing wave after wave of his cum. Five shots (four on his stomach/gem, one shooting as far as his neck) occur before the rest of the seed dribbles below his stomach and on his crotch and hand. A few more light moans and shudders emit from his mouth before letting out a deep sigh of relief, a warm smile now upon his face. By then his masturbating ceases; his hand squeezes his penis to let out any leftover spunk, then lets it rest on the still erect organ. He remains still on the bed, smile remaining, for a few moments before speaking.)

"That was...amazing. (eyes open) I don't think you realize how much I needed that. Since I'm so busy with gem stuff, I don't really get much spare time to myself, much less to have a fap session. But tonight was my lucky chance, and I'm glad you got to share this moment with me. Heh, I hope you came along with me too. Speaking of which...I better clean this mess up. (giggles suggestively)"

(Steven's cum-coated hand wanders over to his mouth, slowly licking it clean.)
"Hope you don't mind me doing this. A little more of a convenient clean (wink), and it actually doesn't taste too bad."
(He collects the string of seed from his neck, which is promptly licked off and gulped down.)
"Especially when you drink pineapple juice like I did. I read it makes your cum tastes better..."
(He collects whatever he can of the load from his stomach onto his hand and does the same thing, this time taking a second to taste his cum before swallowing it.)
"...not to mention sweeter!"
(He finishes off the rest of his load with a smile on his face the whole time. By then, his penis has fully deflated back to normal size.)

"I'm pretty tired out after that, so I think I'm gonna get some sleep. After all, who knows what challenges I'll be faced with tomorrow."
(Steven sits up on the bed and places his feet on the floor, then adjusts his tripod to raise his camera closer to face level.)
"Thanks for watching. Hopefully I'll get to do another one of these soon, although time will tell I suppose. But for now, I'm off to bed...probably in this state. Sleeping naked kinda feels nice, but it's too bad I can't do it too often. Imagine living with others who don't need sleep like me. (clears throat) Okay, I love you! Bye! (waves hand)"
(Steven leans over and shuts off the camera, as indicated by the static that shows up moments later.)


UP NEXT: Dipper Pines

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