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Story 3: Bart Simpson

(Static. Cut to Bart Simpson adjusting, then backing away from, his camera, revealing him to be inside his room with the door shut and locked. He is in his traditional orange shirt and blue shorts, but is barefoot.)
"What's happenin' dudes? Sooooo what am I gonna do on camera? Something I'm a little excited to do, that's for damn sure! Pretty soon you'll see why, heh heh."
(Bart moves his tripod and puts it closer to the side of his bed, speaking while doing so.)
"I kinda had to be home alone to do this little act. Well, since Homer's out bowling with his buds, and Mom took Lisa to the museum for the day, I've got that chance! Okay, so I'm not exactly alone; Maggie's asleep in her crib, but there's no way she'd bother me unless I have to check on her. Heh, good thing I just did. Besides, I have the door locked anyways...just in case."

"Now, how should I begin? I guess I could start by doing one of..."
(Turning around, he bends over and pulls down his shorts to give the viewer one of his signature moons.)
"...these! (chuckles mischeviously) Thought I'd go without showing off my butt, huh? (spanks it a couple times, then pulls his shorts back up and turns around) And yes, if you weirdos noticed, I'm not wearing any underwear today. For the sake of a good breeze, of course. It's not like I wanna record myself showing off my sexy bod, right?"
(One quick pause later, Bart pulls off his shirt and throws it across the room. With a suggestive look on his face, he poses, crossing his arms.)
"Guess again, suckers! Think I look sexy with my shirt off, huh? Well I'm only halfway there, you pervs. (faux embarrassment/offense) Wait, did I just say that? Oh great, now I made you think I'm gonna slip off these shorts and let you see my doodle! You really think I'd do that?"
(Pause, then Bart's expression switches back to a suggestive look.)
"Good. 'Cause they're comin' off riiiiiiight now."

(With not a moment's hesitation, he pulls down his shorts and slides them off, exposing his flaccid penis and balls to the camera. He tosses the shorts across the room as well.)
"Ahhhh, muuuuch better. So what do you think? Is my nakedness as sexy as you hoped?"
(Folding his hands together, Bart places them behind his head to give the camera more attention to his body. He spreads his legs a bit and begins to slowly rock his body side to side, making sure to give attention to his privates.)
"Like looking at my pee-pee, don't you? I can tell you've really wanted to see it. Go ahead, keep staring at it. It'll only get more excited from here on out...and so will I."

(As if on cue, his penis begins to grow in length and stiffen slowly. He looks down at it to observe.)
"Oooooh, I think it's liking the attention. If I keep doing this, then..."
(Bart continues to rock his body, speeding up his pace and occasionally making his building erection flop up and down and propel like a helicopter. His heart rate increases, his breathing gets heavier, and sweat starts to escape his forehead. He continues this until his erection becomes full, stopping at roughly four inches.)
"Oh yeeeeaaahhh! (looks down) Looks like my pee-pee is all worked up...just the way I like it. (looks up at the camera) Time to calm it down..."

(His right hand wanders towards his member and grasps it, closing his eyes and shuddering as he does so, his legs starting to shake. This causes his hand to retract from it momentarily.)
"Uhhhhhh...! Just grabbing it feels so good!"
(His hand now back to his penis, he starts to slowly stroke it with eyes closed. Feelings of euphoria overtake him as soft moans escape from his mouth.)
"¡Ay caramba...! I'm feeling fire...!"

(As Bart begins to increase his speed, he proceeds to sit and lay down on his bed. Upon getting comfortable, his eyes remain shut as he continue to pleasure himself immensely. His soft moans get louder as he strokes himself, cheeks reddening, sweat collecting on his forehead, legs and body shaking in excitement.)
"Oh hell yes...! I haven't done this in a week...! Feels so good...just to rub my pee-pee like this...yeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh..."
(Bart's shaking becomes more intense as his strokes accelerate to full speed, gritting his teeth in order to hold back any moans louder than what he has already let out. Soon enough, a familiar pressure begins to build up.)
"Oh yeeeeessss baby! I...I think it's coming...! It's coming! Gonna squuuuuuuirrrrrrrrrt!!!"
(Bart clamps his free hand over his mouth to muffle his incoming moans, at which point his climax arrives. His body shakes violently as several spurts of sticky, off-white fluid erupt from his cock, most of which land on his stomach (one shot landing just below his neck), with the rest choosing to surround his bare crotch and hand. He continues to masturbate intensely until his orgasm is fully ridden through, after which his shaking ceases, his free hand collapsing onto the bed. A smile reforms on his face as he lets out a long sigh of relief.)

"Mmmmmm...I needed to do that soooo bad. No wonder I made this much of a mess, heh. It's something I've kinda had to get used to, cause I used to not squirt anything out. Back then, I could rub myself allllll night if I wanted to. Still, this feels a hell of a lot better."
(Bart sits up carefully, not wanting to make a mess on his sheets.)
"That felt so good, I could probably go for another rub. In fact...I think I will! But I've got a couple things that'll make this next one even better. I'm just gonna clean up and get those things, and I'll be right back."
(He gets off of his bed and heads to his camera)
"(seductively) Don't go anywhere, you naughty people..."
(He turns the camera off. Static.)

(Cut to five minutes later. Upon hitting record, Bart steps back from the camera, revealed to be cleaned up and in his blue shorts once again, but remaining topless. Near his bed is a small wad of toilet paper and a bottle of lube.)
"Told you I'd be quick. What, you think I'd leave you hangin'? Heh heh, I know better than to be a tease. (looks down momentarily) OK, so I'm kinda being one now since my shorts are on, but at least I've got an excuse: I had to get to my folks' room to grab that bottle over there (points at lube bottle), and I don't know if others would want to see a bare naked boy through all the windows. But..."
(He goes to his bed and stands on top of it.)
" hell if it matters now! (chuckles) Time to get back to business..."

(Bart cracks his knuckles before relocating his hands to his stiff nipples, using his pointers and thumbs to rub them in circles, occasionally pinching them lightly. He closes his eyes and smiles in pleasure.)
"Mmmmmmm...wonder why these feel so bitchin' to touch..."
(He continues this action for several seconds before moving his hands downwards to touch other areas of his lower torso, briefly groping his plump belly before moving down to his thighs, letting out soft moans as he gropes them firmly.)
"Ooooooohhhh yeeeeessss...I'm getting closer to my target...!"
(He takes his hands off his thighs)
"But first..."
(He turns around)
"...I should probably focus on something else. After all..."
(He pulls his shorts down to his legs, showing off his rear for the second time.)
" guys love my butt too much. Why wouldn't I show it off a little? You know how much you want it, heh heh."
(Reaching down, Bart pulls off his shorts and throws them aside with his other clothes, leaving him in the buff and loving it.)

"(turns his head to the camera) So what do you think? (shakes his butt from side to side) Should I consider this my longest moon yet? (face switches from sexy to thoughtful as he shakes) ...Eh, probably not. I don't know if it'd count when I'm already in the nudie department, heh heh."
(He turns his head back and focuses on giving his viewers pleasure, butt lovers in particular.)
"(head to camera) By the way, pervs...I'll be showing you my doodle again pretty soon here...once it's all stiff and ready for the camera. For now...enjoy the long-term moon. You asked for it! (smile and wink)"

(He moves his arms downward and uses his fingers to lightly brush over both his butt cheeks, softly gasping at the sensation. He moves his fingers faster, tickling his round cheeks while gasping in pleasure. It isn't long before he takes it a step further as he begins to gently squeeze and grope them.)
"Ahhhhhh...! Hot daaaammmn...!"
(Bart's squeezes and gropes gradually become rougher as his light moans increase in volume. At one point, he spreads his butt open a couple of times, revealing his anus momentarily before resuming his gropes.)
"Oh yeeeaaaahhh...! If you think I've been bad already..."
(Takes his hands off his butt cheeks.)
"...I deserve a worse punishment, heh heh."
(Puts his hands back on his cheeks, not gripping them)
"Time for me to play some bongos..."

(Slowly, Bart raises a hand...and begins to rapidly spank his butt with each of his hands. As he lets out pleasurable grunts and moans, his slapping speed never slows nor accelerate further, only focusing on making his ass blush.)
"Yeeeeesssss!!! I deserve this soooo much, I've been so bad! But...damn it to hell...if I ain't proud of it!"
(He continues his fast self-spanking, while in the meantime bending himself back, then over; the latter of which gives the viewer a small glimpse of his balls when at the right position. A minute passes until, just as it seems his spanking could never does. His sore hands gripping his kneecaps, Bart takes a moment to catch his breath as he proudly displays his now bright red butt.)

"Mmmmmmm...that felt waaaayyy cool, dudes! (turns head to camera, a look of sexiness on his face) Wonder how you're all feeling after seeing that. I'm betting ten bucks I've gotten your pee-pees nice and hard by now. (eyebrows raise) ...Or wet. Depends on what you have down there. Well in my case..."
(Bart slowly turns himself around, revealing the front of his body, most noticeably his now fully erected cock.)
"...I think it's ready to be played with. Don't you?"
(Looking down at his erection, his right hand grips it and begins to stroke it slowly.)
"Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh! Feels just as the first time...!"
(The boy spends the next few moments masturbating slowly, his eyes closed, shudders and moans showing his pleasure just as much as his facial expressions. Though his urge to continue is strong, his strokes stop.)
"I better sit down for my next act. I mean..."
(Bart proceeds to sit down on the bed before eyeing the toilet paper and lube next to it.)
"...those things aren't there for nothing, folks. One's for cleaning up, the other...well, just watch and learn..."

(Bart leans over to the bedside and grabs the bottle of lube. Opening the cap, he squirts some of the water-based fluid onto his palm, then closes the bottle and sets it down before spreading it all around his hands.)
"This always makes me squirt my stuff faster, so I'm gonna try and last a bit by rubbing slower. I shouldn't promise myself that though, not when my pee-pee's already like this."
(His now lubed right hand goes back to said part. He shudders heavily upon contact.)
"Ahhhh...! So coooolllld...!"
(He lubes up the rest of his member and begins to stroke it wildly, now breathing heavily.)
"...but it feels...sooooo goooooood...! Ahhhhhh...!!!"
(Bart, lost in euphoria, continues to masturbate feverishly (now with both hands), moans at a higher pitch than usual. Within a minute, his second orgasm of the day is bursting at the seams. However, he stops seconds before it occurs, both hands retracting from his cock, arms now up in the air. His blushes and breaths are at their heaviest by this point.)
"Not yet...! Not...yet...! I've got one more thing I'd like to do before I'm done. Don't ask...just watch..."

(Giving his right hand a break, Bart lifts his legs up slightly and lowers his left hand down to his butt crack. His middle finger wanders inside of the crack...)
"Just gotta...find it...there!"
(...and successfully locates his hole. He tickles it for a few seconds, legs shaking in anticipation.)
"Going in...any second...! Nnnngggh...!"
(With no hesitation but some effort, Bart inserts his middle finger into his ass, slowly going inch by inch until almost all of it is inside.)
"Yep...still tight!"
(He wiggles the finger in his butt, letting out a delightful groan in the process.)
"I still can't get over how weird my butthole always feels when I do this. But..."
(slides finger out)
"...I love when I get to do this all the same!"
(slides finger back in, takes notice of his still erect penis again)
"On another note, I think it's time to let my pee-pee squirt its stuff out, goes..."

(Bart's right hand wanders back to his cock, beginning to stroke it as feverishly as before. As he masturbates, his hand alternates from working on his shaft to simply rubbing the tip, both feelings giving him immense pleasure. Meanwhile, he resumes using his middle finger on his left hand to finger his butt, similarly alternating from rapidly going in and out of his butt to wiggling it from inside. This cycle goes on for another minute until he feels the familiar pressure build up again, but at a much stronger rate than before.)
"Oh yeeeeaaaahhhh...almost there...! Gonna squirt...all over...! It's gonna come...! It's gonna come...! It's coming...cumming...!!!"
(Unlike last time, Bart holds nothing back. Screams of euphoria rack his shaking body as the strongest orgasm of his life so far begins. His first two shots of fluid shoot out farther than any of his other shots, both going halfway up the ceiling before landing on his stomach. Several more rapid-fire squirts land on the entirety of his chest, mostly on his stomach, before letting the rest pool near his bare groin. By the orgasm's conclusion, a puddle of cum is pooled onto his entire stomach, with the remainder of it surrounding his chest, groin and hand. With eyes closed, Bart lets out a huge relief-filled sigh (similar to one he would let out upon emptying his bladder), accompanied by a smile on his face for a job well done. He sits in silence for a few moments before speaking.)

"That was the best thing ever...I'm so glad you all saw everything shoot out. (eyes open) I don't think I've ever squirted that much in my life! If you guys can do that...and did...well, props to you dudes. I'm not sure why that just happened...maybe it cause I'm doing this for you guys. The feeling of me doing this with the potential of being watched by others felt hella good once I got into it. Hell, it felt even better than mooning other kids in the playground, heh heh. I know I'm gonna be doing one of these again once the opportunity arises. (winks)"
(Bart sits up slowly and glances down at the wad of toilet paper next to his bed.)
"Okay, so I may have underestimated how much paper I needed for clean-up. But let's see how much I can clean off anyways..."
(He scootches over to the edge of the bed to grab the toilet paper, using it to clean off as much of his semen from his body as possible, with overall success, although small amounts still linger on his chest. He rolls the used toilet paper into a ball and tucks it under his bed with the intent of throwing it away later.)
"Close enough."

(He wanders back to the camera.)
"Well...that was exhausting. I need a shower...and a pee...and a nap. Speaking of naps, I wonder if Maggie heard all that noise..."
(He puts on his thoughtful face momentarily before shrugging)
"Eh, as far as I know, she can sleep through pretty much anything. Peace out, dudes!"
(He leans over and turns off the camera. Static.)


UP NEXT: Mac (from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends)

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