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Story 5: Peedee Fryman (from Steven Universe)

(Static. Cut to Peedee adjusting and backing away from his camcorder. He is shown to be inside Beach Citywalk Fries, wearing his usual tank top and cargo shorts combo, together with his yellow crocs. The restaurant appears to be closed for the day, as signified by the shades drawn in all the windows, although the lights remain on.)
"Hi there. I'm Ronaldo's brother Peedee in case you didn't know, and I bet you're wondering why you're watching this kid talking and not reading about this week's weird discovery or why we're all gonna die because of it or something. Well...I'll tell you why in a sec, but for now, I'll fill you in on what's gonna go down. I told Dad and Ronaldo I'd be here for a bit after closing time shooting an ad to try and attract more people. Hehe, or so I had them think. I'll actually get to doing that tomorrow so technically I won't be lying to them if they don't find out about this before then. I think I've prefaced enough, so on to the main event..."

(The fryboy slyly slips off his tanktop, throwing it onto the floor from behind him. He folds his hands together, putting them behind his head for his pose while seductively smiling at the camera.)
"Lookin' good, right?"
(crosses arms)
"Oh, and yes, Ronaldo, this is exactly what you think it's gonna be. Perhaps me taking over the blog will get you to stop showing screencaps of your fights on message boards. They don't exactly show good signs as far as your reputation is concerned, heh heh."
(resumes previous position)
"I don't blame you, brother of mine, if you've clicked out of this already. That goes for all of you watching. I'm sure seeing a boy about to strip naked is something you'd never want to feast your eyes on. Unless you're secretly into that, in which case..."
(Peedee grips his cargo shorts and pulls them down, showing off his black boxer briefs. He momentarily takes off his crocs to slide his shorts off before putting them back on again. Posing with his fists now on his hips, he begins twirling his body around, a move otherwise known in Beach City as "bringing it around town".)

"Still watching? Good. That means you'd probably like to see more, right? Heh heh, I bet you do."
(His right hand grasps his crotch, groping it a bit)
"Mmm...these bits need a little room to breathe. I'll show those in a minute, but..."
(He crosses his arms again)
"...I better address something."
(Pause, then...)
"Hey Steven. Hehe, that's right, I'm talking to you. By now, I'm sure you know why I've sent this to you. I don't think you've ever seen me naked before, have you? But I think you know that I've seen you in the buff...and a lot more than normal lately at that. Those videos you've been dropping on TubeTube? I gotta be honest, those are better than any of your other videos you've done. Not that they're not all great, but...daaaaamn, all those comments about you were right! I can't really say I'm too much into other boys, not in that way anyways, but you're making me change my mind after seeing what you can do with that hot body of yours!"
(Peedee grips both sides of the waistband of his undies, pulling them a bit before making them slap together.)
"Now it's my turn to show what I can do. (lowers eyelids and gropes crotch) Beg for the bits, Steven. You know you wanna see 'em.  "
(He stares at the camera for several more seconds, groping his crotch all the while, before...)
"Alright, that's enough begging. Time for them to breathe..."

(Peedee begins to lower his boxer briefs, taking care of the back end before lowering down the front, letting out a shudder as he exposes his erection to the camera.)
"Oh yeah...!"
(He slides the undies off, being able to do so with his crocs still on, and tosses them to the floor. Posing with his fists on his hips, he proudly shows off his bits.)
"What do you think? Mine may not be as sexy as yours..."
(He nonchalantly gives his cock a few light strokes)
"Mmm...but it does the job nicely!"
(Takes his hand off his cock)
"I can't wait for the next time we get together, Steven. There's so many things we'll do together...oh gosh, just thinking of them is making me hornier! Gimme a sec..."

(Peedee heads over to the camera, using his tripod to turn it around so it can face the counter. Upon making additional adjustments, he appears again and sits on a stool, spreading his legs to show off his hairless cock and balls yet again.)
"Go ahead and start working on that cock of yours, Steven. I'll start doing the same."
(His right hand relocates to his stiffy, ready to jerk it.)
"I don't have too much time here, so it's a good thing I'm a quick shooter too. Here goes..."
(He begins stroking his cock slowly and steadily, closing his eyes as he starts.)
"Ahhhh...I love jerking off...! Mmm, I haven't tugged it in a I have a feeling I'm...gonna cum buckets once I'm done...oh gosh!"
(Seconds pass as the fryboy continues masturbating, eyes closed with a pleasured smile as he moans softly. Eyes open halfway.)

"You're liking the show so far, aren't you? Well...while I'm still horny, maybe I should show you something. A part of me I recall you saying you wanted to see in one of your videos."
(Lifting his left leg, he uses his free hand to start pulling off his left croc.)
"You're hoping it's my feet, isn't it?"
(He pulls it off, exposing his foot and wiggling his toes)
"Well, aren't you the lucky one?"
(Still masturbating slowly, he uses the same free hand to pull off his right croc, exposing his right foot.)
"(wiggling toes) Ahhh, that feels nice!"
(gets back to jerking it)
"I know you...never get to see these. Actually, no one does besides my family...and even that's a rarity. Which'll make the next time we're together...all the more exciting! Until then...want a closer look?"
(Silence apart from him masturbating)
"Heh, of course you do."
(Peedee grunts as he lifts his left leg up, getting his foot closer to the camera. Meanwhile, his right hand starts to pick up speed.)
"Pretend this is right in front of you...and take a biiig sniff."
(wiggles toes and shakes foot a bit)
"Go on, Steven...smell it. Smeeeell it. Bet it smells really good, right?"
(He puts his left leg down, then lifts his right leg up to do the same thing.)
"You'll get to smell the real thing next time I come by. Maybe taste both of them too...I know you wanna."
(He puts his right leg down, continuing to jerk off while doing so.)

"Try not to...cum yet, least before I do. Ahhhh...I think I'm close...!"
(Peedee slows down his strokes so as not to reach orgasm yet)
"...But before I cum...I should play with my butt a little..."
(He turns around and gets up off his seat, showing his butt and shaking it.)
"Again...not as sexy as yours, but I bet you'd like playing with it all the same!"
(With his right hand still stroking his cock, he uses his left hand to squeeze and rub his buttcheeks.)
"Oh yeeeaaaahhhh...gettin' my body all excited!...mmmmmmm..."
(He continues to squeeze his butt and stroke himself slowly, while also spanking his butt a handful of times, causing his masturbating to speed up.)
"Yeeeeesss...! I'm almost there...!"
(Peedee turns around again, sitting down and stroking himself speedily.)
"Watch me cum, Steven! Ahhhh! Watch me cum! C-cum with me...!"
(Closing his eyes tight and gritting his teeth, his body begins to shake as his orgasm nears.)
"Oh fffffuck...I'm cumming...!!!"
(A raspy scream of euphoria envelopes Peedee's body as he reaches his climax. With his penis pointed at himself, cum shoots out like a fountain, the first two shots hitting his face, and the rest of them landing throughout his chest, stomach, and groin. He continues stroking rapidly until his orgasm dies down, then squeezes his cock as his collective moans and shudders being reduced to a relieved sigh. Knowing the cum that's on his face, he doesn't bother opening his eyes yet.)

"Oh yeah...I don't think I've cum that hard in a while! And if I shot at my face..."
(He places his left hand on his face, finding the spots of cum on it and collecting them onto his hand before opening his eyes.)
"...then that has to mean something, heh heh."
(He licks up the spunk on his left hand, giving it a taste.)
"Hmm...exactly what I thought it tasted like. When you're like me and work with potatoes on a daily basis, you tend to not eat too much besides that."
(Finishing that hand, Peedee moves on to the cum surrounding his right hand, gulping that down as well.)
"Still, the taste is something I don't mind. The mess is kind of another story though."
(He gets off his seat, being careful not to let any of his essence drip onto the floor.)
"I better find something to clean all this up, then head home and take a loooong shower. I'd be lying if I said I didn't need it."
(He stares at the camera seductively once again)
"I sure hope you all enjoyed this little show...especially you, Steven. Don't forget about this, because I meant it when I said we're gonna have fun together next time we hang out."
(He walks over to the camera...)
"Until then...Peedee, signing out."
(...and winks at it before shutting it off. Static.)


UP NEXT: Lincoln Loud

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