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Story 6: Lincoln Loud

(Static. Cut to Clyde McBride's bedroom, with a smiling Lincoln Loud standing in the center of the camera frame beside Clyde's bed.)

Lincoln: You recording?

Clyde: Affirmative!

Lincoln: Great! (addressing viewers) Hey folks! I'm Lincoln, and joining me is my best friend, Clyde!

(As Lincoln says this, Clyde joins him on camera to Lincoln's right.)

Clyde: The one and only!

Lincoln: As you can see, I'm in his room, having an awesome sleepover!

Clyde: Where so far, we've pretty much done nothing but discuss the latest issues of our favorite comics!

Lincoln: Plus, this is the perfect opportunity to get away from our siblings! Well, mine anyways.

Clyde: True. While being an only child has its perks, it's nice for your bestie to have one-on-one time whenever possible, especially with one having a large family size.

Lincoln: (eyes to Clyde) You took the words out of my mouth, bud! (eyes back to facing viewers) Now, onto what we're doing! You see, we didn't arrange this sleepover for just any reason.

Clyde: In fact, we've been planning this for a week!

Lincoln: Yep! And the reason is simple...

Both: We're really pent-up!

Lincoln: With the family life that I have, it's hard for me to find time alone in the house. Even more so when I feel the need to...well, rub one out.

Clyde: Me on the other hand, I take as many opportunities as I can to masturbate almost every night before going to sleep. But we've been talking lately, and we came to a realization...

Lincoln: We've never jerked off in front of each other. (pause) OK, so maybe that's an unusual thought to have for most kids like us...

Clyde: ...but we've done practically everything else together! We just haven't gotten the chance to truly be boys yet, if you know what we mean. (winks)

Lincoln: So we challenged ourselves to not masturbate for a week, then get together and be jerk-off buds! And to spice things up, we'd be naked while doing it.

Clyde: Filming this was just a last-minute idea we had...

Lincoln: ...but hey, maybe this is something you'd want to watch for some reason. And if so, let's hope we'll make what we're about to do worth you're while.

Clyde: So without further ado...

Lincoln: Let's get to it! You wanna go first?

Clyde: Sure can! Here goes nothing...

(Clyde removes his striped shirt, showing off his bare chest while accidentally taking down his glasses once fully removed.)

Clyde: Whoops!

Lincoln: (bending down) Here, let me get those for you. (hands Clyde his glasses)

Clyde: Thanks! (puts them back on, then begins removing his pants)

Lincoln: (staring at Clyde) I'm a little surprised at how eager you are about doing this with me. Aren't you worried at all?

Clyde: (as he removes his socks) What's there to worry about, Lincoln? We've seen each other naked plenty of times before, so this shouldn't be much different. Plus, I don't think my dads would care about us doing this too much.

Lincoln: You're right, you're right.

Clyde: (chuckles, then winks and points at Lincoln) Your turn.

Lincoln: On it!

(Lincoln promptly strips off his shirt, pants and socks, revealing much of his skinny body and leaving him in his tighty whities, much like Clyde.)

Lincoln: Oh yeah, that feels nice already.

Clyde: Feels great to me, too. But it'll feel even better...

(Clyde grips the waistband of his undies.)

Clyde: ...when these bad boys come off!

Lincoln: Yeah! (grips the waistband of his own undies) Let's show everyone watching what we've got!

(The boys face each other)

Lincoln: On three!

Both: One, two, three!

(On three, the boys yank down their undies, sliding them off and tossing them aside.)

Lincoln: Yeah, that's much better!

Clyde: I couldn't agree more!

(Both boys look down to study their respective private areas, their penis sizes almost four inches in their flaccid states.)

Lincoln: Lookin' pretty good there, bud! Maybe I should look a little more in the gym showers.

Clyde: Then I guess I should let you next time. And judging by how big yours is, maybe I should do the same. Uh, no homo, of course.

Lincoln: Right back at'cha! (winks) Though I gotta say, I think you've got me beat.

Clyde: (looks at his own penis) may be right about that. And we're not even stiff yet.

Lincoln: Perhaps we should get to work on that! (eyes to camera) But first, why don't we have our viewers get a nice, long look at our bodies?

Clyde: Ooh, great idea, Lincoln! (eyes to camera) Sounds like a fun way to turn you guys on. (winks)

Lincoln: Mm-hmm. So what do you all think? (puts his hands behind his head and begins to sway his body a bit, Clyde following lead soon after) Do our bodies look good? Are you starting to feel good in...certain areas? (takes hands off his head and lowers his arms to point his index fingers at his cock) Like...down here?

Clyde: And speaking of our wieners...

(Clyde points his index fingers down to his own cock)

Clyde: Which one of ours do you like seeing the most? Mine?

Lincoln: Or mine? Take your time, maybe you'll figure it out once we really get going. (winks)

Clyde: (turning around) How about our butts?

Lincoln: Oh yeah! (turns around as well, showing off his own butt) We can't neglect showing these buns off, can we? (starts wiggling it to the viewers) I'm betting some of you like seeing these more.

Clyde: (also wiggles his butt) But which one do you like best? (places hands on his cheeks, squeezing them) Mine?

Lincoln: (doing the same) Or mine?

Clyde: You'll see these more a little later on, since...well, you'll know when we get to it.

Lincoln: (turns around) But for now, it's time to take care of these! (Looks down at his dick, pointing his index fingers at it again as he speaks)

Clyde: (also turning around) We hope you've all been waiting for this, because we sure have been!

Lincoln: And boy, are we ready to cum buckets! (eyes to Clyde) Betcha I can shoot farther than you!

Clyde: (eyes Lincoln while gripping his penis) Oh, we'll see about that!

Lincoln: (doing the same) You ready?

Clyde: You bet I am! Go for it!

Lincoln: (looks down) goes!

(Lincoln begins masturbating slowly, gaining a reaction from him within a couple strokes.)

Lincoln: (eyes closed) Mmm...oh yeah, that's the stuff!

Clyde: (watching Lincoln intently) You look like you're enjoying that!

Lincoln: (eyes facing Clyde) I think I'll enjoy it even more...once you join in!

Clyde: (looks down at hand still gripping his penis) On it, bud!

(Clyde begins stroking himself at the same pace as Lincoln, letting out a shudder, all to the latter boy's delight.)

Lincoln: Yeah, now we're talking!

(The two boys continue stroking themselves slowly, both breathing heavily and moaning lightly, enjoying the sensations. Their pace continues until their members become erect, both growing a little over an inch in their erect states. Upon noticing, Lincoln stops stroking.)

Lincoln: Hey, hold up.

Clyde: (also stops stroking) Yeah?

Lincoln: I think it'll feel better if we sit on the bed.

Clyde: Ooh, good point, Lincoln! (sits on his bed) Feels much better than standing, that's for sure!

Lincoln: (sitting alongside Clyde, who is zooming the camera in a bit) Yeah, especially now that we've gotten these bad boys stiff. (grips his dick again) Wanna go faster?

Clyde: You read my mind! (grips his own cock)

Lincoln: Here goes...!

(With that, Lincoln looks down at his erection and begins stroking it speedily. Clyde, watching Lincoln's actions, begins stroking his own at roughly the same speed, both boys letting out shuddering moans as they do.)

Clyde: Oh yeah...! It doesn't get better than this...!

Lincoln: Mmm...nothing like jerkin' it with your best friend!

Clyde: Agreed!

(Laying down on the bed, their session continues on, with the boys having their eyes closed, enjoying the sensations surrounding their nude figures. Precum begins to form on both boys' tips, and upon noticing, they smear the fluid around their tips, rubbing those for a bit before continuing to stroke their shafts.)

Clyde: (sitting up and opening eyes) How are you guys...liking the show? I'm guessing you're all trying to...hold back from making a mess.

Lincoln: (also sitting up) We're certainly...working our way there. Mmmm...anything you all like to...think about when with yourselves? Something you like...or someone?

Clyde: It's alright...if it's us you enjoy thinking of or seeing. We'd...never bother to judge.

Lincoln: Nnnng...! Sometimes I'll look at a few dirty magazines...that I hide under my bed one's looking. I...I like seeing the types of boobs...that girls have...!

Clyde: Ooooh, me too! Personally, the smaller ones best.

Lincoln: Mmmm...seeing them a little bigger...always does the trick for me.

Clyde: (feeling something stirring in his groin) Ahhh...! Just thinking about boobies is...making me wanna shoot...!

Lincoln: I'm trying to...get there myself! Ooh, say something dirty to me! I bet I can...cum then!

(Clyde slows his strokes temporarily while thinking of something to say. Making up his mind, he smirks at Lincoln.)

Clyde: The tits on those girls you think of...must make your dick so hard. You wanna suck them, don't you?

Lincoln: (body shaking, leaning back a bit) Oh's coming now...

Clyde: wanna explore their bodies...maybe fuck them...if you're lucky.

Lincoln: Ohhhh, here it comes...!

Clyde: (now stroking just as fast as Lincoln) I'm cumming toooooo...!

(Both boys grit their teeth and close their eyes, preparing for their imminent releases. Said releases arrive quickly, the duo letting out cries of bliss as their orgasms begin, their week-long loads finally being emptied from their balls. Shots of sticky, clear cum continually fires out from both boys' members, and while Lincoln shoots as far as the bedroom floor, Clyde ultimately wins the competition; his farthest shot goes past the camera and lands toward the bottom of the bedroom wall. More of their fluids surround their hands and dicks before their climaxes finally subside. The boys flop down on the bed and let out relieved sighs, enjoying their moments of afterglow together.)

Clyde: Wow! That awesome!

Lincoln: Same. I' glad I did this with you. homo, right?

Clyde: (winks and offers fist) No homo.

(Both boys fist bump. Lincoln then sits up.)

Lincoln: Well, let's check out the mess we made, shall w--? (cuts himself off in shock) Woah!!! Dude, I...I think you've got me beat!

Clyde: (also sitting up) Haven't you already said that once? (looks around and is also surprised at the mess made) Woah is right! I don't think I've ever shot that far before!

Lincoln: Me neither! If Lisa was here, I'm sure she'd want to measure the distance of those shots.

Clyde: Probably more than just the distance, hehe. Well, guess I won your bet. (stands up) But we're not done just yet.

Lincoln: (also stands) That's fair. What else are we gonna entertain our viewers with?

Clyde: Ohhh, they'll have to wait and see. (turns to audience) Stick around, folks. We're just gonna clean up our messes, and we'll be back with our next activity.

(Lincoln heads to the camera during Clyde's dialogue and turns it off once Clyde finishes speaking. Static.)

(Cut back to Clyde's bedroom roughly ten minutes later. The camera has panned down closer to the floor; seated there are two dildos, each about six inches in length and roughly average width. Clyde steps back into the camera, still nude as ever and holding a bottle of lube.)

Clyde: Like we promised, we've come back for another round! (an also nude Lincoln comes on camera as Clyde speaks)

Lincoln: But as you can see, we've added an element to our fun!

Clyde: Yep! (patting one of the dildos) I thought it'd be a great idea to pull these out from my dads' room and put them to use.

Lincoln: Where'd you say you found them again?

Clyde: Under their bed, where they think I could never find them.

Lincoln: Oh.

Clyde: But I don't think they'd mind us using them too much, especially because I maaay have used them a few times already. And boy, does it feel amazing!

Lincoln: (nervously) Yeah...I hope it does...

Clyde: Trust me, Lincoln, you'll love it! (to viewers) This'll be his first ride on one of these toys, folks, so the nerves are kicking in a bit for him.

Lincoln: Yeah. I mean, it's probably gonna feel really good. I'm just worried it'll hurt more though. W-will it?

Clyde: I won't lie, Lincoln, it miiight hurt at first. But that's only because you gotta get used to having something inside you. And that's where being prepared comes in!

(Clyde opens up the bottle of lube and begins squeezing the fluid onto the tips of both toys, the fluid quickly spreading around them.)

Clyde: It doesn't exactly feel nice taking these up the butt when they're not slippery. I know; my first time putting one inside me wasn't that great because of it.

Lincoln: Hmm...I'm guessing you did your research after that?

Clyde: I sure did! (finishes up and closes the lube cap, setting the bottle aside) Now I'll be making sure that mistake doesn't happen with you.

Lincoln: Heh, I knew I could count on you! I don't think I'm as worried about this now!

Clyde: Good, because I'm ready to have more fun!

Lincoln: Me too! Buuuut I'll let you go first. Y'know, just so I know what to do.

Clyde: You got it! First, I'll just squat down like this, making sure the toy is aimed at my butt. (Clyde does the actions as he describes them) Then I'll get the toy in between my cheeks, and try to find my hole. I'll grind on it a little bit like this...mmm...

Lincoln: Is that so you can prepare to...put it in?

Clyde: Exactly. Makes my hole tickle a little bit too...and boy does it feel nice. But once I feel ready...I line it up with the tip...and start pushing it in me slowly...

(When set and ready, Clyde does just that. His hole stretches out as the tip of the dildo goes inside of him, the boy letting out a few light moans in the process.)

Clyde: Then I can...get it in deeper if I wanted to... (proceeds to push further, getting some of the length in him as well. All the while, Lincoln watches closely with fascination and a little concern.)

Lincoln: You okay?

Clyde: Yeah...I'm fine. Just getting used to...having something in me again. (pushes in a bit further, stopping at about halfway down the length of the toy) And then I'll sit on it like that. I can do more too...but before that, I think it's your turn. (winks)

Lincoln: Yeah...I guess it is. Okay goes.

(Lincoln squats down, aiming the tip of his dildo at his hole, then grinds on it slowly, moaning in the process.)

Lincoln: Man...that feels good already!

Clyde: Yeah? Well then...start putting it in, and you'll know if it feels great or not.

Lincoln: goes nothing...!

(Taking in a couple deep breaths, Lincoln lines up the dildo and begins pushing. With effort, the tip is successfully inserted into him, the white-haired boy grunting in pleasure.)

Lincoln: Wow...this feels...different! (continues to push further, going past the tip and into a quarter of the length before stopping to breathe)

Clyde: Well? Does it feel alright at least?

Lincoln: Yeah! It actually feels...pretty good!

Clyde: Wanna push it in further?

Lincoln: I think I will!

(Grunting, Lincoln pushes further, managing to take in over half of the dildo's length before stopping.)

Lincoln: Ahhh...! I think that' far as I'll go for now.

Clyde: Well, it's good to know you're playing it safe on your first time. You don't wanna hurt yourself too much after all.

Lincoln: I guess you're right. I'm glad I'm not overdoing it yet. Buuuut what else can we do now?

Clyde: know, we promised everyone watching we'd show off our butts more.

Lincoln: Oh yeah, I forgot about that!

Clyde: Let's just get these out of us for a sec...

(Clyde grabs the bottom of the dildo and, with a grunt, successfully removes it from inside. Lincoln imitates his friend's actions.)

Clyde: Now it'll be easier to put them back in us! (eyes to camera) But first, we'll let you all see our entrances, hopefully a little better this time. (winks)

Lincoln: Maybe then you'll figure out which butt you like more!

(As Lincoln speaks, Clyde, still in a squatting position, turns around and leans over to show his butt to the viewers. He then spreads his cheeks, revealing his slightly gaping hole.)

Clyde: How does it look? I'm betting you're getting turned on by this if you haven't been already.

Lincoln: (after doing the same and spreading his cheeks) Assuming you like licking these, which one of our holes would you prefer to lick? It's probably mine, isn't it?

Clyde: Noooo, I'd say it's mine.

Lincoln: It might be best to let you all decide for yourselves. But while you do...

Clyde: (turning around to show his front again) Let's get back to riding these toys!

Lincoln: (imitating Clyde) Agreed!

(Clyde positions himself on top of his dildo, Lincoln following his lead.)

Clyde: Getting these back inside you is a piece of cake after the first time.

(Clyde grunts as he stretches out his hole, pushing his dildo back inside of him and getting it in halfway.)

Clyde: There, now it's your turn.

Lincoln: (stretches out his hole) I'm ready for it now! Here goes...

(Lincoln's dildo re-enters into him, moaning as he sinks in deeper, also stopping about halfway.)

Lincoln: Yeah...this is feeling nice! So what do we do then?

Clyde: You can bounce up and down on it, like this! (begins to thrust in and out a few times for demonstration, moaning a bit as he does) You can go as slow or as fast as you'd like, and it feels so good to do!

Lincoln: Soooo I just thrust like this? (thrusts in and out once, gasping and feeling his body shiver) Oh wow, that's so cool! (starts continually thrusting slowly)

Clyde: Wow, you sure got the hang of it quickly. Now I'll join!

(Both boys continue thrusting in and out repeatedly, going slow at first, then gradually getting faster. Heavy breaths and moans are let out, gradually getting louder. All the while, their arousal increases further, both of their dicks growing with each thrust, eventually reaching full mast.)

Clyde: Having fun?

Lincoln: Oh, am I ever!

Clyde: (grips his erection) Let's start jerking!

Lincoln: (grips his own) You got it!

(Neither boy hesitates to start masturbating speedily as they have the ride of their lives. Having their eyes closed, the sensations of each boy are overwhelming, becoming even more so as time passes. Precum quickly starts to emerge from their tips, but neither one notices as they continue jerking, both knowing they are soon to reach their final destination. Sure enough...)

Clyde: This good...! I think I'm gonna...cum already...!

Lincoln: Oh man...! I think...I'm cumming too...!

Both: Yes...! YES...!!!

(Thrusting at their fastest speeds, the boys cry out in euphoria as their body-wrecking orgasms begin simultaneously. Their erections contract sharply, with several shots of their clear fluids landing on their bodies and on the floor next to them. Their speeds continue until their climaxes begin to die down, each boy performing a few more thrusts before stopping their ride to catch their breaths, the toys remaining inside of them for now.)

Clyde: (once calm enough) Man...that!

Lincoln: I don't think I'll ever...go this long...without jerking off again...!

Clyde: I'm with you on that one. And boy, I can't wait to do this with you again! Heh, no homo of course. (winks)

Lincoln: No homo it is. Just two friends helping each other out. (winks)

(The two perform a fist bump, then pull their toys out of their asses, still squatting to show off their gaping holes.)

Lincoln: Well folks, we hope you were entertained by our performances tonight. Especially if you made a mess or two because of us. (winks)

Clyde: Who knows? Maybe we'll do more of these if you want. But whether we do so or not, we sure had fun doing this, and we hope you did too while watching us.

Lincoln: (standing up straight, trying to keep balance) Man, I'm gonna be feeling that for a while!

Clyde: (doing the same) Me too dude, me too. (to viewers) Well folks, thanks for watching, and if you'll excuse us, we're going to take care of yet another mess.

Lincoln: We'll see you again soon!

Both: Bye!

(Clyde heads over to the camera and shuts it off. Static.)


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