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Story 7: Gumball Watterson

(The screen is black, minus a chat box on the left of the screen, with only a few messages appearing as of then. Seconds later, a blinking red button with the word "LIVE" (also in red) next to it appears on the top right corner of the screen, momentarily followed by the appearance of Gumball, sitting in his room and staring intently at the monitor, his right paw at the mouse.)

"C'mon, any second now..."
(eyelids raise, Gumball smiles)
"Oh cool, it's working! Alright then."
(clears throat, addresses viewers)
"Hey dudes, Gumball here! How's everyone doing? Hope all's well with you as it is for me...well as good as it can be that is. I'm just gonna wait for more people to join before I tell you what I'm doing, just so you're not missing toooo much. Oh, while I'm at it, those just joining me, can everyone hear me okay? I sure hope so. Better to ask now than later, then have to see everyone panicking cause I can't be heard, haha."
(Seconds pass as comments in the chat box begin to pile up, mostly greeting Gumball and asking questions about what he plans on doing, while many also confirm he is being heard.)
"You all can hear me? Great! Lemme know if things go haywire with the audio later, 'kay? Anyway, looks like there's enough viewers for me to get started, so let's get to the nitty-gritty of things, shall we?"

(Gumball reaches over and grabs what is revealed to be a sheet of loose leaf paper.)
"So the other day, I found this note in my school locker. I credit it as the reason I'm here, because it dared me to go on here and...well, strip naked for total strangers. At least I think that's what this site's for. Of course the note was written anonymously, so I guess I'll never be able to give credit where it's due. Oh well."
(He sets the sheet of paper down)
"But I do have to admit, whoever wrote that note, I've been...more than a little curious about showing off my body to a camera. I mean, let's face it, if anyone watching this somehow knows me, you probably know I've been naked in public plenty of times by now. Not that I wanted to be every time..."
(He shudders at some of the memories)
"...but this dare I've been given is on a whole 'nother level. So of course I'll take it with bravery! ...Or as much of it as I can muster."

(He takes a moment to look through the chat box, and is surprised (and intrigued) at what he sees.)
"Ooooh! I see a lot of you guys really want me to get on to taking off my attire, hehe. Well, considering you're so eager about it..."
(He stands up...)
" won't be seeing clothes on me much longer."
(...winks at the camera, then strips off his sweater, discarding it onto the floor near his bed.)
"Even though that's my favorite sweater, there's days I can't stand having it on me. I think it might be obvious that today's one of those days, hehe."
(His pants are the next item to be removed, showing off his white undies as he tosses the pants aside as well.)
"There, nice and comfy now."
(sits back down)
"That is all you wanted to see, right? (pause) Orrrrr...did you wanna see more than that?"
(He looks over at the chat box, where he sees comments ranging from "Hell yeah, show me those kitty bits!" to "Mmm take it all off!", among many others that clearly show audience approval.)
"Wow, you guys aren't kidding. You... hold on. (looks at viewer count) All 150 of you watching really wanna see me show off...everything, huh? You guys must be super excited, so to speak, hehe."
(Gumball looks down to notice a bulge forming in his undies)
"Hmm...I think I'm getting a little excited too. (looks back up) Well, no time like the present to show off my bits. I know you guys wouldn't mind seeing here goes nothing."
(He winks at the camera, then slightly lifts his butt off the chair to pull down his undies from the back before moving them down from the front, shaking them off his legs afterwards.)
"Oh yeah, that's better!"

(He looks back at his monitor, only for his face to suddenly switch to a shocked expression.)
"WHAT THE WHAT?! My bits...are all pixelated?! Aww man...and you guys were really excited about seeing them too. Oh well, I guess that's a wrap, sorry guys."
(Before he can do anything, he looks over at the chat box to see multiple comments telling him to 'turn off the censored settings!', peaking his curiosity.)
" mean I can shut off these stupid pixels? Well...that's a relief. I was hoping you wouldn't have to not see my parts for too long, heh heh. Now where is it?"
(With his lower body now below his desk, he stares at the monitor, moving his mouse while trying to find the supposed settings option. His eyes perk up when he finds it.)
"Ah, this must be it! Man, why did this site invent this setting anyways? Someone must've really messed up for that to happen."
(He clicks on something, presumably the setting to uncensor the stream.)
"There, that should do it! Let's see what happened."

(He backs up his chair a bit, showing that his semi-erect penis and balls are now fully visible to the audience.)
"Yes! Technology doesn't suck for once!"
(He leans back on his chair to show himself off.)
"How's my pee-pee look? Pretty big, huh?"
(Gumball's eyes wander over to the chat box, where he sees comments pouring in, many of them complimenting his body in addition to his 'package'.)
"Heh...I figured you'd like that. You guys are really enjoying this, I can tell. I know I'm enjoying this just as much. Man, it feels great to be naked again!"
(His penis continues to harden as he reads the incoming comments, with a couple in particular catching his eye.)
"You're wanting me to play with it?"
(Eyes wander down to his hardening erection)
"I mean, it is getting I wouldn't mind taking care of it."
(Eyes back to monitor)
"What are you thinking, guys? Should I...rub one out for you?"
(Within seconds, the chat box fills up with comments, mostly ones saying yes to his question, some more enthusiastically than others.)
"Wow, that's a pretty unanimous 'yes'. Well then..."
(cracks his knuckles)
"...let's take care of this little 'problem', hehe."

(Gumball uses his right paw to start slowly teasing his tip in circles while using his left paw to grasp his shaft, keeping it steady. His eyes close as he begins to enjoy the sensation.)
"Hhahhh...this is how I usually start things off. Can't...get into it too fast...!"
(His right paw circles his tip faster and faster as he grunts, with his audience approving every moment with comments such as "Jerking it with you, dude. Keep it up!" and "way to make my pussy wetter!", among others that continue to be incoming. Slowing down his rubbing, Gumball takes the time to read more of the commenters' suggestions.)
"Start...stroking it? Hhahh...sure, dude. I think I've...teased myself plenty."
(Leaning back on his chair, his right paw grasps his cock...)
"This won't take long, hehe."
(...which he promptly begins stroking speedily, to the audience's delight as indicated in the comments: "Oh yeah, beat that cock!", "Mmm can you cum? I wanna see you shoot all over!", "That's my boy!")
"Ahhh...oh yeah...! I didn't realize how much...I needed this today...! I'm just family's not watching...!"
(He continues masturbating speedily, moaning softly as he tries to focus on his pleasure and reading comments simultaneously. One in particular catches his eye, causing him to slow down his strokes.)
"'Try edging, you shouldn't have to end your show so quickly'. Hmm...isn't that where you stop before you cum and then you keep doing that kinda ad nauseam? ...Sure, I can try to do that. I think I've done it once actually, didn't really last too long though. Let's see about this time, hehe."
(Continuing to lean back on his chair, Gumball resumes pawing off speedily.)
"Now's a good time to try it...cause I'm getting close...!"
(With effort, he slows down his strokes dramatically, taking his paw off his cock shortly thereafter. With eyes closed, he takes a minute to catch his breath, his forehead emitting beads of sweat, his body shaking from his neglected orgasm.)

"Oh wow...! This may be tougher than I thought...but I bet I can cum a lot if I keep this up. But that guy was right, I don't wanna end this show on too short of a finale. Hmm...tell you what folks, I'm curious to know what else you'd like to see me do. Besides...well, you know..."
(He moves his right paw in a stroking motion to elaborate)
"Any suggestions?"
(Gumball's eyes peer over to the chat box, where comments keep pouring in, the young feline reading as many as he can in his horny mindset. His legs are noticeably squirming as if in need of something, but he pushes that aside as he continues to read viewers' comments until he spots one, or rather a handful, that catch his eye.)
"You guys wanna see my butt, huh? (pause) You know, that's a good idea. I dunno why I didn't show it off sooner, hehe."

(The young cat gets up from his chair, then turns around and gets on his knees on said chair, giving his audience a full view of his plump rear end.)
"There, how's this?"
(He watches the comments come in as he shows off his butt, even slowly shaking it as an added bonus. Comments such as "I'd pound that ass in a heartbeat", "Mmm yeah, shake that bubble butt!" and "WTF IS THIS?!?!" ensure the overall approval from the cat's audience as he shakes his butt faster.)
"Hehe, I knew you'd like what you're seeing."
(stops shaking, then grabs his tail and twirls it around a bit)
"Hope this isn't getting in the way too much."
(He sticks out his tongue teasingly at that)
"I'm betting you guys wanna do things to my butt, huh? Like...squeeze it maybe. Or even kiss it. Well, too bad, you'll never get that chance, haha."
(Gumball grips a paw onto his right buttcheek and begins squeezing it.)
"That's why I'll play with mine for you."
(He winks at the camera, then, with his eyes closed, continues groping his right cheek, soon followed up with another paw groping his left.)
", this feels great! (eyes open) Showing off my butt to you guys is already amazing, but playing with it like this? I can tell why you really wanted to see it...mmm, it's turning me on just as much as it is you."
(With eyes closed again, the cat continues groping his butt, even spanking it occasionally, letting out moans all the while. While groping, he occasionally spreads his cheeks apart to show off his hole, further teasing his audience: "Good kitty hehe", "Gosh you're so fuckable, makes me wish I was there", "I swear I'm gonna nut early to that hot body of yours!")
"(eyes open, looking at comments) many of you are really into this. Or should I say you're really into me, haha. Makes you all wanna cum, huh? If so...good..."
(He stands up and turns back around, once more revealing his naughty bits, his penis still erect and now leaking pre-cum slowly.)
"...because I feel ready to cum, as you can see, heh."

(He sits back down, spreading his legs slightly.)
"But first I should do more of this edging thing. Can't have too many of you folks leaving yet over me not controlling myself, haha."
(His right paw grips his cock, again starting to stroke it rapidly, almost as if he's in a hurry to do something.)
"Ahhh...! I have a feeling...I might able to...!"
(Within seconds, Gumball's previously neglected orgasm is already approaching. He barely manages to stop himself, hastily retracting his paw from his cock before he can cum. His body and hips shake as he tries to calm down from the attempted high.)
"Hhahhh...I was just about...ready to shoot...all over myself! That was almost too close for comfort."
(The young feline's eyes glance back at the chat box momentarily before looking away intitally, then doing a double take upon catching one comment in particular. He leans over and is able to read it closer before it inevitably fades away in favor of other incoming comments.)
"Someone's curious to see if I can...suck myself."
(His head slightly turns in both directions momentarily, a smirk present on his face.)
"'s how I'll answer that question."
(Leaning back on his chair, he lifts up his butt and legs, grunting as he manages to bring his privates as close to his mouth as possible, using his front paws to balance himself.)
"Takes a bit of effort to do this...but us cats are flexible, and I'm no exception, heh."
(Leaning his head forward slightly, Gumball uses his tongue to start licking his tip. He swirls his tongue around it a few times before he closes his eyes, leaning his head forward just enough to get the rest of his penis inside his mouth. A series of moans are emitted as he sucks himself off, his cheeks turning red all the while, his body trembling but trying not to react too much to his euphoria. He continues fellating himself for almost a minute, managing his skill until he can barely stand it, at which point he ceases his act and slowly lowers his butt back onto the chair, grunting as he does so.)

"Hhahh...I could do that much longer if I did it on the bed. I've even finished in my mouth a couple times...I actually taste kinda sweet, now that I think of it, haha."
(He looks down at his now wet kitty bits.)
"Now back to my previously scheduled performance."
(His right paw grabs onto his erection yet again, stroking it almost as if he's on fire.)
"Oooh yeah...! My pee-pee's feeling...much better all wet...! Ahhhh...!"
(Gumball manages to control himself by slowing down then speeding up his strokes, but nothing can help him last too much longer as his hips move in anticipation for the incoming climax. Once more, he stops himself beforehand, his body trembling as he calms himself down momentarily, then gets back to jerking off. As he repeats this procedure a few more times, participants in the chat box make it clear how much they're enjoying the performance: "Wow, you're lasting this long? I bet you're gonna be reeeealll messy when you're finally done, hehe", "sweet load huh? i'd love to taste it ;)", "Empty those nuts, son! They don't deserve to be that full for long!", "im 9 and what is this")

(Gumball's paw retracts from his cock, successfully edging himself once more. He tries to calm down but it is proven difficult to do so with his body very much on edge.)
"I can barely take it now! All this edging feels so good, but now I'm really feeling the need to cum!"
(He nearly grips onto his penis again, but manages to stop himself. Leaning back on his chair, he closes his eyes and takes a handful of deep breaths, trying to calm himself down. His legs wobble a bit as he does so, almost as if the young feline is in need of something else.)
"(eyes open) Tell you what, guys. I'll do one more thing for you before I finish off. I've gotten this far, so I don't really care what it is you want me to do, just know I'm gonna cum right after it. I know some of you want to see that, so hopefully you guys haven't finished yourselves off just yet, hehe."
(His eyes wander over to the chat box, giving all incoming comments a read as they appear. His right paw grips his penis, giving it light squeezes as he reads the comments.)
"None of your suggestions look too bad...huh?"
(One comment spots his eye enough to make him scroll up on the chat box to read it again.)
"'You kinda look like you gotta pee. Do you?' Sorry, that one caught me off guard a bit, since...well, I'll just say it. Yeah, I do. Pretty bad actually. But I was just gonna wait until I was done here to take care of that. Um, why do you ask?"
(Gumball waits momentarily for a response. The one he gets is the last one he expects.)
"'You wanna go...on yourself?' (shocked) Wait, time out! You want me to pee on myself?! Like...right here?! Where I'm sitting?! Oh man, I wasn't prepared for any of this! (pause) Although...I guess it wouldn't be all that bad, so long as I can clean myself up decent enough before anyone else sees this."
(His legs wobble)
"Mmm, and I definitely have to go."
(He looks at the chat box)
"Aaaaaand I'm seeing a lot of you guys are in agreement. You really want me to pee all over myself...don't you?"
(Gumball's chat box is met with several variants of "yes" and thumbs up answers in response.)
"Well...alright. But only because you all want it."

(Gumball leans back onto his chair...)
"I'd be lying if I said I haven't done this once in the shower before. It actually felt nice...but we'll see about this time."
(...grips his penis, which is now at a semi-erect state, and aims it at his stomach...)
"Man, this room's gonna smell in a minute...I hope it's worth it."
(...and rests his head onto the chair, starting to relax. He stares at his penis, waiting for the moment of relief.)
"Get ready it comes..."
(As promised, seconds later he relaxes his muscles and begins peeing, a slow stream to start. He closes his eyes, sighing in relief as a puddle is already starting to form on his upper crotch.)
"Ahhhhh...this feels nice already...!"
(Deciding to be bolder, he pushes to make the stream stronger, with it now splattering onto his tummy and chest.)
"Yeeeahhhh! This feels so bad...but so good too!"
(He continues to sigh and moan in pleasure as he keeps peeing, letting his steamy yellow fountain make his body wetter and wetter, with some of his mess carelessly dripping onto his chair and the area of the floor surrounding it. His left paw goes to his drenched tummy and rubs it in circles while his stream is still going strong. At one point, the stream is strong enough for it to briefly go into his mouth, causing him to spit it out, indicating it was done purely by accident.)
", that tasted gross! But at least this feels wonderful...ahhh..."
(Gumball's bladder continues to be emptied for a few seconds more before he begins to run out. By this point, his chat box shows mostly positive reception as a result of the performance: "You shouldn't have wasted that...could've went straight in my mouth", "Think I need a nice golden shower right about now, mmmmm!", "I already came, this is too hot for words!", "well thanks for being a killjoy to my boner dude, try again next time", "Hope cleanup won't be a nightmare, looking unlikely though", "I HAVE WITNESSED A HELLISH SIGHT, FAREWELL MY FELLOW THESPIANS!" His penis is back to full erection as he pushes out the last of his bladder's contents, a big sigh of relief being let out upon finishing off for good.)

"(opening his eyes) Wow...I can't believe I did that...and liked it! I must be really bad 'cause of this. ...Yeah, I am!"
(With these thoughts, Gumball closes his eyes and begins to rapidly beat his cock full force, with no plans to hold anything back.)
"I'm so bad, in fact...I'm gonna make a big mess...on top of a big mess...!"
(Seconds later, he moans as he feels his orgasm creeping closer.)
"Oh yeah...there's no stopping me now! Ahhhh...cumming...cumming...!!!"
(Stroking himself as fast as possible, Gumball's body shakes as he lets out a series of grunts, his long-deserved orgasm finally hitting him. His cock throbs repeatedly as shot after shot of his thick spunk is pelted onto his face, chest, stomach, groin and paw. Several more shots of cum follow, leaving a pool of cum on his tummy, before his orgasm starts to die down. With his balls now being fully emptied, the cat squeezes his penis to let out any remaining fluids, then takes his paw off of it and lets it go to his side. Laying back, he sighs in relief and happiness, and, keeping his eyes closed, remains laying on the chair for about a minute, taking in the afterglow and letting his piss/cum soaked body fully relax. Eventually, he opens his eyes and sits up to inspect his surroundings, surprised at his results.)

"Whoa...I don't think I've ever shot that much before. (smiles) If that's what edging will make me do, I can't wait to do it again! That being said, I'm gonna need a long shower after all this."
(Gumball looks up at the chat box, and is satisfied upon noticing the mostly positive audience reception.)
"I'm happy you all enjoyed what I did today; I sure did. Maybe I'll do this again sometime if you'd all like that, though maybe my show won't be as messy next time, haha."
(He looks over at his right paw, licking off the cum from it.)
"But at least it'll have a sweet ending, hehe."
(A series of footsteps is faintly picked up from outside his door, which goes unnoticed by Gumball...)
"Well, I'd love to stick around a bit longer, but as you can see, I'd better take care of things before anyone else finds out I--"
(...until the offender, Darwin (dialogue in bold), opens the door, never bothering to knock.)
"Gumball, have you seen my--?"
(Darwin stops himself and stands awkwardly upon noticing Gumball, whose facial expression could never be more horrified, seated nude and covered in his mess. All is silent for several seconds until the icebreaker chimes in.)
"'s not what it...looks like?"
(To Gumball's surprise, Darwin breaks out in laughter.)
"I thought--(snort!)--I thought you weren't gonna fall for that!"
"(as Darwin continues laughing) Fall for wha--? .........Wait, you wrote that note?!?!"
"(walks over to his brother's side) Bro, I was doing nothing more than trying to prank you, just like I did everybody else at school. Taking a page out of your book, to say the least. I wasn't sure about anyone else, but I didn't think you'd actually want to do what you just did. (looks over to the monitor) And since I see you're still going, hi folks! How'd you guys like my brother's little...performance?"
(As Darwin speaks, Gumball remains still, too horrified to say any more words himself.)
"(takes his note from earlier and shows it off) I guess you have this to thank for the momentous occasion. You're welcome, folks! (winks and sticks his tongue out) On a side note, my handwriting isn't usually like this, I tried to keep it as ambiguous as possible with each of these."
(Darwin sets the note down. Only then does he look over at Gumball and sniff the room, his face becoming slightly disgusted over what else his brother did.)
"On another side note, whoever told you to pee on yourself must not have a great life coming for them."
(Darwin begins walking away until he's just outside of the room.)
"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone about this, so long as you can clean all this up before Mom and Anais get back from their mother-daughter trip. Wouldn't want them to raise a fuss over your messes. Yes, messes. Plural."

(Darwin shuts the door, leaving Gumball alone in the room, still very much horrified but managing to break his expression by clearing his throat.)
"Well...I redact all my statements of doing this again. Matter of fact, forget you ever saw any of this. It's for the best. Trust me."
(With that, Gumball puts his right paw on the mouse and navigates. One click later, the screen goes black, ending the livestream.)


UP NEXT: Arnold Shortman
(@Neo: No worries, Marco will be after Arnold, hehe.)

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