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Story 2: Dipper Pines

(Static. Cut to the Pines twins' bedroom, an uncomfortable looking Dipper Pines (dressed in his signature attire) staring at the camera.)

Dipper: You know Mabel, we can still back out of this--

Mabel: Up up up! Who lost the bet again?

Dipper: (sigh, eyes roll) Fine. Guess there's no going back. (addresses audience with a sheepish smile) Hi, I'm Dipper. The girl holding the camera and trying to humiliate me for life is my sister Mabel.

Mabel: Pffft, humiliate you? Never! I'm merely encouraging you! Now explain what you're doing, bro-bro!

Dipper: Okay, so I made up this stupid bet that we couldn't hold our breaths for up to a minute, knowing that one of us probably couldn't. Whoever lost the bet has to strip naked in front of whoever won, while the winner...

Mabel: Gets to tape it all!

Dipper: As you can see, I regret making that decision. But I can't exactly back out after losing that bet, sooo...I'm gonna have to do the inevitable and take off all my clothes. In front of my sister. While being filmed.

Mabel: Did I ever tell you how cute you look when you're embarrassed?

Dipper: Hey, I thought I told you I'm not cute! (does that cute sneeze)

Mabel: Aww, it still sounds like a kitten! (giggles)

Dipper: (sigh) You know, the only reason I made that bet is cause if you lost, you'd probably be doing this without a care in the world.

Mabel: Betcha I still could!

Dipper: U-uh, I'm not saying you should, I'm just say--aaaaaaaand you're doing it anyways.

(Clothes are heard shuffling as Mabel begins to strip offscreen, humming to herself absent-mindedly.)

Dipper: (sighs, facepalm) This has to be worse than that time Grunkle Stan forced me to watch paint dry for three hours straight.

Mabel: Tell you what, Dipper, I'm not gonna head to fourth base just yet.

Dipper: (relieved) Oh thank goodness!

Mabel: You have to do the same first!

Dipper: Statement retracted.

Mabel: Of course if you still wanna back out, I can get Waddles to sic you for the rest of the day!

Dipper: Euuughhh! Fine, I'll get it over with. But the hat stays on.

Mabel: (after a short pause) ...That's fair.

(Taking a deep breath, Dipper starts off by removing his jacket, tossing it aside. As he moves on to his shoes, Mabel pans the camera slightly to the left, then heads over to join Dipper. She is revealed to have removed most of her clothing, now wearing only a white tanktop and pink panties surrounded by hearts.)

Mabel: You know, if you really think about it, Dipper, this shouldn't be all that embarrassing to either of us.

Dipper: (taking off his socks) Maybe to you it isn't! I'm just as embarrassed now as I was after I made that bet!

Mabel: Are you really? Because it wasn't all that long ago that we used to take baths together.

(Dipper has already removed his hat in order to take off his shirt, but pauses from doing so upon hearing Mabel's recollection. He gives a smile at the thought.)

Dipper: Heh, you're right. How long ago was the last time we did that? (begins to slip off his shirt)

Mabel: Oh I dunno, since we were, like, eight or something?

Dipper: Really? (tosses shirt aside and puts hat back on. Noticeable is the lack of chest hair presence) I was thinking it was longer than that, heh.

Mabel: (teasing) You think? Or you know, but you'd rather forget?

Dipper: (blushing uncomfortably) Why do you always do this to me? (quickly addressing audience) My sister, everyone.

Mabel: Hi folks! How am I looking? (turns around and shakes her butt, hands on hips) Pretty sexy, right boys? Too bad I'm only the co-star of the show! (one eye winks, another turns to her brother)

Dipper: What do you mean, co-star? ...You know what, never mind. (removes shorts almost haphazardly, leaving him in only his briefs) And there you have it. One article away from ridding of my modesty. Should I be proud of this?

Mabel: At least you're one step ahead of me, bro-bro!

Dipper: (blushing a bit) Well...heh, I guess I am.

Mabel: Lemme make that a tie!

Dipper: U-uh...

(Mabel removes her tank top, now revealing her still flat chest and erected nipples.)

Mabel: There! Now you're not the only one without a top! (head turns to her brother) Uh, Dipper?

(Dipper, upon seeing her sister topless, begins to blush madly as fond recollections of childhood resurface yet again. He is startled out of them momentarily upon Mabel expressing concern.)

Dipper: Huh? Oh, uhh, you...didn't see anything! I was just, uh--

Mabel: (seductively teasing) Admiring me like you used to in the tub?

Dipper: What?! No no no no no, I wasn't even--!

Mabel: (same tone) Tell me bro-bro, is this why you made that bet in the first place? So that you could feast your eyes on your naked twin sister once again?

Dipper: (embarrassment all around) ...Okay fine, maybe I was. But I couldn't--

Mabel: Silly Dipper, you could've just asked! You didn't have to hide what you wanted from me, Mr. I-couldn't-think-of-another-dare!

Dipper: Alright, so maybe I have missed seeing you naked when we took baths. It's not like I get turned on just thinking about it.

Mabel: (eyes on Dipper's briefs) I dunno, Dipper. I think that tent tells me otherwise.

Dipper: What are you-- (looks down at his briefs to see a forming bulge) AH! (tries to cover it while Mabel chuckles)

Mabel: Don't be so embarrassed! It's not like I haven't seen anyone's boner before. Nor is yours the first one I've seen.

Dipper: (confused) Uhh...

Mabel: Story for another time. Right now, it looks like it's ready to come out and play!

Dipper: (blushing begins to die down) Heh, I guess it is. You're right, it's not like we haven't seen each other down there before. Why should it bother us now?

Mabel: Now you're getting it! Lemme check if my kitty wants to come play as well! (checks inside of her panties) Yep!

Dipper: (more enthusiastic now) Well in that case...wanna do what we'd do before we cannonballed into the tub?

Mabel: (gasp!) Do I ever!

(Turning to each other and smiling, both siblings put their hands on the waistbands of their respective underwear.)

Dipper: On three!

Both: One, two, three!

(The two slide their underwear off, revealing their respective private areas to each other. Once slipped off, the two toss their underwear aside, all the while jumping in the air and shouting "FREEDOM!" before sharing a laugh together as siblings do.)

Mabel: (while still laughing) Oh, memories!

(Their laughter dies down, after which they stand in awkward silence momentarily.)

Dipper: You know, being in the buff like this is more fun than I remember it being. I mean, exposing everything we have to others? We'd probably never hear the end of it. But with just us? Heh, not such a big deal! So long as no one walked in on us anyways.

Mabel: Exactly! So much for you not wanting to do this at first, cause it looks like Mr. Bonington is ready to be taken care of! (eyes are wandering towards her brother's still erect penis.)

Dipper: Well...nickname for my wang aside, I kinda lied about the reason I made the bet. It was true I didn't want to do this at first, but...well...

Mabel: Go oooooon.

Dipper: (blushing and smiling sheepishly) ...that may have been because of how much I wanted to see you naked first...?

(A brief pause before Mabel smirks and elbow bumps Dipper's shoulder a couple of times.)

Mabel: You naughty, naughty brother! You wanted to see me strip so you could jerk it to me later, didn't you?

Dipper: (gulp) I, uh...I--

Mabel: Would you rather do it while I'm here? I could join you, since I'm feeling a little...tingly down there myself!

(She spreads her legs wide, giving Dipper a closer view of her slit. Dipper gasps in arousal, blushing heavily and locking his eyes on the glorious sight. His erection, previously starting to go down, is instantly back to a rock hard full mast.)

Mabel: I'll take that as a yes. You have the honors, bro-bro.

Dipper: ...gladly.

(Dipper takes his right hand and begins to feverishly stroke his cock. His speed, however, is a little too fast for Mabel's liking.)

Mabel: Whoa whoa WHOA!!! I know how much you wanted to see this, but can't I at least join in before you finish?

Dipper: (snatches his hand off his cock and catches his breath) Sorry Mabel. I...couldn't help it. I'll...go slower if you want.

Mabel: That's more like it. No need to rush to the finish line without me!

Dipper: You're're right.

Mabel: Now it's my turn to start! Keep going whenever you're ready...

(Mabel moves her right hand down to her aroused cunny, using her index and middle fingers to circle her clit. She shivers and shudders upon initial contact.)

Mabel: Yeeeeeeesssssss...go at it with me, bro-bro...

(Dipper obliges without hesitation, gripping his erection and resuming his strokes, albeit much slower than the first time. Moans of intense pleasure erupt from the twins as their full attention is given to their sessions. As their hands start to accelerate, their positions change; Dipper gets down on his knees, and Mabel quickly follows suit upon noticing. They continue masturbating in this position for the next minute, their soft moans and breaths becoming louder and heavier, their speeds increasing further. Small beads of pre-cum surround Dipper's erection, spreading the fluid around it and his hand. Meanwhile, Mabel now has both of her fingers buried inside her pussy, a small puddle of her juices forming onto the floor. With Dipper's free hand on his right knee, Mabel uses her free hand to start rubbing one of her nipples, emitting deeper moans upon doing so.)

Mabel: Wonder how...good this would feel...once I start getting boobs...

Dipper: (looking over to Mabel to see her actions) I bet that'd feel...even better. I'd probably suck them...if we weren't related...

Mabel: Betcha you would...Wendy's...if she let you...

(Dipper's eyes widen upon hearing her name, and his masturbating rapidly speeds up, eyes shut tight, teeth gritting, breaths as heavy as Mabel's. The looks on their faces become apparent that their sessions are seconds away from concluding.)

Dipper: Mabel...I think I'm...almost there...!

Mabel: Me...toooooo...!

Dipper: ...Together...?

Mabel: ...Together...!

(Seconds pass before the twins cry out in bliss as their orgasms arrive. Shot after shot of cum erupts from Dipper, letting out about a dozen shots of white fluid before letting the remainder of it flow onto the ground with the rest of the huge puddle. In Mabel's case, her pussy clenches rapidly, her juices dripping, her body shaking as heavily as her brother's. Several moans later, they simultaneously let out sighs of relief, their hands dropping to grasp their knees. They take a few moments to breathe before speaking.)

Dipper: That was...heh...more intense than I thought!

Mabel: (standing back up) Totally! Thank goodness no one heard our screams; Grunkle Stan's been gone for a while anyways.

Dipper: (also rising) Yeah, and Soos and Wendy are back home, so there's no way anyone could've been able to catch us.

Mabel: That would be a looooong story to tell everyone.

Dipper: It would be alright, heh. (pause, then weak smile) Mabel?

Mabel: Yeah Dipper?

Dipper: Thanks for doing this with me...I guess.

Mabel: (returning smile) Thank you for making that bet that led us to doing this. It'll be nice to see this whenever we want to.

Dipper: What do you mea--oh yeah, we're recording, I forgot.

Mabel: No wonder you forgot; we were too busy making ourselves feel good!

Dipper: Yep, this'll definitely be something for, us, to come back to. Sooo....awkward naked sibling hug?

Mabel: Awkward naked sibling hug!

(The two proceed to hug, warm smiles on their faces.)

Both: (patting each other on the back) Pat, pat!

(They share a laugh before they hear a door open, accompanied by a voice.)

Grunkle Stan: (offscreen) Kids, I'm back! Boy, did I have the run-in of the century!

Mabel: Ahh! What do we do?

Dipper: (reaching for his briefs and putting them back on) I'll look for something to clean this mess up, then we'll put everything back on before he finds you!

Mabel: Wait, me? What about you?

Dipper: If he sees me, I'll distract him. I'll be right back! (runs out of the room and shuts the door before creaking it back open) Might wanna turn off the camera too.

Mabel: Got it!

(As Dipper closes the door, Mabel head over to the camera, but stops to look at the big puddle of cum her brother has left behind.)

Mabel: Heh...I was wondering if he could make that stuff yet. I didn't think there'd be so much though. (Looks at camera) He'll definitely be coming back to this, hehe. (wink)

(Mabel shuts off the camera. Static.)


UP NEXT: Bart Simpson

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