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Story 4: Mac (from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends)

(Static. Cut to the end of the staircase facing the entrance/exit to Foster's Home, with Mac (donning his regular attire sans backpack) adjusting the camera before backing away from it until his full body is shown. Although a touch of awkwardness is displayed in his posture, the confidence in Mac shows tenfold as he presents himself.)
"(waves to viewer) Hi! may be wondering what I'm gonna do. You may also be wondering why everyone at Foster's is gone except for me. To keep a long story short, Madame Foster arranged for all the staff and imaginary friends to take a week off from their duties and go on a road trip across the country. I heard they've been needing this trip for a while, so I'm sure they're really enjoying it!"

(Cut to a traffic jam from earlier in the day, the Foster's bus being surrounded by various vehicles on all lanes of the highway. Upon cutting to an interior shot, driver Frankie is shown looking miserable behind the wheel, waiting desperately for the sweet release of death as Bloo is heard on a megaphone singing loudly and as off-key as ever.)
(Bloo continues his horrific rendition as the rest of the bus is heard grunting and complaining over his actions they've come to expect from him, while Frankie can only sigh and wonder why she agreed to come along.)
Frankie: Someone please end me...

(Cut back to Mac.)
" least I hope they are. (clears throat) Anyway, I told everyone I couldn't come along because of school and other things, so they decided to give me a key and have me check up on the place every day after school. Y'know, just to make sure nothing horrible happens while they're gone. (mischievous smile) But, with no one here, that gives me an opportunity to do something else, heh heh."

(Mac looks down at his feet momentarily, then kicks off his shoes.)
"I'm guessing by now you've heard of that one little incident not too long ago where I ran across the street in my birthday suit. Blame the sugar for that one, since, you know, it's not like I can eat it or anything."
(Off go his socks, Mac tossing them off-camera.)
"But as horrible as that experience was (especially the next day, what a headache!)...I can't say it was all bad. Because as humiliating as it was for me to streak all over town...looking back, I...kinda liked it. Being naked outside, that is."
(His red t-shirt follows. Upon taking it off, Mac twirls it around as he speaks.)
"I'm not sure what it was I liked about it the most..."
(He throws the shirt off-screen)
"...the freedom of it that I don't often feel at home..."
(Zipping down his khakis, he tosses those off next)
"...or the cool breeze on a nice night. It felt so good all around my body! Especially around my butt, and even..."
(eyes lower to crotch, covered by tighty whities)
"...down there. (eyes raise up) I may let you see exactly what's there in just a minute, heh heh. (winks) As I was saying, I really enjoyed the feeling. Which is why I've decided to head up to the roof in the nude. I know, quite a risk to take, not to mention how much trouble I'll be in if I get caught, but I can't say I don't have everything planned out."

(Smiling, he pulls off his white undershirt, tossing it aside with the rest of the clothes)
"You don't know this yet since the lights are on, but it's dark outside. It's late enough for both Mom and Terrence to be asleep, so I may have snuck out of the apartment to come here. I hope they don't realize I'm gone...but I don't think that matters right now. What I'm about to do, how exciting it's gonna naughty it's gonna feel, heh...that's what matters."
(Smiling and with eyes closed, his legs shake in two ways of excitement.)
"Ooh, I'm starting to feel tingly all over!"
(He looks down at his crotch, his undies beginning to form a bulge)
"Especially there! I should probably slip these off and let everything breathe."

(He grips the waistband of his tighty whities, but stops to look up at the camera, eyelids lowered, a seductive grin on his face)
"You do wanna see it, right? My...penis?"
"Heh, course you do. Lemme just..."
(With one swift motion, Mac's undies are off and tossed elsewhere.)
"Ahhh, that's better!"
(With hands on his hips, he looks down at his now exposed privates, his penis fully standing at attention. Proud of showing it off, he smiles.)
"Hmm, already all stiff, I see. It may not be big like my brother's..."
(Looks up)
"...but it's what I've got. I don't care if he says anything about it being small. In fact...joke's on him, because he's the reason I discovered how to do something that feels amazing! Especially when I'm all hard like this. I'll explain how I discovered it once I'm on the roof, but for now...might as well do that amazing thing while I'm at it."

"Here goes..."
(Licking his lips, Mac moves his right hand towards his erection, grasping it and beginning to stroke it slowly. A shudder of delight is let out upon contact, accompanied with eyes closed and a pleasured smile on his face.)
"I forgot how good this feels...! It's been a while since I've--ahhh!!--found the time to do this...!"
(Keeping his eyes closed, Mac continues to stroke himself, his strokes becoming steadier and quicker, his shudders and moans echoing in the room, gradually becoming louder. As his masturbating accelerates, he gets down on one knee, standing on his other leg to keep his balance due to the sensations making it hard to do so. At this point, he also alternates between steady stroking and just rubbing his tip.)
"Yes...! This feels--nng!--so good...! And the best part's...yet to come...!"
(He focuses on touching himself for the next minute, using the same methods as before. Heavy breaths and moans surround his body as he occasionally grits his teeth, and sweat starts to drip down his forehead. Eventually, Mac feels the signs of an impending orgasm coming on, which only makes him stroke faster.)
"It's coming! The best part! Ahhhh!!! It's happeniiiiiiiing...!!!"
(Now getting down on both knees, Mac grabs hold of the floor with his free hand to steady himself. His whole body shakes as, with a long moan, his penis contracts several times, a dry orgasm surrounding his figure. The boy lets out several shorter moans as he rides it out, after which he collapses face-first onto the floor, taking some time to breathe and let out an occasional shudder, signifying aftershocks from the climax. Once he is relaxed enough, Mac gets up off the ground and stands up properly. His erection is noticeably still present despite the recent orgasm.)

"Ahhh...that always feels so good to do. I hope you liked seeing me do know, play with myself. Because I think I'm gonna do it again once I'm outside. I feel like this whole thing is something I don't wanna forget; I guess that's why I'm filming everything I'm doing tonight, heh heh."
(At this point, Mac looks down at his erection)
"Hmm, it's still hard too. (looks up) Good thing I can keep going once I get to the roof...speaking of which, I may as well head up there. It's gonna take me a while to get there with the camera and everything, especially with all those stairs! I'll see you again once I'm there."
(He heads over to the camera and turns it off. Static.)

(Cut to the roof of Foster's Home, the camera facing the door leading to said roof. Though it is nighttime, the moonlight is able to make everything visible to the camera. Upon backing away, Mac is revealed to still be in the buff, his erection once again present. From this point on throughout the story, he speaks in a hushed tone unless stated otherwise in bold.)
"Whew...I forgot how long it took to get here. I sure hope I don't get lost going back like last time."
(Looks around, a smile spreading on his face)
"Wow...I can't believe it! This is the perfect night for me to do this! No one else is bound to see me at this time of night. Oh, and tonight's not a school night either, so I can just sleep in once I'm back home. (shivers slightly) Ooh, this breeze feels amazing on my body! (looks down) Even better, I'm really hard again! (looks up) I'd be screaming over how exciting this is if I wanted to get caught...which I don't, so I'm trying to keep quiet. Though come to think of it, that thought's kind of thrilling, heh heh."
(Mac's thoughts are interrupted upon feeling his member twitch from both arousal and the cool air that surrounds it. Knees shaking, he lets out a quiet, happy moan.)
"Ahhhh...! It tingles so much! I guess it's time to rub it again...maybe for a while."
(He sits down in preparation)

"Oh yeah, I should also talk about how I learned to do it, as I promised you all. So one night a couple months ago, I was just about to go to bed when I heard some weird noises coming from Terrence's room. He'd told me to stay out or else he'd beat me up like always, but I couldn't help it, I had to find out what those noises were!"
(He begins to stroke himself slowly, occasionally panting and moaning during his monologue, as indicated by ellipses.)
"I found that he left his door open just a touch, and...I peeked in to see Terrence...well, doing what I'm doing. Even though it was mostly dark in there...I could see everything he was doing. He was almost naked and...I kept looking at his was so BIG! I think I remember...getting a little stiff in my pajamas after watching for a minute."
(He closes his eyes and strokes a little faster.)
"It turned out...the sounds I was hearing...was him letting out all these moans. I think...he was cussing a bit too...probably because of how good it felt! He was too busy...doing all that for him to notice me watching. (eyes open) Good thing I...didn't make any noise, otherwise I...probably wouldn't have slept that night, heh."
(His eyed closed again, Mac spreads out his legs and is rubbing close to full force by this point.)
"He kept rubbing it I'm doing...and he was getting faster and faster. Then he slowed down and...let out a ton of white stuff...all over himself...!"
(Now masturbating at full force, Mac feels another climax approaching, anticipating it excitedly.)
"Ohhhhhh, it's happening again! Yes! Yes! YES!!!"
(Realizing his volume, Mac clamps his mouth shut with his free hand and begins to let out a series of muffled moans. His legs shake violently as his second dry fire of the night courses through him. Upon riding it out, his shaking ceases as both of his arms flop onto his sides. He sighs happily, relaxing for a bit before opening his eyes.)

"Oh wow, that was amazing, even better than the last time! I think I can keep rubbing it out here for a while, so I'm gonna!"
"...But I think I should finish telling the story first, heh heh. Now...where was I? Oh yeah! After I saw Terrence shoot that stuff out, I went back to my room to sleep. I was really stiff down there by then, and I wasn't sure what to do about it, or why it was happening. I just waited for it to get soft again, then went to sleep. So the next night before bed, I was still curious about what I saw. I kinda had no choice but to ask him about it, since I knew it was something I probably couldn't tell Mom or anyone else about. Sure enough, he wanted to strangle me until I told him about the door. Needless to say, his face got all red over it."
(He chuckles.)
"So after that, he let me into his room, strangely enough, and said he would show me what he did almost every night, and even teach me to do it. And I was like, wait...teach me? I thought all he could do with me was...well, be a bully. But I listened to him this time...and I'm kinda glad I did. I think he knew most of what he was talking about too, and he never knows what he's talking about most of the time! He showed me what I could do to make my penis feel really good; I think he was using other words for it too, but none of them sounded all that nice to me. But like I said, he was telling me about that, and I even asked him what he thought about while doing it. Heh, I should've known his answer would be girls."
(Clears throat)
"After he let me watch him play with himself, he told me to try doing it too when I got in bed, so I did! To say it was amazing is...a bit of an understatement. The feelings I got when I finished were the best ever! I think they're what happened when Terrence shot that white stuff out...what did he call it again? Oh yeah, cum! He said I'll shoot it out too when I get to be his age. I can only wonder how much better it'll feel then."
(Mac looks down at his member, still very much erect since his last orgasm)
"Speaking of feeling good...I better get to doing just that, heh heh."

(His right hand wanders back to his penis, closing his eyes and resuming his activities with it as before.)
"I'm glad Terrence mentioned girls...because I think about them while...I'm doing this too. Well, more specifically...Frankie. I know it's weird think like this about her...especially when she's one of my friends. But...I can't really help it! Sometimes I think of her...coming out of the shower...and dropping her towel in front of me...!"
(His strokes speed up as his thought process intensifies, though his speech, along with his moans, remain relatively quiet given the setting.)
"I'd love to see what she'd look like...all naked. I bet she'd look beautiful! Her hair let down...her boobs showing...! They probably look amazing...! I wonder if...if she'd wanna see me naked too..."
(He throws his head back as his masturbating intensifies as much as his thoughts.)
"Oh Frankie! I wish--ahh!--I wish you could see me up here naked...and doing this! I wish I could...see you naked too...! I don't care if I'm caught...doing long as it's you that catches me...!"
(Stroking at full force once again, he grits his teeth a bit as the familiar tingles arrive. Feeling daring this time around, he stands up and speaks in normal volume, still being careful not to shout.)
"'s happening! I don't care...who's gonna see now! It's coming...! It's...cumming...!"
(Several strokes later, Mac lets out a quiet scream of pleasure, his final dry orgasm of the night arriving on schedule. His body shakes, and his penis contracts again and again, more intensely than in the previous climaxes. His present one continues for several more seconds until it is ridden out, upon which he collapses on his back, smiling and catching his breath. He rests in this position for a minute as he regains consciousness of the world around him. Eventually he stands back up and looks around at the city, where he finds that no one is present to his knowledge. He sighs in relief.)

"I don't think anyone actually noticed me. Good. I care about not having a life behind bars."
(Mac now looks directly at the camera)
"Anyways, I don't know if anyone will watch this in the future, but if you are right now, I really hope you enjoyed the show I put on. I sure did, heh heh. I don't even know what I'll be doing with this footage; I only hope that no one else I know will find out I was doing this. Oh well, I'll figure out what to do with it after I wake up tomorrow. Right now, time to head down all those stairs again so I can get dressed, head home and go to sleep. (yawn) Because as much as I'd like to keep doing this for a while, I'm pretty tired. I can't wait to get back to my bed..."
(He wanders over to the camera)
"Or maybe I'll get lost and sleep on one of the staircases and worry everyone back home. Either way, this whole thing was worth it...right?"
(He smiles and winks at the camera before turning it off. Static.)


UP NEXT: Peedee Fryman (from Steven Universe)

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