Lisafest 2015 Crossover Extravaganza

BY : Lennox
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      Lisa could see three copies of herself standing on the platform as the light faded. Two of them were looked just like her, and the third was an older, perhaps in the mid-late teens. Lisa rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn't seeing things before she turned to the mirror.

      "Bart, what's going on here?" she asked.

      "I figured that after everything that you've been through so far, that you might want a little time to yourself." Her brother's voice rang out through the speakers in the room. Lisa could hear him snickering through the microphone at his little joke. So far she'd slept with people, aliens, superheroes, and strange creatures. Seeing three copies of herself was the weirdest thing that had happened by far. Two of the three Lisa's approached the bed, while her teenage self went to lock the door.

      "What are you doing?" the original Lisa asked her, with a slight hint her nervousness in her voice. Teenage Lisa winked at her, while one of the other two sat on the bed next to her.

      "We don't want Bart to join in on this, Lisa," she grinned. "At least, not yet. We want this time all to ourselves."

      Without a moment's hesitation, one of Lisa's doppelgangers pulled her back down on the bed while she slipped her tongue into her mouth. It took a few moments but Lisa soon became incredibly excited with the idea of making out with herself. She felt another Lisa's hands on her legs, spreading them apart so she could attack her pussy with her tongue. Teenage Lisa walked around the bed and interrupted the kiss, only to push her tongue into Lisa's mouth. Lisa couldn't believe this. She was feeling her own tongue in her mouth and over her slit, all while she was being watched by herself. One of Lisa's hands trailed down to the Lisa between her legs, pressing down on her head as she humped against her face. Teenage Lisa broke the kiss and pulled her shirt over her head. She stripped in front of her younger self while the Lisa beside her did the same. She pulled the dress over her head, showing she wore nothing underneath, and kicked off her shoes. Teenage Lisa tossed her red shirt aside and pulled her training bra from her chest. Lisa suddenly noticed that the teenagers black pants seemed to mold to her body. The fabric hugged every curve of her leg as if it were her skin. And Lisa could make out the very obvious shape of her crotch between her legs. Without removing her pants, teenage Lisa swung her legs over Lisa's head and Lisa buried her face between them straight away. She licked her teenage pussy though the thin pants. The fabric showed every perfect curve of those puffy pussy lips. As she bathed the cloth in her saliva, Lisa could taste the hint of her own flavor. Teenage Lisa held Lisa's head in both hands, keeping her pressed against her crotch as she started to grind against her mouth.

      Lisa felt the tongue withdraw from her pussy. After feeling some shuffling on the mattress below her, she felt something poking against her slit. She groaned and arched her back as she felt a warm and solid object slide inside her.

      "Oh... fuck..." her words muffled by the teenage crotch. Then Lisa froze. She realized she didn't know what was inside her. It felt too warm to be a toy. No, it felt more like a...

      "WHAT THE FUCK?" Lisa cried, and the teenager lifted herself so Lisa could see between her legs. The Lisa who was licking her, she had pressed her hips against Lisa's body and was making her feel the object inside her. Slowly she pulled it back out, and Lisa's eyes went wide. This Lisa, the one who was lifting her ankles over her shoulders as she came to her realization, had a cock. Lisa watched as the yellow shaft was pulled from her depths.

      "You're... you're a boy?" Lisa asked in sheer disbelief. The other Lisa shook her head.

      "Nope, I'm a girl," she said. "I just have a dick too," she winked at Lisa as she slid her member back inside. She was longer and thicker than Bart was. Her pussy was recovering from Stitch, Buttercup, and Squirtle, bet she could still feel every thrust she gave her. Teenage Lisa lowered her crotch back down to Lisa's face.

      "I think you'll find we're full of surprises. Now be a good Lisa and bite down," she grinned at her. If seeing three copies of herself wasn't enough of a surprise for Lisa, then seeing one of those with a cock sure as hell was. Lisa did what she was told and gripped the crotch fabric with her teeth. Teenage Lisa yanked her hips into the air and the fabric was torn around her crotch. Lisa spat out the black piece of ripped cloth and was left with a jagged circular hole around the older girl's cunt.

      "Now here is something you're going to get into when you're older," teenage Lisa winked at her. Lisa was confused. She looked up at her, then back to her slit. She looked just in time to see a small trickle of yellow fluid escape her folds. It quickly escalated into a strong torrent of urine splashing down on her face, and Lisa struggled to pull away.

      "What?  No! NO! EWW!" Lisa cried. But the teenager had a strong grip on her head, pulling her back up and forcing her mouth over her crotch. Lisa struggled as her own urine flooded her mouth but the older girl held a firm grip on the sides of her head. Her mouth quickly filled and streams of piss started to pour out from the corners of her lips. Reluctantly, Lisa had to force herself to swallow the pungent liquid. If she didn't, she knew her older self would hold her down until she did. 

      "See, not so bad." Teenage Lisa said, flashing her a lustful smile.

      As Lisa's mouth filled with her own piss, and her own cock resting comfortably inside her, the third Lisa was starting to feel a little left out. She scooted off the edge of the bed and dropped to her knees on the floor. Before long, just as teenage Lisa pulled her crotch from her lips to piss all over her face, Lisa felt something warm and moist roll over the bottom of her foot.

      "Whoa... what's going on now?" she coughed and lifted her head to the side to glance around the other Lisa's. The third Lisa, the one that would perfectly pass for her clone, held her left ankle firmly in her hands as she dragged her tongue up the arch of her foot. She made eye contact with Lisa as she slipped her big toe into her mouth. She gently sucked on it and flicked it softly with her tongue, before she slipped the second toe passed her lips, then the third, then the fourth.

      "Okay... this... it's kinda weird," Lisa said. But she didn't notice the teenager's stream dying down until the last drops of a trickle landed on her face. 

      "Get used to it Lis, you could be doing it a lot when you're older," teenage Lisa whispered in her ear. The older girl opened her mouth and dragged her tongue across Lisa's face. She licked up her urine off her yellow skin, making sure to collect every drop. The final pass of her tongue went over Lisa's lips and the teenager dipped it into the young girl's mouth. Lisa passionately made out with the alternate and older version of herself and tasted her own piss on her tongue. She felt one Lisa dipping her tongue and licking in between her toes, while the other started to fuck her used cunt. With her hands on Lisa's hips, Lisa would pull her shaft from her depths and slam it back inside. This Lisa had grown tired of waiting. She wanted to cum inside herself. She started to pound away at the young girl, her hands and knees supporting her body. Meanwhile, the Lisa on the floor had swapped to the other foot, pressing her tongue against the arch and slowly dragging it up and down the length of her sole.

      Teenage Lisa had swapped from her mouth back to her pussy, making Lisa eat her out again. But Futa-Lisa wanted to do something a little different. She gave Lisa's pussy one final thrust before she slowly eased herself out. She lifted Lisa's legs and placed them over her shoulders, pulling her feet free from the third Lisa's tongue. 

      "Hope you're used to anal, Lis," she smirked. She didn't even give her a chance to answer before she pushed her cock inside Lisa's ass. Even after Bulbasaur and Stitch, Lisa still found this a little uncomfortable, but it was not unpleasant. The third Lisa didn't want to be left out. With Lisa's mouth and ass taken, there was now only one left. She climbed back onto the bed and lay on top of her, slipping her legs underneath the teenager and her feet resting beside her head. She placed her hands on Lisa's pert rear cheeks, pulling them apart for the thrusting cock between them, and pressed her tongue into her soaked slit.

      Teenage Lisa came first, covering Lisa's already soaked face in her orgasmic juices. She lifted her leg and swung herself back on the bed. As soon as she was clear, Lisa lifted her head and pushed her tongue into the Lisa on top of her. She probed the young girl's depths to lick and eat out her pussy. Futa-Lisa pulled her cock from Lisa's ass and plunged back into her pussy, just in time for the thick and gooey cum to shoot inside her. 

      "I gotta say, Lis," Futa-Lisa said as she came inside her. "Normally it's Mom and Jessica who are the horniest for my cock. But you took it like a champ today." Lisa came shortly afterward over her double's face, who then added to the teenager's juices on Lisa.


      Over the next half-hour, Lisa shared the cum that leaked from her pussy by rubbing it directly over her doubles' cunt. The two girls humped their pussies against each other, rubbing their clits with their fingers and making themselves squirt again. She was teased with the toy that Lois left behind and had her pearl necklace used as anal beads while she sucked on her teenage self's tits. But eventually, Lisa's body couldn't take any more. As soon as Lisa came and pulled her dick from her ass, Lisa's arms and legs gave away beneath her and she fell to the bed. After over a dozen sexual partners and countless orgasms, Lisa finally lost consciousness. Her young body simply needed to rest. The girl was exhausted, worn out, and asleep before she hit the mattress.

      "Wow," teenage Lisa said as she carefully picked her up. "Guess we wore her out."

      "What are we going to do now?" Futa-Lisa asked.

      "Me?" the other Lisa raised her hand. Teenage Lisa looked over at the mirror, grinning at her reflection.

      "You can unlock the door for me," she said as she picked the sleeping original Lisa up off the bed.

      The sleeping Lisa was carried into the control room and Bart watched as his naked sister was carefully placed on the couch behind him. 

      "Well, she's out of it," teenage Lisa said as she stood up. "You want to join us, Bart?" Bart looked over at his younger, yet older sister. She was taller than he was, her breasts were small, but had grown in nicely. There was no way he was going to turn down this opportunity for three sisters at once, even if one of them did have a cock.

      "Hell yeah!" he said as he started to strip. He'd been watching his sister get fucked over and over, and he had to fight the urge to get himself off during the show just in case. As he pulled his shirt over his head, teenage Lisa moved over to the computer console.

      "What are you doing?" Bart asked as he slipped his pants down his legs. "Do you even know what that thing is?" 

      "Yep," Lisa nodded as she typed on the keyboard.

      "You got one where you come from?" Bart asked again, now completely naked.

      "You could say that," Lisa grinned. She glanced over at the sleeping Lisa on the couch. "I don't recall what happened to it, but I remember how to use it."

      " What are you talking about?" 

      "Oh come on, Bart. Think," Lisa said as she pointed to the sleeping girl on the couch. "That's me, Bart. I remember being in that room when I was eight-years-old. I'm not an alternate version of your sister. I am your sister. You brought me back from the future." Bart's jaw dropped at the sudden realization.

      "No way," he gasped. Lisa just nodded as she finished typing on the console's keyboard. She hit the button and the teleporter whirred to life. Several glowing lights appeared in the room and started bringing people though. Bart rushed to the mirror as Lisa stood up and walked to the door.

      "Who are you bringing through now?" 

      "All of them, Bart," Lisa grinned. Dipper, Lois, Lilo and Stitch, the Powerpuff Girls, and the three Pokémon all materialized into the room.

      "Care to join us?"

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