Lisafest 2015 Crossover Extravaganza

BY : Lennox
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The Starters

      "Saur?" one of the creatures asked. 

      "What'd he say?" Lisa muttered to herself as she sat up against the wall. The eyes of the three animals fell upon her.

      "Charmander!" the lizard creature said, his tail ablaze with a bright flame.

      "Squirtle! Squirtle, squirtle!" said the blue tortoise. 

      "Um... hi?" Lisa raised her hand in an awkward wave. The three Pokémon all glanced in her direction and, ignoring their erect cocks, immediately took up a defensive stand to prepare for any trouble that Lisa might bring them. Bulbasaur moved first and dashed for the bed with a tackle attack.

"SQUIRT!" the tortoise Pokémon yelled and demand that he wait. Charmander soon followed, he too ignoring Squirtle's orders. And by the time Squirtle decided to join in, Bulbasaur had already launched himself onto the bed.

      "So... who are you guys?" Lisa nervously asked. Bulbasaur said nothing. Two vines shot out from the bulb on his back and wrapped around Lisa's ankles. The girl was flipped over onto her stomach. And as she got up onto her hands and knees, she felt the sudden weight of Bulbasaur on her back.

      "Hey, take it easy!" Lisa almost snapped at him. Beside her, Squirtle and Charmander had jumped up onto the mattress. They were a little disappointed to see that Bulbasaur had already claimed his spot.  He took his place on top of her, his hard shaft rubbing over her ass. Being a quadruped, it was the easiest position for him to be in.


      "Char!" Lisa had an idea of what they were saying. They were working out how to share her. Squirtle slipped under Lisa's body as Charmander took his spot in front of her. Standing on the pillow and placing his hands on her head, he guided Lisa's lips to his shaft. With no strength to argue (even if she wanted to), Lisa took the lizard cock in her mouth. Below her, she felt Squirtle's shaft brush against her pussy lips. She carefully positioned herself before swallowing the spire in her cunt. As she went down she felt Bulbasaur slip his cock into her ass.

      “Bul...” Bulbasaur started to hump Lisa and licked the back of her neck with his long reptilian tongue. Lisa could feel him pounding away inside her, the unique shape of his cock bringing her to new heights of pleasure.

      “Squirtle!” the tortoise Pokémon called as he pushed himself up into her cunt. His shaft was hard and thick, just like his shell. Had she not have had Stitch inside her a few hours ago, it would have been one of the thickest cocks to stretch her open. His webbed hands grabbed her flat chest and he began to suck on her nipples. This was a brand new experience for Lisa. Until Stitch, she had never taken two cocks before, but now she was taking three. And from animals, no less! Each thrust into every hole did little to help her sore body. Her pelvic bone ached and she could feel the slight discomfort of Bulbasaur deep in her ass. Buttercup's saliva from when she licked her ass had helped, but it was not enough to lube Bulbasaur's entire length.

      As the minutes went on, Lisa could only imagine what she looked like. She was on her hands and knees, with three strange creatures having their way with her. She couldn't wait until she and Bart would lay down in bed and watch the tape. She wondered what he was doing right now, as she had Charmander humping her mouth (his paws on her head), Bulbasaur fucking her ass, and Squirtle pumping into her pussy.

      “Mmmuuurppphhhhh... harder.” Lisa managed to say around Charmander. The three Pokémon were more than happy to oblige. Each one slamming inside her and filling her body with three cocks at once. Bulbasaur and Squirtle could feel the cocks rubbing up against the wall of flesh that separated her holes. Together they equaled Stitch in energy and enthusiasm, but not in girth.

      “Char... man... DER!” the lizard Pokémon cried. He was the first to cum. His cock twitched over Lisa's tongue. It was the only warning she got before his hot cum was blasted to the back of her throat. Lisa pulled her lips back so she could properly savor it. Unlike Bart's, his cum wasn't salty. It did, however, taste spicy. And Lisa could feel the burning sensation in the back of her throat when she swallowed. It suddenly occurred to her that she knew nothing about these animals. What if their cum was poisonous? She'd have a hard enough time explaining that she would need an antidote to something that might not even exist, let alone the reason why she'd need it.

      “Char,” the fire type happily sighed and lay on his back, his flaming tail hanging off the edge of the bed. Lisa slowly pushed herself back up as soon as Charmander slipped from her mouth. As both Pokémon fucked her, she could feel another orgasm quickly growing inside her. Lisa reached underneath her stomach and started to rub her clit with her fingers. She didn't care about being sore. All she knew is that she wanted to cum again. She shuddered and her knees almost buckled as she came in seconds. With heavy breaths, her arm couldn't support her upper body and her head well to the mattress. Her whole body twitched as she came over Squirtle’s shaft. 

      “Do me, boys. Do me hard,” she managed to say during her cum. Both Pokémon timed their thrusts. Bulbasaur pushed in as Squirtle pulled out. They were both close, and they were both determined to empty every drop they had.

      “Bulba....bulba, bulba, bulba BUL... BA!” The reptilian Pokémon jammed his cock deep inside her ass, causing Lisa’s eye to widen in surprise. He flooded Lisa with his thick pale green sperm. Inside she felt warm and gooey as the Pokémon tried to breed her ass. Squirtle came only a few seconds later. Unlike Bulbasaur, Squirtle's cum felt runnier and colder. It didn't feel gooey and began to trip from her folds even before he had finished cumming. As the Pokémon withdrew their cocks, Lisa collapsed onto the bed. She didn't need to give the signal this time, as the three Pokémon were teleported away.

      Lisa didn't move. She had one hand under her body, her fingers softly rubbing her sore slit to soothe it. She could still taste Charmander's spicy cum in her mouth, and she was feeling Bulbasaur leak out of her. She considered giving it a taste when the teleporter whirred to life once again. Three more figured materialized into the room. Lisa took one look at them as her eyes went wide.

      "No way," she muttered to herself. "This... Bart, this is impossible."

      She knew exactly who they were.

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