Lisafest 2015 Crossover Extravaganza

BY : Lennox
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No Journal Required

      The gold light took shape and the first traveler appeared into the room. The young boy was sitting on the floor, his grey shorts down around his ankles and his hand furiously pumping around his shaft. He suddenly realized something was wrong. He lifted his head and looked around, confused at his new and sudden surroundings. 

      "What? Hey, what's going on?" he asked, eyes darting all around the room before they fell onto the naked Lisa Simpson. He quickly tried to pull up his shorts, but he was fumbling with them in panic as he tried to slide them up his legs.

      "Who are you? Where am I? Where's Mabel?" The twelve-year-old backed himself away into the corner of the room as Lisa rose from the bed and walked towards him. With his grey shorts being pulled up his legs, he also wore a red t-shirt underneath a navy blue vest. And on top of his head, a blue and white baseball cap with a blue tree stitched on the front. With his shorts finally in place, the boy pulled a red book out from under his vest and began to franticly flip through its pages.

      "Uh, let's see... teleportation, yellow spiky-haired naked girl... um... come on, there's gotta be something in here. " Lisa walked up to him and pressed her finger on the inside of the spine and pulled the book to the floor. 

      "Hey there," she grinned at him, before pressing a deep kiss onto his lips. Lisa rested her hands on his face while the boy's hands awkwardly, and eventually, fell onto Lisa's shoulders. As soon as he started to go with the kiss, Lisa pulled away.

      "What's with the book?"

      "It's a journal..." the boy paused to gulp, "that details some of the mysteries of Gravity Falls." Lisa looked down at the open page below her. She saw a picture of a black triangle, with a single large eye, top hat, bow tie, and arms and legs, and the page was splattered with what appeared to be red ink. Lisa picked it up and started to flip through its pages. She saw a picture of a large eye with thick red lines crossing it out, a page on gnomes, something called a Hide Behind, a stomach-faced duck, and a page that looked like part of a schematic with half a circle, a piece of a triangle and countless strange symbols. Lisa shrugged her shoulders and dropped the book to the floor.

      "I'm Lisa, and you are....?" she asked him. The boy gulped nervously.

      "I'm Dipper."

      "And who's Mabel?" Lisa gently cupped Dipper's hard crotch with her hand.

      "She's... my sister." 

      "Well she's lucky to have such a cute brother," Lisa winked at him as she slipped her hand into his pants. Dipper nervously chuckled, both unable and unsure of doing anything as he felt Lisa's fingers around his shaft.

      "Yeah, well... I'm lucky to have her too. Look, Lisa, I really think that I should be going and... WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Dipper suddenly started to panic as Lisa began to pull his shorts back down his legs. His uncut cock hung between his legs in full view of the horny eight-year-old girl. Without answering, or waiting for an invite, she pushed him back against the circular wall of the teleporter and wrapped her lips around his shaft.

      Dipper's cock quickly hardened again over the girl's tongue, and Lisa wasted no time with her blowjob. Drawing from the many months of experience that came from sucking her brother, she had Dipper moaning in no time.

      "Lisa, I don't think that..." Dipper started to protest, but he was cut off when Lisa pulled her lips from his dick and pressed them to his lips. The boy froze as he felt Lisa's tongue invade his mouth. Her yellow fingers slipped around his shaft, hard a moist with her saliva, and she began to pump her fist up and down his length. It took several long and awkward seconds, but Dipper finally found his nerve. He had no idea who this girl was, or where he was, but he quickly pushed those thoughts aside to focus on the moment.  By the time Lisa pulled her lips back, Dipper's look of shock and confusion had been replaced by a look of bliss and happiness. He had just shared his first kiss (with a girl). Lisa stood up and held out her hand. Dipper took it and he got to his feet, with Lisa leading him over to the bed in the corner.

      "I've, uh... never really done anything like this before," Dipper nervously chuckled. Lisa pulled his shorts and briefs down his legs. He lifted his feet one at a time so Lisa could pull them off, she then pushed him down onto the bed behind him. 

      "We all have to learn sometime," she grinned at him as she moved to kneel and straddle over the older boy. His hard shaft brushed against her puffy yellow pussy lips. Lisa took a moment to position herself. Dipper could already feel how damp she was as the tip of his cock parted her folds ever so slightly. Lisa slowly allowed herself to sink down his shaft. Dipper breathed through his teeth as he bit down on his lower lip. He could feel Lisa's warmth and tightness enveloping his member. Lisa quickly took every inch that Dipper had to offer. She placed her hands on Dipper's chest, sliding them under his shirt, as she started to ride him.

      Using only her knees, Lisa bounced herself up and down on Dipper's crotch. His shaft became slick with her lust, feeling the cool air for barely a second at a time. Lisa clenched down with her inner walls, tightly hugging the new cock each time it pierced her. Dipper felt a little awkward just laying there below the girl. His nervousness had returned, and he wasn't quite sure what he should do. But he soon found his courage once again and placed his hands on her hips.

      "There we go. Now you're starting to get it," Lisa smiled at him. Dipper wasn't too sure exactly what 'it' was so he just went with what felt natural. Each time Lisa dropped herself down, he would lift his butt off the bed to meet her. And before too long, the two had a found a nice rhythm to fuck to.

      Lisa paused to allow herself enough time to lay on top of the boy and then used only her hips to bounce herself up and down. This time it was Dipper who kissed her, much to Lisa's surprise and delight. She felt his tongue trying to invade her mouth and she tilted her head and parted her lips to allow him inside. Dipper kept his hands on Lisa's hips while Lisa's hands slipped behind his head. The two new lovers passionately made out with each other and let their tongues roam inside their jaws and explore their mouths.

      "Oh, God. Do me Dipper..." Lisa quivered between their kiss, and Dipper put as much energy into fucking the young girl as he could. In the five or so minutes that they had spent together, Lisa noticed that Dipper had just gone through a massive change in his personality. At the start, he seemed shy and timid, but now he was fucking her almost as hard as Bart would. Dipper was only a couple of years older than Bart and slightly bigger than him too. Lisa didn't want to let it show, but she felt the difference when she started to ride him.

      Dipper could feel his orgasm brewing in his balls and he knew that he wouldn't last much longer. He held his eyes shut and clenched his stomach. He tried to think of anything that could delay his cum. But ultimately he failed. He gripped Lisa's hips without a word and held her down against his crotch. Their kiss continued as Lisa could feel the hot, creamy jets of cum being sprayed deep inside her. Lisa broke the kiss as she lay on top of him. They were both panting and basking in the afterglow as Dipper shot his final spurt. Lisa's body accepted his cum, she could almost feel it painting her inner walls and seeding her infertile womb. She slowly let the boy slip out of her and lay on the bed beside him. Even though she didn't cum, she was glad that Dipper did. But Lisa wasn't going to stop. Dipper was just the first on a list of names that would visit her. If she came during every single one, she'd be worn out before the end.

      "So, where am I?" Dipper said as he swung off the bed and started to get dressed. "And how do I get home?" Lisa slowly sat up as she pulled him in for one last kiss.

      "Don't worry, Dipper," Lisa said as she gave him his smooch. "You'll be home before you know it." She looked at the mirror and waved at her brother behind it. Before Dipper could ask what was happening, he started to vanish in a glow of blue and white light. He quickly lunged for his journal as he was being teleported away. His fingers landed on the cover just in time for him, and the book, to vanish from the room.

      "Ready for the next one Lis?" Bart asked into the microphone.

      "Oh, I'm ready Bart," Lisa got up and stood in front of the teleporter. "Bring '

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