Lisafest 2015 Crossover Extravaganza

BY : Lennox
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      While Lisa was making new friends with Frink's machine, Bart was doing more than just watching strangers sleep with his sister. He found some leftover notes and diagrams and he was able to figure how to work the machine beyond his role of pressing a couple of buttons. As soon as Lois was teleported away, Bart put his plan into action. It would annoy Lisa, but it would give him a bit of a laugh

      As Lisa was looking over her new toy, the teleporter whirred back to life. Lisa wasn't paying any attention to who was coming through. She didn't even acknowledge who it was until she heard a familiar voice.

      "Lisa?" the voice asked, and Lisa lifted her head.

      "MILHOUSE?" she cried. Lisa quickly covered herself as the toy dropped to the floor. Milhouse was naked and soaking wet. Bart had brought him into the room as he was masturbating in his shower.  A single glance was all it took to trigger his orgasm, and he held his dick as his cum sprayed across the platform. Lisa turned and glared into the mirror. Bart had his hand on his stomach as he roared with laughter, leaning back in his seat and kicking his legs into the air. His other hand navigated the console until it found the button to send Milhouse back.

      "I'm so going to kick your ass when we're done here," Lisa said through clenched teeth.

      "Worth it," Milhouse said as he vanished and left his mess all over the platform. 

      "Sorry sis," Bart said through the microphone. "Couldn't help myself." Lisa crossed her arms in a huff and turned her back to the mirror while Bart let his hand fall on the button.

      The teleporter came to life once more and it quickly became apparent that something wasn't right. This didn't look like a person at all. More like a twisted, weird, and deformed L-shaped figure. It wasn't until the light faded away that Lisa could see that it wasn't one person who had come through, but two at the same time.

      "What the hell?" Lisa whispered to herself. She kicked the vibrator across the floor to join her clothes under the bed. The blue furry creature on the platform had heard her. With his human partner riding him, he snarled as he looked in Lisa's direction. He glared at Lisa, growling softly from the back of his throat.

      "Stitch?" Lilo cautiously asked as she noticed the change in her surroundings. "Where are we?" Stitch lifted Lilo off his crotch and Lisa gasped at the sight of two giant cocks being pulled out of her body. This girl couldn't have been much older than she was, yet she was taking two massive shafts that Lisa never even thought were possible. As soon as Lilo had been lifted off, Stitch jumped to his feet and began to run towards Lisa. He pointed his sharp claws out towards her, and Lisa quickly scrambled up onto the bed.

      "Naga bootifa!" the blue alien yelled. 

      "STITCH, WAIT!" Lilo cried from the platform. 

      "SHIT, LISA!" Bart screamed as he franticly reached for the button to send them back. Lisa held her hand up to the mirror. She knew exactly what Bart was going to do, but she wanted him to wait. Lisa pressed her head up against the concrete wall behind her as this creature climbed onto the bed over her. As scared as she knew she should be, she couldn't take her eyes of the two thick cocks protruding out of his waist. She'd never seen anything like them before. She couldn't get the image of them both being pulled out of the girl from her mind and Lisa knew that she at least had to try one of them. Stitch's snarl stopped when Lisa lifted her hips. Holding herself up by only her hands and feet, she looked Stitch dead in the eye, grinning as she rubbed her puffy pussy lips against the alien's lower shaft. Lilo climbed up onto the bed beside the alien creature, expecting to have to come between them to save Lisa's life. Lisa beamed up at her. This alien creature, this 'Stitch', had presented her with a very unique opportunity. 

      "Wanna share?"

      Bart's jaw hung from his face. Within minutes, his sister had gong from about to being mauled by an alien creature to being fucked on one of the biggest cocks he'd ever seen. He watched the other girl, Lilo, take one inside her preteen pussy with tremendous ease. And with Stitch laying on the bed below them, she helped Lisa slide down the massive pole. It took her a few slow and uncomfortable minutes to adjust to his massive size. But before long, Stitch had his paws pressed firmly on the hips of birth girls, fucking them as they shared a passionate kiss. Lisa and Lilo had their arms around each other, with Lisa's fingers running through Lilo's long jet-black hair. Their eyes closed and their lips open, the two girls' tongues explored each other's mouths.

      Both Lisa and Lilo were lifted up the massive shafts only to be impaled right back down on them. Stitch had no trouble lifting the two of them with his four arms. Each time she was brought down, Lisa could feel the huge spire pierce her depths, deeper than Bart (or any other man) could ever hope to reach. It took several uncomfortable tries but it wasn't long before Lisa was able to hold every single inch that Stitch had to offer. She missed an orgasm with Dipper, was brought off by Lois, but Stitch had already made her cum three times so far. Her legs quivered beside him and against Lilo's with each climax, and the Hawaiian girl simply held her through her orgasms.

      "They're good, aren't they?" she would whisper in her ear with one finger teasing Lisa's clit as she came. Lilo remembered her first time with Stitch all too well, an experience that she was eager to share with their new friend.

      Lilo's arms slid along Lisa's back, and she lowered her hands down the sides of Lisa's stomach. Her fingertips felt almost electrical as they slid over her sides and caused small jolts within her. Lilo gripped the other girl's ass, spreading and kneading her cheeks as they were fucked by the blue alien beneath them. Stitch's orgasm was brewing deep within the furry orbs between his legs, and he decided not to warn either girl. Lilo was used to his climax, but Lisa was not. He bit his lip as he brought them down upon his shafts one final time, causing a gasp to escape Lisa's lips. He bucked his hips inside the two girls. Lilo just grinned, she knew exactly what her lover was doing.

      "Hope you don't mind a bit of a mess." she beamed at Lisa. As soon as the words were out of her mouth, both girls felt the alien cum erupt into their bodies. Lisa quivered as Stitch's orgasm triggered another one of her own. Lilo looked down between them and placed her hands firmly on Lisa's legs. She rubbed her clit up against Lisa's, forcing more pleasure on the girl as she came. The blonde-haired girl was quivering, with one hand on her flat breast, unable to move as she was racked through the biggest orgasm she'd ever experienced. She shook, quivered, and writhed. Stitch had to hold onto her ankles at his to stop her legs from flailing out to the sides. Held fast by the alien, Lisa could do little but shudder through her cum in Lilo's arms

      Lisa's orgasm died down pretty quickly and long before Stitch's did. Lisa felt so full, so messy, so warm, and gooey inside. She wanted nothing more than to lie down and just be allowed a few minutes to recover from the awesome fuck. But when Stitch finally stopped cumming, Lilo felt she should help her new friend. She could feel his thick shaft slowly withdrawing from her body as she stood up, slipping from her folds with an audible and sloppy pop. Lilo held out her hand to help Lisa to her feet. Lisa slowly stood up. She kept a tight grip on Lilo's hand as she swung her leg over Stitch. But Lisa's legs gave way beneath her when she stood and she fell to the mattress.

      "Just... just give me a minute," she panted softly. But Stitch had other ideas. He ran to Lisa's legs and lifted them up, resting her ankles on his shoulders. Both cocks were already slick with his cum and their juices, and Stitch pressed his tips at the entrances to Lisa's body.

      "No, wait a  minu..." Lisa tried to protest, but Stitch thrust his hips forward and buried both his cocks inside the young girl. Lisa was used to anal, and Stitch's slick shaft slid easily inside of her. With her hips lifted off the bed and in his paws, Stitch began to fuck the young girl mercilessly. He would pull himself out onto to slam back inside at an incredible pace. He could feel his cum sloshing around inside her, being smeared along his shaft, and being squeezed out around him with each solid thrust. Lilo watched with glee and jealousy. She idly smeared the seed that leaked from her over her pussy. But Lilo quickly decided she wanted to do more than just watch. She swung her leg over Lisa and let herself fall on her face. Her soaked and messy pussy hung right over Lisa's mouth. Lilo looked down at the young girl, grinning as she felt her body being bucked beneath her.

      "You dragged Stitch and me out here," Lilo said. "The least you could do is clean us up."

      Lisa placed her hand on Lilo's hips and opened her mouth. She sealed her lips around the Hawaiian girl's slit and pressed her tongue against her folds. She was greeted with a mouthful of thick cum almost straight away and she had to force herself to swallow it. Just like the horse cum she tried from Lois, Stitch tasted incredibly different. And there was so much of it as well. Lisa's cheeks bulged between Lilo's legs as her mouth was flooded to the brim. She could feel it almost pouring and dripping from her lips down her cheek. As she gulped it down, more and more cum just flowed out of Lilo. And Lisa suddenly realized that when Lilo said 'clean', she meant just that.

      Stitch's cocks were repeatedly rammed inside Lisa's body over and over, her pussy and ass never having felt so full in all her life. Lilo had her hand resting on Lisa's head, riding the girl's mouth as she licked and sucked the cum from her depths. She could only imagine what her brother was doing behind the mirror. She wondered how many times he had cum from watching her and even considered giving him the signal to come out and join them. Lilo gripped Lisa's head with both hands, trembling above her as the blonde girl's tongue penetrated her pussy.

      "Oh... fuck..." Lilo groaned, bucking her hips against Lisa's face as she came into her mouth. Mixed with Stitch's cum, Lisa couldn't tell if Lilo had gotten off. There was just so much of it. But Lilo did reach her orgasm and she slid off Lisa to lie on the bed beside her, leaving one leg draped over her chest.  Stitch stood up and gave Lisa his final thrusts, lifting her ass into the air before he flooded her body with cum once again. Lisa could feel every spurt erupt inside her as she came again, feeling full after the first two or three shots. But the twin cocks kept spraying, marking Lisa's insides with so much alien cum. Stitch pulled out and painted her body with the final ropes of his thick seed. Lisa smiled at the mirror and waved weekly to her brother. Lilo gave Lisa one last kiss as she and Stitch were teleported out of the room. Lisa lay on the bed panting and covered in cum. She could feel thick globs almost pouring from her pussy and ass, but she couldn't even muster the energy lift her head, let alone move.

      Illuminating from the corner of the room, Bart had switched the teleporter on once again. Lisa couldn't muster the energy sit up, let alone lift her head. But if she could, then she would have seen glowing orb of energy bringing three new figures into the room.

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