Lisafest 2015 Crossover Extravaganza

BY : Lennox
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Pint-sized Heroines

      Buttercup was the first to react. She lifted her head from between Bubbles' legs as her nose picked up the strong scent in the air. 

      "You guys smell that?" she asked her two sisters. Bubbles and Blossom froze in their kiss, slowly withdrawing their tongues from each other's mouths. All three girls looked up and realized that they weren't in their bedroom anymore. 

      "Where are we?" Bubbles asked, looking straight back towards Buttercup.

      "It smells like...." Blossom began, but Buttercup interrupted her. 

      "Smells like cum," she said as she got to her feet. She turned her head towards the source of the smell and a lustful grin crossed her lips.

      Lisa could hear the new arrivals talking, but she wasn't paying any attention to what they were saying. She felt like she had no energy left in her body. Sex with Stitch had taken it out of her. Now all she could do was lie on the bed, her chest covered in the same cum that almost flowed from her pussy and ass, and enjoy the afterglow of her latest fuck.

      "What the hell?" Lisa asked as she struggled to prop herself up onto her elbows. Between her legs, a small girl with black hair had wrapped her lips around her leaking pussy. She looked up at Lisa, almost beaming as the thick globs of cum fell into her mouth.

      "Hey, sit her up," Blossom said as she and Bubbles finally made their way over. "I want some too." Bubbles flew behind Lisa and placed her hands under her arms. Without any hesitation or struggle, Bubbles lifted Lisa into the air with tremendous ease. 

      "Hey, who are you guys? What's going on?" Lisa asked as she struggled against Bubbles' grip. She couldn't believe that someone so small was not only lifting and holding her above the bed, but flying as well. 

      "You want the front door, sis?" Buttercup asked Blossom, ignoring Lisa's panicked questions.

      "Sure!" Blossom smiled. Buttercup drifted between Lisa's dangling legs and up to her ass. She spread the yellow cheeks apart as a torrent of cum poured down on the young girl.

      "Holy crap, there's so much. How many guys have you had?" Buttercup asked as she sealed her lips around Lisa's rear hole. 

      "Only... only two," Lisa managed to say, feeling the moist flicking of the girl's tongue at her ass. 

      "Only two? Are you serious?" Blossom asked, latching her lips around Lisa's dripping cunt. Both Blossom and Buttercup were able to support Lisa, which meant Bubbles could follow the scent of pussy on Lisa's lips.

      "Yeah, one boy and one.... ahhhhh!" she gasped as she felt two tongues lapping away inside her. The warm muscles were a welcome and soothing change after being pounded by Stitch. "One alien, perhaps? I think?"

      "Alien? Really?" Bubbles asked skeptically.

      "Ease up, Scully," Blossom smirked as she pulled her lips away to look up at Bubbles, "I'm sure she knows what she saw." 

      "Maybe," Lisa shrugged. "But he kind of looked like a koala. An evil koala." Lisa was finding it harder to talk now that Bubbles had started licking at her mouth. Her skin under her nose and around her mouth was still drenched in Lilo's juices. Lisa felt a little awkward being suspended in the air. It felt weird for her legs to just be hanging above the bed. Her toes could barely touch the covers below her.

      "You... you girls are good," Lisa moaned as she tilted her head back and enjoyed the soothing tongues lapping and cleaning at her inner walls. "Oh yeah. That is nice," she sighed. She could feel Bubbles drag her tongue over her lips and chin, licking off Lilo's juices before sharing the flavor with Lisa. With three tongues in three of her holes, Lisa knew there wouldn't be anything she'd want to do if she wasn't suspended in the air. All she could do was just hang there and hope these strange girls would get her off again.

      She could almost feel the thick globs of Stitch's cum being vacuumed out of her body. Remembering eating it from Lilo, Lisa lifted her hand and ran it along her chest. She scooped up as much of Stitch's cum as her fingers could hold. But Bubbles got to her hand before she did and the pig-tailed Powerpuff sucked the cum off her fingers. Lisa was disappointed that she didn't get a second taste. But Bubbles pressed her lips to Lisa's once and she shared the cum with her through a deep kiss.

      It didn't take too long for the three girls to get Lisa to cum again and Blossom's face became drenched in her juices. Lisa was exhausted. She'd lost count of the number of times her body had been brought to orgasm. All she wanted to do was just lie down on the bed and fall asleep. Pulling her tongue from her ass, Buttercup gently lowered Lisa to the bed. She floated up and hovered above her as Lisa rolled onto her back.

      "Buttercup, what are you thinking?" Blossom cautiously asked as she hovered next to her. Buttercup just grinned as she glanced towards her sister.

      "I'm thinking this girl has a perfectly good cunt that needs filling." As she spoke, the tiny nubbin above her slit began to bulge and expand. Blossom looked down between her sister's legs as her clit started to grow, and she brought her hand to her mouth to stifle a small chuckle.

      "While you do that," Blossom said as she floated up to Lisa's head, "there's plenty of space for me and Bubbles up here." 

      "What... what are you guys doing?" Lisa struggled to ask. She found the strength to roll and lift her head, her eyes going wild at the sight of Buttercup rubbing her growing clit.

      "We just made you cum. So now it's our turn," she said as she floated down between Lisa's legs. At its full length, Buttercup's clit was unrecognizable. What was once a small little bump had now become a thick shaft that almost looked like a cock. Lisa didn't question how this was possible, or why. All she knew is that she didn't want it right now. She felt the tip of the clit press up against her pussy lips, as Blossom and Bubbles hovered above her and rubbed their slits.

      "Look, um... whoever you are. I'm feeling pretty tired. Couldn't we do this later? Can I rest a bit first?"

      "Nope," Buttercup grinned, and she slammed her giant clit inside the exhausted Lisa Simpson.

      "HHHHNNNNNGGGGG!" Lisa groaned as she arched her back into the air, her pussy once again being forced apart.

      "Oh fuck yes!" Buttercup almost cried and she buried her entire length inside her. Lisa's pussy was warm and slick and welcomed her clit very nicely. Buttercup wasted no time in starting to fuck the girl. She was on her knees between Lisa's legs as she fucked her, withdrawing her hips just so she could slam them back inside. Lisa's inner walls hugged Buttercup's clit. She squeezed it and causing the Powerpuff Girl to moan in sheer delight each time she moved. While fully erect, her clit was just as sensitive, and just as pleasurable.

      Meanwhile, Blossom and Bubbles hovered above Lisa's face and were furiously stroking their pussies. Bubbles, who had Buttercup's tongue inside her when they were teleported, was already close to her orgasm. But her fingers weren't enough to compensate for the pause while she licked Lisa's face.

      "You need some help there, sis?" Blossom chuckled.

      "No, I'm good," Bubbles let herself drop onto Lisa's face and placing her slit directly over her mouth. Lisa, despite being exhausted, found herself pressing her tongue inside the blonde Powerpuff. Remembering what she did with Lilo, it didn't take long for the young girl to reach her orgasm. Lisa wasn't as good as Buttercup or Blossom, but her tongue still got the job done. Within a few minutes, Bubbles was groaning as she started to cum. She lifted herself into the air to squirt over Lisa's face.

      "Holy fuck that's hot," Blossom groaned as she looked at her juices over her hand. As soon as Bubbles was out of the way, Blossom took her place on Lisa's lips. She came in less time than Bubbles and she too lifted herself into the air to spray her lust over Lisa's face.

      "Fuck... I'm close too..." Buttercup groaned as she slammed herself back inside. She'd been able to hold back her cum, but she was fighting a losing battle. She'd watched her sisters squirt over this girl, now she was watching them suck on Lisa's nipples as they softly rubbed themselves. Lisa couldn't decide if this was heaven or hell. These girls knew exactly what they were doing and they had a lot of experience at doing it. Lisa had never felt anything like this before. But on the other hand, her body ached and needed to rest. She felt Buttercup's clit being pulled from her body only to have the lower half of her body lifted into the air. Buttercup hastily pressed her pussy against Lisa's and rolled her hips over the slit. She brought the tip of her clit into her mouth and began to suck it furiously. Buttercup paused and shuddered slightly, the only indication she gave of her orgasm. She kept rubbing Lisa's pussy with her own and sucking on her clit as she came. Lisa could feel the warm and watery squirts splash inside her, completely different to the feeling of gooey cum that she was used to.

      "Holy fuck," Buttercup groaned as she fell back onto the bed, her clit coming free from her mouth. "That was awesome!" she sighed, panting softly on the mattress beside Lisa. Bubbles and Blossom looked at each other, grinning before they flew towards their sister.

      "My turn," Bubbles sunk herself upon Buttercup's length and started riding her. Blossom grinned and sat on Buttercup's face. She felt her sister's familiar tongue poke and slip inside her ass almost straight away. Lisa didn't even bother glancing at the mirror. She just gave Bart the signal and the three Powerpuff's vanished in the bright light.

      "You want a break for a while, sis?" Bart asked through the microphone. "You look pretty wiped." Lisa's body screamed 'yes,' but her mind wanted more. She shook her head and Bart pushed the button. She rolled over just in time to see three more figures being teleported into the room.

      "What the..." Lisa mouthed as her new visitors arrived. At first glance, Lisa could only tell one thing about them.

      They weren't human.

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