Lisafest 2015 Crossover Extravaganza

BY : Lennox
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      "Lis, are you sure this thing will even work?" Bart asked, kicking the large yellow circular platform in the corner of the room. Lisa just rolled her eyes as she sat on the bed. She lifted her legs and pulled her shoes from her feet.

      "Bart, Professor Frink invented it. Of course it'll work." 

      "But I don't think he invented it for this reason. Does he even know we're down here using his stuff?"

      "Why? Are you getting jealous?" Lisa asked him while deliberately dodging the question. She lifted her red dress above her head and tossed it aside. Bart watched as his sister casually stripped in front of him, lifting her legs one at a time to slip her panties from her waist.

      "Jealous because my sister wants to sleep with new people? Hell no, I think it'll be the hottest thing I've seen you do."

      "I never took one for you wanting to share me, Bart. I always figured you'd want your younger sister all to yourself." Lisa grinned as she stepped up to her brother. She slipped her hands into the waistband of his pants and grabbed his ass. Bart smiled back at her, grinding his rising bulge against her skin and pressing a quick kiss against her lips.

      "Pfft, it's not like you'll be sleeping with Milhouse or anything. And it means we can watch the video later."

      "You're going to record this?" Lisa asked, with a momentary look of shock on her face.

      "Duh, of course," Bart rolled his eyes. "I want you to get off to your own home movies."  The sultry grin crossed back across Lisa's lips as she kissed her brother once again. She pulled her hands from his pants and grabbed his hand.

      "Come on, I'll show you what you need to do."

      Aside from the platform and bed, the only other thing in the room was a one-way mirror mounted within the wall. Lisa led Bart into the room behind it and sat him down before pulling Frink's camera from a closet and mounting it to the control panel.

      "Alright Bart, it's very simple. I've already programmed everything in. All you need to do is press this button to switch on the teleporter pad," Lisa said, pointing to the large blue button on the console.

      "And that's what that circular thing is?" Bart asked, pointing to the yellow platform on the other side of the mirror.

      "Correct. Press the button and they'll come through one by one. Press this button here," Lisa pointed to a red button, "to send them back home when I give you the signal."

      "They don't have to be on the pad?" 

      "Nope. Doesn't matter where they are. The blue button sends them through when they're nice and horny. The red button will send them home fully satisfied. Got it?"

      "Got it, sis," Bart said.

      "Thanks, Bart," Lisa gave him another kiss and walked out of the room.

      Through the mirror, Bart could see his sister walk back into the teleporter room. She took a moment to shift her clothes and shoes under the bed to keep them out of the way. Her heart was beating a mile a minute as she prepared herself. She was nervous but excited as well. She had mapped everything out on the computer to ensure that her new friends would appear during their horniest moments. She didn't know who'd be first, or how they'd react, or even what they'd do with her. She stood by the bed and took a deep breath. 

      "Ready Lis?" Bart asked, speaking through a microphone in the control room. Lisa nodded and gave the mirror a thumbs up. With the camera rolling, Bart brought his hand down upon the blue button. The platform started to grow a bright, golden light, and Lisa's first visitor materialized into the room in front of her.

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