Lisafest 2015 Crossover Extravaganza

BY : Lennox
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Family Girl

      The gold light formed within the teleporter's circular walls as the loud whirring filled the room. Lisa watched as the glowing orb of energy took shape on the platform. An older woman appeared in the room, naked and covered with a sticky white substance. She had her eyes closed, and she was groaning as she kept a tight grip on a vibrator that she had wedged between her legs.

      "Oh fuck... fuck... FUCK!" the red-headed woman screamed as she was thrown into her climax. She fell back onto the platform, head landing with a soft thump while struggling to keep the toy within her. Her legs were twitching on the floor, almost shaking uncontrollably as her pussy spasmed against the toy. She opened her eyes once her orgasm died down. The first thing she saw was the concrete roof above her head, incredibly different from the wooden roof of the barn she was just in. With her body needing to rest after her cum, it was a struggle to force herself to sit up.

      "Hi," Lisa smiled and waved. "You look like you enjoyed yourself. I'm Lisa. What's your name?" The red-headed woman smiled. She was naked, covered in cum, and she'd just been seen bringing herself to an incredible orgasm. She slowly spread her legs for Lisa. She wanted her to watch as she pulled the toy from her cunt. The dark red surface was slick with cum and juices, and several thick strands hung between the toy and her body. Looking straight into the girl's eyes, she switched the toy off and held it towards Lisa's face.

      "Lick it," the woman said. Lisa didn't know why she didn't refuse... or even hesitate. But she opened her mouth and pressed her tongue against the smooth, soaked surface. The woman slid the toy down along Lisa's tongue until she reached the tip and then pushed it into her mouth.

      "I'm Lois," the woman said as she slowly pulled the toy from Lisa's mouth. "And you can help me clean up."

      Lisa knew the white sticky stuff was cum, that much was clear. But it didn't taste anything like Bart's. This was just... different and she couldn't put her finger on it. Leaving the toy in Lisa's mouth, Lois sat on the edge of the platform and let her legs dangle over the side. She picked Lisa up and sat her down on her lap. Lois pulled the toy from her mouth and used it to scoop up some more cum from her crotch before she slowly started to push it inside Lisa's pussy. The young girl quivered as her insides were forced apart. She was still feeling a little empty with Dipper's absence. But the toy was thicker and longer and filled her up quite nicely. She felt the soft rumbling inside her as Lois turned the dial onto it's lowest setting. A soft murmur escaped Lisa's lips, and it made Lois smile just to watch her react to the soft vibrations inside.

      "If you tell me things I like to hear, then I'm going to make you feel really good. "Lois whispered into Lisa's ear. She loved how easy it was to take control of the situation. She had no idea where she was, or who she was with. All she knew is that they were both horny, and Lois was confident.

      "So you do you do this kind of stuff often?" Lois asked. Lisa nodded straight away was with the dial being turned by one setting.

      "With who?" she asked while slowly dragging her fingers over the young girl's bum. 

      "With... with my brother," Lisa shamelessly whimpered. This wasn't the answer she was expecting, but Lois didn't let her surprise show. Instead, she simply moved her fingers between Lisa's cheeks and pushed two inside her hole. Lisa gasped as she sat up straight and arched her back.

      "Is he watching us?" Lois asked. "Through that mirror?" Lisa bit her lip and nodded.

      "He's... he's recording us too," For Lois, this got better and better. She didn't seem to care that she didn't know where she was or how she got there, she just wanted to make this young girl cum. She turned the dial up to the next level, letting Lisa moan and squirm in her lap before she began to scoop up all the cum from her stomach. She collected as much as she could and rubbed it on one of her tits, making sure to lather as much as she could over her erect, pink nipples.

      "Then let's give him a show, Lois grinned, pushing Lisa's head to her breast.

      Lisa eagerly took the nipple between her open-mouthed lips and flicked her tongue at the cummy mess over Lois's nipple. She dragged her head over the breast, her tongue following and collecting the massive amount of seed as she went. Her lips soon closed around the nipple and Lois turned the dial to its next setting while she slowly began to pump her fingers in and out of Lisa's ass. But as Lisa sucked on the older woman's breast, the last thing she expected to feel was a squirt of warm liquid splash over her tongue. She froze and glanced up at Lois, who merely smiled and gestured for her to keep going. Lisa's cheeks caved into her mouth as she gave another small suck and another spurt of milk landed on her tongue. Lisa gave herself a few seconds to study the unique taste before she began to drink.

      Lois turned the vibrator up to its highest setting and she quickly had Lisa squirming on her lap. Lois began to fuck the young girl with her toy and fingers, slowly pumping them in and out of her young and horny body while she fed her. Lisa trembled on Lois's lap as she stretched her legs out as far as they could go. She could feel her orgasm rapidly approaching and it took all of her concentration not to pull away from her breast. But Lois decided to tease the young girl, and she slowly withdrew the rumbling toy. Lisa whimpered, but she didn't pull her lips away from the nipple.

      "Do you want to cum, Lisa?" Lois whispered as she held only the tip of the toy at her folds. Softly, Lisa nodded, glancing up from her breast and pleading with her eyes.

      "Then cum!" Lois slammed the toy back inside her and buried her fingers inside her ass. Lisa was thrown off her breast as a squirt of milk splashed her in the face. Leaving the toy inside her, Lois grabbed Lisa's head and pulled her into a deep, passionate kiss. The eight-year-old girl started to writhe and shudder. Her body was suddenly being racked with the pleasures of her orgasm. Lisa slammed her legs together around the vibrator and bucked her hips against the toy. She was moaning and squirming into the kiss. But Lois held a tight grip on the back of her head and refused to let her pull away. She could feel Lois's tongue explore her mouth, reaching far deeper than Bart's ever did. The kiss was held until Lois felt Lisa relax, her orgasm finally down and her body going limp. Lois turned the vibrator off and carefully eased it from her depths. The hard plastic surface was soaked in her juices, and Lois slipped the toy inside her mouth. Lisa sighed and rested her head against Lois's shoulder, watching as the older woman sucked Lisa's lustful juices of the toy's smooth and slick surface.

      "So what were you doing before you got here?" Lisa finally asked. 

      "You know all that cum I had on me?" she asked. Lisa nodded, licking her lips as she remembered the strange taste. "Well, I was sitting on the floor in a barn and I had just finished sucking off a horse." Lisa blinked.

      "That... that was horse cum?" she asked in disbelief. Lois proudly nodded. "I licked horse cum off you? No way!" 

      "Yes way, Lisa. I sucked and rubbed the horse to orgasm and he came all over me. I was so horny I couldn't help myself. I coated the vibrator in it and fucked myself nice and hard. Next thing I know, I ended up here."

      "Were you... no, never mind," Lisa said, deciding at the last minute to shy away from her question. 

      "Was I what, Lisa? You can ask me."

      "Were you... going to... fuck the horse?" Lisa asked. Lois grinned and lowered her head down beside Lisa's ear. She uttered a single word. 

      "Yes," she whispered. That word sent a shiver down Lisa's spine. She loved horses and ponies, but it wasn't until now that she wanted to try sleeping with one.

      "As soon as you send me back, I'm going to get on all fours and let that stallion mount me." Lois picked Lisa up off her lap and placed her on the platform. "And as much as I've enjoyed our time together, I want that cock inside me. So, would you mind?" Lisa turned to the mirror and gave Bart the signal. Lois grabbed her vibrator and got to her feet. She looked down at the toy as the blue and white light started to surround her. She quickly gave it one last suck before she pushed it into Lisa's mouth.

      "Keep it," Lois winked as she was teleported away.

      Lisa pulled the vibrator from her lips. It was the first time she was able to get a decent look at it. It was red and at least seven inches long. As the teleporter whirred to life once more to bring the next person, Lisa turned the toy in her hands to gaze over its surface. She stopped and stared at the word 'Brian' printed in white cursive writing on its slick, red surface.

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