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BY : Lennox
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Simpsons. The characters are the property of Disney/Fox and I am not associated with the creators or owners of the show. This story is a work of fan-fiction that is written for non-profit and entertainment purposes only.

Volume 9

      Lisa Simpson had loved her education for as long as she could remember. She loved going to school, attending her classes, listening to her teachers, and everything about her studies. But now, in her eighth year of schooling, Lisa sat in the most boring class she’d ever attended. Even though it was being taught by Allison’s father, Mr. Taylor, Lisa still had trouble keeping focused. Lisa forced herself to keep her eyes at the front of the class purely out of respect for her friendly rival, but she couldn’t help letting her mind wander. This was Sexual Education and Lisa felt it was the most boring class in the world. There was nothing that could be taught that she didn’t already know. She had been sleeping with Bart for years now and they had both learned to be careful when it came to their sex lives. After a pregnancy scare, they started using protection and they had to sit down and read up on exactly what they were doing. It was just sex when they were younger. But those days were behind them. Now they were getting older, they had to be smart about it.

      Lisa did her best to hide a small yawn. She had copied the notes on the board down into her book but she wasn’t paying attention to them or what Mr. Taylor was saying. However, her interest piqued at a surprise announcement from Mr. Taylor.

      “Alright everyone, I’ve brought in a DVD to show you. Some of you may not think that it’s part of this course but you’d be surprised.” He held up the case as he reached behind him, switching on the TV mounted to the wall behind his desk. For the first time, Lisa started to show interest in the class. She could tell from a single glance at the cover that this was not an educational film. It looked like it was more a porn movie. Mr. Taylor fiddled with the buttons on the TV and tried to find the right channel for the DVD player. But just as he opened the disc tray, the bell rang through signal the end of class and the end of the day.

      “Damn it,” he whispered before clearing his throat and switching the TV off. “Well, it looks like it’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Class dismissed.” The sound of scraping chairs filled the room and Mr. Taylor sat down at his desk. He said goodbye to a few of his students as they shuffled out the door. Lisa managed to get a look at the title of the movie before she left.


      Lisa went straight into her room and switched on her computer. Once online, and ignoring the usual incest tabs on her browser, she opened up Oogle and punched the name of the film into the search bar.

      “Amateur Legends of the Internet,” she muttered the title as she typed it. Clicking the first link brought up the official web page. Her whole Sex Ed course was dull and boring because she knew everything before she started it. And now, Lisa realized that she was researching the one thing she hadn’t heard of before a day before watching it.

      “This movie explores those who have filmed themselves and put their videos online. In this hour-long documentary, we take a look at the lives of those who are going through puberty and exploring their bodies via the Internet.” With her hand on her face, Lisa scrolled through the web site, her eyes darting back and forth as she read. She clicked on the ‘Cast’ link and scrolled through the names and images of everyone featured on the disc.

      And then she froze.

      In the center of the screen, next to a small wall of text, was her image. She was kneeling on the bed, one arm behind her to support her weight and the other with her hand between her legs. Lisa’s eyes went wide as she stared at the picture of herself. She realized that she had only ever made one video and put it online.

      “Oh no. Oh please no,” she begged as she clicked on her picture as a clip started to play. Lisa already knew what it was going to be, but she still pleaded that it was just some mistake. Maybe it could have been someone who looks like her or perhaps just a different picture entirely. Her heart sank as the video started to play. It showed her fingering herself on the bed, the very same bed that was behind her, and talking to someone off-screen. 

      “Just like this?” her own voice came out of her computer’s speakers.

      “Yeah, Lisa. That’s perfect,” Bart said off-screen, the camera zooming in for a closer look.

      “Fuck Bart, I can’t believe we’re actually putting this online,” Lisa said as Bart put the camera down. His naked body stepped into the frame and towered over Lisa. Their lips met as they fell back onto the bed before the preview clip ended. Lisa trembled as she just stared at the screen. She remembered that video all too well, they had only uploaded it eight months ago but neither of them could imagine that it would end up for sale. Lisa quickly read her bio. It made no mention of Bart being her brother. But that didn’t help, almost everyone in the Sex Ed class, including Mr. Taylor, knew she and Bart were related. And with both of them in the picture, there was nothing she could deny. Lisa took a deep breath and closed the browser. Sex Ed was her final class of tomorrow. She had to get that movie before the end of the day. But what could she do exactly? She couldn’t just walk up to her teacher and admit that she was on the disc. No, it had to be resolved quietly. She had to do something that would seal the matter up permanently; she had to make sure that Mr. Taylor wouldn’t talk about it ever again. Lisa took a deep breath as she knew what she had to do.


      “Come in Lisa, um... why aren’t you out at lunch?” Mr. Taylor asked as Lisa knocked on his office door. She felt so very nervous as she walked into the small office and closed the door behind her, but she forced her feet to carry her to the chair at his desk, dropping her bag beside it.

       “I... um...” she muttered, unsure exactly where to go with this. She knew what she had to do, but she suddenly realized that she didn’t know exactly how to start. 

“Yes, Lisa?”

      “Mr. Taylor... I need... I need to talk to you about the class this afternoon. You... you can’t show that movie.” Lisa cursed herself as soon as she uttered the words. It was the worst thing she could have possibly said and the obvious follow-up question came almost straight away.

      "Why not?” Lisa felt like slumping over her desk. She didn’t have an answer for that, at least not an honest one. She should have rehearsed the conversation before knocking on the door.

      “Because... because... it’s not really suitable? I mean... I did a little research on the movie last night. I know it could be used for the class but it’s mostly pornography. You are the only one in the classroom that’s of legal age. I don’t think that the school board would be too pleased with showing something like that to minors.” Lisa sat back in her chair, trying to stop a grin seeping over her lips. She was quite proud that she came up with that argument on the spot. Mr. Taylor sighed and placed his hands on the desk, interlocking his fingers.

      “Lisa, sexual education is one of the most awkward subjects to teach at school. But it’s also one of the most heavily monitored. Everything that I teach in that class has to be approved by the Department of Education and by the school board.” Mr. Taylor pulled the DVD case from his draw and placed it on his desk. “I understand your concerns, but there is nothing wrong with what I’m going to show everyone. It’s strange, yes. But it's all been approved and I have the paperwork to go with it. I'm happy to photocopy all the documents for you if you'd like.” Lisa’s face fell. Her one argument had just fallen through and she had nothing left but the truth.

      “Now I think you should head back outside for your lunch break. I’ll see you in a couple of hours, Lisa.” Mr. Taylor said as he picked up a pen and started to write. Lisa sat in a slump. There was nothing she could say except the real reason, and there was no way she was going to admit that she made a home video of her with her brother. Lisa took a deep breath. Her hand was trembling, but she forced it onto Mr. Taylor's hand, stopping his writing.

      “Lisa?” He asked before the young girl leaned over the desk and forced a kiss on his lips.

      Mr. Taylor was stunned. He could feel Lisa’s tongue slip into his mouth and for a split second, he wondered what he should do. He knew he could get into a lot of trouble for this, even though it was still forced upon him. But that split second of hesitation was all that Lisa needed to know that she was in control. Mr. Taylor did push away, but Lisa knew that she had the man.

      “Lisa... what? What was that for?” Lisa said nothing as she slipped under his desk. The older man shuddered as he knew exactly where this was going. He kept his eyes focused on his office door. He heard the soft sound of his zipper being pulled down. He could feel Lisa's hands roam over his briefs. His bulge was quite obvious, no longer hidden from her under his desk. Lisa’s hands ran over the lump in his undies and heard a soft moan coming from above the desk. She opened her mouth and dragged her tongue over the bulge. Mr. Taylor shuddered again as his hands gripped the armrests on his chair. Lisa’s movements were slow and deliberate. Each time she moved her tongue, she got the taste of the cotton undies and the feel of his warmth. But she had had enough of the taste of fabric. Her hands slipped into the waistband and pulled it down and around his shaft. Lisa got her first good look. It was a decent size; it looked a bit bigger than Bart’s. But she knew she couldn’t stop now. This was her teacher and her friend’s father. But she had to get that film, no matter what the cost. His hands moved from his chair to Lisa’s head. This was something Bart had done with her almost every time she sucked him off. She rolled her eyes at it, realizing how much of a cliché act it was. She’d seen it done in all the online movies she had seen with her brother. But she wouldn’t let it stop her.

      Lisa’s head was bobbing up and down the shaft, Mr. Taylor grunting and groaning above her. She felt a few small trickles of pre-cum escape onto her tongue, giving her a first taste of the man’s seed. It wasn’t too bad, only slightly sweeter than Bart’s. She figured that her teacher would have a healthier diet than her brother and the taste of his pre-cum only proved it. A thought popped into her mind that withholding her lips from her brother could be an effective way to get him to start eating healthy, instead of Krusty Burger three times a week. Lisa slowly pulled her lips from his shaft, it coming free with a small popping sound. 

      “Ready for the main course?” she asked, but Mr. Taylor gripped the girl’s head and forced her back down her shaft. 

      “I know just what you want, Lisa, but I also know what I want. And if you don’t want me to show this film in class then I want you to swallow first.” Lisa couldn’t help but feel a little rush of excitement go through her, Mr. Taylor finding a little bit of dominance over the young girl. But if swallowing a load of cum was what it would take, then so be it. Mr. Taylor’s hands gripped Lisa’s hand and moved it up and down his dick. He grunted with each thrust, standing up and pushing his chair back so he could fuck the girl’s face. Her teacher barely lasted another minute before he held her lips to his crotch and his shaft erupted several thick spurts of cum into Lisa’s mouth. As a force of habit, she swallowed each spurt. His seed was much better than Bart’s. But she gulped down each rope of semen, making sure that he could hear it. When he was finished, he pulled Lisa’s head off him, but he didn’t let her go.

      “Show me,” he demanded and Lisa opened her mouth, proving that she had swallowed every drop. Mr. Taylor grinned and he started to rummage through the bottom of the draw on his desk. Lisa watched curiously as he pulled out a large stack of papers and folders before reaching down to the back of the draw. He pulled out the last thing Lisa had expected to see inside a teacher’s desk; a large box of condoms. Lisa sat on the edge of the desk, watching with glee as he ripped open the small package and slipped the rubber balloon over his dick. He rolled it down his shaft and pulled Lisa’s panties to the side, pressing it against her cunt. With her hands gripping the edge of the desk, Mr. Taylor pushed himself inside her. Lisa gasped as she arched her back, he felt bigger than he looked. Within seconds, her legs were wrapped around him and he towered over her, pumping himself in and out of her body. Lisa could feel the table bucking and shaking beneath her and she hoped it wouldn’t collapse under their weight.

      Mr. Taylor didn’t seem to care. He leaned over her, his hips pounding away against her thighs. He had already cum once, but he could feel Lisa’s warm inner walls hugging his shaft even though the condom. He was well on his way to another orgasm. Lisa had never pictured herself fucking one of her teachers, but she was finding it very erotic. They could both get in serious trouble if they were caught, but that turned her on even more. Just like her incestuous affair with her brother, it was the risk and the thrill that got her off. Through the slits in the blinds, Lisa could see out the window and onto the grounds below. She could see other students running around and playing, all while she was fucking her teacher for a simple movie.

      “Fuck, Mr. Taylor. I’m going to cum,” she whispered into his ear.

      “You’d better if you want that disc,” he whispered back. She clenched her toes inside her shoes as her whole body twitched and writhed. Her juices splashed over the slick rubber that covered her teacher. Mr. Taylor grunted and hilted himself inside her, his second orgasm hitting him and he erupted into the condom. Lisa felt herself go limp on the desk, her arms behind her the only things keeping her from falling backward. Mr. Taylor panted as he pulled out, falling back onto his chair. He pulled the condom from his dick and tied a small knot in its neck. He reached into the draw for another box, this one filled with small plastic bags. But Lisa took the condom from his hands. She winked at him, opening her mouth and placing it on her tongue. She could taste her juices on the rubber as she bit down on it, the condom breaking and releasing her teacher’s sperm into her mouth. She slowly pulled it from her lips and dropped it into the bag. She adjusted her panties and walked back around to her bag. She picked up the case from his desk and held it up.

      “You said I could keep this, right?” she asked. Mr. Taylor nodded as he wiped his shaft with a tissue and pulled his pants back on.

      “Yep, it’s all yours. But there’s one thing I want to know. Any student could have come in here and said what you said. And they’d accept that I had permission. But you persisted. You didn’t want me to show it to the class because you’re in that movie, aren’t you?” Lisa felt a lump in her throat. She didn’t know what to say, but her lack of an answer was enough. Mr. Taylor smiled at her. “I thought as much, don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone. But I will have to ask you to stay back after school. I think some detention is in order.”

      “Detention?” Lisa protested. “What for?” This time, it was Mr. Taylor who didn’t say anything, and it suddenly clicked in Lisa’s mind. Her shocked expression vanished to a sultry grin.

      “Alright, I’ll stay back. I do need to brush up on my Sex Ed,” she smirked.

      Lisa packed the disk in her bag and walked out of his office. She stole one last glance at her teacher as she closed the door, not paying attention when she bumped into someone.

“Ooof!” Allison said as she dropped a bottle from her hands.

      “Oh... I’m sorry Allison. I didn’t see you there,” Lisa said. She bent down to pick up the plastic bottle that Allison dropped. She heard it rattle as she realized it was filled with pills. She looked at the label, then back at Allison.

      “You’re on birth control?” she asked. Allison snatched the bottle from her hands, urging her to keep her voice down. She quickly looked down the hall to make sure no one had heard her.

      “Are you done with my father Lisa? Because I think it’s my turn,” Allison pushed passed Lisa into the office, winking at her as she closed the door.

      Lisa was halfway down the hall before she realized what Allison had just said. She ran back to the office door and pressed her ear against it. She heard their muffled voices, and then silence. She listened for a little longer, soon hearing the soft thumping sounds of Mr. Taylor’s desk banging against the floor.

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