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BY : Lennox
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Simpsons. The characters are the property of Disney/Fox and I am not associated with the creators or owners of the show. This story is a work of fan-fiction that is written for non-profit and entertainment purposes only.

Volume 5

      “Kids? I’m going to get some groceries for dinner. Just stay here, do your homework, and keep an eye on Maggie. I’ll be back soon.” Marge said as she walked out the front door. Bart and Lisa grinned at each other. They waited for the sound of Marge’s red station wagon pulling out onto the road. As soon as the sound of the engine faded down the street, Bart and Lisa made a mad dash for the boy’s bedroom. Their clothes were quickly discarded and were left in a heap on the floor.

      “Thank God,” Bart said as he pulled down his shorts.” I thought she’d never leave. I still don’t see why we couldn’t have met up during lunch.”

      “Bart, school’s getting too risky. We were almost caught last time. It was just luck I decided to lock the stall door.” 

      “Yeah, but someone walking in didn’t exactly stop me from flooding you, sis.” 

      “Well Mom’s gone so you can ‘flood’ me again,” Lisa smirked as she kicked off her shoes and lay down on her brother’s bed. Bart quickly climbed over her and held his shaft against his sister’s slit. With one hand to grip it, he slowly pushed himself inside his sister’s folds, making both kids moan and squirm around each other. 

      “Damn, sis. Don’t make me go a full day without your pussy ever again.” Bart groaned as Lisa placed his legs over his shoulders. Neither of them could be bothered with the foreplay. They just wanted to cum as quickly as possible. Bart held his hands on his sister’s thighs, slowly thrusting into his sister’s incestuous slit.

      Marge pulled up to the Springfield Mall. She dropped the keys in her handbag and started to rummage for her shopping list. She pulled out her purse, her keys, and her lipstick, and hairbrush. Within seconds, the contents of her bag were sprawled out on the seat next to her.                         “Son of a... I could have sworn I took the list from the fridge. Guess I'm going back home.” Marge sighed as she scooped everything back into her back. She started the car again grumbled to herself on the short trip back to the house. Forget her shopping list was such a small inconvenience, yet it still meant driving back home to get it. She could only remember a handful of things she had written down but she knew she needed more than just a few groceries.

      “And I bet Bart isn’t even doing his homework,” Marge grumbled some more as she stepped out of the car and walked into the house. She was greeted with the sounds of grunting and banging against the wall as she stepped inside.

      “What the hell are they doing up there?” Marge thought to herself as she walked to the kitchen to grab her list. But she stopped dead in her tracks when she heard her daughter’s cry coming from one of the bedrooms upstairs.

      “Oh... God...”

      “That’s Lisa!” Marge panicked and ran up the stairs. Taking two steps at a time, she reached the upper level and ran into Bart’s room only freeze at the sight before her. Bart's eyes were closed as he fucked his, so he didn’t see his mother standing in the door. Lisa, however, did see her. She couldn’t bring herself to say anything, just freezing in place below her brother with wide-open eyes. She tapped him on the arm a few times, Bart opening his eyes. 

      “What is it, sis?” he asked, still not noticing Marge in the doorway. But he turned to look in the direction Lisa was staring and froze just like his sister.

      “Um... Mom. You’re... uh... back early.”

      “JUST WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE?” Marge demanded, her hand gripping the door frame. If she were squeezing it any harder, she’d probably end up ripping it from the wall. Lisa sighed and pushed Bart out of her. They both knew this day would come eventually, yet they were surprised that their secret affair had remained hidden for so long. Lisa swung her legs over the edge of the bed. Neither sibling covered themselves up as Lisa walked over to her mother. 

      “Look, Mom. It’s not that bad. Bart and I...” 

      “Shut up Lisa. I don’t want to hear it,” Marge snapped as she walked to the bed. Lisa couldn’t help but feel a little hurt. Her mother had never spoken to her like that. She knew then that she and Bart were in serious trouble.

      “Mom, look, don’t be mad at Lisa. It’s me. I’m the one who was...” 

      “Not another word young man,” Marge said, pushing Bart back down on the bed. To Bart and Lisa’s surprise, Marge pulled her dress up over her head. Their eyes widened as she revealed that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath the green piece of clothing. Once it was free of her tall blue hair, she tossed it on the floor to join her kid’s clothes.

      “I’m not going to have my kids fucking their brains out while I’m left unsatisfied every single night. Lisa, you get over here and you get your mother off!” Both Bart and Lisa looked at each other. They were both very confused. One minute they thought they’d be in the biggest trouble they’d ever been in. The next, their mother was naked and going to join them? 

      “Lisa, I meant now!” Marge said again, her words still just as stern as when she walked into the room. Lisa didn’t want to argue with her and she quickly moved between her mother’s legs. Marge’s slit was very different to Lisa’s. There was a neat and trimmed tuft of blue pubic hair, her slit longer and bigger than her own. Lisa had very little experience with other women, only really experimenting on herself. But she bravely pressed two fingers against her mother’s slit, amazed that she was able to slide them in so easily.

      “No, Lisa. Use your mouth,” Marge said as she turned to face Bart, her hand wrapped around the bottom of his shaft. “I’ll be using mine,” she winked at him as she parted her lips, sinking her face around his boyhood. Bart was speechless as he felt his mother's lips around his cock. For Marge, Bart wasn’t as big as Homer. In fact, she didn’t have anyone to compare him too. His shaft would easily fill Lisa’s mouth, yet left plenty of space behind Marge’s lips. As she bobbed up and down on her son, she felt Lisa’s tongue press against her folds. Keeping one hand around the base of Bart’s prick, her other hand went to the back of Lisa’s head and urged her to go deeper. Her tongue penetrated her lips, Lisa getting the first taste of her mother’s flavor.

      Bart was close when Marge walked into the room, so he knew he wouldn’t last long inside his mother’s mouth. Her technique was incredible, much better than Lisa’s. Bart tried hard not to picture her doing this to Homer. But it wasn’t much longer before he felt that familiar feeling rumbling inside his balls.

      “Mom... I’m... it’s coming...” he grunted. Bart expected Marge to pull off him. But to the surprise of both siblings, she didn’t and Marge pushed Bart’s shaft as far back as she could. She felt Bart’s shaft twitch and fill her mouth with cum. The boy groaned and gripped the sheets in his hands, never did he ever expect to shoot his load into his mother’s mouth.

      “Don’t think I’m done with you yet, young man. You came out of me almost eleven years ago. And now, you’re going back in.” Marge grinned as she moved on top of her son. She was a little disappointed that Lisa hadn’t made her cum, but the girl was just too inexperienced. It was something that Marge would make a point of teaching her later.

      “Lisa, sit on Bart’s face. He’s going to eat you out as I ride him.” Bart shivered in the anticipation or the order. He couldn’t believe this was actually happening to him. He watched with glee as Marge straddled him. With one leg hanging off the side of the bed, she slowly lowered herself down on top of him. Bart groaned as he felt his dick vanish inside the very pussy he had crawled out over a decade ago. But as Marge started to ride him, his vision was filled with Lisa’s ass. His eager tongue went to work on her pussy almost straight away, dipping inside her folds and making her squirm around him. Marge returned her hand to the back of Lisa’s head and pulled her against her chest.

      “You used to drink from these as a baby,” Marge smiled as Lisa latched her mouth onto her mother’s breast. While Marge wasn’t lactating, that didn’t stop Lisa from gently biting and sucking her nipples. She could feel Bart’s tongue lap into her depths. Unlike her brother, she hadn’t had a chance to cum yet. She pressed her feet against both sides of his head, keeping herself steady and on top of his face. Meanwhile, Marge wasn’t as satisfied as she thought she’d be. She had just forced herself onto her son and, while riding him, thought he would have been better than Homer. But what Bart lacked in size, he made up for in energy. His hips would meet up with Marge’s waist as she rode him, Bart bucking upwards towards his mother. Marge found herself more turned on by the idea of the act, rather than the act itself. But there was no way she was going to leave the room without cumming. As she rode her son and as her daughter licked and sucked on her breast, her hand gripped her other tit, pinching and teasing her nipple herself.  She shuddered from her treatment of herself, groaning as Bart pistoned his hard and eager shaft inside her.

      Despite Bart having cum only a few minutes before, he could feel his second orgasm quickly brewing inside him.

      “Fuck... Mom. I’m going to shoot again...” he groaned inside Lisa’s pussy.

      “Do it, Bart. I want it, I want to feel it!” 

      “Here it is, Mom. You can have another Maggie inside you,” Bart grunted. His thick seed shot straight into his mother and flooded her womb. As soon as Bart spoke, the thought of pregnancy had only just opened her mind. She felt herself cum at the idea of giving birth to her son’s child and shuddering over his squirting shaft. Bart's hands gripped Lisa’s ass and he pushed his tongue as deep as his could, making his sister squirm on his face. It wasn’t long before Lisa came, coating Bart’s tongue and lips in her orgasmic juices.

      The three of them collapsed on the bed and basked in their afterglow. The whole room stunk of sex, and their spent bodies had trouble finding the energy to move. But after a few minutes, it was Marge who sat up first. She groaned and idly rubbed her cunt, still feeling her son’s warm seed swimming inside of her.

      “I think I should probably go back to the store before it closes. I still don’t have a thing for dinner.” She stood and collected her dress from the floor, but left it gripped in her hand rather than slipping it back on.

      “I’ll think I’ll need to put something else on before I go. I can’t wander the mall with my son’s cum leaking from my cunt now, can I?” She gave both Bart and Lisa deep and passionate kisses before leaving. But she stopped at the door, turning to face her children.

      “Kids, I’m not going to stop you from doing this. Just make sure your father doesn’t find out. And let me join in once in a while, huh?” Marge smiled and winked at them before closing the door and walking away. Bart and Lisa grinned at each other. There was something they found hot about their mother’s permission to fuck each other’s brains out. Bart crawled over his sister, pressing his shaft against her slit. He was a little sore, but still hard and he knew he could give her at least one more load of cum that she craved so much.

      “Now, where were we?” he playfully asked her, pressing their lips together as he sunk his cock inside his little sister.

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