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BY : Lennox
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Simpsons. The characters are the property of Disney/Fox and I am not associated with the creators or owners of the show. This story is a work of fan-fiction that is written for non-profit and entertainment purposes only.

Volume 4

      Lisa sat naked on the couch with her friends Allison Taylor, Jessica Lovejoy, twins Sherri and Terri Mackleberry, and Alex Whitney. The topic of their masturbation habits had come up during lunchtime conversation and, much to Jessica’s insistence, they had decided to ‘compare notes’ on how they got off. Jessica, as always, was never shy about anything sexual and she stripped down as soon as they walked into the house, not even bothering to check if Homer or Marge were home.

      “So, who goes first?” Lisa asked after the girls had become accustomed to their naked bodies. With the curtains drawn, their clothes and shoes lay in a heap on the floor.

      “I will,” Jessica raised her hand almost straight away.

      “Yeah, I figured you’d be keen," Allison scoffed. "Honestly, Jessica. You’re such a slut.” Both Sherri and Terri covered their mouths to muffle their giggles.

      “You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Jessica said as she flicked a hand through her jet-black hair. “Or maybe you’re just jealous that you’re still a virgin.” Allison blushed a little and lowered her gaze, but all other eyes fell on Jessica.

      “You’re not?” Lisa asked in disbelief.

      "Of course I'm not," Jessica rolled her eyes.

      “No way,” Sherri and Terri said in unison.

      “That’s not too hard to believe,” Alex said as she folded her arms. “I mean, it’s pretty obvious the with way Jessica acts. And it’s not like she’s the only one. Lisa’s been fooling around with Bart for ages; Sherri and Terri have each other. Allison and I, well... that’s no biggie.” Allison felt a little better knowing that she wasn’t the only one to still have her hymen intact.

      “Well, that all well and good but we’re getting off-topic. How do we decide who goes first... fairly?” Lisa said, extending her question to point at Jessica as she raised her hand again.

      “Well, how about we do rock, paper scissors?” Allison said. “Whoever wins can go first.” The girls looked at each other, all nodding and agreeing that it was an easy and acceptable way to decide. All three girls shook their fists. Once, twice, and then they formed their chosen result. Lisa, Allison, and Jessica were eliminated in the first round (much to Jessica’s disappointment), with Alex’s paper losing to Sherri and Terri’s scissors.

      “Quite appropriate, isn’t it,” Sherri said.

      “Wait, you two aren’t going against each other?” Lisa pointed her finger between them.

      “Oh we’ll go against each other alright,” Terri said, making Sherri giggle as she leaned back and placed one leg up on the backrest of the couch. Sherri wasted no time in rubbing her fingers over her twin sister’s snatch and dipping them between her folds. It wasn’t long before Terri was writhing and moaning on the sofa, her hand on her chest and panting as she was pushed over the edge of her orgasm. At the last second, she moved her leg and sat on the edge of the couch, her sister rubbing her clit as she came, her juices squirting from her lower lips. Terri had only barely stopped squirting when she heard Sherri clear her throat beside her. 

      “Ahem?” Sherri had already assumed her sister’s position. Terri looked at her fingers and decided against them, shocking everyone as she lowered her head to Sherri’s cunt and began lapping her tongue over her folds. Thanks to the countless nights they shared, the two girls knew exactly what would get them off. After spending only a few minutes with her tongue in Sherri’s folds, Terri had hit that perfect spot inside her. Sherri pushed Terri away before sitting up and squirting off the edge of the couch.

      With the twin’s done, the four remaining girls shook their fists. Lisa, Allison, and Jessica all chose paper, Alex chose rock. The girl shrugged and moved onto the green sofa, pushing Lisa off. 

      “If I’m going to do this in front of you, then I’m going to at least be comfortable.”

      “But that was my seat. I was sitting there!” Lisa protested. Alex just rolled her eyes as she sunk back in the seat and slipped her hand between her legs.

      “Geez, Lisa. Don’t be such a Phoebe.” Lisa crossed her arms and sat on the floor in a huff. She might have been grumpy over the loss of her seat, but she still watched as Alex fingered herself. The girl was soon moaning and shuddering on the single couch. With one hand over her cunt, the other was gripping the edge of the armrest as she slumped over it.

      “Oh....ffffffffuuuuuccccckkkkkkk...” Alex moaned and lifted her leg over the other arm rest. She shuddered as she came, her thicker juices squirting from her soaked folds. Alex rested her hand on her leg as she let herself recover. She’d never gotten herself off with an audience before and she found it to be more exciting than she expected.

      It was a three-way tie for the next round. Lisa chose paper, Jessica chose scissors, and Allison chose rock. For the redraw, Lisa chose paper again while both Allison and Jessica chose scissors. Jessica swore under her breath as Lisa took the single couch. Alex’s legs felt like they’d collapse underneath her as she moved back to her spot on the floor. 

      “It’s been a while since I’ve gotten myself off. Bart usually does it for me,” Lisa smirked. She lifted her leg over the armrest and held it with her hand. Her other hand pressed against her clit. All the girls could see her middle finger dip inside her, Lisa arching her back and cooing. Her thumb and index finger pinched her clit as she jiggled her wrist, fucking herself with her finger. She gasped and bit her lower lip, clenching her eyes shut and focusing on the thoughts of her brother.

      “I’ll be right back,” Jessica said. She stood up and walked out of the room. But Lisa didn’t hear her and none of the girls seemed to acknowledge that she left. They had their attention focused on the middle Simpson child as she rapidly fingered herself to an orgasm. It came quicker than expected, the abuse of her clit driving her over that pleasurable edge. She gasped for breath, grunting as she stuck out her hips and squirted her juices out into the air. The girl shivered and shuddered as she came, her toes clenching as her body was racked with self-pleasure. Afterward, with a very satisfied look on her face, she got to her shaky feet and moved onto the other couch next to the twins.

      Jessica had made it back just in time to see Lisa slowly vacate the chair and Allison to take her place. The brunette had a smug look on her face as Jessica walked back into the room, with something clenched in her fist. 

      “Damn,” she sighed and took a spot on the floor. The girls watched as Allison started to get herself off. First, she pushed a finger into her slit. Then a second, and then a third. With her middle finger on top of her index and ring fingers, Allison sat on the edge of her seat. The girls were amazed with that she could take three fingers, but they didn’t let their curiosity interrupt. They watched as Allison bucked her hips into her fingers, her other hand gripping the couch cushion. The girl grunted and groaned, her body going rigid as she came, pulling her fingers out just in time to squirt her juices through the air.

      “Wow, Allison. Three fingers. I’ve got to admit I’m impressed,” Jessica nodded. As soon as Allison left the couch, Jessica took her place. Her hand was still clenched tightly around something in her palm.

      “As pointed out before, I am a slut and I’m proud of it. I’m never shy when it comes to anything sexual. I do like to touch on the more... extreme side every now and again.” Jessica opened her hand. She had run down into the basement and grabbed three clothespins.

      “What are you doing with those?” Lisa asked, almost afraid of the answer.

      “Watch and learn, Lisa. This could be an interesting lesson for you.” Jessica shuffled to the edge of the seat. Leaving two of the clothespins in her fist, she held one open and brought it to her chest. She gasped and hissed as she let it snap shut over one of her nipples, the sharp sting of pain shooting through her body. The girls almost jumped as it closed upon Jessica's flesh. Her body went rigid and her limbs seemed to twitch. Jessica was clearly feeling it, but not a sound escaped her lips. Jessica took a few deep, rapid breaths as she positioned the second clothespin over her other nipple. She shut her eyes as tightly as she could and let the pin closed over her. 

      “Nnnnggghhhhhh.....” she grunted, the first sound of discomfort.

      “Oh god,” Allison covered her eyes. She knew exactly where the third pin was going. With her body still filled with the pinching and searing pain, Jessica snapped the third clothespin over her clit.

      “FUCK!” Jessica screamed as she shuddered on the couch. “FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!” Lisa stood up and ran to the side of the sofa, reaching over to pull them off. But Jessica grabbed her arm. She turned to face Lisa, tears streaming down her face.

      “DON’T... YOU... DARE...” she pushed Lisa’s arm away. She was clearly in sharp and stinging pain, probably too much for her young body to handle. But that didn’t stop her from shoving two fingers into her cunt. Jessica's eyes found a fixed point on the curtains that she could focus on while her other hand tugged on the clothespin over her clit. Jessica’s chest heaved and fell as each second of pain brought her closer and closer to cumming. The girls sat and watched in shock, they couldn’t understand why Jessica would do this to herself. But despite their disbelief, they couldn’t look away. They watched as Jessica’s body tensed up, her legs and feet twitching against the green felt.

      “Fuck... fuck, I’m close...” Jessica almost yanked her fingers from her cunt as her juices squirted from her abused body. As soon as she came, she collapsed back into the chair and slowly removing the clothespins. She dropped them on the floor as she slowly rubbed the numbing the pain away.

      Lisa turned to her brother. Bart had sat amongst the group in silence and his was face was the welcome recipient of each of their orgasms. After taking the first couple of squirts into his mouth,  he let the rest spray over his face and resisted the urge to wipe himself clean.

      “So Bart,” Lisa asked him. “How’d you like the different flavors?”

      “Everyone was amazing. Call me a little biased if you want, but I still think Lisa had the best taste.” Bart winked at his sister, licking his lips as the other girls grumbled a little. Lisa smirked and moved to the couch next to the twins, spreading her legs.

      “You still thirsty big brother? I'm sure I’ve got another one left in me.”

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