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BY : Lennox
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Volume 6

      This was the night Lisa had been waiting for. She had spent weeks of preparation and no small amount of use on her father’s credit card to exact her revenge on a few unsuspecting individuals. The first was Francine, an older girl who would tease and bully her and any other nerd within sniffing range. The second was Jessica Lovejoy. Lisa had never fully taken any revenge on the girl who framed her brother for stealing the collection plate money. As satisfying as it was to point her out in front of the whole church and then prove it, it just wasn’t enough. The third, and final person, was Bart. True, she and Bart had been lovers for years now, but they still had to put up the charade of disagreeing siblings to fool their unsuspecting parents. They would bicker, tease, and argue when they were being watched, but inseparable behind closed doors. Even though Lisa was now fifteen-years-old and was wise to Bart’s pranks and jokes, she knew her brother never meant any of the things he said and did… except for one. Bart had gone too far.

      Lisa received a couple of packages earlier in the day and she snuck them up to her room without being noticed. When she was eight, she received a strap-on dildo in the mail that formed with her body and became a fully-functioning cock that made her very horny. Lisa had even raped one of her friends in the bathroom at school when she was unable to control her urges. She had worn and used it many times since then, but one cock just wasn’t enough. Lisa did some research online and found the site where she could order another one. Her cock would last a full twenty-four hours before it turned back into a plastic toy. But that was too long for what Lisa had in mind. The second cock she had ordered was different from the first and it would only last half as long. By the time she’d be finished, her cock would be nothing more than a toy hidden away in the bottom of her closet.

      It was Friday evening and Lisa had invited both Jessica and Francine under the guise of burying the hatchet between them. Lisa quickly drugged them after they arrived and carried the girls into the basement. They would be sleeping for hours, long enough for Lisa to strip them down and drug her parents to put them to sleep as well. They would remain upstairs, sleeping as Lisa’s debaucherous acts were performed two stories below. But now, Lisa was feeling nervous and getting impatient. As the family ate dinner, she couldn’t help but feel a little agitated. She knew it would take some time for the drugs that she had slipped onto her parent’s plates would take a little time to come into effect, but each second was an agonizing wait. But as Marge cleared the table, she started to sway as a wave of tiredness hit her. Without cleaning up, she said goodnight and dragged herself up to bed. Homer, however, did not make it to bed. He lay down on the couch in front of the TV with a beer in his hand. Barely a minute into his movie and the older man was already snoring away, his open can of Duff sitting on the floor.

      “Meet me in the basement Bart. I’m just going to get ready,” Lisa smirked as she opened the door for him. She slapped her brother’s ass on the way through. Lisa had told him of her plan to drug their parents so they could have a night to themselves. But as he walked down the stairs a flicked on the light, he saw Francine and Jessica, unconscious, gagged, and chained to a pipe along the wall. By then Lisa had already locked the basement door and was up in her room, pulling out her package. She ripped the box open and took her first look at her new strap-on. This one was longer than the first one, much longer. This was the ‘pony’ model. Lisa couldn’t contain her excitement as she stripped down and slipped her legs through the crotchless panties. She was able to detach the shaft from the panties. There was no way she’d be able to get dressed with a horse cock poking out in front of her. She pulled out the rest of her outfit. It was a black latex suit, covering her from her neck down to her ankles. She shivered as the cold material came in contact with her skin, cursing that she never gave this suit a trial run. Except for her head, hands, feet, and a hole over her cunt, her body was completely covered. Lisa attached the cock back to the panties it came with, slipping through the hole in the front. She stood there in front of her mirror, just stroking the toy. Fuelled by her secret fetish for horses, Lisa wished that she could be on the receiving end of this toy, sparking a thought in her mind. 

      “If I were to put this inside me, would that mean it would...?” Lisa didn’t get to finish her thought as the black plastic toy turned yellow and become part of her. Lisa sat in her chair to admire her new cock. It felt warm and firm in her hands and she cooed as it stood up against her chest. It was bigger than she imagined, at least 10 inches long. It suddenly occurred to her that she could cause some severe damage to those locked away downstairs, but it was too late to turn back now. Lisa pulled on a pair of black high-heel spurs onto her feet and a cowboy hat on her head. She admired herself in the mirror, covered in black latex with the cock jutting out from between her legs. She took a few pictures on her phone in various poses, before grabbing the second package and opening her bedroom door.

      Lisa felt her cock twitch as her body fed off the lust her new toy provided. She almost keeled over and she had to support herself on the wall. This toy was bigger than her old one, so she was feeling hornier. She wanted nothing more than to sit down and jerk herself off over and over again. And her high heels weren’t helping with her lustful stumbling. But she started getting used to them as she lowered the stairs. Lisa walked by her father and made it to the basement door. She pressed her ear against it and could hear the voices of her captives. Lisa took a breath and opened the door.

      “Well howdy there, partners,” she said with a thick and fake Texan accent. The eyes of Bart, Jessica, and Francine all fell on Lisa, their jaws dropping. Lisa stood at the bottom of the stairs, leaning back against the wall. She had one foot pressed up against the wall, one hand pulling the hat down over her eyes and the other behind her back.

      “Lisa....?” Bart was at a loss for words. He didn’t know if he should be angry that Lisa had locked him in the basement or if he should be shocked about her new cock. Cautiously, he approached her. Lisa waited until he was close enough before she lashed out with a hidden pair of handcuffs from behind her back, and Bart was cuffed to the railing before he could even react.

      “Lisa? Hey, what gives? What are you doing?” Bart cried to his sister. Even though he was a couple of years older, Lisa had been living a much healthier lifestyle. On top of being a vegetarian, she exercised regularly. She was confident that she was much fitter and stronger than her brother. She began to pull his pants off, moving out his kicking legs and feet. But with Jessica and Francine in the corner of his eye, he wasn’t going to submit to his sister without a fight.

      Lisa took a pair of scissors to his shirt. He was as naked as the other two girls. Lisa opened the second package. It was a saddle, with an attachment for a dildo protruding from the top.                    “Hands and knees, Bart,” she ordered. Bart turned away with a huff. He wasn’t going to play this game with her. But his tone changed when he felt something against his ass. It was warm, hard, and... Bart looked behind him to see Lisa’s cock pressing against his ass. Lisa had a smug look on her face.

      “Either you do what you want, or I do,” Lisa said. Bart gulped, cautiously getting down onto his one hand and knees. Lisa attached the saddle around his waist and climbed on top of him, the dildo slipping easily inside her slit. Lisa shivered as Bart felt himself buckle under her weight. One hand was just not enough to support himself.

      "Uh...Lisa?” Bart stammered.

      “I’m way ahead of you, big brother.” Lisa released his hand from the cuff. Bart sighed as his palm hit the ground. Lisa was still heavy for him, but at least her feet touched the ground so she could help support herself. But then he felt her cock again. It was resting on his head. He looked up and he could see the tip just over his spiky hair.  Trying not to think about it too much, he followed Lisa’s finger, pointing squarely at Francine.

      The red-headed bully could only move away so far before her chains reached the brackets of the pipe. Unable to go any further, Lisa stopped her brother right in front of her. Bart was at the perfect height so that her shaft was pointing at her mouth.

      “Not so tough now are you, Francine? So here’s how it’s going to happen. You’re going to wrap your cock-loving lips around me and take as much as you can. If I feel the slightest hint of you biting down, this cock is going in your ass. Every inch, dry.” Francine didn’t want to open her mouth, for fear of Lisa shoving it in. She pursued her lips, pulling back as far as she could and rapidly shook her head. Lisa had expected this, so she just grinned.

      “You want to get out of here, don’t you?”

      Before long, Francine had bought Lisa to the edge of orgasm. As Bart’s hands and knees buckled beneath him, the first few inches of Lisa’s cock had been buried inside Francine’s lips. After making it clear that she wouldn’t be freed until she did what she was told, it wasn’t long before Lisa could feel that familiar feeling of an orgasm building up in her balls. She grunted as she came, her first spurt flooding Francine’s mouth and sending cum seeping out from the corners of her mouth and out of her nose.

      “Holy shit,” Lisa cried from the sheer force of her orgasm. It seemed that the strap-on was not just the length of a horse; it was as productive as one too. Francine pulled off her shaft, coughing and spluttering with the thick seed in the back of her throat. Lisa smiled as Francine’s head was covered in her thick seed, still coughing as each spurt brought another mouthful to her face and hair.

      Much to Bart’s relief, Lisa walked over to Jessica on her own feet and not with his trembling hands and knees. But Jessica wasn’t cowering in fear and trying to back away. She stood proudly with a big grin on her lips.

      “I was wondering when you two would finish,” Jessica said. Lisa placed her hands on Jessica’s hips and held her shaft against Jessica’s slit.

      “I should have figured that you’d want this,” Lisa smirked as the reverend’s daughter shrugged her shoulders.

      “Hey, I’ll fuck and suck any cock that looks impressive enough. And yours looks very impressive, Lisa.” 

      “Be careful what you wish for, Jess,” Lisa grinned evilly. The look sent a cautious shiver up Jessica’s spine. Both girls kept their footing as Lisa started to force her way inside Jessica, while both Bart and Francine watched on in amazement as Jessica’s pussy seemed to swallow her cock. At least six inches of Lisa’s shaft had vanished inside of Jessica's depths. Lisa knew that Bart and Jessica had had sex at least once during their teenage years, Bart telling his sister how he much preferred her cunt over Jessica’s. But now that she could feel it herself, Lisa finally knew what Bart was feeling every time they had sex. It was a warm and moist tunnel, and there truly nothing else like it. But even though Lisa had just cum over Francine’s face, her second orgasm was already building. When she shot inside Jessica, the thick seed flooded her instantly. The sheer force made Lisa take a couple of steps back, pulling her shaft from Jessica’s stretched hole as she shot the last of her massive load over Jessica’s body. The girl felt the warm sticky mess pooling below her feet, her cunt dripping like a leaking tap. Lisa stood back to admire her work. Francine’s face and hair were coated with her seed, as was Jessica’s body. The only difference was that Jessica actually enjoyed it. Lisa turned to her brother, her hands on her hips as she moved to stand over him. With her cock still hard and pointing directly at his face, Lisa leaned forward and uttered five simple words.

      “Don’t piss me off again.” Bart gulped as he realized what he had just seen. The entire evening had been a warning. Lisa could attach a fully functional horse cock at will and she would be willing to use it against him if he took another prank too far. Trembling, Bart nodded.


      Half an hour later, Lisa came back down into the basement with two plates of food. She had drugged and had her way with the two girls, so she decided that she should at least feed them. Marge always cooked fantastic meals and there were always leftovers. It seemed only fair. Both girls were starving. Francine tucked into her meal while Jessica used her knife to scrape Lisa’s seed from her stomach onto her dinner. She mixed in the extra ingredient before eating her food.

      “Now then,” Lisa began as she twirled a set of keys around her finger. “Francine and Jessica. I do hope this experience has taught you both a little something, along as a warning to my dear brother. Before bringing your food down, I crushed some sleeping pills into it. I’d say you’ve got half an hour before it kicks in and you’ll pretty much collapse on the spot. So you’ve got a choice.” Lisa removed the chains from the girls, freeing them from their bonds. “You can either stay here or take your revenge on me or you can head home. It’s dark outside and you’ll notice that your clothes aren’t here. I’ve gotten rid of them, so if you don’t want to pass out naked in the middle of the street, I’d suggest you get a move on.” Lisa knew Jessica would be all for the idea of sleeping naked outside (and she had probably done so before) but she also knew that she’d try to be her new best friend after all this.

      “This isn’t over Simpson,” Francine said as she walked past Lisa.

      “Oh I think it is, Francine,” Lisa said. “You’re going to go home and pass out. When you wake up, this will have felt like a dream. And even if you do manage to convince people it’s real, then what? My cock will have gone by then. This isn’t something I was born with. It’s nothing more than a working attachment. Now you’d best get a move on. The clock is ticking.” Francine glared at her and Lisa could see that she was trying to figure out what she should do. Should she stay and take her revenge, or go home and try to be in bed before the drugs hit her. Within seconds, she had gone. Jessica, however, didn’t want to forget.

      “I’ll make a note for myself in case I do think it’s been a dream. You’ll be fucking me again Lisa, you mark my words.” To both Bart and Lisa’s surprise, Jessica kissed Lisa before walking upstairs and out into the street.

      “What....what about me Lisa? You going to drug me too?” Lisa looked at her brother, standing up and removing the saddle from around his waist. Lisa shook her head.

      “Nope, I want you to remember this. So that next time you decide to take a prank too far you’ll know what you’re in for. But as for right now, I think you can start cleaning up the mess.” Lisa laughed as she climbed the stairs, leaving Bart alone in the basement. The whole room stank of cum. Bart looked at the massive puddle that was Jessica’s spot and the white spurts on the wall that was behind Francine’s spot. Bart had already learned his lesson. He’d never take a prank to far again.

      “Aww man,” he grumbled as he dug out the cleaning supplies.

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