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BY : Lennox
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Simpsons. The characters are the property of Disney/Fox and I am not associated with the creators or owners of the show. This story is a work of fan-fiction that is written for non-profit and entertainment purposes only.

Volume 1

      For anyone else, it was a simple weekend job. For Lisa Simpson, it was the chance of a lifetime. She had begged and pleaded for a chance to work on a farm that had recently opened just outside of Springfield. The main attraction there were their horses and ponies. The owners would open the farm for school field trips and weekend excursions as a riding school. Business was booming, and it soon became apparent to the owners (who were an older couple) that they would need some help to run the place. After Lisa and the rest of her class visited the farm, she volunteered. The owners weren’t too keen on trusting the animals to such a young girl... at first. They gave Lisa a trial run. They told her what to do and how to do it and the eight-year-old got to work. After a month of close supervision, the owners agreed they could trust her and they hired her on the spot.

      Three weeks later, Lisa was out in one of the furthest fields. She had to stack hay bales in a shed. It was hard work, but being surrounded by her favorite animals was rewarding enough, let alone her pay. Minimum wage was quite substantial for a young girl. This particular paddock was on the edge of the property and was at least a quarter of a mile from the farmhouse. The owner had given her a lift in the tractor, pulling a trailer with small bales of hay and the promise to return later. With the owner and the tractor gone, Lisa was left to her duties.

      The bales of hay were small, but still quite heavy. The young girl struggled to lift them off the trailer. In the end, she restored to rolling and pushing them into place underneath a large, yet open shed next to a pond. With her work done, she had nothing left to do until the farmer came back for her. Lisa thought about taking a rest, kicking off her boots, and lying under a large tree while she waited for her ride back, just watching the horses gallop about.

      “Hmmm, what’s this?” she muttered to herself as she climbed back into the empty trailer. The floor was littered with stray strands of hay, but in the corner was a large wooden brush. Lisa picked it up and strapped it onto her hand. The bristles were thick and hard as she ran her finger through them. She had never brushed a horse before. This was just another opportunity that she wasn’t going to let slip away.

      She jumped off the tractor and made her way back to the shed. What few horses and ponies there were had gathered around the trough. But there was a stallion who stood under the shade of the tree instead. He didn’t eat, he didn’t drink. He just felt content to stand in the shade and be out of the afternoon sun.

      “Bingo,” Lisa muttered to herself and she slowly and carefully approached the animal. She held one arm up in front of her, holding out her hand in a cautious, non-threatening way. Her other hand still had the brush strapped around it, and she kept it hidden behind her back. The horse grunted as he watched the girl slowly approach her. Lisa could see his eyes just staring right at her, almost as if he were trying to pierce her with his gaze. Lisa kept her steady pace, placing one foot in front of the other as she slowly made her way to the animal. The stallion didn’t run, instead, he pushed his face into her hand. Lisa gasped as she felt his fine fur over her palm. She slowly ran her hand up his face, the horse doing nothing to stop her.

      Lisa slowly moved along the stallion’s neck and over his body. She carefully pressed the brush against him, looking for any sign of disapproval. But the black stallion just watched her, not running or whining. With smooth and gentle strokes, she started to brush his thick fur. She kept her other hand on his side, occasionally giving him a reassuring pat as she worked. But as she brushed, she failed to notice the horse’s shaft, slowly growing underneath him. Even though Lisa was a different species, for some reason the horse was fixated on her. Maybe that’s why he didn’t run away. Lisa moved to the other side of the animal, continuing her smooth brushing motions. She got lower and lower until finally, that long pick shaft caught her eye.

      “Holy...” she whispered as she jumped back. She brought her spare hand up to cover her open mouth, shocked that the horse was turned on by her brushing. Lisa couldn’t bring herself to take her eyes off his member. It was almost as long as she was. The horse shook his head and snorted, breaking Lisa’s gaze for a brief second. Lisa remembered back to the time when she let Santa’s Little Helper mount her, remembering the time Bart was there to help their pet dog, and her time with Big Mac. Suddenly, Lisa realized that all she wanted to do was to fuck the horse.

      “There’s no way I can do that. He’d split me in half,” she muttered to herself. But that didn’t stop her from taking a closer look. While her eyes were still locked onto the massive shaft, Lisa slipped her hand from the brush and let it drop to the ground. She took a quick glance around to make sure no one was watching her before falling to her knees. With trembling hands she lifted her arms in front of her. She pressed a single finger against his soft, yet firm warm dick. But she yanked it back almost straight away, fearful of the horse’s disapproval. 

      “It’s so thick...and warm,” Lisa muttered as she brought her hand up to it again. Wrapping her fingers around him, Lisa’s fingertips wouldn’t meet her thumb. The horse was simply too thick for her to grab in her hands. But that didn’t bother Lisa. She shifted herself onto the ground, sitting under the stallion. Lisa had plenty of experience and stories when it came to sex. There was no way she was going to let this opportunity slip through her fingers.

      With both hands, Lisa gripped as much horse cock as she could, starting to jack him off. She could hear him shudder above her. Lisa grinned, thinking that it had been a while for him. A single spurt of pre escaped the horse’s head, splashing over Lisa’s face. Lisa stopped, the sudden burst taking her completely by surprise. She could feel the warm slime over her face and lips. One spurt was more than Bart shot out in an entire load. Lisa couldn’t help herself. She slid her tongue from her mouth and licked her lips. But as soon as she got a taste, she lunged forward with her jaw open. The head of the shaft was bigger than what she was used to. Lisa had to work it past her lips and jaw. But even then, she could barely get the head in. But it was enough for Lisa. The young girl jacked him off while her tongue lapped over the hard and sticky head. She couldn’t wait to get home and tell Bart all about it. Since their lovemaking began, both her and her brother had been wanting to try everything they, or anyone else, could think of. Nothing was too taboo for the secret incestuous couple. Lisa’s tongue found the horse’s piss slit. She was so focused on her blowjob that she didn’t see the horse shuffle his hooves; she didn’t hear him snorting above her.

      Without warning, Lisa's mouth was suddenly filled with more horse cum than she could hold. A single spurt filled her cheeks, rushed out from her nose, and pushed her mouth off his shaft. Lisa kept her grip, coughing and spluttering as the horse came over her face and shirt. When she recovered, she stole a quick taste and fell in love with horse cum almost instantly. She opened her mouth to catch those last massive spurts, coating her face in the white gold. Lisa licked and smacked her lips, savoring the taboo taste. 

      “Oh I’m really going to like this job,” Lisa beamed as she stood up. She wasn’t done with the horse yet, not by a long shot. She kicked off her shoes and pulled down her pants. Normally, Lisa didn’t wear panties, but as this was a new job, she didn’t want to get caught without them. As a plan hatched in her mind, she was grateful to have worn them today.

      “Now I know you’ve got another load in you,” Lisa said as she draped the panties over the tip of his shaft. Without hesitation, Lisa started to jack him off again; her lips and tongue separated from the only by her panties as she licked him though the fabric. It didn’t take long for him to cum again, and when he did, Lisa’s panties were drenched almost immediately. She got to her knees and aimed the shaft at her crotch, the rest of the stallion’s orgasm splashed over and against her slit.

      When the horse’s second orgasm had finally died down, he moved away to join the other horses. Lisa was left kneeling on the ground, her face, shirt, and crotch painted white with horse cum and a dripping pair of panties in her hand. As quickly as she could, she stood up and slipped the drenched garment up her legs. With her pants forgotten on the ground, Lisa ran over to the nearest hay bale and sat down. With one hand, she scooped up some cum from her shirt. The other hand dove into her panties, Lisa forcing three fingers inside her cunt. She didn’t know when the farmer would be back to pick her up and she didn’t care. When it came time to clean up she would wash off in the pond. But until then, Lisa started to get herself off, using her fingers to spread the thick horse seed along her inner walls.

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