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BY : Lennox
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Volume 2

      “Lisa, there’s a package for you!” Marge cried from the kitchen as Bart and Lisa walked through the front door. It had been another long day of school, and Lisa was looking forward to retiring to her room and starting her homework. But the unexpected package had piqued her interest, overtaking all thoughts of doing her homework. Lisa found the brown box on the table and she took it upstairs to her room. She dumped her school bag and placed the box on her desk.

      “So what’s in the box, sis?” Lisa jumped as she heard Bart behind her. He grinned and closed the door, moving up to his sister and placing his hands on her hips. He moved them slowly under her dress, sending a soft shiver up his sister’s spine. 

      “I don’t know Bart, but there’s no... there’s no... Bart!” Lisa lost her place as she felt his hands trail over her crotch, his fingers brushing her slit.

      “Mmm, you didn’t wear panties today. God, that turns me on so much.” Lisa smirked and turned to face her brother, his hands now gripping her ass. His fingers made their way to her rear cheeks and slipped between them.

      “And I’m all for turning my own brother on,” Lisa said before she pressed her lips against his in a deep kiss. The two siblings made their way to Lisa’s bed. She lay down and lifted her dress, exposing her bare slit to her brother for the first time that day. Bart was quick to climb over her, unzip his pants and slip his erection inside Lisa’s slit. They two of them fucked on her bed, Bart’s hands holding Lisa’s legs at his sides, while the package lay forgotten on the table.

      That night after dinner, Lisa returned to her room. The unopened box was the first thing that caught her eye when she switched on the light. After fucking Bart and turning to her homework, she had completely forgotten about the parcel. She moved to her desk, ripped off the packaging, and lifted the lid. Inside, amongst dozens of foam pellets, was a single strap-on dildo. The black shaft was six inches long and was firmly attached to what looked like an ordinary black pair of crotch-less panties.

      “What the hell?” Lisa muttered as she picked it up, a few pellets falling to the floor. Lisa grabbed the packaging in her other hand and rummaged through it. There was no sign of a return address, no clue of the sender. There was only her name and her address. Lisa looked over the toy. She couldn’t deny that shiver she got as she ran her hands along the plastic shaft. It reminded her of her many times with Bart. Lisa checked that her bedroom door was closed and, unable to help herself, she slid her tongue up the side of the toy. She giggled at the act, picturing doing the same to Bart in her mind. Lisa pulled her dress off and her stained panties. She had slipped them on after Bart pulled out, not wanting his seed dripping down her legs and staining her bedsheets and carpet. Standing in front of her mirror, Lisa watched herself as she lifted one leg, slipping her foot through the panties. Once on the floor, her other foot went through the other hole. She slid it up her legs and pulled it into place around her hips. She felt as if the toy had become part of her body. She could feel it pointing out in front of her, swaying as she moved her hips. The strap-on didn’t weigh much, but she could still feel it bobbing in front of her as she walked.

      Lisa giggled, unable to take her eyes off it. She felt the excitable rush as she wrapped her hand around the plastic length. She moved away from her mirror and sat at her desk, still admiring her new appendage.

      “Is this how Bart feels when he’s hard and walking around? I think he does this...” Lisa muttered. Bart and Lisa had pleasured themselves in front of each other many times. Remembering her brother’s performance, Lisa wrapped her hand around the fake penis, slowly jerking it off. She felt ridiculous doing it, but she didn’t care. While she couldn’t feel it, it was a new experience for her to try.

      Lisa made her way back to the mirror for one last look before turning in for the night. Looking at her reflection, the first thing she noticed was that the dildo was no longer black. It was now yellow, the same color as her skin.

      “Huh, that’s weird,” she muttered. Lisa moved to pull the panties down, but she couldn’t seem to find them. Her hands grabbed her hips, trying to slip her fingers between her skin and the fabric.

      “Uh... what’s going on here?” Lisa panicked and looked down at her sides. Not only was the dildo yellow, so were the panties. She couldn’t tell the fabric apart from her skin. But then it clicked in her mind; the fabric had become her skin.

“What? No! No, no, no, no!” she cried and desperately started pawing at her sides. The panties had vanished. Absorbed by her skin, the strap-on dildo was now firmly attached to her body. Lisa gripped the shaft and tried to pull it off, but she froze as she grabbed it. She felt it... she actually felt herself tugging it. She wasn’t grabbing a plastic shaft any more; she was grabbing her own shaft. What was once hard cold plastic was now firm warm flesh. Lisa could feel herself tugging on her cock in vain and panic, trying to pull it off, but the more she pulled, the better it felt. It wasn’t long before Lisa’s knees buckled below her and her cries of panic had become soft moans of pleasure. Her hand reached under her shaft, finding her slit. But as soon as she pushed a finger inside, she arched her back and shot her very first load of cum all over her mirror. Spurt after spurt, Lisa sprayed several thick white ropes of seed against her reflection. She fell to the floor, sitting down and panting heavily. She stared in disbelief at the mess she had just made, yet she couldn’t believe that it felt so good.

      “Is that... is this how Bart feels?” She muttered to herself. She suddenly felt very tired, drained of energy. She pulled a few tissues from the box on her desk to wipe her mirror down. Lisa knew she should be worried about this, but all she could think of was crawling into bed. She threw the dirty tissues in the bin, turned off her lights and slipped under the covers.


      “Lisa? Lisa are you alright?” Miss Hoover asked the next day at school. Lisa had woken up to her first morning wood. Forced to relieve herself before getting dressed for school, she brought herself to a second orgasm. But now, in the middle of class, she felt herself getting hard again. This feeling was very foreign to her and she placed her hand over the growing bulge in her dress, trying to make it look as if she had a stomach cramp. 

      “I think... I think I need to go to the bathroom.” Miss Hoover had barely nodded before Lisa had jumped from her seat and run out of the door. This was strange behavior, even for Lisa. The young girl was seldom sick, so it must have been serious. Miss Hoover turned to another student in her class. 

      “Janey, follow Lisa. Make sure she’s alright and take her to the nurse's office if she needs it.”

      “Lisa?” Janey asked as she opened the bathroom door. There was no answer, but she could hear some slight panting coming from one of the stalls. Janey made her way along the row of open cubicles. Every door was open, but she could still hear that strange panting noise.

      “Lisa?” Janey asked again as she approached the final stall. With the door wide open, Janey bought her hand up to her mouth and gasped. Lisa sat on the toilet, her red dress held up in her teeth. Her panties were around her ankles and one of her shoes dangled from her foot. Lisa didn’t hear Janey come in or call for her. With her eyes closed, she was lost in her own world of pleasure as she stroked and fingered herself.

      “What the....” Janey asked. Lisa opened one eye and saw her dark-skinned friend. For a split second, she panicked before her lust took over. She stood up and grabbed Janey’s hand, pulling her into the cubicle.

      “Lisa, what the hell’s going on?” Janey asked. “What are you doing?” Lisa locked the door and pushed Janey down on the toilet. Janey struggled as Lisa dipped her hands under her shirt, trying to wrestle her panties down her legs.

      “Janey... I can’t... I’m sorry, I can’t... I can’t help myself.” Lisa managed to say as her lust took over her last bit of self-control. Janey fought Lisa over her panties, but the spiky-haired girl tore them from her grasp. Feeling nothing for her friend and driven purely by the lust her new shaft was giving her, Lisa spread Janey’s legs. She stepped between them, using her own legs to hold them apart. With Lisa pressed against the toilet, Janey was helpless. She couldn’t close her legs, stand up or even climb up onto the seat. Lisa held her shaft against Janey’s slit. The brown girl had just enough time to plead with her friend.

      “Lisa, please. Don’t do this.” Either Lisa didn’t hear her, or she ignored her. But the young girl slammed her hips forward, her cock filling Janey and piercing her hymen with one swift motion. The girl screamed as trickles of blood seeped out from around her shaft, dripping into the toilet below.

      “AAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!” Janey screamed, but Lisa didn’t care. She was happy to have someone to fuck. Her hips moved as if they were moving on their own. Inside her mind, Lisa knew it was wrong, she knew she had taken her friend’s virginity and she knew that this was rape. But she just couldn’t control herself. It was as if her body had the libido of two people; one guy and one girl, one cock and one cunt.

      Tears rolled down Janey’s cheek as Lisa brutally fucked her best friend, holding no regard for what she was feeling. All Lisa cared about right now was shooting another load from her newly-formed dick. Lisa hilted herself inside her, pausing only to lift Janey’s legs over her shoulders before resuming her brutal fucking. Lisa was fucking Janey in the ways that Bart had fucked her. Now, almost lying down on the seat, Janey truly was helpless. Having only the walls and the seat to brace herself, there was little Janey could do. But she soon started to feel the pain subsiding, her pussy getting used to being pounded and finding pleasure in the new feeling. Lisa could feel herself getting closer and closer, cursing those few minutes of jerking off before she was discovered. Had she known that Janey would find her, she would have saved herself for the tight virgin cunt. Lisa slammed herself inside Janey, filling her up as her cock erupted thick loads of cum. She panted above the girl, enjoying the release before she snapped back to her senses. 

      “Oh my god,” she muttered as she stepped back. Her cock slipped out and the last spurt splashed over Janey’s purple dress. “Oh my god. What have I done? Janey... I... I’m so sorry. I... I don’t know what came over me. Oh shit, what have I done?” Lisa started to panic, staring at her friend as she slowly sat up. Her once virgin slit was now a gaping mess, Lisa’s cum seeping from her hole into the toilet. Lisa felt like she was going to cry. She’d just raped her best friend. Janey stared at her with disbelieving eyes; the streaks from her tears were still visible over her cheeks.

      “Lisa....” Janey muttered.

      “I’m so, so sorry,” Lisa said. She leaned up against the door and sunk down to the floor. Her face fell into her hands. This was it, her life was over. She’d be expelled for sure, a black mark on her permanent record. She started to sob, her shaft still hard between her legs.

      “Lisa!” Janey repeated herself. The crying girl lifted her face and sniffed. But she was shocked to see Janey smiling and offering a hand to help her up off the tiled floor. She kept her legs apart as her cunt continued to drip Lisa’s seed. 

      “You get me off and we do this again, and I won’t tell anyone. Deal?”

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