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BY : Lennox
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Simpsons. The characters are the property of Disney/Fox and I am not associated with the creators or owners of the show. This story is a work of fan-fiction that is written for non-profit and entertainment purposes only.

Volume 3

      “LISA SIMPSON, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING? GET INSIDE THIS HOUSE RIGHT NOW!” Marge’s shrill voice erupted from the kitchen window. Lisa, with her eyes closed and thinking that her mother was out, almost jumped off her deck chair in shock. She sighed and rolled her eyes. She stood up, pulled on her panties, dress, and slipped her feet into her shoes. Grumbling in annoyance, Lisa made her way into the house where Marge stood waiting in the kitchen. Her arms were folded, she was tapping her foot, and she held a wooden spoon clenched in her fist.

      “What the hell do you think you’re doing, young lady? Sunbathing nude outside? What’s gotten into you?” Marge yelled at her, shaking her spoon in front of her face.

      “Mom, no one could see me and Mr Flanders isn’t home. You were gone and I just didn’t see the harm in it.”

      “Didn’t see the harm? What else do you do while I’m out?” Marge demanded. Lisa bit her lip, thinking of all the times she and Bart had fooled around while their parents weren't home. Marge sighed and brought her hand to her face. 

      “Lisa, what you did could have brought a lot of unwanted attention. There are a lot of perverts out there, young lady. They could drill eye holes in the fence and watch you like that for hours and you’d be none the wiser. Now go to your room and stay there. I’ll send dinner up when it's ready but I don’t want to see you for the rest of the day.” Lisa opened her mouth to protest, but Marge's stern face made her reconsider. Lisa grumbled as she climbed up the stairs to her room, stripping down as soon as her door was closed.

      Lisa had rarely been grounded before, unlike Bart. Also unlike Bart, Lisa knew she had plenty of productive things to do to pass the time. She did her homework and a bit of extra study. She practiced her saxophone, read a book, and played with her Malibu Stacy dolls. But there was only so much that an eight-year-old girl could do.

      “I’m so bored,” Lisa cried as she watched the sunset from her window. She only wished Bart were with her then they would at least pass the time with their lovemaking.

      “That’s it, Bart!” Lisa said as she suddenly sat up. She ran to her chest of draws and pulled open the bottom one. She rummaged to the back and found her hidden diary. Lisa sat back on her bed, opening the book with one hand and slipping her other one between her legs.

      Later in the evening, Lisa put her dress back on when Marge knocked on the door to give her some dinner, but she still wasn’t allowed downstairs. She quickly ate and returned to re-reading her hidden diary. She’d already cum a few times from revisiting the memories she recorded within the pages, but it wasn’t too much longer before she fell asleep and the book lay beside her naked body. Bart knocked lightly on the door and poked his head into her room a short time later. He was disappointed she was sleeping, but he wasn’t going to wake her up just so they could have a quick fuck before bed. He tucked his sister in and returned the diary to its hiding place. He left a brief note on the pillow to say it was him who packed it away, kissed her goodnight, and switched off the lights. Lisa, who slept through his brief visit, had begun to dream...


      Lisa stood in a large field, the wind blowing softly through the grass and over her naked body. The sun was bright and the sky was clear. She found herself running towards a tall hedge that seemed to stretch as far as her eye could see. Lisa pushed her way through the branches and she poked her head out the other side. A huge country-style house stood on top of a hill. Down towards the hedge was a large pool, its crystal clear waters reflecting the sun back into her face. Lisa hid back in the bushes when she heard the loud splash of water. Watching through the leaves, she saw a girl breaking the surface of the water. This girl was probably no older than she was. But even with the rippling of the water and most of her body under the surface, Lisa could tell that the girl was naked as well, skinny dipping in the cool water. Lisa immediately recognized the long blue and figured out who it was.

      “Mom?” Lisa asked as she ventured closer to the edge of the hedge. She caught her foot on a branch and the spiky-haired girl tripped and tumbled out of the bush. Marge turned just in time to see her fall. Instead of covering herself up and running back to the house, she swam to the side of the pool. She climbed out of the water and ran to the fallen girl.

      “Oh my... what happened? Are you alright?” she asked as she reached into the bush and pulled Lisa’s ankle from the branch.

      “Yeah... yeah I think so,” Lisa said as she rubbed her foot. She suddenly remembered that she was naked and quickly covered herself up. She also closed her eyes and turned her head.

      “Oh god, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to look, honest.” Expecting screaming, Lisa turned her head back when she heard Marge laughing. She opened one eye and Marge pulled her to her feet.            “There’s no need to be sorry. In fact I’m glad you saw. I like to be like this as often as I can.” Marge said as she took a step back, doing a little twirl. Lisa couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Her mother was an even bigger exhibitionist than she was. Lisa felt a little awkward and rubbed the back of her neck.

      “Um, yeah... me... me too,” she blushed.

      “Feel like a swim?” Marge asked. Without waiting for an answer, she pushed Lisa into the pool and jumped in after her.

      For hours, Marge and Lisa swam and played in the pool. They played Marco Polo; they threw a ball around, hit each other with pool toys, held races, and even had a contest to see who could hold their breath the longest. But eventually, they decided to get out. Marge led Lisa to two deck chairs beside the pool, a table, and a cooler between them. Helping themselves to the chilled bottles of water and juice, the two girls let the sun dry their naked bodies. 

      “So tell me Lisa,” Marge said. “Got a boyfriend?” Lisa blushed a little, biting her lower lip.

      “Yeah, I guess I kinda do.” Marge grinned; it was the answer she was hoping for.

      “Ooooh. What’s his name?” 

      “Bart. He’s... he’s my brother.” Marge’s eyes went wide at Lisa’s admission of incest. She moved to Lisa’s deck chair and sat by her feet.

      "Okay Lisa, you have to tell me everything. You can't just leave me hanging with that." Lisa  started to tell Marge about her and her brother. Every time they had sex after they were tucked into bed, their time camping and they were bitten by spiders, wore each other’s clothes, how she was gangbanged by him and his friends, how he watched as she was mounted by their dog, the vibrators at the dinner party, the visit from their older selves and even when she became a pony. She confessed everything to Marge, every naughty little detail. But by the time she finished, both girls had their fingers deep in their soaking pussies from Lisa's tales.

      “Fuck Lisa, that’s so hot. I wish I had a brother.... or a sister who I could do that with.”

      “Hang on,” Lisa said as she pulled her fingers out. “Don’t you have two sisters?” Marge didn’t answer her; instead, she bit her bottom lip and clenched her toes. Lisa watched as her own mother came in front of her, squirting around her fingers. Marge let her orgasm take her over completely, collapsing back onto the chair as her whole body twitching as she came. But in her afterglow, Marge lifted her fingers to her mouth and she licked them clean, right in front of Lisa’s disbelieving eyes.

      “Did you cum Lisa?” Marge eventually asked. Unable to speak after watching a younger version of her own mother get off, Lisa just shook her head. Marge grinned and slid up alongside Lisa’s body. Lisa didn’t push her away as the two girls kissed, and Marge’s nimble fingers slipped into her soaked folds. Lisa gasped into the kiss, their tongues rubbing against each other as they made out. But it wasn’t long before she came as well, coating Marge’s hand in her juices. One by one, Marge dipped a finger between their lips, both girls licking Lisa’s cum from her skin.

      “I want more, Lisa,” Marge whispered when the kiss was broken. Drained of energy, Lisa couldn’t protest even if she wanted to. Marge buried her face between Lisa’s legs, her own pussy hanging above her head.

“Marge, wait... I’m still too sensitive,” Lisa cried as she felt her mother’s tongue dip inside her lips. But Marge ignored her, desperately wanting to taste a second orgasm from the girl. Lisa couldn’t do anything but writhe below her mother. She wanted her to stop and let her recover; she’d only need a couple of minutes. But that didn’t stop her from pulling down on Marge’s ass, pressing her cunt to her face.

      The two girls ate each other out, their bodies squirming and rubbing together in sexual bliss. Marge’s nimble fingers had spread Lisa’s folds wide open as she tongued at her juicy pink hole. Lisa’s hands rested on Marge’s ass, her tongue lapping over her clit and wriggling between her lips. Still sensitive, it was Lisa who came first. She moaned loudly into her mother’s cunt and she splashed her face with her juices. Her body almost went into spasms and convulsions as she came over her mother’s expert tongue. But as soon as she was finished, Marge shuffled down the chair and pulled Lisa with her so her upper body was no longer on the inclined surface. Now lying flat, Marge lowered her cunt to Lisa’s face and stood up on her knees and rode Lisa’s face. Her mouth, chin, and cheeks were dripping with Lisa’s juices as she rolled her hips. 

      “Fuck Lisa! I’m so fucking horny. Eat my cunt! Make me cum again!” Marge cried with her hands on her daughter’s chest. She didn’t have to wait much longer; her whole body shuddered as her juices squirted down over Lisa’s face.

      After the afternoon went on, the two girls did everything they could think of. They fingered each other in the pool, made out underwater. They took the ice from the cooler and teased each other’s nipples and clits with the cold and hard cubes. Lisa soon found herself laying on her side with one leg in the air. The other was under Marge as they rubbed their cunts together. With their pink insides pressed against each other, both girls could hear the soft squelching of their juicy insides. Neither girl kept track of how many times they had cum, neither girl really cared. Lisa had her eyes closed and was gripping the side of the deck chair as it rocked beneath them, responding to each thrust and rub that the girls made against each other. But she opened her eyes at a new feeling, this strange new sensation that she wasn’t expecting. She looked down at her mother. Marge had her hand wrapped around Lisa’s ankle and ran her tongue along Lisa’s foot. She could feel the soft, wet muscle sliding over her arch and the ball of her foot. Marge dipped her tongue between each toe, taking her time with each slow pass. Lisa had only once experienced feet play in her lovemaking with Bart and the two of them never touched on it again, but she was too horny to push Marge away. She shuddered with each lick of that tongue against her flesh, sliding between and over each toe. She felt Marge’s lips sink over all four of them at once, her tongue gliding along the tips.

      Lisa saw Marge’s foot twitching and kicking above her head. Lisa shrugged her shoulders and grabbed her ankle. Before she could lose her nerve, she started to imitate her mother’s actions with her own tongue. She pressed it against Marge’s heel and slid up the arch towards the top of her foot. The girls hungrily sucked and licked on their feet as they humped against each other's pussies. Marge's tongue was on Lisa's heel and her big toe in Lisa's mouth when they froze at the shrill voice coming from the house.

      “Marge! Marge, are you down here?” Lisa instantly recognized the voice of one of her aunts        “Marge, it’s time to wash up for dinner,” the voice yelled again. Lisa wasn’t sure if it was the same voice or that of her twin. But both girls stared at each other and they dropped their feet from their grasp. Marge and Lisa quickly pulled themselves apart and Lisa pointed at the hedge that surrounded the house.

      “Quick. We’ll hide in there,” Lisa whispered. The two girls made a mad dash for the bush, slipping inside amongst the branches just as Patty and Selma approached the pool.

      “Huh, I could have sworn she was down here,” Selma said as she scratched her head. Patty moved over to the cooler. She held the lid shut and tipped it on its edge to let the melted ice water drain through the crack under the lid. As Lisa watched her aunt’s move about, Marge moved to the other side of the bush. She poked her head out to see the wide-open field that stretched as far as the eye could see. She nudged Lisa with her foot and the two girls crawled out of the large shrubbery.

      “Come on Lisa. Let’s just leave. Let’s see what’s out there,” Marge took her hand.

      “But... but what about your sisters? Your family? Your house? Your clothes?” Marge just laughed and she pulled Lisa against her, stealing a quick kiss.

      “I’d be quite happy if I never saw any of those again. It’s a nice house, but I prefer the outdoors, naked and free. My family would never want that. Let’s run away Lisa, just you and me. Just think, we’ll find somewhere to live away from everyone else. No clothes, no rules and maybe even a pet dog.” Lisa looked down at their hands, still holding together. The idea of running away like this, living as a nudist with her younger mother....she couldn’t turn it down. 

      “Alright Marge, let’s do it.”

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