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Chapter 9

“Annodite and Galvan Perspectives”

Verdona said, “So I understand you’ve quite a difficult choice in front of you.”

Ben asked, “How could you know that grandma,” she replied “I read it in your thoughts when you entered orbit.”

“What do you think I should do?”

“The Anodite way has always been to achieve what gives you joy, the human way has always seemed to be to harm each other.”

“That isn’t true grandma,” Gwen replied “People for centuries have been making sacrifices for others.”

“In fact, Grandpa Max told us the story of how you and he met, he risked everything to rescue you,” Ben said.

“That’s true, but he was a man with very special qualities and I suspect that you two have inherited that from him.

“I know this is a hard choice to make, Ben it may mean making a lot of sacrifices, not least of which will be your self-respect if you have to endure going through yet another male pregnancy.”

Ben’s face paled, Gwen and Kevin thought he was going to puke and pass out again he wobbled unsteadily on his feet.

“But if you can help this other fellow Albedo, you should.”

“Albedo why should that name sound familiar?”

Another flash appeared in the ship’s lounge and there stood the creator of the omnitrix himself, Azmuth.

“Ben Tennyson, you must not do this, I won’t allow it.”

“And I won’t allow you to interfere with my grandson’s decision, Azmuth.”

“Verdona, it has not been long enough,” Azmuth retorted suddenly sounding weary.

“What is your involvement in this matter?”

“I just told you Ben and Gwendolyn are my grandchildren!”

“And I ask again, what is your involvement?”

“And here I thought you were the smartest being in umpteen galaxies, but I guess there are some things beyond even you,” Verdona replied hotly.

“Anodites are well known as undisciplined, overly emotional sensualists with no sense of order,” Azmuth replied in a similar tone.

“And Galvans are uptight little stick-in-the muds with no soul that think too much and never feel enough.”

A wall of violet manna sprang up between the two and a towering figure sheathed in the same metal as the ship’s hull stood there ready to intervene.

“Grandma, Azmuth, that’s enough! This bickering won’t help Ben!”

“Besides,” Kevin said angrily, “Thanks to you two carryin’ on, he ain’t even here anymore.”

“He transformed into Big Chill and took off about five angry sentences back.”

“I hope you two are happy,” Gwen said, showing no sign of calming down.

Azmuth and Verdona looked at each other guiltily, “I’m sorry, honey, I shouldn’t have behaved like that, Ben’s got a hard-enough task ahead of him he doesn’t need me adding to his troubles.”

“And I, indeed many in the Galaxy owe Ben Tennyson a great debt. He has done better with my omni-matrix than I could have ever hoped. Possibly better than I myself could have done.”

He has always used it to help others, and now it seems he will do so again even if it is Albedo. All I ask is that Albedo’s activities be closely monitored while he’s in your custody.’

“We were planning on doing that anyway, Azmuth we may just be lowly humans, but we ain’t stupid,” Kevin said with more humor than he actually felt, “Now let’s go get Ben back.”

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