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Chapter 5:

Demanding a Further Explanation


“Okay, Albedo now tell me what’s going on here, or I’m going to turn you over to them;” Ben stated sharply while gesturing with a thumb over his shoulder at the door.

Albedo stared glumly at the ceiling, where the cameras were easy to see, the microphones, not so much.

Ben followed his counterpart’s gaze, and immediately understood, “Omnitrix interface with the base computer,” “INTERFACE ESTABLISHED” the watch-like device responded to Ben’s command. “Disconnect audio pick-ups in interrogation 2-A.”

“What the devil does Ben think he’s doing?!” Max asked Gwen and Kevin.         

“I don’t know Grandpa,” Gwen answered him, “But I’ll try to find out;” her eyes glowed a deep violet color as she reached out to try and touch her cousin’s mind.


He had picked up a few tricks from Gwen and their grandmother over the years, he was one quarter Anodite after all; that coupled with abilities he got from the omnitrix enabled him to sense and eventually block his cousin’s mental probe.

His own eyes briefly flashed blue, and she staggered backwards a few paces. Max, and Kevin and Rook looked at her with concern. “What is it pumpkin,” Max asked her.

“Ben’s blocking me, whatever he and Albedo are going to discuss; he doesn’t want to let anyone else in on it!”


“Alright we’re alone, now spill it, Albedo; you mentioned needing help.”

“Yes, Ben…you’re sure we can’t be heard?” Ben rolled his eyes and sighed, “Yes, Albedo they can see us but can’t hear us.”

“We Galvans are more like the fish and amphibians of your world than most of us would care to admit, Benjamin,” Albedo tried to explain his predicament to Ben.


” It means that we have a biological impulse to return to our birth-place in order to reproduce. It also means that if the gender diversity of the population is unequal, males can take on female reproductive traits; or vice-versa.”


Ben was still a little confused, “So that still doesn’t explain what you want me to do.”


“I need someone with whom I am genetically compatible, I am no longer Galvan nor am I fully human. And lest you forget I am banished from my home-world never to return


“And there is only one being in this galaxy, possibly in the entire universe with whom my genes are compatible.”


Those outside saw the look of shock that came over Ben’s face as the true meaning of Albedo’s cryptic explanation hit him; and they were about to charge into the room when Ben looked at the two-way mirror and shook his head.

“You can’t be serious about this, Albedo”

“Yes, Ben I’m afraid I am.”

“First off, we hate each other, second we’re both guys, how can you possibly expect that to work?”

“I never hated you Ben, I was jealous that you had been given what I thought was rightfully mine. I know that you already produced offspring as a Necrofriggian and I also know of your relationships with the Yamamoto and Green females, and the Tetramand and Kraaho princesses, and I know none of them amounted to more than friendship.”

“I also know that you have, from time to time, you have felt an attraction to Levin.”

Ben was feeling really transparent at this point, and wished he could see a way out of this conversation.

“Have you been spying on me, Albedo; how do you know so much about my personal life?!”

“The short answer is yes.”

“And the long answer?”

“I needed to know about human mating practices, and ever since the ‘incident’ four years ago, I have been understandably interested in you specifically. If I was going to replace you, I had to know everything about you.”

“That doesn’t exactly inspire me with confidence, Albedo,” Ben said, dryly.

“Perhaps not, but the fact remains that if I cannot procreate, I will expire.

Ben turned white as a sheet and he started to feel faint, without warning, he vomited and passed out.

Outside those watching the monitor saw Ben faint and charged into the tiny interrogation room. “What did you do to Ben,” Gwen shouted, and it was up for grabs whether Max or Kevin would be the first to get their hands around Albedo’s throat.

“Guys wait,” Ben said weakly; he came to just in time to see his grandfather and best friend about to throttle his alien doppelganger, “he didn’t hurt me, he just really surprised me.”

“Ben, what happened, Gwen asked him.”

“That’s going to take a little time to explain.”


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