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Chapter 3:

First Impressions

Ben pulled up to Mr. Smoothie, and was dismayed to see a mint green muscle car in the parking lot; “Oh shit,” he said under his breath.

“Did you say something, Ben?”

“Kevin is here, and Gwen is probably with him; don’t expect them to welcome you with open arms.”

“I did not believe they would, but I will attempt to apologize to them as I did to you.”

Ben walked into the small restaurant, and saw his cousin and best friend sitting in a booth near the back; he noticed the shock on their faces when they saw who accompanied him.

Kevin was quick to anger and stood up from the table, Gwen pulled him back to his seat “No!”

He put that aside along with the curious looks from the other patrons when they saw two nearly identical teens walk in. (Aside from differences in their eye, and hair color.)

“This is not the time or the place; obviously, he’s come here with Ben, so he’s not interested in a fight!”

“At least not now.” She added as an afterthought.

“Fine, I’ll listen but I ain’t makin’ friends with that sonofabitch!”

“Hi guys, I guess I should explain, Albedo says he needs help”

This time Gwen was the one to get angry “And you believed him; how could you be so boneheaded Ben!”

“I just said I’d hear him out, not that I trusted him, or that we’re friends.”


“We’ll hear what he has to say, but not here, I think we should go to Plumber H.Q.” she replied.

Albedo was not ignorant of the fact that at the Plumber’s base they had all the equipment necessary to restrain him.

As they got to the run-down pizza joint that served as an entrance to the hidden underground base, they were met by a white-faced, purple-skinned alien.

“Hey Rook, I’ve got a few things to tell you about.”

Like Gwen and Kevin, Rook was shocked by Ben walking up accompanied by Albedo.

“Ben, you should not have brought him here, he belongs in prison.”

“I know that Rook, as soon as we hear what he has to say, we can turn him over to the magisters”

Albedo knew that with the Tennysons, Kevin and Rook; not to mention a base full of Plumbers surrounding he had to come clean.

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