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Chapter 6

 What to Do

“Ben, what happened, what did he say to you,” Gwen asked as Max, Kevin and Rook looked down at him with concern. He was lying in a bed in the base infirmary. “It’s kind of tough to explain, but…Albedo needs to reproduce, and he says that I’m the only one who’s genetically compatible.”

“Of course,” Rook said, “The Galvan mating drive!”

“What’s that,” Kevin asked.

Max offered the explanation “Galvans are compelled to find a compatible mate when they reach the age of 200, which would correspond to the human age of 20, which Ben is about to reach; but Ben you can’t trust him.”

“I don’t trust him, but is he telling the truth, that if he doesn’t reproduce, he’ll die?”

Ben looked at his grandfather and partner, who looked at each other; “Yes, Ben,” said Rook.

“And, he said that in extreme circumstances, two male Galvans, or two females can have an offspring; is that true?”

Max and Rook again shared a glance; “That I do not know Ben,” Rook told him.

“The Galvan haven’t been very forthcoming with all the details of their biology, Ben,” Max said.

“There are two Galvans on the staff here at Plumber’s HQ,” Gwen reminded them, “we could ask them.”


“Why do need to know about Galvan ree-production,” Driba asked.

“Let’s just say something’s come up, and this could be important,” Max told him.

“We do have to mate every two hundred years, and we will die if we don’t,” Driba’s partner, Blukic told them.

“And can two males have offspring,” Ben asked.

The two Galvans shared a glance, before Driba answered, “Yes.”

Ben paled and felt like he was going to vomit again; Kevin saw him wobbling on his feet, and immediately moved to support him.

“Ben, there’s no reason for you to get involved with this,” Max said.

“But if Albedo is right, and he’ll die if I don’t…”

“Ben, you don’t owe him anything,” Kevin barked sharply.

“Yeah, I know, would you all mind giving me some time to think about this?”

“We’ll be waitin’ in the lounge, Ben,” Kevin said; and looked at Ben with an unusually concerned expression.

He gave Kevin a weak smile, and a nod, “Thanks, Kev.”

Ben sat there, once he was alone to mull over what exactly he was going to do about Albedo’s request.

He had never questioned that he was straight, but he had also never questioned that he would help anyone who needed it; that instinct had doubled since he first got the omnitrix.

It was a conundrum that he’d have to consider very carefully.

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