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Chapter 8

Road Trip

Ben walked into the hangar where he found Rook working on his ship. The base had plenty of qualified starship mechanics and technicians but like Kevin, Rook preferred a ‘hands on’ approach. “Hey partner,” Ben said waving a friendly greeting.

“Hello Ben, have you made up your mind about what you will do?”                        

“Geez does everybody already know about this?” Ben asked.

“I believe Mr. Bauman has yet to receive any knowledge of this.”

Ben smirked at Rook’s attempt at humor; Revonnahghanders didn’t typically make jokes, but Rook’s exposure to human culture in general, and Ben specifically over the last three years was teaching him the value of a good sense of humor.

“You have a couple of weeks of leave coming up, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do, why?”

“I have a few people I need to go and see.”

After they had packed and were boarding the ship, which was being fueled for their journey, they heard a shout from across the hangar. “Ben, Rook wait for us!”

They looked up to see Gwen and Kevin striding towards them carrying a few hastily packed bags.

“If you’re going off-world, we’re coming with you,” she said, and her tone indicated that she would accept no arguments.

“Guys you really don’t have to come with us,” Ben told them.

“Whenever you go somewhere without us you manage to get yourself into a world of trouble,” Kevin said, only half-jokingly.


“My ship will be cramped with four people aboard,” Rook told them.

“We can take the RB-3, it’s got plenty of space, plus sleeping berths,” Kevin replied.

“So where exactly are you planning to go,” Gwen asked her cousin.

I want to go to Anodyne and talk to Grandma Verdona, and then, even though I really don’t want to do this, I have to talk to Azmuth so we’ll be heading for the Galvan system.

Ben and his three friends got clearance for take-off from Plumber control and lifted into the sky with Kevin at the controls and Rook at the co-pilot’s station.

The four of them were a bit surprised to hear Max Tennyson’s over the cockpit speakers, although in hindsight, it shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise.

“Where do you four think you’re going?”

Knowing that he could never try misdirection, and especially not tell an outright lie to his grandfather, Ben said “We’re going to try and find Grandma Verdona, and see what she thinks about all of this; and then I’ve got to talk to Azmuth, most likely he somehow already knows what’s happened, and he’ll come here to yell at me before we can get to him.

“You’re probably right about that Ben,” Max replied, and then said, “Alright, good-luck and give my best to your grandmother.”

“Can do grandpa,” Ben said into the mike, “I’m signing off now, we’ve cleared the main shipping lanes and we’re about to make the jump.”

“Okay kids have a safe trip.”

“Alright, next stop Anodyne,” Kevin quipped, “Here we go.”

He pulled on the throttles and the ship jumped into the blurry mottled lines of hyperspace travel. Since they were members of the Plumbers, they had access to vehicles and technology centuries ahead of most earth-made tech.

After four days, they reached the approximate location of Anodyne, although they couldn’t actually find the planet. The Anodites valued their privacy and used their abilities to disguise their entire world. Ben was glad Gwen had come with them, while she was only a quarter Anodite, she should still be able to locate their world, and her abilities in that regard were far more developed than Ben’s own.

She said, “I think I’ve got it, Kevin bear ninety degrees to port, and down ten degrees.”

“You sure Gwen,” he asked skeptically; “No I’m not sure,” she sniped back. “I’ve only tracked people by their mana a handful of times, and never anyone with as overwhelming a presence, or as good at disguising it as our grandmother.”

As it turned out they didn’t have to look at all; a blueish purple flash appeared in the main cabin.

“Hey kiddos!” Verdona exclaimed.

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