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He’d faced off against the likes of Vilgax, defeated invasions by both the Highbreed and the Incurseans, and was hailed as a hero on more than two dozen separate worlds. But there was one opponent Benjamin Tennyson could never really defeat. It was this enemy he faced now, one who wore his face and spoke with his voice. He was also the only one Ben could actually bring himself to hate. For the last three years, Albedo had tormented Ben; and each time Ben had defeated him with some difficulty.

“I really don’t have time for this, Albedo,” Ben snapped, “I’ve got work to do!”

“What work, Tennyson, rushing to the aid of people who’ll never know your name; or sucking up to the hero worshiping adulations of the ones who do know who you are?”

That stung Ben, he knew that he had given in to the publicity hounds on more than a few occasions, and it sometimes blinded him to far more critical matters. For Albedo to have hit the proverbial nail so squarely on the head was disconcerting to him. Albedo knew he had struck a nerve with Ben, and he regretted being so blunt.

“I am sorry, Tennyson, that was uncalled for.” Ben was understandably surprised by Albedo’s apology, it certainly didn’t fit with the picture of the arrogant, self-obsessed Galvan Ben had come to expect.

Ben was uncertain what he should say, “Did you just apologize, Albedo?”

“Yes, Ben, I need your assistance.”

“I realize that have wronged you, both now, and in the past; and I have done the same to your allies, Gwendolyn, Kevin and Rook.

Ben was really bowled over by this, for Albedo to have apologized for the wrongs he had visited upon Ben was nearly impossible to believe; for him to do the same for Ben’s teammates was beyond belief.

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