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Chapter 4: Mistrust

At the base

As they rode the high-speed elevator down to the base, Albedo felt his nervousness growing. He had only had a few short years to become accustomed to all these new human emotions. Galvans had them, of course but were able to suppress many of them.

When they stepped out of the lift, they were met by Max Tennyson who had very angry expression on his face.

“Benjamin Kirby Tennyson what the hell do you think you’re doing,” Max all but bellowed,

“I told him I’d listen to him, not that I’m giving him amnesty or anything. We’ll hear him out and then if we believe him we’ll see if he can get a parole; if not, he goes back to prison, simple as that.

 Let’s just hear what he has to say. Besides I’d rather have him here where we can keep an eye on him instead of out there running around.”

Max was worried about his grandson’s questionable choice, but admitted that Ben had a point. “Alright Ben, we’ll hear him out, but you know what Azmuth and the other Galvans will say about this.”

“Maybe we can turn ‘im over to Blucic and Driba,” Kevin said with bitter sarcasm. Albedo rolled his eyes and grumbled under his breath, “Oh no, anybody but those two.” 

“You’re in no position to complain, Albedo,” Max said warningly.

“I understand, and I will comply with your orders.”


They escorted Albedo to an interrogation room with two imposing looking guards at the entrance; obviously placed there to prevent any escape attempts. One was a Tetramand (four-arms); the other was an Appoplexian, (Rath). They were two of the most formidable species in the omnitrix, as well as members of the Plumbers.

Ben, though sometimes appearing to be otherwise, was not completely self-centered. In fact, he cared a great deal about the welfare of others; and saw the hurt and almost saddened look on Albedo’s face when he understood level of fear and mistrust he had instilled in these people.

They entered the small interrogation room and the others, including the guards were going to follow them in. “Hang back guys, I’ll be fine, there’s nothing he can do to hurt me anymore, besides the room’s too small for all of us.”

Ben saw Rook, Gwen and Kevin roll their eyes and Kevin cursed under his breath; he also noticed the rising redness in Max’s face, and said, Grandpa remember your blood-pressure, do the calming exercises that ‘Big-Chill’ taught you. And, he reminded them that they’d be able to see everything that happened on the monitors.


Max gave his grandson a slight smile and a squeeze on the shoulder and agreed, “Fair enough.”

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