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Linka's Saturday morning and afternoon went about as she expected it to go, after waking up in the arms of her brother lover, she'd gone about getting some daily chores done, the most important of which was replacing the blankets and sheets on her older brother Loni's bed. After what she'd considered to be the most magical night of her life, she was practically glowing with happiness in everything she did. Seeing her older brother Loki, and knowing she'd spent the night with him, and gotten him off gave her a secret sense of power she never knew she'd had before. So what if Bebe was older than her, her brother had writhed beneath her in his sleep, and climaxed all thanks to her tender ministrations. The fact he didn't know it didn't matter. She knew it, she knew she was capable of satisfying him and that meant all the world.


It was just ironic then that she would be spending the night with the girl she considered to almost be her rival in the battle for her brother's affection. Okay, that was a bit of exaggeration, she knew really there was no real battle. Bebe for all intense and purposes had already won the war before it had even begun. On some levels, Linka knew it was unrealistic she could ever wrestle her brother away from Bebe, and on other levels she knew it was also kind of wrong. Bebe had taken her in as her surrogate little sister, and as she reminded herself time and time again, Bebe wasn't her enemy. Loki loved being with Bebe, and she really didn't want to come between them. Even if in her heart of hearts, she fantasized about belonging to her big brother, and had been so overjoyed at what had transpired between them the night before.


She had to resigned herself to getting to hear from Bebe, what it was really like, actually like to have Loki Loud as your boyfriend.


Later in the afternoon, when Bebe's shift had ended and she managed to get home and freshen up, she showed up at the Loud house to pick Linka up for their evening together. Bebe had been disappointed to see that Loki was not present when she arrived, but she wasn't overly upset about it. She knew he was about playing Golf with his best friend Calvin, and well, if she'd been honest with herself, she probably would have wanted to hang out at the Loud House longer just to see him.


As it was, she'd smiled and hugged Linka, and then took her back to the Santiago home. Linka had a brief interaction with her little brother Ronnie, who himself was going to be spending the night at a friend's house that evening. Bebe knew there was something between Ronnie and Linka, the two seemed to like each other, even if their interactions were a little strange. She couldn't tell if the two were really just good friends, or if there was something more between them. Bebe had questioned her brother a number of times on it, but he'd insisted Linka and him were just friends, nothing more.


The 17 year old girl had been overjoyed to have the 12 year old girl to spend time with. Linka was simply adorable in Bebe's eyes, the picture of what a little sister was supposed to be, someone to set a good example to, and someone to have all kinds of girlish fun with. Bebe felt protective of Linka, she knew the girl had more than enough protection in all of her brothers, but even with Bebe's own slightly ditzy qualities, she knew how important an older female's influence could be. So Bebe had resolved herself to be Linka's guide on boys, makeup, friends, work, and other issues a younger girl might have questions about.


So it was, the afternoon and evening between them went as really both girls could hope. They had switched into their pjs right away, Bebe in a pair of pink soft cotton boyshorts, a t-shirt and slippers, while Linka had thrown on one of her light orange nightgowns, sporting a pair of white rabbit shaped slippers as well. They'd watched a tearful, heart jerking romantic movie together, one that Bebe insisted Loki would never watch with her, in a million years, then watched some guilty pleasure reality tv, followed this up with some junk food, and were now taking turns giving each other pedicures as they whiled away their time gossiping and laughing about shared memories involving their family. The two had just finished poking fun at the time Loki had tried to throw what he considered a 'sophisticated' adult party, and failed miserably, Linka and her brothers having to bail him out.


But now the two were settling down, and Linka finally decided it was the right time to start probing her 'big sis' on some information regarding her brother. She was just trying to figure out how to go about asking these questions though. At the moment, Bebe was delicately applying a coat of 'Alpine Snow' to Linka's toes.


The pretty caramel skinned girl had her brow furrowed in concentration, tongue sticking out of her mouth, big brown eyes focused on the task at hand as she seemed to expertly apply a coat to Linka's left pinky, finishing that foot up. Bebe exhaled a breath she'd been holding after it was finished, smiling as she sat back up and clapped her hands together, “There! Oh it looks so cute on you Linka! The color goes so well with your pretty hair! Now we just need to do the other one!”


Linka looked up to the girl and smiled bashfully at the praise, before she noticed Bebe was tilting her head, looking at her curiously.


“Linka, hey hermana, what's wrong? You look like you have something that's bothering you, you know you can talk to me!” Bebe exclaimed with a happy smile as she gestured for Linka to bring her other foot up now.


Linka did as instructed and was surprised that Bebe had actually noticed something was bothering her, but then reminded herself, Bebe was a little airheaded, but she was a pro when it came to telling the emotions someone was feeling. The younger girl looked away shyly, as she tried to figure out what to say... “I, well, Bebe it's just that...” she trailed off.


Bebe scooted a little closer, putting the nail polish to the side for now, “It's just what silly? Now come on, what kind of big sister would I be if you couldn't talk to me about it? It's a sleep over after all, we're supposed to share secrets!”


Linka looked back towards Bebe again, giving a shy smile once more, before she finally found her voice. If she was going to ask details about Loki it was now or never. “Well, you see, what I wanted to ask....was..”

She drew out the last part, more and more nervous, looking up to Bebe's eyes, then back to the floor, then to the other girl's eyes again.


Bebe was now holding her hands together in anticipation, leaning in closer, her smile getting wider and wider, it was as if she already knew what Linka was going to ask, but was just waiting for the confirmation.


Linka sighed softly, and finished, “was about....Boys..” She glanced away for a moment... only to suddenly wrench her eyes right back to Bebe as she heard the sudden erupture of a high pitched squeal of absolute delight come from the older girl.


Bebe had thrown her hands up above her head and her head back as she squealed happily, before leaning forward again, balling her hands into fists and pumping them up and down as she responded, “Okay, Okay, Okay Linka! You can ask me anything! Anything you want! You don't know how much I've lived for a moment like this!”


Linka found herself actually a little excited too. She hadn't expected Bebe to be so, well, happy about talking about what was potentially a taboo subject, but it was hard not to let Bebe's infectious enthusiasm effect her too. She was grinning from ear to ear as well now, sitting up more and nodding, “Really? You mean it? I don't want to ask anything to embarrassing or that I shouldn't be--”


Bebe cut her off, “Linka, Linka! Anything you wanna know, I'll tell you! But, I should warn you, all the experience I have comes from your brother..” Bebe gave a shy smile, her cheeks flushing brightly as she rubbed her arm softly, “That's not, going to be to embarrassing is it? Me talking about my experiences with him?”


Linka shook her head, continuing her grin, this was exactly what she had wanted, “No Bebe! I think that will be perfect, and I've always kind of wanted to know more about you and Loki and how you two, well got to where you two are now... with him....” her voice dropped low then, as she brought her hands up, the top fingers of both of her hands touching each other, “and having sex with each other..”


Bebe gasped, clamping a hand over her mouth, she looked horribly embarrassed, turning red and then broke into a giggle fit as she waved a hand at her younger friend, “Linka! All because I sent that text to you by mistake!”


Linka giggled in return, almost falling over on her side, the tension of the whole situation seeming to drain out of the room. Bebe was even laughing about the sex statement now, she knew the older girl would tell her everything at this point, “Oh come on Bebe, I would have figured it out eventually, he keeps sneaking home right before everyone has to get up, is he really just spending all those hours in the night innocently snuggled up to you?” Linka smirked and put her hands on her hips.


Bebe gave an embarrassed groan and hid her face with both of her hands, parting her fingers to peer back at Linka through them, “M-m-m-maybe, maybe we're just cuddling and---” she trailed off, sighed and then brought her hands down, looked away in defeat, gave a playful huff and nodded her head, “Yes, we're... doing it.”


Linka gasped when she heard the admission, it had been one thing for her to powerfully suspect it, and even be pretty sure thanks to the evidence, it was another to hear the admission entirely. To see the pretty darker skinned girl admit to having her big brother's beautiful fat cock shoved inside of her.


Linka took a moment just to look over Bebe again, really taking in the hispanic girl's pretty and wholesome features. Loki really did like sweet-natured girls more than any other kind. Looking at Bebe's beautiful big eyes, the way she carried herself with humbleness but confidence as well, and the soft smile that seemed to put others at ease that seemed to never leave her lips. She really did remind Linka of Loni in so many ways.


Linka, decided to break the ice first after the statement. The pedicure and nail polish was forgotten for the moment as the younger girl sat up with her legs crossed on the floor, feet touching each other, “So...is it, the right time? I mean, is my brother a giant perv who just wants to do you all the time, or is he, better than that?” Linka actually sounded surprised at her own question, not realizing she wanted affirmation on what she was pretty sure her brother was actually like.


Luckily she was put at ease as she watched Bebe smile, “Your brother really likes sex, I like it too, it really does feel good, and because we love one another it's even better. But, actually, your brother is the one who stops us from doing it as much as I actually wanna do it!” Bebe pouted then, jutting out her lower lip.


Linka blinked in surprise, eyes going wide, “What? Really?!” Everything society and media taught her was that boys were perpetual horndogs and always wanted it more than girls did. Even if she knew that was probably an exaggeration, it was so surprising to hear a girl say she wanted it more than her boyfriend did.


Bebe nodded her head and sighed, “Yeah, but it's just him being responsible for both of us. If I have to get up early for work, or if we have a big test in one of our classes we share, or if I have a big test in one of my classes, he won't let us have Sex until he's sure we've studied, or knows I don't have to get up super early..” Bebe huffed again, folding her arms, adding, “It's not fair..” sounding like a cute child complaining about not getting ice cream...


But she wasn't complaining about not getting ice cream. She was complaining about not getting Dick. Not getting enough of her big brother's dick.


Linka felt her face flushing slowly, “Is it...is it, really that good?” she asked in a small voice.


Bebe turned back towards her, looking like she was trying to choose her words carefully, before she nodded, “Yes, it really really is. Loki, I don't really have anyone else to compare him to, but it just feels like the most wonderful thing in the world when he fills me. Then his hips start rocking, and when he gets really confident and his voice drops lower and....” Bebe was trailing off, looking like she was feeling hotter and hotter, Linka could already see the older girl's nipples poking through her top, clearly getting aroused just by the memories of her sexual encounters with Loki.


Bebe then cleared her throat getting a hold of herself and adding, “But um, you shouldn't be in a rush to lose your virginity, until, until you're really sure you're with the person you love, and you're being responsible!”


Linka nodded again, rapt fascination on the young girl's face, she wanted to know more, wanted to know every detail, “H-h-how, how did it happen? The first time? Did, did it just happen? Or, did he lean you back and take you? Wh-wh-when will I know it's the right time?”


Bebe took a deep breath, while she was excited to be sharing this information with Linka, she seemed nervous too about saying the wrong thing, “I could tell your brother wanted it for awhile. Boys, they can tell you so many things if you watch them, things they don't even know they want. He wanted it, he wanted me badly.”

Bebe gave a bashful smile as she idly rubbed the back of her neck, “But, he was being a total gentleman about it. He never pressured me, or tried to go further than I wanted, but you see, I wanted it too.” Bebe laughed nervously before she continued. “I knew, your brother was going to be the one I'd give myself too, well not to long after we first became friends..”


Linka blinked in surprise hearing that, she wanted to know more, she brought her hand up, raising a single finger, before she put it to her lips, shook her head and spoke, “Nevermind, I'll ask about that later, keep going..”


Bebe nodded, bringing her hands up to her knees as she wrapped her arms around them. She leaned her head over, her long dark hair falling over her shoulders as she smiled to herself, “I wanted him, but I knew he was too.... too responsible to just take the first move without, being given real permission. Maybe with some couples they can just have it happen magically without any real communication, but with Loki, he needed to know it was what I wanted, and it was him in particular I wanted it from.”


Linka nodded her head, once more paying complete attention to the older girl, “So what did you do?”


Bebe sighed, “I went out and bought some condoms. Then I placed them in the drawer of my bedroom nightstand over there..” Bebe reached behind herself, pointing at the little brown table with it's single drawer.


“Then, after we spent the perfect evening together at the carnival, and I knew my Mom and Ronnie were out, brought him back here. We started kissing, we'd been making out and doing..” Bebe glanced around, giving a playful smirk, “Other things, for awhile...but hadn't gone all the way. I took his hand, and placed it against my cheek, looked into his eyes and told him I wanted him.”


Linka's eyes had expanded to the size of saucers now, the pretty white haired girl's mouth was open as she was stunned, her freckled cheeks moving with her next statement, “Wh-wh-what did he say?! What did he do!?”


Bebe raised her head up from her knees, looking at Linka and giggling slightly, “He asked me if I was really sure, and I said I was. I kissed his palm as he held my cheek..” Bebe gave a grin, “He loved that.. your brother Loooveeess submissive gestures like that...” Bebe grinned, “And then asked if he was ready too, and if he was, would he please, please, please make me his woman.”


Linka's heart was beating a thousand miles a minute now, her mouth agape again as she listened. She hadn't even noticed she was clenching the hem of her nightgown. Her face said everything, she was begging Bebe to keep going.


“He nodded his head, and he told me he wanted me too, and he was ready. He was so nervous Linka, more nervous than I've ever seen him. I reached over my shoulder to grab the condoms but..” Bebe giggled a little then, “He'd already had one on him. He kept it in his wallet..”


Linka actually giggled at that too, “I think all my brothers are responsible like that, but I bet Loki is the one who taught them to be that way.”


Bebe nodded then, “I had seen your brother's.... well you know.. his thing before. But it was different this time, now that we were going to go further than we ever had. We got ourselves comfortable and ready, and I laid underneath him, and well...” Bebe flushed again, looking more and more bashful as she was speaking of such intimate details, “We, eventually became one...”


Linka's heart still hadn't slowed down, her fingers still finding new ways to tangle themselves up in the hem of her nightgown, “Did....did it hurt? Was it messy, and painful, or or was it really good?”


Bebe looked in thought for a moment before she responded, “A little bit of all of it. It hurt a little, but not as much as some people said it was supposed to hurt. I bled a little bit, but not a lot, but it did feel really good. Most importantly, we held hands as we did it and told each other I love you....and that lasted for all of about a minute...” Bebe gave a playful giggle..


Linka seemed a little disappointed hearing that... before Bebe suddenly said, “But the second time, he lasted longer and it felt even better for me!”


Linka stammered out, “H-h-how long before you guys did it the second time?”


Bebe laughed softly in reply, “Only a couple minutes. Your brother was really insistent he'd do better the second time around, and well, he really wanted to do it again, and I really wanted to do it again... we must have went through 5 condoms that night. Turned out it was a good thing I had bought some.”


Bebe laughed again, and Linka found herself laughing right along with her. It was so strange to hear about this side of her brother, even if she'd already experienced a part of him in this way... She hadn't gotten to really see him fumble, or be unsure or new to everything like Bebe had. She was almost jealous, no she was jealous, but not in a vindictive way. She admired Bebe right now for sharing this with her.


Linka found her cheeks burning up as the next question came to her lips, “Do-do-do you two still use condoms?”


Bebe shook her head, “My mom actually put me on birth control a year before Loki and I had sex. But, we were both so nervous and new that I sort of forgot and I think Loki was being Mr. Responsible again. But, now we don't anymore...”


Linka swallowed softly, as her next question came, unbidden from her lips, “Wh-wh-what's the difference like. F-f-feeling him, feeling him finish in you.”


Another bright red blush came to Bebe's cheeks when she heard that question. For a moment she couldn't believe her boyfriend's little sister was asking such a thing. But by this point she'd already revealed so much, Bebe reasoned, in her own way, there was no point in holding anything else back now..


“It's.... well, you should always use a Condom when you don't know Linka and--”


Linka gave a playful groan and interjected, “I know Bebe, I know, I'm not gonna let the first guy go in.....raw..” she swallowed as she said that, grinning bashfully, “I just... I'm curious..”


Bebe listened, blinked at Linka's choice of words, then laughed softly and nodded, “Okay, so, the difference is... Oh my gosh Linka! It feels so much better without the condom! I can feel his skin, how warm it is, how firm and hard and soft without that stupid layer of latex in the way... and when he cums, it's just the most amazing feeling in the world! Your filled with this sensation of warmth deep inside of you, one that you just want to hold inside of yourself as long as you can, like he's given me a precious gift that I have to take care of...” Bebe actually threw her hand back up over her forehead and laid back in a mock faint, giving a sigh that would make Linka's brother Lars impressed.


Linka couldn't help but feel like her panties were becoming a little....moist. Her eyes had gone wide as she listened to Bebe's rambling about how good feeling her brother cum inside of her was. She was biting her bottom lip, as she watched Bebe, almost panting herself..


Bebe hadn't sat up yet, looking up at the ceiling still as she suddenly continued, “And he loves it so much more himself. Condoms actually made him less hard, softer than he could be normally, he gets so much harder and bigger without them, and I can tell how much more he enjoys feeling me wrapped around him without them in the way.”


Linka felt like her mouth was dry, almost gasping in shock as Bebe had continued her tirade on the wonders of unprotected sex with her older brother. She wiggled in place a little, pressing her thighs together as if it could cool the heat which was building up between them.


There was still so much more she wanted to know. She wasn’t going to stop now.


The pretty young snow haired girl placed her hand behind her neck once more in embarrassment, as her next question came, “Maybe I should of started with this question first. We kinda jumped right to the biggest thing, but I wanted to know about some of the smaller things.”


Bebe picked herself up off the floor, giggling uncontrollably again before she fixed Linka with a smirk and a wide-eyed gaze, “Gee Linka, you think?! You skipped all the foreplay questions and went right to the main course!”


Linka huffed in more embarrassment, her cheeks a deeper red than even before, “Well, it’s just, it’s been on my mind since I’ve had to deal with Loki running back home every morning after his little love sessions with you!” Linka stuck her tongue out at Bebe then.


Bebe only smiled and nodded her head, “I guess that’s fair. Alright girl, ask away!”


Linka felt the next question on her mind was somehow even more intimate than actually having sex. Or at the least it was more, perverse? She felt even more embarrassed, but this was important information, and Bebe had already mentioned her and Loki had been doing ‘other things’ for months before they’d had sex.


She cleared her throat and brought her hand up near her mouth as she asked quietly, “Putting it….in your mouth. Boys really like that, don’t they? Is it gross?”


Bebe actually giggled once more hearing the question from Linka, maybe she was laughing at just how cute the younger girl looked asking a question that clearly embarrassed her. Bebe put her finger to her soft bottom lip and tapped it a few times in thought, “I think, it really depends. Your brother is a very clean boy, he keeps himself trimmed down there too.”


Linka nodded, flushing once more. The girl didn’t believe she could get any redder, she was damn near a tomato at this point.


“But gross? It could be with the wrong person, but I don’t think it’s gross with Loki.” Bebe gave a shy little smile as she ran her hand up through her luxurious dark hair, “Kind of the opposite. I like doing it for Loki.”


That made Linka’s eyes go wide once again, she stared up at Bebe with her mouth agape, “You like doing it?!”


Bebe smiled and nodded, “Yeah, it’s kind of fun. There’s a whole bunch that goes into it, Loki and I are kinda still exploring and learning new things with it. But the primary thing is getting used to it in your mouth, and trying not to choke.”


Linka swallowed a little, already she was imagining what it would be like to fit her brother’s hot hard cock between her lips. It made her mouth water as she imagined it. She had a pretty good idea of how big he was given their interaction last night. But she wanted to know more..


“How do you, stop yourself from choking?” She asked innocently.


Bebe gave her a Cheshire smirk, “Practice. You just have to practice, and boys, at least your brother, looove it when you can go deep on them. Linka, I’m telling you there’s power in it. Sometimes, I can suck your brother so hard, so intensely he can’t do anything but lie back and moan. Then he looks down into my eyes while he’s buried between my lips, and I know he can’t take it. That’s when I bring him to heaven, and he pops off in my mouth. He loves that Linka. He loves it. I lay back on my knees and open my mouth to show him I took it all for him, like a good girl for my Papi. Then I swallow it in front of him and I swear he’s ready to cum all over again!”


Bebe was flushing something furiously after her little rant. She was pressing her own thighs together now, and a sweat had broken out on her chest and brow. She looked at Linka and gave an embarrassed smile.


Linka was just gazing back at her with a mix of admiration and jealousy. Listening to all of that had made her young heart beat faster in her chest. Bebe really did know how to please her brother. No wonder he was so smitten with her.


Bebe’s voice fell a little lower, as if she was sharing a secret then, something even more intense than what she’d already expounded on, “And Linka…sometimes. Sometimes he gets aggressive. Very aggressive. He grabs my head and he just starts thrusting between my lips. He says the most naughty things to me while he does it. It feels like I go into a little trance when that happens, I don’t even realize I’m looking up at him, and just letting him use me. Then he finishes up all over my face, and I swear Linka, it makes me cum too. I feel so pretty, looking up at him, covered with his cum.”


Linka’s panties were a swamp now. She could practically feel her thighs shlicking together. She’d be surprised by Bebe’s outburst again. The pretty Hispanic was apparently a very dirty girl. Linka admired her all the more for it. More, that was a side of Loki she wanted to see.


As kind as he could be, as loving as he was to her, she wanted to see that side. That dominant masculine animal that took what he wanted. Thinking about it so intensely made her young heart swoon.


She didn’t even realize it when she spoke, “It sounds…wonderful.”


Bebe slipped forward to lay on her belly, her feet coming up as she kicked them idly and gave a long drawn out sigh, “It really, really is Linka..”


But then she brought her eyes back up to the younger girl and continued, “But it’s all because of who it’s with. It’s all because I love your brother, and I trust him. It takes a lot to surrender yourself so much to someone else. But I know it’s right with him.”


Linka joined Bebe laying forward on her belly too now. She really admired the older girl, Bebe had taught her so very much in this little conversation. She knew her crush on her brother wasn’t going away anytime soon, and dreaming, fantasizing about him doing all of this with her was a little hopeless. But maybe one day there’d be another boy she’d want to do all of these things to her.


Maybe it was even Ronnie.


Of course, Ronnie would need to do a little more maturing first before she ever let him do anything like that with her! No matter how good of a kisser he was!


After all of this naughty talk though, all of this hot and heavy information that would drive Linka crazy for weeks imagining it, she actually wanted to know something far more innocent.


Looking over at her adoptive sister, the girl she was certain would be her sister-in-law one day, Linka spoke up softly.


“Bebe, how did you know? How did you know my brother was the boy you wanted?”


A shy little smile came across Bebe’s pretty lips as she continued to gently kick her feet, “I knew it since Freshman year of High school.”


Linka blinked a few times in surprise hearing that, “Really?! During his awkward phase?”


Bebe laughed softly again and nodded her head, “I know he hates being reminded of it. Back when he had his glasses, and his braces, and his skin wasn’t the clearest. But he was cute even then. I thought so at least. He was kind and helpful to me and didn’t have any expectations of anything in return. But it was when I saw the way he was with all of you that really made me fall for him.”


Linka didn’t think her heart could melt any further. It really wasn’t fair how sweet Bebe was. Not fair at all. She doubted even in a contest where she wasn’t related to Loki she would of stood a chance.


“He was so patient with all of you, and so responsible. I already know I want to have kids, and he proved himself as father material right there. It took him two years to work up the courage to ask me out though. No matter how many hints I kept dropping on him! Ugh!”


Bebe gave another playful laugh, and Linka found herself laughing along side of her. Linka smirked as she replied, “Boys can be really dumb sometimes, can’t they?”


Bebe reached over and stroked Linka’s head affectionately, “They really can be.”


The rest of the night was just as fun, and Linka got the rest of her pedicure. Maybe she wouldn’t get to experience anything else like last night with her brother. But that would be okay, she loved him, and she knew he was in good hands.


Little did she know an event was coming that would throw everything in doubt, and open up an opportunity that would even make her betray the girl she admired so much.





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