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It was one of the rare nights Loki Loud had his room all to himself, and yet for the life of him, he didn't even care. Loki normally shared his room with his younger brother Loni, and it was one of those infrequent instances where he would have the room all to himself for the weekend, and yet he just couldn't care. Why would he care? Something that would have been a rare treat just a year ago was now dull, tepid, and mundane compared to what he really wanted.


Because nothing could compare to where he'd been only a few hours ago. That secret place of mystery almost every teenage boy dreamed about. The unexplored frontier that held the promise of the greatest treasures in the world.


A Girl's room.


Not just any girl's room, but HIS girlfriend's room. The one with the soft violet colored walls decorated with pictures, many of which were of him. The one with the subtle scent of the perfume and deodorant she wore and the scented candles she enjoyed. The one with the fluffy pillows and blankets that covered her bed, so many pillows and blankets...


God, how could girls have so many pillows and blankets and stuffed animals on their beds? Did they need all that softness? Loki in his love struck mind thought of course they did, girls were ethereal creatures capable of somehow being the most soft thing you could ever lay your fingers upon, while also being as hard and unforgiving as frozen ice when they wanted to be. They could make the world itself seem like it was heaven or hell for a boy depending on their mood. It was a magic only they possessed, a terrible power that could be turned for good or for ill upon the boy that fell for them. Loki was lucky enough Bebe mostly used that power for good on him.


More than that though, there would be a time when Loki wouldn't be caught dead in a girl's room. Where he'd find all of that general girlishness just, well, uncomfortable to be around as a boy. But now, somehow, that room was even better than his own. That was the room he wanted to spend more time in than any other.


Of course, that was entirely because Bebe was in that room, and well Bebe, he LOVED Bebe. Even now as he imagined her room with the pictures of her family and him on the walls, the scented candles she enjoyed on her dresser, and her soft inviting bed with it's multitude of big soft moss green blankets and pillows...all he could really focus on was the image of her in it.


Bebe was a beautiful girl, the very embodiment of the wholesome girl next door your mother actually wanted you to bring home. With long lustrous black hair, thick dark eyelashes, big brown eyes that seemed to stare into his very soul when she looked at him, and soft kissable lips that could bring his world to a halt if ever he saw them turn down in despair. She had Coffee colored skin that made such a sweet contrast with his own cream whenever they laced their fingers together, and she had the body of a athletic swimmer. With long strong defined legs, a thick round backside, and small perky breasts that he found adorable...


Her physique made sense though, she loved swimming and worked as a lifeguard during the summer month. All that time in the pool and on the beach gave her thin layer of softness that provided extra buoyancy most frequent swimmers had, with toned muscle underneath.


Right now, he was imagining her laying on her tummy on her soft bed...Looking up at him with her big brown eyes, her chin perched up in her hands as she lightly kicked her feet back and forth in the air, that soft little smile he loved so much. She was wearing her favorite green flannel shirt, over the sleeveless cut off t-shirt... and her cute little denim shorts that hugged her ass in all the ways he loved.


Ugh! His own room compared to all of that just sucked right now!


Well, his room wasn't bad. The sky blue walls and gray carpeting didn't offend his senses or anything. His bed maybe wasn't as soft as Bebe's, but the firmness was a little better for his back he reasoned, and he didn't need nearly as many blankets or pillows as she did. No the one regular pillow, and light blue blanket he would throw off of him half the time anyway worked fine.


Of course he had to share his bedroom. Next to his own bed, with a nightstand between them, was that of his younger brother Loni. But Loni was most of the time, exactly the kind of roommate Loki wanted.


The brothers had been quite efficient at sharing their space, and had enough overlapping interests their personalized touches didn't upset or offend the other one. Loni's side of the room had a few posters from his favorite movies and stage plays. It had pictures from the performances he'd been in, and his 'director's chair, for when he forced his siblings to engage in impromptu blocking and rehearsals for his scenes he was writing, and what he sat in for his youtube reviews.


Loki's on the other hand was less busy than Loni's own, but still had those elements which spoke to his personality. A couple of free weights next to his bed, his favorite picture of him and Bebe on the wall. His portable gamestation, a poster of famous golf pro Rogers Leopard from the last PGA tour, a few of military novels, but most importantly of all, the charging station for his phone.


That phone was his prized possession. Beyond it being a portal to almost 24/7 contact with Bebe, it also gave him access to his other favorite thing, Social Media and the Internet. Loki loved being plugged into the world, and everything going on in it. He watched countless youtube shows, listened to music, argued about videogames, politics, and golf, while also keeping up on the latest trends and sending constant selfies to his own stream of his work outs, time with his siblings, hanging out with Bebe, and his general snarky observations on life.


All of his other possessions could vanish over night, but if he had his Phone still, he'd be fine.


Other than that, a shared dark wood dressing table stood between the room against the wall, on top of the large dresser where both Loni and he stored their clothes. While Loni was definitely the clothes horse and most fashion obsessed of the family, Loki, along with their little brother Lexx, were not far behind. In fact, Loni, Loki, Lexx and their sister Linka would often go clothes shopping together, with Loni of course providing his perfect insight for what worked best for their individual styles.


So there was absolutely nothing wrong with the room! Sure it was nice to get it to himself now and then, it meant he could jerk it in some more peace and privacy, and could go to sleep exactly when he wanted to sleep, but none of that mattered to him! Hell, he actually wished Loni was here with him right now, rather than being stuck at home, alone in his room. At least he'd have some company with Loni and some distraction.


Loki loved all of his siblings dearly, even if he knew he had to be hard on them sometimes to keep them in line. He had an individual and special relationship with all of them, but the closest thing he had to a best friend was his younger brother Loni.


Loni was genuinely the sweetest Loud sibling in the house. He approached the world with such kindness, sincerity and openness. He was artistic and performative, smiled all the time, could express his emotions freely, and was born with movie star looks. It was rare to see Loni angry, or lose his temper with anyone...even if he could go on nearly frothing rants at Hollywood remakes and producer interference with productions.


Loni was the only brother in the House who could somehow say he loved the others without making them feel embarrassed about it. Loni was still very much a 'guy', but he was a different kind of 'guy', the one that could get away with breaking societal norms with what a 'guy' was supposed to be allowed to do. This had resulted in him sometimes getting bullied by the more ignorant people out there, who mistook Loni sometimes for being gay.


Which didn't bother Loni one bit, since he had no problem with gay people, and had known one of his brothers was Bi if at least not gay for some time. But that didn't stop those ignorant types from trying to beat up the “little theater fairy”. That bullying didn't last very long though, not after Loki had found out, and not after the two bullies involved had been found in the boy's bathroom with busted faces and missing teeth.


Everyone knew then, you did NOT mess with the Loud siblings. Not unless you wanted Loki Loud to pay you a visit. Thankfully the ignorant types at school were in the minority, and Loni was very popular among the rest of the student body.


But maybe that was why Loni also looked up to Loki and often deferred to him, even if they were only a year apart in age. Loni knew the safest person in the world to be around was his big brother, even when said big brother was putting him in a headlock or yelling at him because his absent-mindedness has caused another problem.


So without Bebe to talk to, Loni was often the next best thing. Without Loni to talk to, the rest of his siblings would be great next, with Linka often leading the pack out of them. But, right now, the rest of his family was either asleep or not even in the house.


So Loki, being alone and bored, sat back on his bed flipping through his phone not quite ready to sleep yet himself.


He kept flipping back to the last texts sent between him and Bebe that night. He knew she was completely asleep by this point, Bebe had no problems passing out, but a guilty part of him hoped he'd see a new message from her. The contact information at the top of the screen read 'Bebe Baby Girl' as he opened the window their messages were. His last had been the one he sent when he got home an hour ago.




>Oh Loki Lion Lollipop, you're going to make me cry! I feel so bad for taking this extra shift, I'm sorry you couldn't spend the night! :-(




>Too Late, I'm already crying! I'm sorry Loki, I love you so much, I'll text you back every chance I get!




>No no Loki Lollipop I'll make this up to you!




>OMG you're right! I'm looking forward to it! Oh I'm sorry Lollipop Lion honey :-(




> :-) How did I get the most wonderful, understanding, and loving boyfriend in the whole world?




> Because you deserve it! <3 <3 <3




>Oh? And what else do I deserve Loki Lollipop Lion?


That part had made his heart race when he'd read it. Bebe and Him had only really started getting sexual a couple months ago, but the girl had seemed to zero in on, and figure out exactly what turned him on. The unspoken question in the air..


'What else do I deserve?'


He was just beginning to discover how he enjoyed taking charge in the bedroom, and Bebe seemed to love that part as well... but he was still a teenager, and still a little clumsy and still a little unsure of himself in that regard. But Bebe seemed to know how to draw the same controlling confident dominant aspect he used on his siblings, on her, in just the ways both he and she wanted.


He had hesitated a few moments before he had responded..




>A Spanking Papi? You promise? You know I want to be your good girl Papi.


Loki swallowed. Those texts from her always made his pulse quicken and sent a shiver down his spine.It had driven him past the realm of his own self-worries about saying the wrong thing, and had made him charge ahead full steam as his more lust filled mind took over.




>Mmm, of course Papi, anything you want. You know how your baby girl loves the feeling of your big fat cock in her mouth...


What followed was then a single picture sent from her. As it flicked on his screen he could clearly make out the fact she was in bed, with only her nightlights on. More she was laying in one of his t-shirts which went down just below her crotch. Her legs were bare but her panties were visible, the soft green and white striped satin held between her toned thighs as if she'd pulled them down to better access her crotch. But what was most visible, what the entire focus of the picture was, was the two fingers that were being held up in front of the lens.


A thick, clear fluid was webbed between those thing long fingers, glistening in the soft lights of her bedroom. Loki didn't need to be a rocket scientist like his brother Levi to know what that was. It had caused his own blood to pump, and his own excitement to grow. He was only wearing a T-shirt and pair of shorts himself, but he felt hotter, and well, his dick was standing at attention in moments.


He groaned to himself though. This was torture, pure and simple, because he knew what he had to do. He had to be the responsible one and end this before he called her up and the two engaged in a mutual masturbation session together, and then spent all night talking to one another. Bebe had to work in the morning, she needed her sleep. She'd gotten carried away with him again. Or she was doing it all on purpose, knowing he would put a stop to it for her sake. Maybe it was both.


He'd sighed and sent back a reluctant text.




> :-( I know, I know Lollipop. I know. I'm sorry for being a bad girl. I don't want to disappoint Linka by falling asleep on her either. You just make me so horny sometimes! I'll try to sleep again.


< That's my good girl. You know I just want what's best for you.


> That's why you are the best for me lollipop. Alright, I'm going to sleep. Love you Loki. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3




That had been the way their conversation had ended about a half hour ago. He wasn't going to see his girlfriend all day tomorrow between work and her sleep over. Not only that, but he'd barely be able to text her, with her working and then taking his little sister with her.


He knew he wouldn't interrupt her sleep over with Linka, he knew how much the two of them enjoyed their time together... and she'd just had to leave him with that damn sexy message and picture too! He was going to have to wait until Sunday to see her in person, if he even could then. He had to pull a shift down at his Mom's restaurant that day and didn't know how long he'd be there. They'd have to make time up somehow, but they always did.


In a lot of ways, he found the relationship that had developed between his sister and his girlfriend to be absolutely adorable. While initially the two had hardly ever interacted with one another the first few months they'd dated, the fateful day they watched that movie together seemed to cement some nascent sisterly bond they both wanted.


There was a few weeks after that, where he was convinced Bebe was only dating him to spend time with Linka! It wasn't the case of course, Bebe had just been so excited to do all of those big sister-little sister things together that she'd never gotten to do with her own little brother. Linka for her part had felt incredibly guilty about 'stealing' her big brother's girlfriend and had come to him to apologize with tears in her eyes.


After that, he just couldn't be mad at either of them. Nor could he deny them the chance to spend time together. Linka even occasionally joined them on their outings together. He knew Bebe was devoted to her family and him, so didn't get a lot of socialization outside of school, and Linka seemed to fill that niche she wanted in her life.


As for Linka herself, he knew his little sister needed an older female figure she could spend time with and bond with. The poor girl was surrounded by so many swingin dicks in the house he wondered how it was she turned out to be so feminine herself! Of course she shared a number of 'boyish' interests as well thanks to her brothers... but Linka was very much a girly girl, even if she was a dorky one, and being able to subsume herself in girl things with Bebe clearly meant a lot to her.


Maybe his other brothers didn't see it as much, but he did. He had to, he was the oldest, and that meant keeping tabs on all of them, and anticipating what their needs were. He had to know if any of them were getting mixed up in anything they shouldn't, or if any of them were getting bullied. He knew Mom and Dad always meant well, but he understood they couldn't always understand, but he could. He also respected his siblings privacy, which is why they also tolerated it when he interfered in their lives. If Loki was getting involved in their problems, it meant they were serious, he didn't coddle his brothers when he thought they could handle it on their own.


And with her being the only Girl, he had to be extra vigilant and caring with her. He really did love her so much, so much at times when he thought about it, it made his heart hurt.


After having four younger brothers right after him, and being used to baby boys, when he had gotten his little sister, it was like some sort of magic switch went off in him. She was this cute little soft being he was now responsible for. More so than the others she would need a protector, and he would be the one to do it.


He'd also reached the age where he could truly make an effort in helping out taking care of a younger sibling. He'd become just old enough when she was born, giving their Mom and Dad some much needed help...Enough of a help his Mom and Dad would actually take a break from having kids for a few years after her.


Which meant Linka was the baby for three years, and the only girl. Loki had carried her around everywhere with him when she was a baby. He helped feed her, he kissed her boo-boos. He rocked her to sleep. He hugged her, and cuddled her, and let her fall asleep on him, and as they'd grown up that bond between them had never really vanished. If she was hurt or scared, the first person she'd ever wanted, even before her Mom or Dad was her big brother Loki.


How many times, had she fallen down or hurt herself, for Mom and Dad to patch her up while she whimpered... only to ask her if she wanted them to go get her big brother. Linka would always nod with her little pout, and the moment they called to him and got him there, she would wrap both arms around him and cling to him like a life preserver. He could banish away any unhappiness from her.


As they grew up and their lives became more involved with other things, Loki was still happy to spend time with Linka and give her his attention when she wanted it. Of course all her brothers loved her, and in many ways she was pulled between all of them for their various interests and reasons, but she needed time with them too, and big brother Loki was the first and last stop for when she was hurt or scared.


The only time Loki could remember seeing red, truly seeing red and being ready to commit violence on another, was when his siblings were bullied or harmed, but in particular when it happened to Linka. Linka had been the one element that could come between him and Bebe, and once, she even had.


Loki himself had been surprised when he discovered that Linka was more important to him, still more important to him, than even his beloved Bebe. As much as he wanted nothing more than to marry Bebe and have a large family of his own with her, all it had taken was Bebe's little brother Ronnie making Linka cry for him to break up with her.


He was even shocked at how easily he'd done it. How resolute he'd been and how he'd made the decision and sent it to Bebe without any hesitation on his part.


It had nearly killed him inside, and tore him to pieces emotionally, but he refused to even see her, while that boy was treating his little sister so poorly. Of course, thankfully, Ronnie apologized, and it was just his weird awkward way of trying to be Linka's friend, and he had his beloved Bebe back in his arms again, but it had demonstrated what Linka was worth to her big brother... and that wasn't lost on Loki at all.


And now, with Linka becoming a young woman, she needed someone to show her the ropes, and he was so thankful Bebe was more than up to the task. The last year had seen Linka begin to physically change dramatically. She was still his little 'shortie' as he called her, but she was getting taller, and more than that, her feminine features were coming in. It was enough that Loki felt a little more self-conscious at her big hugs and her insistence on still cuddling with him now and then... and wanting to be on his lap still.


It was one thing when she had been a bony little girl all knees and elbows, it was another when her rear was beginning to get a little plush to it, and she had noticeable boobs. Soon enough the boys would be breaking down the house to get her... She was a sweet ,kind, pretty girl who also liked Videogames, anime, sci-fi and fantasy. She was going to be most boys dream girlfriend!


Him and his brothers were going to be working overtime keeping the line of boys coming after her in check. Starting first with Bebe's little brother... Ronaldo.


He flicked his eyes to the time on his phone, just after midnight. Still not tired. Still bored. Well, maybe he could just rub one out. He had the room to himself, and Bebe had sent him more than enough material to use.


He'd never asked the girl for nudes before, but shortly before they'd really gotten physical and had sex, she had started to send him a few very risque and naughty pictures. Bebe was just that wholesome sweet girl nobody could picture being so secretly kinky and erotic, but Loki had been more than pleasantly surprised to find out there was a VERY dirty girl underneath that girl next door exterior.


He flipped open to his secret file he kept with her naughty pictures. Pulling up a few choice ones that had started with her biting her lower lip, while taking a picture of her shirt covered chest. With each new picture she was pulling the shirt up, until her pretty cute ski slope breasts were visible in her dark green bra. Then she was pushing them together, enhancing her cleavage, pursing her lips as if in surprise..


Loki's cock once again began to spring to life. The thick pale length rising up as his teenage hormones had him hard and ready before he even knew what to do with himself. He slipped his hand down past his abs sliding his fingers under the hem of his boxers to take a firm grip on his own length, ready to squeeze and start pumping as his girlfriend's virtual strip tease continued for him.




"Loki? It's Linka...I had a bad dream..."


Loki groaned, put his phone down, leaned back and shoved his pillow over his face. His little sister had the absolute worst timing. He knew what was coming next, but he needed a moment to calm down. So he was quiet.


A few moments later the Knock came again..


“Loki? Big brother......please..”

He could hear the soft, pleading fear in her voice. She needed her big brother. She was scared, and she went to the first person she knew who could protect her. Loki sighed and sat up, calling back. “It's okay Linka, I hear you. Give me a moment, I'll come let you in.”


“O-o-okay...” came the soft response, seemingly more assured now that she knew she was going to be able to come in.


Well, it looked like Loki was going to have company after all. Now if only he could get this damn boner to go down so he could focus on his little sister.

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