Why can't it be like this forever?

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Author's Notes: This is where things really start getting naughty. I hope the wait was worth it!


The picture that greeted Luke Loud was not one he had anticipated. What was supposed to be a completely empty room, a temporary love nest for him and his boyfriend Sam, was instead occupied.


Occupied by one of the room's original owners, his eldest brother Loki. Loki, his eldest, tallest, strongest, meanest brother. Loki, who could wade into a mosh pit like a freight train, knock everyone aside like a bowling ball, and then drag him out by the collar whenever he wanted to. Loki who wasn't exactly known for his chill when it came to invading the sanctity of his room. Fuck, why did he think this was a good idea again?


And of course, Loki was staring at him right now. He did not look amused, not one bit. Luke swore he could feel those ice blue eyes locking on him like some kind of weapon system. If there was at least one silver lining in this horrible misstep it was that Linka happened to be here too.


Unlike their eldest brother whose head had pivoted towards him like some sort of robotic killer noticing it's prey, Linka was just looking at him in a state of wide eyed shock and surprise. Her cute little lips were partially open, clearly having not expected entrance either. She was currently laying against their brother, her hands on his chest.


Luke figured she must have had a bad dream or something and that was why she was in here. Of course, that didn't explain why Loki was in here! He was supposed to be out with Bebe until at least 5 in the morning dammit!


All of these thoughts flitted through Luke's head so fast he was only vaguely aware Sam was kissing up the back of his neck. His boyfriend hadn't noticed the interruption in their plans.


“L-Loki! Linka! Dudes!” Luke gave a very nervous laugh, “Uh, what are you doing here?” He regretted the question the moment it left his lips, though to be fair, he was really trying not to panic.


Loki continued to stare at Luke, as if his sight alone could bore a hole right through his musically inclined brother's head, “I don't know Luke. Maybe I'm here because it's MY room.”


Sam at this time had looked up from where he'd been kissing Luke and winced as he realized Luke's plan had come to a horrible horrible roadblock. “Oh shit, your brother is still in here!” The other boy whispered.


“I had a bad dream.” Linka offered to explain the reason why she was in Loki's room.


Linka couldn't help but find the whole thing to be kind of funny. She was very curious what the heck Luke was trying to do here, and how he even got into the room in the first place. She didn't want to interrupt though, no she wanted to see how this all played out. The girl sat up on her knees from where she'd been leaning forward on her brother, and kept her gaze on Luke and Sam.


She was also a little thankful the awkwardness that Luke seemed to be in probably meant he wouldn't have time to possibly think anything about the way he had seen Linka pressed up against her brother. But why would she be worrying about that? It was totally normal for a little sister and big brother to cuddle in bed, wasn't it?


Luke was panicking, the last thing he wanted was a thrashing from Loki, even if he deserved it. Loki treated his damn room like it was some sacred shrine none of his other siblings outside of Loni should enter without express permission.


“Uh yeah Dude, it's your room! I must just be a little confused, you know we were playing all night! Took a few slams out there, you know how it is! Must of gotten lost on the way back to my room!” Luke smiled again nervously.


Loki, clearly wasn't buying it. But to be fair, he really didn't have it in him right now to beat up Luke. For one, he had Linka right on him, for two he did notice Sam was present and he figured this embarrassing situation was punishment enough for his younger brother. For three, he was wondering how the hell Luke had unlocked the door in the first place. So he didn't plan on any arm punches, or body slams, or headlocks to put Luke in his place.....but Luke didn't need to know that.


“Right... you were confused. That's why Sam is with you too?” Loki responded dryly.


Sam took on a rather nervous smile as well, shrinking back behind Luke just a little. He didn't think he'd be a victim of Luke's roughhousing, but he could never be too sure. He felt a little bad in some ways, he knew Luke and he could be out with their relationship thanks to being under the protective umbrella that was Loki Loud, and here they had just pissed him off.


Luke nodded enthusiastically, not catching the sarcasm in his older brother's voice, “Oh yeah dude! Confused, I didn't even know Sam was here! So uh, he and I, we'll just go and--”


“Wait just one moment.” Came Loki's voice in response, direct and stern. Causing both Luke and Sam to freeze in their tracks.


“Luke, how did you unlock the door? Only Loni and I have the keys.” The tone of Loki's voice made it clear he wouldn't accept any kind of falsehoods or excuse making.


Luke put a hand up to his face, sighed and ran his fingers down it. He knew he was busted, he just didn't know how busted he would be, it was best to just come clean about everything. “I tricked Loni into giving me his spare key.”


For a brief moment Loki's eyebrow shot up in curiosity, “How did you manage to do that?”

Luke frowned while staring back at his elder brother, raising his own eyebrow in consternation, “Dude, do you really need me to explain that?”


Loki placed his fingers up between the bridge of his nose and groaned softly, “You're right. I don't. So how about instead you tell me what's really going on?”


Luke looked over his shoulder at Sam, who had now placed his hands up on his boyfriend's shoulders, squeezing them supportingly and nodded. Luke looked back to Loki and frowned again, more at himself than anything else.


“Alright, alright..Between Loni being gone all weekend and you typically crashing at chateau Santiago, I figured your room would be the one that was going to be empty overnight, which would mean Sam and I could.... uh, well, you know, get some privacy Bro..” Loki smiled again with that anxious expression, his fingers coming together, fidgeting.


So that was it. Luke just wanted time along with his boyfriend, which was almost impossible to get in a House with 10 siblings. Hell, it was why Bebe and him spent more time out together and why he was over her house most of the time. He couldn't get too angry at his brother for that.


Loki turned and looked towards Linka, who looked back at him, giving him one of those cute little sister looks that seemed to be begging him to be merciful. After a moment, Loki put his hand to his forehead again, breathed out and mumbled, “I can't believe I'm about to do this..” then suddenly sat up from the bed, and in one smooth motion scooped Linka up into his arms.


Linka gave a playful yelp, then giggled girlishly as she wrapped both of her arms around her big brother's neck and leaned in against him. He had to carry her Princess style, she was past the height where he could scoop her up against his side easily like when she was little. Not that she didn't doubt he could, but this was probably more comfortable for both of them. More than that, she really enjoyed him carrying her like this, a faint blush coming to her freckled cheeks.


With the package firmly secure in his arms, Loki began walking across the room, towards the door. He gave a gesture with his head at the two nervous looking teenage boys standing at the threshold. The gesture was for them to come in, which surprised them both.


Luke and Sam slowly stepped into the room, standing in front of Loni's bed, as Loki, carrying Linka began to step past them. “Alright, here's the ground rules.” Loki said. “The room is yours, you have until 8 am. Don't you dare touch my bed.”


Sam and Luke just stared at Loki in shock, their mouths standing agape as Loki stepped out into the hall, reached forward and took hold of the knob.


Luke quickly stammered out, “You got it Dude! The only bed that will get defiled is Loni's!” He gave a mock military salute as Sam grinned and did the same, “Th-th-thank you for this Loki, it's really cool of you..” the other boy said.


Loki, with door knob in hand began to close the door, slowly, agonizingly slow as he focused both boys with a gaze that could kill. “One last thing, if I find out you went anywhere near my Bed or the side of my room,...” Loki paused for dramatic effect just as the door was about to close..


“You will die.”


Loki's eyes narrowed into slits as he uttered that last phrase with complete conviction, it sent a shiver of fear down Luke's spine, just as the door finally closed.


Sam swallowed, looking back to Luke, shoulders hunched up in anxiousness, “Pretty cool of your Bro to let us use his room like this... but he's joking about the death thing right?”


Luke waved his hand dismissively, smirking, “Tch, course he is babe...” The Punk rocker paused putting his hand to his chin, “I think..” before he shrugged and grinned, “Ah well, you know what they say, live fast, die young, leave a good looking corpse behind.” With that Luke pushed his boyfriend back over onto Loni's bed, and grinned before leaping on top of him afterward.


Sam looked up with excitement twinkling in his eyes and his heart racing as he felt himself fall back on the soft bed. Moments later the pleasant weight of the boy he loved was atop him, and their lips began locking....



As the door closed Loki turned towards the end of the hall the direction of Linka's room. It was the only logical place that made sense for both of them to sleep at this point, something Loki had realized before he'd carried out his action, but something that was just now coming home to roost in his head.


Linka's bed was smaller than his, she'd be practically on top of him while they shared it. Something that should have been completely normal for the siblings was now just a little awkward feeling for Loki after that line of questioning he'd gotten from Linka. He figured the awkwardness had to be completely on his own part however and resolved to push it out of his mind and act like it was just another normal night in the Loud House. He was getting tired anyway and figured he'd probably just fall asleep the moment the two of them were settled in.


As for Linka, she couldn't stop smiling. Here she was, being carried by her eldest brother like she was some kind of Princess, or...as her thoughts went to a more taboo place briefly...like she was some kind of bride. That thought made her cheeks heat up, even as she cast her matching blue eyes up to her big brother's own and focused on him, her young heart beating faster and faster. Soon enough the two of them would be in her room, alone, in her bed. Something that would have simply made her happy a year ago, was now making her both excited and nervous.


Loki was the first to speak while he carried her down the hall, “I really hope I don't regret what I just did..”


Linka gave out a soft little giggle before she pressed her head into the nape of his neck and gave the briefest nuzzle, “I'll wash Loni's blankets and sheets after we get up tomorrow.”


His sister's beautiful snow white hair tickled his neck ever so gently, as he also found himself smiling in return from her response, “We're a good brother and sister pair aren't we?” He asked with a smirk.


Linka giggled again and nodded, “The best, this place would fall apart without you and me Loki.”


Loki gave a soft sigh as he responded, “You're probably right about that..” just as they passed their other siblings rooms and came to a stop in front of Linka's own.


Of course what Linka had said was mostly true to some extent. While Loki kept his brothers in check, kept them in line, and made sure everyone was still alive and the house was still standing when Mom and Dad went out, Linka provided the much needed heart and care for everyone else.


Loki couldn't cook worth a damn, and Linka had taken up the cooking duties for Mom when she was out or too busy with other things. Loki also could be a little less than sympathetic at times, and Linka's presence and suggestions seemed to soften him when it came to keeping the peace.


She provided a much needed gentleness and ability for 10 rowdy boys to focus their energy and express a full range of emotion, since with her, it was okay. She was a girl. Of course you could hug her and tell her you loved her. You had to punch your bros in the arm and mainly give them a nod that implied you loved them. But it was okay to do that 'girl' stuff with Linka.


Linka was the glue that held them all together. In many ways it made her a little spoiled. As annoying as it was to have 10 brothers and be the only girl, she had to admit her brothers all doted on her and treated her as if she was the most special and most important out of all their siblings.


This dynamic between herself and Loki was not lost on Linka. After she'd been old enough to talk and function on her own, she'd begun to act as 'co-leader' when Loki took over running things. Softening his edges and helping back up his statements and commands with sometimes more diplomatic rewording. There was no doubt that she was 'mom' to his 'dad' when the siblings were all left alone together.


Now, 'Mom' and 'Dad' were about to go to bed together.


Loki, with Linka still in his arms and holding tight against him, managed to reach forward and open up Linka's bedroom door with only a little fumbling. Flicking the lights on, he stepped across the threshold with her, then closed the door with his foot.


There they were, perfectly alone, in the little space that was Linka's room. The soft green carpeting underfoot, her little dresser and vanity to his left, and the bed which was big for her, but would just barely fit all of him, to the right.


Loki carefully placed his little sister on the bed, as if she were fragile glass that could shatter if jostled the wrong way. Linka began to feel her face and ears heating up more than even before. She was keenly aware of how thin her night gown was, and how close her brother and her would be now.


Loki had done his best to put it out of his mind and force himself to re frame everything as normal. He realized he was still in his gym shorts, that was going to be a problem. He hated trying to sleep in his gym shorts in the summer, the extra layer just made him sweat and feel uncomfortable. He would end up getting to hot and thrash around throwing blankets aide. Not to mention Linka was going to be generating body heat of her own. Heck, she probably would want to use the blanket still too.


But did he really want to get into bed with her in just his boxers and his t-shirt? Three years ago, maybe even two or one and a half, that wouldn't of even been a factor in his mind. He'd just chuck them and sleep in his t-shirt and boxers without any issue. Now, now he was worried about it being inappropriate. Was he just being the weird one here?

He looked from the light switch, back to Linka, and her angelic looking features. She had fixed him with her big beautiful eyes and the tiniest little smile. She looked so cute it made Loki's heart hurt. She seemed to be waiting for him to make some kind of decision.


He groaned inwardly at how silly he was being. This was just his little sister, nothing to worry about. Here he was ready to make things weird, when she didn't have one perverted bone in her. Of course she was just happy to cuddle with her older brother. Sweet innocent Linka, he told himself.


“I'm tired Linka, I think maybe we should just cuddle up and go to bed this time.” He gave a yawn as if to emphasize his point.


Linka nodded with that soft small smile of hers, gently kicking her feet as she did so, “Okay Loki. I'm kinda tired now too...and I think with you here, I won't have to worry about any nightmares again.”


She looked back up at him with those soft sweet eyes of love and adoration. Once more Loki felt his heart squeeze in his chest. He wondered what he'd done to deserve such a sweet little sister, and regretted every mean thing he'd ever done to her in that moment. Before he looked away and shook his head. Ugh, Linka's cuteness game was on point. He didn't know if she was doing it on purpose or not, but it was making him want to do everything in his power to make her happy.


Flicking off the switch the room was bathed in darkness. The only light now came from Linka's LCD alarm clock, and the moon shining down through her window. Loki looked back towards her once more, unable to make out all of her features, just the general shape of her, and the barest reflection of her pretty blue eyes.


Linka had watched her brother through all of this feeling her stomach twisting in knots. For some reason, she was getting more and more nervous, and yet more excited the longer she waited. The moment was coming, the moment was going to happen. The moment her big brother was going to crawl into her small bed, and she would be pressed up against him. Her heart could barely contain itself.


Despite this, she was trying to downplay it all in her head. She was trying to clamp down on the excitement she felt, the butterflies that were making her stomach do flips, and the heat coming from her cheeks. It was her brother. Her big BROTHER. That family link kept playing through her head over and over. Yet every time she tried to reinforce that thought and keep it in her head, suddenly she'd remember a page from one of her Shojo mangas.


The heroine, her hands gripping the hero's school uniform, looking up at him with teary shining eyes and declaring, “I don't care what society says Onii-chan! I love you!” Or, the ones that made her more excited, when the big brother would grab his younger sister and almost snarl in her ear, “You belong to me Imouto!”


Neither of which were helping.


With the light off, she found herself watching him, transfixed with the outline of his body as she saw him reach down grab hold of his waist band and pull down....he was pulling his shorts off. For a moment she thought she was going to faint, until she saw he had another pair underneath those. Boxer shorts.


Of course, he was just taking his shorts off to get comfortable for bed. She'd noticed a strange tingling had begun at the bast of her pelvis, though it slowly faded when she realized he wasn't just going commando on her.


She rose an eyebrow. Why did he have the gym shorts on in the first place? She knew her brothers well enough, she knew their preferred sleep wear. She knew Loki preferred to sleep in just his underwear. If he'd been getting ready to sleep earlier that night, why did he have those shorts on?


Linka supposed it didn't matter. What mattered was where her thoughts were going to next. She'd be curled up close against him, and he would be in those clothes, and she'd be in her thin nightgown and their bodies would be touching and---


“Hey shortie, move over, make some room...” her brother's voice interrupted her train of thought, catching her off guard and embarrassing her a little. In a way though Linka was glad, it helped make her focus again.


“S-s-sure Loki” she responded in a sweet tone. She scooted up against the far wall, bunching the blanket up in the process.


Loki gave a soft grunt as he sat down onto Linka's bed, and then laid back on one of her pillows, his feet coming up as he did. The side of his legs ended up brushing against Linka's knees as she sat with her back to the wall.


“Mmm, comfy.” He added, before she could see his head tilt in her direction. He was waiting for her to get comfy herself now it seemed. Linka breathed in and decided to just do it. She was the one having problems here, not Loki she reasoned. Chances are he just thought his dorky little sister was over-reacting.


Linka slowly let herself begin to lay down on her side. Her smaller form beginning to spread out, she first kept her body pressed up against the far side of the wall, trying to not let her limbs come into contact with her brother. Soon enough she realized it was a useless endeavor if she wanted to be comfortable at all, and as it was there was only a bare few inches between them.


It didn't help with what her brother did next. He extended his arm out towards her. He was making a little nook for her to come and rest her head on, for her to crawl her body into and fit right up against him, and into his side.


As nervous and self-conscious as she was, it was an invitation she couldn't turn down. She crossed those few inches, and extended her own arm out and over her big brother's chest. She found herself pressed into his side before she even knew it. Her soft hair hiding her features in the dark, before her head came to rest upon his chest. Her legs pressed up against his hips as she began to truly nestle herself in to him.


It was a slice of heaven for the young girl. It was the boyfriend experience almost every girl dreamed of. A strong, handsome, protective man had invited her to take shelter in his embrace. She was surrounded by him, and shared his warmth. She could breathe in his familiar masculine scent, and know in her heart that as long as he drew breath, he would never let any harm come to her.


So what if it was her big brother? It still felt, absolutely wonderful.


Loki enjoyed the sensation as well. He'd managed to convince himself this wasn't 'cheating' on Bebe in anyway (after all, how could he cheat on her with his little sister, right?) and that he was being weird and gross worrying about the development of her body, and how cute she was, and how pretty she was becoming. He'd decided the best course of action to get over his hang ups, was to just jump in, feet first, into this situation with his little sister.


So here he was now, with her smaller, softer, sweet and beautiful form pressed up against his own. He laid with Bebe like this often when the two of them were alone, and it was typically how they fell asleep with one another. Though usually Bebe's leg would entwine between his own. Linka wasn't doing that, but he could feel one of her legs, stretching the fabric of her night gown a little, as it pressed up against his leg. He could also feel the way her left hand was resting on his chest, and how nice it felt. More he could feel she was....smiling?


Somehow, he knew she was smiling. He could feel it, through his chest, with her cheek pressed up against his pecs. He could feel the muscles in her cheek pulled up in a little heavenly smile. He could picture her adorable little freckles just underneath her eyes. It was a feature at least half of the family shared, but there was just something about the way they were on Linka with that soft pretty white hair he liked so much that made it extra cute.


Before he knew it, the arm she was curled in, rose up, as he placed his hand on her shoulder, and began to lightly caress her bare skin.


Linka released a cute little noise of seeming contentment, which only encouraged Loki to continue. Her skin was so soft, remarkably so. All of her was soft. Of course he knew girls were softer than boys in general, he knew that from Bebe. But Linka was even softer than her. He hated making a comparison between the two, he hated his mind even went there. But, he figured it was probably due to Bebe being more athletic than Linka. If Linka took after their mom in any sense, she was going to be curvier than Bebe in a few more years too.


Loki's mind flashed to an image of his little sister then, with her hips a little wider, her boobs a little bigger, taller with that long white hair and her big beautiful blue eyes. He felt himself swallowing as he forced himself to banish the image out of his mind. Dammit, why did she have to be so cute? Why did her skin feel so good under his fingertips?


Meanwhile, Linka wanted this moment to never end. She didn't know if there could be anything better than what she was experiencing right now. She felt so warm, and safe, and loved. When her brother had begun to gently caress her arm, it had sent shivers down her spine. She could feel his rougher fingertips running from just underneath her short sleeve, the top of her shoulder, down the length of her arm, down past her elbow to where the top of her wrist began, and then slowly back up again. The result was goosebumps raising on her arm and neck.


It also resulted in her body feeling hot and tingly by the moment. Her nipples were hard. She was old enough now to understand that was a sign of arousal, particularly given the heat her body. She just wanted to be touched, every inch of her body wanted to be touched. Her brother was obliging her to some degree. But she wanted more and more. She didn't want to make things weird though, this was making things weird. She had to ignore that growing itching sensation coming from between her legs. She forced herself to ignore it. Even as her mouth seemed to fill with more saliva, as she could focus on just how strong Loki's arms felt against her, how warm his body was.


Even with all of those distractions, she forced herself to close her eyes and try to sleep.


For Loki, he'd managed to settle himself down. The excitement he was feeling earlier was slowly beginning to wane, he'd managed to keep 'lil loki' from popping up, despite the presence of a soft feminine form pressed against him, and he was even able to put himself in the right frame of mind to enjoy this sibling bonding experience. He was here, protecting his little sister from bad dreams. That was it. Even with how soft her skin felt, and how much he enjoyed holding her. If anything, the gentle practice of caressing her skin, and the feeling of her head nuzzled against his chest had begun to work perfectly as a sort of self-hypnosis, and before he knew it, he was drifting off.


Linka had actually begun to drift off as well. As hot as she felt, actual tiredness had entered her body, and being oh so comfortable, her eyelids found themselves wanting to stay closed as she listened to the gentle rhythm of her brother's heartbeat. She was able to tell when he fell asleep about 20 minutes into the two of them cuddling together, but even the cessation of his arm strokes didn't bother her. His hand had come to rest just below her shoulder and he was still hugging her. She'd begun to drift off herself...


And probably would of remained so, if something else hadn't caught her attention.


For during all of this, Linka had begun to sprawl out, ever so slightly more over her big brother. She'd begun to slid her leg further over his waist, as she began to claim more and more real estate that was Loki Loud. It had been little by little, her brother barely even noticing it. But as her arm went further over his torso, and her leg further over his waist, she came to almost be fully on top of him, half of her body hugging his.


She'd been drifting off completely, when the result of her actions caused something to happen. Something she told herself, repeated in her mind, because she didn't want to fully put into words what she knew it was.


It was hard, thick, warm, long. It was pressing up against her tummy where she lay. She could feel it pressing against her pelvis, through her nightgown.


It was his cock. Her brother's cock. It was thick, it was warm, and it was hard.


Linka had brushed up against more than one penis in her life. She'd even seen plenty of them. In a house with 10 brothers it was inevitable. Her and Lynn had even taken baths together when they were younger. But this was different.


This wasn't her accidentally (or sometimes purposefully) hitting one of her brothers in the balls. This wasn't laying her head back in a lap and brushing her head against a flaccid penis. This wasn't her walking in on one of her brothers taking a piss, or changing or anything like that.


This was a hard cock. This was a dick that was ready to have sex. A cock that was ready to fuck. She almost had to stop herself from moaning softly as that last thought went through her head.


Linka knew there was a difference between making love and fucking. She also thought both had their appeal and probably had their times and places. But that had all been just thoughts when faced with the actions of her favorite fictional couples.


This was different. This wasn't a fiction. This was the real first time she'd felt something like this. It was almost magical in it's own way. Forbidden, a secret that was meant for adulthood. A rite of passage. A cock that was thick and hard, and pressed against her body in need. Her brother's naughty appendage that seemed like it wanted to fuck.


She may not have fully realized this was a natural part of a boy's sleep cycle. All she could think of was how hard and firm and nice it felt against her....and how her body, her closeness HAD to at least be part of, if not entirely, the cause of it.


Her head swam as a flood of hormones came crashing through her body. The heat and tingles she felt earlier came back full on, like a switch had been flipped. God her nightgown as light as it was, felt so tight and hot on her. Her nipples felt like two firm buds that could tear through it like diamonds. Her panties were scratching her in such an uncomfortable manner. She wanted them off and gone..


But worse, or maybe it was better, was the sudden feeling of slickness coming from between her legs. Her vagina, no her pussy. Her pussy was feeling hot, warm, and now moist. She'd gotten 'wet' before. Some of her favorite scenes in movies or reading her manga had made her thighs warm and her core slick. Even Ronnie had managed to make her feel a tightness in her pelvis once or twice..


But none of that compared to the way her brother's cock felt against her. She bit her lower lip as she slowly, ever so gently, slid her hips up an inch or two, then back down again...casually grinding herself against her brother's cock...


That word turned in her mind. Cock. It was so dirty. It wasn't her brother's thingy, or his ding-a-ling, or even his penis. It was his Dick, it was his Cock. It was meant for sex, it was meant for fucking. It was grinding up against her body and making her feel hotter and wetter than she ever had before.


And then, when she slid her body up just enough, she felt that thick warm length, covered only by the thin material of his boxers, slide against her young pussy. Even with her nightgown and her panties in the way it felt amazing. It sent absolute shivers of complete delight up through her head and down through her toes.


She had to bite her lip again just to keep from crying out. She dare not wake her brother like this, not when she was.... she was, well what was she doing? She was giving in to her desires, her very un-sisterly desires and rubbing herself against her big brother's erect phallus. Part of her felt guilty, she felt wrong for doing this. Part of her though, was so horny and hot at this point, it didn't care. And then there was another part, a crazed part that argued this was a perfectly natural reaction to how much she loved her big brother. It reasoned that maybe others wouldn't understand, but it just spoke to their deep connection to one another.


Her brother stirred, he made some kind of noise, and she froze completely. Her warm young crotch pressed over his hard throbbing member. Pushed against it, heat transferring through the layers of fabric separating them. She was terrified and aroused all at the same time.


The moment passed, her brother was still deeply asleep, she had panicked over nothing.


She needed more though, wanted more. She had just discovered this wonderful, intoxicating pleasure, one that she was sharing with the person she loved most in the world, she couldn't just stop now. What came next was a bold decision, a rather dangerous one, but one she only turned over in her head for a moment, before deciding on it.


The pre-teen moved both of her hands up under her nightgown, to her waist, and took hold of the orange cream colored panties she had on. The ones that had a little ribbon at the front, and featured a playful looking feminine cartoon rabbit in white on them.


She hooked her thumbs into their waistband....and then slowly began to drag them down and off of her cute, pale, heart shaped little bottom. She was surprised as she felt a long line of her girl juice cling from her soft nether lips, to the base of her panties before it broke and landed against her leg.


She didn't notice the stain that had formed on the crotch, from the sheer amount of fluid she'd been putting out. The panties were slid down her legs, where they reached her ankle, and she kicked them off to the bedroom floor.


She settled herself in again, over her big brother...only this time she didn't pull her nightgown back down over her waist. She waited to see if her brother reacted.


He was still off in dreamland.


Slowly, she wiggled her bare ass in the night air, and brought her warm, wet, young pussy down, until it was pressed against the shaft of her big brother's throbbing hard length. She hissed through her teeth as the electric sensations of pleasure from the action caused her to have a mini-orgasm right there. Her body shuddered, rubbing those downy soft petals between her legs, up and down over her brother's trapped shaft. Her little button had made contact with it several times in the action...


She heard her brother groan back, a groan that was soft and low, but one that spoke of pleasure. She froze again on top of him. Trapping his cock against her cunt once more. She felt so powerful, so hot, so sexy, all at once. She'd made her big brother this hard, even in his sleep, and made him groan like that. It was amazing how good all of this felt too, and it made her wonder what else she could do.


Slowly she reached up with her shoulders and neck, turning her gaze upwards to face her big brother, and placed a gentle, but wet, and open mouthed kiss on his neck. Whispering softly as she did so, “I love you Loki.”


It was a secret admittance from her heart. One only possible in her lust fueled mind, and with her brother asleep. With the kiss given, she set herself entirely to the new task at hand.


She locked her arms on either side of her brother's torso. Fingers curled in the sheets to brace herself, while she also made sure she was firmly straddling her brother, legs on either side of his waist, her young hot pussy pressed so firmly against his dick.


The girl began to rock herself, slowly and gently. Sliding her weeping, drooling, mound over that hot thick, long shaft. The pleasure was overwhelming, even greater than before, but somehow she was able to handle it, somehow she was able to keep herself going. She didn't want this ride to end.


She had to bury her face in his chest as she felt explosions of pleasure every time her little bean would catch in just the right way against his shaft. She bit her bottom lip, but even that wasn't enough to stop the stream of tiny soft mewls and whimpers of pleasure that came from her lips. Slowly, Linka began to lose herself in her sinful act. As careful as she was trying to be, her lust fueled body and mind couldn't think logically, couldn't think of her brother possibly waking up.


But.... Loki did wake up. Only, Linka never noticed it.


Loki had become increasingly aware of a very, very pleasant, warm, and wet sensation against his crotch. In his sleep addled mind, it didn't bother him at all. The soft weight against him was nice, particularly what he was certain were a pair of tits pushing into his own chest. He'd been having a particularly naughty dream, and he figured this must be part of it...


Until he found himself gasping slightly, which brought him to further wakefulness. Someone was dry humping him, or rather at this stage maybe wet humping was far more appropriate. While his initial thought had been Bebe, he realized he wasn't with her. No he was with...




Panic flowed through the teen boy's mind and body. Panic which couldn't overpower the raw lust and pleasure he was feeling at the moment. He didn't know what to do, he didn't even know what was happening. Well, of course he knew what was happening. Linka was rubbing her sweet, soft, young pussy up against his cock. Sliding it over his shaft again and again, grinding herself down against him, and it felt fucking amazing.


Yes, this was literally happening.


He just didn't know why it was happening. Right now all things considered, it'd probably be to hard for him to figure out (He could already here Layne laughing at that one). The most he could do, was to ride it out, figuratively speaking (Shut up Layne!).


He did his best to pretend he was still sleeping, that he hadn't woken up and caught his little sister almost fucking him in his sleep... He didn't want to have that awkward conversation. Maybe she was doing this in her sleep.


But it was difficult to stop the sound of his own little grunts and groans, and the way his own body began to press up against hers...his hips moving of their own accord to help get the perfect angle for the mutual grinding that was taking place.


Loki was also aware of how damp his boxers were. His precum was at least a little responsible, but the majority of it was Linka's own mix. His little sister was practically leaking a waterfall over him. It made his head spin, in his horny state, with how wrong that was, it made it so much hotter. This was wrong in so many ways and yet it was making it more exciting, even better than normal.


Linka was really grinding her face into his chest now, and she'd even stopped gripping the sides of the bed and was gripping his shirt. He knew she must be close, which was good because he was close too. He didn't know how much more he could take...


When she planted her crotch directly onto his dick, enough to almost spear him into her, he knew his limit had been reached. Loki felt his muscles clench, his hips go up, his body tighten to the single point of his cock...and then he erupted. With his boxers in the way, his cream was contained, adding even more of a mess to the crotch then was already made. It still felt amazing. The effect on Linka seemed just as strong.


Linka had been pushing herself further and further. Her little groans and moans less controlled as she rode her brother, as she ground herself down into him again and again. As she desperately wished there were no underwear in the way, no shirts, no nightgowns and just their naked skin on skin against each other. She wished all of these things as the pleasure was building and building. As she felt all those wonderful reactions coming from her oldest sibling.


The fact he was thrusting his hips up against her, even in his sleep, only made her heart soar more. She did this to him, she was the one making him feel like this. He was reacting like this for her, and it filled her with such a sensation of love and joy. But he almost seemed like he knew what he was doing, even in his sleep, because the new angle with his working hips began to pound the pleasure button in her mind, and the one nestled between her petals.


It was all to much for the young girl, and at last it overwhelmed her. Before she knew it, she had started to grip his shirt, and had slammed her face down into his chest. Hunched over, Linka's body was completely subsumed by the strongest orgasm she'd ever had in her short life. It made her toes curl, it made her close her eyes tighter than ever before, the wave of pleasure continued flowing over her body again and again, causing her to shake atop him. She shook for several moments, as she bit her lower lip, and gripped him tightly. The sensation of her brother cumming beneath her only made it more intense. She'd made her lover reach his peak as well. She hadn't been selfish, she'd made him feel good.


She collapsed against him, her entire body going slack, as if every muscle had been massaged until it was loose. Softly panting, catching her breath, her nightgown still hiked up around her waist, pale ass squeezing with every breath she took. Her arms splayed on either side of him.


She could hear Loki breathing in too. His own body seeming to be slack, soft, and pliable. She smiled to herself again. There was not a trace of guilt in her mind. She'd made her big brother feel good for banishing away her bad dreams. That's all this was. Her mind was filled with post-coital hormones, those very ones that initiated bonding, and made one feel so fuzzy and soft and blissful. She knew it was called the afterglow and she loved it, even more for who she was sharing it with.


She waited a few moments, and then turned back into the crook of her lover's arm, nestling in on her side. She pulled his arm over her form, wrapping it around her. She wanted to be held, she wanted to feel his body around hers. She knew it was called spooning and she wanted to be the little spoon right now. She wanted to experience what a girl with her boy got to after they made each other feel so good.


She wasn't disappointed. Her brother, even mostly asleep, turned over on his side at her nudging, and wrapped his arms around her. Pulling her body close against his own. She could feel his face come to nestle into her white hair, and his crotch come to push against her bare ass. As sticky and wet as it was, it felt right.


It was then Linka felt sleep beginning to slowly over-take her, everything was perfect now. Everything was the way she could have wanted it to be. She whispered out, “I love you....” pausing for a moment before deciding to add something playful to the end.. “Onii-chan.”. She giggled a little, that seemed perfect. This was possibly the best night of her life now.


Loki however, felt that cold creeping claw of panic grip his heart tightly, and refuse to let go. What the hell had just happened? He'd just came with his little sister. He just came BECAUSE of his little sister. Was he going to go to Hell? To Prison? Oh god this was literally the most terrifying night of his life.


Even worse. He had liked it. He had liked it, a lot. Even knowing who it was, he had enjoyed it. He even enjoyed the way he was holding her right now, and the perfect way she seemed to mold herself to his body, and the smell of her hair, and the sound of her cute little voice when she said she loved him. Oh fuck, he hadn't enjoyed it, he'd fucking loved it!


He should be running out the door, he should be begging someone for forgiveness! But who? Her? Their parents? Bebe? God? But he wasn't doing any of that. He was feeling sleepy and warm, and nice and content. Particularly when he felt Linka grab the blanket and pull it up over both of them. The way she pushed her cute bottom up against him, and nestled her head back more firmly into his chest and arms.


He felt at peace...and part of him thought that was the worst thing of all. He was so tired, and comfortable, and mostly...satisfied. He felt such a strong sensation of love coming from the smaller feminine bundle wrapped in his arms...and soon enough, he had fallen asleep.


He'd worry about the consequences in the morning.


A/N: More to come, though I'm considering doing another pass at the first chapter as I'm not happy with some of it. But I might just press on to keep the story going. I have other Loud House ideas I want to do, but a strict policy of finishing one story before starting the next! Reviews and comments welcome!

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