Why can't it be like this forever?

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A/N: I originally envisioned this being a shorter story than it's turned into, but then I ended up feeling like I needed all of this set up, and to try and flesh these characters out more. Now I'm worried maybe I'm doing to much? Getting bogged down with the inane details? Or hell, maybe it's actually just right and I'm worry over nothing! Poor Bebe hasn't even made an appearance yet, while Luke and Sam have shown up much more than I thought they would! Anyway, hope you enjoy!



When Linka Loud slowly roused from sleep she became acutely aware of more than a few new feelings overtaking her. One, was how utterly comfortable she felt. While her bed had always been comfortable to her, right now it felt like soft bliss. Next was how completely warm and cozy she felt, the perfect temperature for wanting to stay cuddled up right where she was. Last was how safe and loved she felt.


Of course that all went without saying. Linka knew why, and she knew why the moment she'd pushed through the haze of sleep to morning wakefulness. It had everything to do with being wrapped up in the arms of her big brother. It had everything to do with falling asleep next to the one you loved.


It was so comfortable, so completely inviting she was tempted to drift off again, so content as she'd never been in her bed before. Well, that was maybe not completely true. She'd been content and felt safe and loved in bed like this before. There was a number of times she'd shared a bed with one of her brothers or her parents and got to cuddle with them over the years. But, this time was different. This time it was more than just cuddling with 'family'. Even if he was family, this time she got to experience what it was like to cuddle with a boyfriend. Last night she'd proven to herself that she was more than capable of taking care of her brother's carnal needs as well.


Even if he hadn't been aware of it.


She listened closely and heard the gentle rhythm of her big brother's breathing and heartbeat while he continued to doze next to her. His arms were still wrapped around her smaller frame, holding her loosely and gently. His body heat combined with the blanket over their lower halfs felt absolutely magical. She was also keenly aware her brother was erect again. She could feel his thickened length pressed right up against her soft bottom. It was a strange feeling, but not a bad one. Oddly comfortable in some ways, even as it was wedged up right between her cushiony little rear. It gave her an almost guilty little smile as she felt him wedged so firmly against her. Like this was how it was supposed to be.


It was so tempting to just keep her eyes closed and go back to sleep like this. When would she ever get a chance like this again? To feel this satisfied and content. In this moment she hated Bebe. No, not really, she couldn't hate Bebe. But she wanted to, she really wanted to. It was just so unfair that she got to experience this with Loki so often, and one day, one day, Linka knew, Bebe would get to experience it every single day. She knew her brother was absolutely over the moon for the pretty and silly Hispanic girl, there was no way that Linka could really compete.


Now she was just making herself sad and she didn't want that. So she forced thoughts of the future out of her head. Opening her soft blue eyes she found herself staring at the wall and at her little stuffed rabbit Bun-Bun right next to her. It was so tempting to start grinding on her big brother's length again. She couldn't get over how hot, and hard, and yet weirdly soft it was all at the same time. That orgasm last night had been the most intense experience of her young life, and her toes curled in memory alone. She wanted to press herself back against it so very bad. But it was too dangerous. It had been one thing when her brother was tired and had been up all day, it was another thing entirely when he could get up at any moment.


As much as Linka wanted to stay in bed with him, and feel him against her, love him in the ways of a woman and not just a sister, she knew that little fantasy was over for the time being.


Gently, Linka wiggled her way out of her big brother's grasp. She sat up and turned to look down at him, he looked so handsome to her right now. So peaceful and content as well. His thick blonde hair tossled about his face, the stubble from his chin pressed into her pillow. She wondered if she'd made his sleep even better with her presence and by getting him off. Her sleep had certainly been deeper thanks to him doing the same for her.


She felt her heart sink. Would any boy be able to compare to him now?


She reached over and took hold of Bun-Bun, and placed the rabbit in his arms. Loki seemed to instinctively curl his arms around the stuffed creature as a surrogate for her. Carefully, Linka slipped out of bed, making sure not to disturb her sleeping brother.


Standing up on the floor, she took hold of her nightgown and looked between her legs. There was some sticky residue between her thighs, and some even webbed between the strands of soft white pubic hair just above her mound. She probably needed a shower. She glanced at the clock, it said 7am. Luckily it was still semi-early, some of her brothers were probably asleep, and others were probably already busy with their respective Saturday routines.


Grabbing some fresh clothes from her dresser, the pre-teen quietly left her room and made her way down the hall. As she anticipated, the bathroom was free for the time being. As she reached the end of the hall, she stopped for a moment and looked towards Loki and Loni's room. Sam and Luke still had an hour left according to Loki's schedule, she wondered if they were still in there.


Carefully, she took hold of the door and turned the knob. Of course the two dummies had been so distracted they hadn't even bothered locking the door after Loki and her left the room last night. Taking a slow peek in, Linka was greeted by the sight of a pile of clothes laying at the food of Loni's bed.


Further up on the bed itself she found what she was looking for. Sam and Luke were on the bed, wrapped up in Loni's blanket and each other, facing the wrong way on the bed, quietly dozing on one another. Luke was face down, one bare arm hanging out of the blanket burrito the two had made, and over the side of the bed. Sam was cuddled up right against him, the blonde boy's face buried in Luke's shoulder.


Linka wished she'd had her phone on her then, she would have loved to take a picture, it was adorable... and it would be fun to embarrass Luke with later. It wasn't that Luke was embarrassed because he was dating a boy, he was just embarrassed about being so goo-goo eyed over Sam. Loki and Bebe were just as bad, maybe even worse, but for some reason those two had absolutely no shame over how nauseating their relationship antics could be compared to the others.


Closing the door again, she finally made her way into the bathroom, locked herself in, threw off her nightgown, and started the warm water up. A moment or so later she was in washing off the lingering scent of her brother, making her feel a little sad. She had her sleep over with Bebe tonight. In some ways she didn't know how she was going to face the other girl, in other ways she couldn't wait because now she knew she was going to ask her all kinds of questions about Loki. What he liked, what turned him on, what made him feel good, what it felt like when he was inside of you. She wouldn't be able to find any of that out for herself, but maybe she could experience it second hand through Bebe.




When Loki woke up, he was vaguely aware he wasn't in his bed. The blanket was too small, his foot was hanging off the side, and for some reason he was hugging a stuffed animal. Then through the groggy haze of sleep slipping away he began to recall why he wasn't in his bed. That was right, he'd gone to sleep in Linka's bed.


The rest of that night suddenly flashed through his head. Linka straddling him, grasping his shirt, rubbing her hot wet crotch over his cock over and over until they had came together. Cold fear ran down Loki's spine once more.


Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, that had just been a dream right? Just a weird, weird dream. He pulled the blankets off of himself and reached down to his boxers. They were practically glued to his crotch thanks to the hot load he'd deposited into them last night.


Fuck, it hadn't been a dream. His little sister did in fact get off with him last night. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck. What was he going to do? He slapped both of his hands up to his face and groaned. What would he tell Bebe? What would he tell his brothers? What would he tell their parents? He was literally a horrible, perverted, dirty, criminal older brother. One who had violated and misused his little sister!


His little sister who....wasn't in the room with him right now. Oh thank god for that. He didn't think he could even look at her right now. He turned and looked at the clock, 9am. It was still a few hours before Linka was going to go off with Bebe today. It was also an hour past the time limit he'd given to Luke and Sam last night too.


Well, the last thing he wanted was to suddenly have Linka come back into her room and find him here. He didn't know if he could face the girl alone like that right now. Ugh, he needed a shower so bad as well. He smelled like, well he smelled like her. Which wasn't so bad necessarily, but he still felt like he'd cheated on Bebe... and what was even worse...


Was he had liked it.


He loved Linka, he really, really did. She was his adorable little sister. His shortie, his snow princess. He'd loved her since the day Mom and Dad had brought her home and let him hold her. She was the most kind and thoughtful sibling in the house next to Loni. She always made time for each of her brothers, and made so many sacrifices of her own happiness for the sake of them.


She was also the most mature and responsible sibling next to himself. He could rely on her more than he could any other of his siblings. He enjoyed his time playing videogames with her, watching some of her shows with her, and the numerous other activities he'd engaged in when they 'linked' up with some of the other brothers as well.


In many ways he realized his girlfriend embodied the best traits of his two favorite siblings. The selflessness of Linka, and the kindness of Loni. Sadly, she also seemed to share some of Loni's airheadedness but Loki had just found that to be endearing. In a way though, what he was saying, was that if he didn't have Bebe, dating a girl like Linka would be ideal. A cute little dork like her. Gah, why was he thinking that right now?! Sure, he'd always doted on her the most, and liked playing the role of big bro for her, but you don't spend a night engaging in heavy petting and hot cuddling with your little sister and then come to realize you'd date her if you didn't already have a girlfriend.


Date someone like her Loki. Date someone like her. Not literally date her.


It had really been some top-notch cuddling on top of it all. Something they'd probably be doing less and less of as she got older, and when he left for college next year. Well, regardless he reasoned, what had happened was wrong, and it was his fault. He still felt guilty about it all, particularly since it didn't gross him out nearly as much as he thought it should. Fuck, why didn't it gross him out at all? He just knew it was wrong on a moral and legal level. He felt bad because he felt like he was betraying Bebe. He didn't feel bad over finding his little sister's soft little body hot.


Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, what the hell was wrong with him!?


He got up, threw on his gym shorts and pushed his way out of the room. He really wanted a shower, and when he stared ahead towards the bathroom door he found.... a line. Literally perfect.


The closest to the door at the Moment was Lain who had decided to bring his ventriloquist dummy Ms Coconuts with him for some reason, followed by Lars who currently had his sketch book in hand, this was followed by Lexx who looked the most annoyed and was tapping his foot angrily. That made three ahead of him, he supposed he could wait it out until he suddenly heard someone clearing their throat.


Looking down he saw his brother Levi, walking in front of him towards the line, “Apologizes eldest sibling, but the bathroom waits for no man.” The 5 year old genius tutted as he took the next place in line.


Well, Loki figured he might as well go and get breakfast while he waited for the line to clear out. There was still no sign of Linka so far too. Maybe she was the one currently using the bathroom, or maybe she'd be downstairs with one of the rare moments the TV was free, watching one of her animes.


But when he reached the bottom of the stairs and looked over into the living room, the only people using the TV currently was Leif and Leon. Lief had Leon in his lap and the two were watching a recording of the family's favorite TV show, 'WWA World Wrestling Association'. Loki was actually a little interested in watching it himself. It was the one program everyone in the house watched together as a family, even sometimes their parents watching it with them. More, Linka herself even got into it and had a favorite set of wrestlers.


But Loki decided to skip on watching grown men and women with colorful costumes and identities throw each other around a ring and act out soap operatic story-lines for the moment. He decided to head into the kitchen, hearing Leif yelling out, “And he goes for the body slam! Can Leon get out of this one?!” followed by a thud from the couch cushion while his youngest brother Leon giggled.


Heh, cute. He really did love his little bros. Part of him was tempted to run over and pick both of them up to throw on the couch, yelling out some fake commentary as he did so. He knew both Leif and Leon would squeal with delight at getting to wrestle with him, but he decided to stick to the original mission, get some food.


As Loki walked into the kitchen he caught sight of Luke and Sam already inside. Well, that answered his question on whether or not they had left his room yet. Luke was sitting on the counter with a bowl of cereal in his lap, swinging his booted feet about, while Sam was leaning against the same counter, also eating a bowl of cereal.


Both boys greeted Loki as he entered.


“Sup bruh!” Luke proudly proclaimed.

“Hey Loki! Good morning!” Sam said with a large smile.


Loki gave a little smile as he opened the cupboards to get a bowl ready for himself, “Hey guys. Sleep well?” He asked with a hint of a smirk. Focusing on the two of them pressed his own unease out of his mind for the time being.


Both of the boys turned red, blushing profusely. Luke rubbed the back of his head and nodded, trying not to grin, “Uh, oh yeah, you bet dude! Like a log!”


Sam was smiling awkwardly as well, rubbing the side of his arm suddenly as he nodded, “Uh yeah, Loni's bed is real comfortable!”


Loki smirked as he poured milk into his bowl, set it on the counter then dug his spoon in, shoveling a mouthful of sugary wheat into his mouth, “Oh, I'll bet. Real comfortable and warm huh? Just enough room for two..” He teased the both of them.


Luke and Sam's sexuality was commonly accepted among their family and friends and the neighborhood as a whole, but Loki saw it as his duty to tease the boy the same way he'd tease any of his brothers with their girlfriends to make sure he didn't feel any different or weird about things.


Luke, still blushing profusely, picked up an oven-mitt and playfully tossed it at his older brother, hitting him in the head, “Ugh! Dude! Shut up already! It's not fair you're not embarrassed about how gross you and Bebe are together!”


Luke for his part was happy, embarrassed but happy. He'd gotten to spend the night with his boyfriend, and now his big brother was teasing him about it. But he was teasing him in a friendly way. One that made him feel accepted and loved. He knew as a boy, they didn't really say those kinds of things to one another, but right now his eldest bro was saying it through his actions, not his words.


Loki laughed as the oven-mitt fell off his head and he tossed it aside. “Okay guys, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but you have to admit, your plan to get alone was good, up until it failed horribly.”


Sam piped up then, “I don't know about that Loki. Seems to me it worked out, and we have a really cool big brother to thank for that.”


Loki actually felt a little touched hearing that. After himself and Bebe, he figured Sam and Luke had the most stable relationship in the family, (well obviously there was Mom and Dad but they didn't count duh). For all he knew this was his future brother-in-law, and he had to admit, he liked Sam.


But he still needed to brush it off like it was no big deal. Yeah, don't feel touched because your younger brother's boyfriend feels safe and accepted by you, and thinks your cool. He gave a wave of his hand then, “Psh, no big deal guys. Just don't expect it to be a regular thing you know.”


Before he knew it, Luke had slipped off the counter, and then suddenly he and Sam both had approached him and thrown their arms around him in a tight hug. Both boys hugging him actually made him feel that familial sense of love he couldn't admit to enjoying. But he did put his bowl down and wrap an arm around both of them.


After a moment he spoke up,“Alright, alright you two. That's enough, I don't need the left over juices from your nocturnal love session getting on me.”


Luke and Sam let go, as Luke replied, “Oh don't worry bro. We already showered together earlier.”


Loki blinked in surprise as he heard that, fixing them both with a stare, “Oh come on guys, like, I get it, your both cute, but really?! Do you have any shame at all? Mom and Dad could have literally caught you, and then what?”


Luke grinned and put his finger up, “I'd just play the gay card Dude.”


Loki blinked again in surprise, looking towards his brother with more shock, “Oh come on, that works?! If Bebe and I got caught in the shower here together I'd get lectured endlessly about the dangers of teen pregnancy, and setting a bad example for all of you, especially Linka!”


Sam had put his hand over his mouth to cover his giggling at this point, while Luke seeming to want to rub his point in, threw his arm around the blonde boy as he replied, “What can I say dude? Should of got yourself a boyfriend like I did! No dangers of teen pregnancy, and Mom and Dad wanna look like they're cool and progressive... which they totally are, but let Sam and I get away with more because of it.”


Sam grinned nervously and gave a little shrug, “Sorry?”


Loki rolled his eyes and just sighed. He couldn't really be angry at Luke for this, well he could be a little jealous, but to be fair, Bebe's house was often free for the two of them, and he didn't know what Sam's home situation was. Maybe this house was the best place Sam and Luke could be.


“But bruh, how was sleepin in Casa Linka? Her bed's a little on the small side ain't it?” Luke inquired. He honestly sounded slightly concerned, worried he'd made his big bro have a bad night of sleep.


Loki nodded, deciding of course he wouldn't mention the strange incidence which had occurred between him and Linka, “Yeah, but yaknow, Linka's not exactly playing power forward for the Detroit Pistons either. It was fine.” He gave a shrug.


“You should of seen her this morning dude, she was practically glowing. Big bro's still got it in him to make nightmares go away?” Luke smirked.


Loki have a little shrug and smile,“I guess so, but its been awhile since you needed to cuddle with me anyway Luke, seems like you got someone else to keep your bad dreams away now.”


Sam looked up towards Loki then towards Luke, “Wait a minute, you slept with Loki when you had bad dreams too?”


Luke nodded, “All of us have at one point or another. Loki's our big brother. Course the last time I did, I was like 12.”


Loki replied non-nonchalantly as he ate his cereal, “Bullies, bad dreams, and burglars, Loki Loud gets rid of them all.”


Sam looked a little surprised, “Burglars?!” he asked.


Luke grinned and replied, “Never had to get rid of any burglars, but when Loki babysat us, anytime there was a weird noise, he'd be the one to go check it out.”


Sam nodded then, reflecting on his own little sister. He thought it was hard enough doing all of those things for her, he couldn't imagine doing it for 9 other siblings as well!


Luke pointed his spoon at Loki as he picked his bowl back up, “Dude you totally made her night though. You should of seen her this morning after she got Sam and I up. She was walking on air. I don't think you've been spending enough time with her bro, that meant a lot more to her than you think it did.”


Loki frowned, he actually had a good idea how much it meant to Linka, the evidence was in his shorts at the moment. He shook his head, “I don't know what you're talking about.”


It was Luke's turn to frown now as he continued, “Dude, Linka hangs out with all of us, Sam and I love it when she comes and sings in our band, but you're the busiest out of all of us. Between Bebe, your golf stuff, your friends, and your job, you're around the least.”


Loki furrowed his brow, “Come on now guys, you know you all matter to me, it's just..”


Luke cut in then, “No dude, I get it. You're almost an adult now, this will be your last year and then you're off to college. But we all kinda miss you, we just know we only got one more year with our big bro and then he'll be gone. She isn't saying it, but Linka's the one it's hurting most. She looks up to you more than the rest of us.”


Now Loki was feeling really uncomfortable. He hadn't put as much thought into the changes coming his way and how they effected his family. This was going to be the last summer before graduation, his senior year was coming. He already had starting his adulthood on his mind, and here he wasn't thinking how it was going to be his last year possibly living with all of his family present.


Even Luke was saying he missed him in his own way. But then his thoughts went to Linka again and he felt that inner turmoil run through him. His sweet little sister, his little second in command.


Loki gave a long drawn out sigh and slapped his face, “Alright, I get it. I get it.” He removed his hand before looking at Luke again. He noticed Sam was holding Luke's hand. The boy had probably picked up his boyfriend was getting a little emotional and needed support.


“Luke, I got a year left before I'm out of the house and off at college. I promise you, I'm gonna make myself more available for you guys. We still got a couple more family trips and hang outs before I'm gone.” He reached forward and clapped his musical brother on the shoulder.


Luke smiled, the 15 year old was doing his best to hold back his own emotions now as he nodded, “Thanks bro.”


The door swung open, and Linka suddenly emerged through it. The 12 year old was clad in a black and white plaid skirt that went to her knees, bright white socks that reached those knees, and an orange-cream blouse. She was carrying a large smile on her lips, and it somehow got even wider as she took in the sight before her. Looking at Sam and then Luke she gave a little nod to each of them, “Well, I see you two finally decided to come downstairs..” She teased both, before she focused her big blue eyes on her eldest brother.


Loki looked back into those large sparkling eyes, that seemed to look at him with absolute adoration. It was true, Linka looked absolutely happy right now. She almost seemed like she was floating, and the gaze she fixed him with was one he'd seen before.


It was the way Bebe looked at him.


That far off dreamy look, that smile which was reserved for the person who made your life brighter. The person who made struggling against everything else worth a damn.


He suddenly felt tightness in his chest, and his throat going dry. Was he just imagining this? Maybe she wasn't looking at him like that. Oh nope, nope, he was quite sure that was the look she was giving him.


There was no imagining what happened last night either. The physical evidence would not be denied. He still didn't know why Linka had.... done that. Why he had responded to it so eagerly either. It was such a strange feeling, but it made him uncomfortable.


Not because one of his family members was looking at him in a way that spoke of an unbearable crush finally being realized. No, he wasn't uncomfortable with Linka's affection at all. Which really made him feel fucked up. No he was uncomfortable because he didn't want to break her heart. He was uncomfortable because he already had someone, someone he did love so dearly, and as much as he loved her too, it just was impossible to return those feelings fully. He wanted more than anything for her to realize how special and wonderful she was, and that the only reason he couldn't be with her too was because he was already with Bebe, who he loved very much.


And because she was his sister. She was his sister, he reminded himself.


“H-h-hi Loki. Good morning...” she paused, before adding with a little smirk, “Onii-Chan.”


That brought a deep sudden flush to his cheeks. He wasn't the most well-versed when it came to Anime and Manga, he'd picked up some of it through Lars and Linka, but he knew enough to understand that phrase. Some kinda weird affectionate way of saying 'Big Brother'. Why was it making him feel so hot, and his breath tighter?


Luke and Sam both burst into laughter, Luke even pointing at Loki, “Awww, listen to that! Look at how happy our little sister is to see you...Onii-Chaaan..” Luke dragged out the part, while Sam turned and pounded the counter top. Both of the boys could see how flustered Loki suddenly was, and it seemed like sweet revenge for how he'd been teasing them the same earlier.


“Linkaa...” Loki huffed, rolling his eyes as he rubbed the back of his head, “G-good morning to you too.”


The 12 year old crossed the distance of the kitchen and threw her arms around her big brother's waist, pulling him in a tight hug. Her head only came up to his chest, and for some reason she really liked that right now.


“Thanks for staying with me last night.” She drew her head back and looked up at him, “Oh, also I washed and dried Loni's sheets and blankets and then put them back on the bed. He shouldn't be aware of anything when he gets back.”


Loki nodded, and pat her head, “Good job Linka.”


Luke and Sam came over and wrapped their arms around Linka in a hug as well, “Dude, you're the best little sister a bro could have!” Luke grinned as he tousled her hair. Linka only smirked and looked back at him, “I'm the only sister you have.”


Releasing her, Luke gave a shrug, “Still counts dude.”

Sam smiled and gave Linka's head a pat as well, “You know I think my own sister could really learn a thing or two from you...” Linka grinned and basked in all the praise. This morning had been absolutely perfect. Of course, she'd seen the way Loki was reacting though.


He seemed, distracted? Was that it? Or maybe he was just embarrassed. He kept looking away though like he was afraid of her catching him looking. But it was clear he wanted to look at her. That made Linka's cheeks feel hotter too. Loki wanted to look at her, but was afraid of getting caught? Maybe she'd had an even bigger effect on him than she realized. That sent a fluttering sensation in her chest. Excitement and happiness both elevating inside of her.


Was her brother feeling something new about her? Was he seeing her as a young woman now, and not just a little girl? She was only 5 years younger than him, it wasn't that bad! Okay, okay, so maybe it was bad they were related, and yeah technically even if they weren't it was still illegal, but Linka was convinced she was mature enough for all of this.


Loki finished his cereal and put the bowl down, “Uh, I'm gonna go try and get a shower now. Linka, don't forget, Bebe will be here to pick you up at around four.” He needed to get out of the room and get under some cool water as quickly as possible. His head was a mess, Linka had looked more adorable to him than she ever had before, and feeling her arms wrapped around him had sent his heart beating intensely.


Luke smirked and pointed with his spoon at Loki as the older boy started heading out, “Catch ya later...Oniii-chaaan..” Sam and Linka burst into giggles and laughter along with Luke afterwards..


Loki just rolled his eyes and groaned in annoyance as he exited the Kitchen, before he stopped, just as his foot was about to step out. He suddenly twisted, turning on a dime, and marched right back in with his shoulders hunched up and his brow furrowed in anger.


Before Luke and Sam could even realize what was going on, it was to late. Loki's fist had whirled out and smashed first into Luke's shoulder, causing the boy to cry out with a very unmanly “Owww!” before Sam received one to his shoulder as well, making the other boy repeat Luke's exclamation almost in harmony.


Loki fixed both with a glare, pointing his finger at them, “Know your place scrubs!” before he once more turned around and marched out the Kitchen door.


Luke and Sam both rubbed their sore shoulders with a frown, Linka just laughed.


Loki would manage to get that shower he wanted eventually. He'd made sure it was a colder one, trying to put impure thoughts of his little sister out of his mind. He'd eventually reclaim his room, and take hold of his all important phone to dive in and try to distract himself. Of course there were messages from Bebe waiting for him. He'd even been a little later replying than he would have liked, and could pick up the worry and sadness in her repeated texts to him. It had made Loki's heart sink with guilt and the desperate need to make her feel better. A few sweet flirty replies and apologies later though and everything was right as rain. She couldn't talk a whole lot since she was working, but he knew hearing from him made her day easier, just as she likewise did for him.


But he still felt guilty. Guilty because he cheated on her maybe, Guilty because he might be partially emotionally cheating on her too. But that didn't make sense, he loved Bebe just as much as ever. His feelings for her didn't go away, just because he didn't feel weird about his little sister's crush on him. He even found it kind of cute. He felt guilty, that he didn't feel guilty, and that he didn't feel grossed out.


What the hell was wrong with him. He literally needed a break from all of this. So he ended up texting his best bro outside of the House, Calvin Pingrey. Maybe the two of them could hit the green together and he'd put this all out of his mind. Calvin got back to him, and lucky enough he was free and up for a few rounds. It'd mean he would miss Bebe most likely when she came to pick up Linka, but he didn't know if he could face both of them at the same time right now. It would just be, too weird seeing both of them together. What were arguably the two most important girls in his life, and now both of which had made him blow his load harder than he ever could on his own.


Yes, yes, getting the hell out of the House and onto the green was the best thing right now.






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