The Exotic Velvet

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The Exotic Velvet

Chapter 6: Stalker…


Several days had gone by since Jazz’s encounter with Tristan at the motel. It came as a very welcome surprise to see no one notice her leaving the club early that night, not even Vlad who watched her like a hawk.


The next morning, Tristan had been eager to resume their lovemaking. They slept together twice before Jazz departed, which made her secretly “nuke” her womb in the bathroom with day-after pills she bought for such case scenarios.


In her haste to arrive at the motel, Jazz had forgotten her street clothes at the club’s locker but always kept a second set of clothes in the trunk of her car, namely her sports getup. Unlike what she normally wore at the gym which consisted of skin-tight booty shorts and a top.


Her spare set was composed of a pair of sweatpants and a sweater both of matching colors, which hadn’t been worn in several months. There was no way for her to go back to the “Candy Shop” early in the morning to fetch her clothes, and she refused to go home in her stripper clothes.


The downside of still living with her parents was to convince them she had been studying and lost track of time. Fortunately, her shower at the motel got rid of all the glitter she often bathed herself in.


With a deep breath, Jazz got ready to jump into the stage like had done so almost every weekend night. The redhead was the new shining star of the Candy Shop, her performances were met always with cheers and howling.


Men and even women loved seeing her dance. All her inhibitions of dancing naked had long vanished, it had reached the point in which she would parade herself naked around the club. There were occasions in which Vlad called her to his office after giving a private dance and made herself present at his office without putting any clothes on.


Though Vlad had seen her naked one too many times, it still bothered him to see how easy she got used to being a stripper. Vlad’s club was one of the very few at Amity in which the girls got fully undressed at the booths.


The man was no fool and knew many of his girls gave out extras; he didn’t mind so long they paid the club’s cut and didn’t draw any unwanted attention. There was a huge strain in his heart whenever the thought of his “niece” sucking off a man in those booths crossed his head.


“Everybody! Make some noise for the Candy Shop’s sweetest candy… Velvet!!”- the DJ announced.


Upon hearing her cue, Jazz made her way into the stage sporting her brightest smile while swaying her hips in a very exaggerated manner, wearing nothing more than the glitter on her skin and her uncomfortable high heels which had gotten used to by now.


Once upon a time Jazz feared and even dreaded a full night, but now she looked forward to them. The redhead had learned to enjoy such nights above all else not only for the vast tips she got dancing without rubbing herself to anyone but for all the eyes who watched her with lust while drinking their overpriced beers.


Little by little, her constant efforts at the gym allowed Jazz to replicate all of Paulina’s stunts which earned her a lot of scorn from the former cheerleader who claimed it took her years to perfect her routine.


Among the dozens of eyes, there was pair she wasn’t expecting. Nicole, her young lesbian friend who tossed her a twenty without thinking it twice. The girl wasn’t ready to trade her simple dress but made an effort to wear tight jeans and a blouse.


“Hi, Jazz. You were beautiful up there.”- Nicole said once the redhead had finished her routine and was back on the main floor.


“Thanks, babe”- Jazz replied staying in her stripper persona.


Despite their friendship, the redhead never once gave Nicole a freebie or a discount to avoid any sort of misunderstandings. The glasses-wearing nerdy girl would be a loner had it not been for her only two friends Barbie and Jazz.


The redhead valued their friendship greatly and wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize such friendship, but it became apparent Nicole was seeing her in a very different light. Constantly complimenting her beauty and fashion taste.


“Can I get a dance?”- Nicole asked while biting down on her lower lips.


“How about you give me dance before, sweetheart.”- a voice said from behind Nicole.


The glasses-wearing woman turns around and glares at the man in a business suit as he walks past her and slides his arms around Jazz’s waist. Nicole quickly walks closer and shoves him away more out of jealousy than concern for her dear friend.


Nicole knew what she was doing was wrong and uncalled for, but couldn’t hold her hand back. She knew Jazz paid her education by rubbing herself to such men and perhaps doing more, which made her boiled in fury, her actions earned her an odd look followed by a smirk by the businessman that only enraged her even more.


“Easy sweetheart, I’ll bring her back in one piece.”- The man added as he pulled the redhead closer.


Nicole’s eyes widen in fury as she saw him lifts Jazz’s chin with a finger, the woman wanted to bash him down upon seeing his plain-looking face coming closer to that of Jasmine. Yet the redhead smirk and elegantly pulled back.


“Sorry babe, but first come, first serve.”- Jazz said as she put her finger on the man’s lips. “She already booked me”-


Nicole gave out a cartoonish smile as she wraps her arms around her friend, though failed to noticed the angry look on the half-drunken man. Without a moment's doubt, he yanked Jazz off Nicole's arms shocking both girls.


“You have any idea who the fuck I am, bitch! I’m Jeremy Man…”- Jazz shoved him off before he could finish his introduction.


“I don’t give a fuck who you are!”- the redhead exclaimed, scoffing at the glare he shot her.


“Is there a problem.”- Ronaldo said holding tightly on to Jeremy’s shoulder.


Jeremy’s face turned pale as he saw the mountain of muscles holding his shoulder. Quietly and trying to save his face, Jeremy lowers his head as explained it was all nothing more than a minor misunderstanding and that he was already leaving.


The redhead knew better than to taunt him as that was bad for business. Jasmine told Ronaldo that everything was fine before leaving with Nicole. With a quick glance, Jazz saw the bouncer let go of a rude client who headed over to the bar.


“Sorry about that, happens every now and again. Some guys think we’re their property and need a friendly reminder we’re not.”- Jazz winked as she sat Nicole on the couch within the booth. 


The incident was already long gone in Nicole’s mind as she laid eyes over Jazz’s large breasts as the girl removed her top while dancing under the rhythms of “Bad Girlfriend.” Nicole fought with tooth and nail the urge to pull her skirt up and finger herself.


Jazz teased her friend by hovering her breasts over her face making Nicole’s tongue trying to get a lick, yet the redhead pulled back with mastery only constant practice can grant. Nicole desperately wanted to touch her porcelain white skin.


“My god, Jazz, you’re amazing”- Nicole said as her friend bends over pulling down her thong.


“Damnit, I told you already to call me Velvet.”- the redhead replied hoping no one heard.


Nicole gave out a robotic apology as glued her eyes over Jazz’s beautiful love holes which she wanted to kiss and lick. Jazz continued dancing while only showing her butt to her nerdy friend, the redhead couldn’t avoid bringing out a smile as she saw her friend gawking at her butt.


Jazz never liked it when a client let it be man or woman touched her, the redhead allowed a handful of her regulars to touch her monumental breasts. Only those she liked the most and of course, that included Nicole was allowed to touch her genitals.


It was only when Jazz was playing as “Velvet” that Nicole had the courage to see her as a sex object and touched her though still with timid fingers. At college and in the streets, Nicole couldn’t bring herself to even look at Jazz in her skin-tight jeans.


“Ja… Velvet… can I asked you for something?”- Nicole asked as her face turned red.


Jazz wanted to hit herself as she sat down at the motel bed where she had taken many of her clients. Her heartbeat with fury as she heard the shower running. Within was none other than her best friend Nicole.


“Am I really this easy?”- Jazz whispered as she laid down on the bed.


Nicole had basically begged Jazz to have sex with her. The redhead didn’t fancy women but found it extremely hard to say no to her friend and her pleading eyes. Nicole even waited until Jazz’s shift was over.


“Sorry for the wait…”- Nicole exclaimed as she walked out of the bathroom with a towel around her waist covering her breasts and hips.


Unlike Jazz with her prominent curves and large “assets,” Nicole’s body was far more modest in comparison, barely an A-cup breast size, a nearly flat ass but still held proper curves. There was a hint of jealousy at the naturally over sexualized body of her best friend.


The redhead was far too accustomed to undressing in public and surrounded by other women that she didn’t mind peeling off her black blouse and skin tight blue jeans. Nicole, on the other hand, couldn’t help but plaster her eyes over Jazz.


Not even during her time at high school where Nicole had to share the showers could she bring herself to shower in the company of other girls. Back then, she couldn’t understand why she felt so strange for seeing her naked female peers.


Only now that her sexuality had evolved did she understand it was sexual arousal. Nicole felt no different as a teenager upon laying eyes over Jazz who stood naked under the lightbulb. Her friend had seen her in such state many times before but never with so much light and intimacy.   


“Are you sure about this?”- Jazz pushed her friend back. “I don’t want to push you into anything.”


“I promise, there’s no one I would rather lose my virginity to than you,” Nicole buried her face in Jazz’s bare chest taking in all of her fragrance.


It was completely new territory for both girls despite Jazz being the most experienced of the two. Jazz knew what to do with a man, but a woman lacked the necessary equipment to perform in the same manner and so needed a different approach.


Nicole was stiff as a log. “I promise, you’re going to feel great.” Jazz encouraged, teasing Nicole’s A-cups. She spread her legs unconsciously. “She’s nervous; be kind to her.”- Jazz reminded herself.


“If you’re not comfortable. . .” Nicole trembled from fear and pleasure.


“I’ll do anything you want, babe.”- Jazz had Nicole lay down on the bed, seeing her friend more passive and nervous than even Tristan was. She placed her head between Nicole’s knees, licking her lips. “Look so beautiful under here.”


The redhead smirked upon seeing the smooth-shaven pussy before her celestial blue eyes, Jazz knew the kind of effort it took to keep her own vagina hairless for each show, even the ones in her backdoor, there was a time she couldn’t care less for her pubic hair but now that people got to look made her extra cautious.


“Please...” Nicole moaned, her hips tightening around Jazz’s mouth.


Jazz brushed her tongue against Nicole’s clit, making her shudder. She moved her fingers near her vagina but did not enter, easing her friend into it. “Okay so far?” Jazz raised her head taking the full view of her best friend’s blushing face.


“Yes…”- Nicole needed more.


Fantasies paled compared to the real thing, there wasn’t a single toy in her toybox that could even begin to compare to the redhead’s slimy tongue. Jazz returned to her task without another word, hands going down her smooth legs.


Jazz kissed and nibbled her legs, placing a single finger across Nicole’s folds, listening to her friend’s moans. It was different from a man, but Jazz found herself excited as well. Her tongue made circles around her clit, while Nicole arched her back and quivered.


“Jazz…” Nicole raised her legs to give Jazz more access.


The redhead placed a single finger inside her vagina, tongue caressing both sides of her womanhood. Nicole’s breathing quickened while Jazz smirked at the sensation. With mischievous eyes, Jazz withdrew her head and flipped Nicole over on her belly, placing a kiss on her buttocks.


Jazz wet her lips with her tongue and gently brushes over Nicole’s skin was something unique, but it also felt strange as she had rarely let anyone touched her in the past. Jazz broke the kiss and flip her over her belly.


“Jazz? You don’t have to do that”- Nicole exclaimed with a shaky voice.


“I know. I want to.” Jazz kissed Nicole’s lips in a reassuring way. “Do you want me to stop?”


“No… go on”- Nicole quivered, realizing Jazz had far more experience than her. She knew her body was plain and uninteresting compared to her friend, both her chest and buttocks flat.


“I promise, you’re such a beautiful woman.” Jazz knew her friend’s thoughts.


The redhead’s tongue made its way around Nicole’s buttocks before heading down to her privates. The nerd gave out a loud gasp as she felt a tongue touching her vagina. Nicole bit down on the pillow as she felt Jazz pressing her tongue to go further inside of her.


“Stop! Let me do it you too!”- Nicole loudly exclaimed not wanting to reach an orgasm just yet.


“We’ll have plenty of time for that,”- Jazz reassured, feeling her friend get close. 


The redhead never before had touched another woman much less their privates but knew a female body in ways men could not. She knew where and how to touch in order for Nicole to feel pleasures she had only dreamt of until now. 


“Fuck I’m cumming!”- Nicole yelled out as she squirts over Jazz’s face. 


Jazz coughed and pulled away from her friend, wiping the results of her ministrations off her face. The only time the redhead saw Nicole panting was after gym class but seeing her post-orgasm face was a rare treat.


“So how was it?”- Jazz laid on the bed beside Nicole, confident in her nude body.


“Amazing...”- Nicole wanted to hide her body despite knowing it was a foolish action. “Least you can accept me, but... I didn’t do anything for you.”


“That’s okay,”- Jazz smiled, batting her hair aside.


Nicole gazes at her beautiful friend as she pulled out a small mirror to fix her makeup. The nerdy girl felt her womanhood clench as she saw how Jazz casually licked the cunt juice from the side of her mouth as it were cream.


“I insist... seems only fair,”- Nicole’s face had terror written over it despite their intimacy.


Jazz briefly smiled as she put on some red lipstick upon her luscious lips which made Nicole’s pussy wet within seconds. Her mouth opens slightly as she saw Jazz laid down on the bed while spreading her arms and legs, confident in her body.


“I’m all yours.”- Jazz said hoping Nicole would be more accepting after this.


The brown-haired girl adjusted her glasses as she placed her body weight on her elbow and went right for Jazz’s breasts, jealous of the attention they got. Nicole ran her fingers down them, her tongue teasing the nipples.


Jazz scratched Nicole’s back just hard enough so her friends felt her nails, allowing the woman to enjoy her large breasts. Jazz’s heartbeat stayed slow, but Nicole’s touch sent shivers through her skin. She took in Nicole’s delighted expression, her friend’s eyes alight with passion.


Nicole’s fingers were too rough, but Jazz reminded herself it was her first time. Jazz moved her hands to Nicole’s chest, giving a very light touch, trying to instruct her friend. Nicole raised her head to kiss Jazz’s lips before resuming. 


Her boldness grew and Nicole placed a hand between Jazz’s legs, pushing three fingers inside her. the redhead gave out a loud moan as she felt Nicole’s fingering making their way inside of her. The nerd smiled upon getting the desired result which resulted in her moving in and out at top speed, sparking pain.


“Stop! Stop!”- Jazz grabbed Nicole’s hand, biting her lip. “Be a little gentler, please... give it some buildup before you use your hand like a jackhammer.”


“Sorry, thought you liked it that way.”- Nicole turned her head away.


“Build up to it, make sure I’m nice and wet first,”- Jazz instructed, wishing some of her male clients would listen as Nicole did. “Don’t worry, I’m not mad.”- Jazz pushed herself to a sitting position and hugged Nicole. “Everyone has to learn.”


Such words carved deep into Nicole, she was no fool and knew Jazz was experienced, it was fairly obvious that Jazz was having sex every now and again due to her job at the strip club which made her feel uneasy. The girl had to remind herself that her best friend’s single, young and beautiful.


There was a small pain in Nicole’s heart accompanied by a strange hollowness at the pit of her stomach upon hearing her last words. It was fair to assumed there was a line of men wanting to asked her out on a date and do much more.


“I’ll show you.” Jazz said as she moved closer to Nicole.


It was then that she held Nicole’s hand, loving how smooth it felt. Watching through her glasses Nicole saw how the redhead guided a single finger inside her vagina, moving it slowly in and out. Nicole could feel the moistness of her inners.


“Like that… slow and gently.”- Jazz added with a soft voice.


Nicole nodded and lowered her head, eyes wide at her friend’s beautiful womanhood. Shaking, she dared to tease Jazz with her tongue, taking her clit inside her mouth. Jazz moaned and pulled on Nicole’s hair, keeping her legs wide.


Satisfied she was getting it right, Nicole inserted a slow finger into her pussy, feeling her friend’s arousal. She savored Jazz’s taste, her dreams coming true. Her own womanhood demanded touch, demanded more, her body hungering for Jazz.


Jazz moaned louder when Nicole used her tongue while having her finger inside, teasing and tasting her folds. The nerdy girl never once in her whole life could have even begun to imagine popping her cherry with someone so wonderful.


“Sorry,”- Nicole had hoped to please Jazz but hadn’t gotten the response she’d wanted.


“Don’t need an orgasm to have fun,” Jazz reassured. She still enjoyed Nicole’s touches.


It wasn’t the first time Jazz had to fake an orgasm with her many one-night stands. Most men with the exception of Tristan only saw her as no more than a hole for them to poke their dicks inside not caring for her pleasure.


“Can we... hold each other for a while?”- Nicole turned her head.


“I charge extra for that, sweetheart,”- Jazz teased.


Nicole’s eyes widened as her heart sank to the bottom of her stomach. She had suspected the redhead might be doing some sidetracking but never thought she was actually whoring herself. Yet instead of being disappointed, Nicole was impressed by Jazz’s resolve and willingness to achieve her dream. 


The nerdy girl knew how much Jazz dream meant and now understood that it didn’t matter if she had to strip for disgusting drunks who drool over her, or worst yet to open her legs for said men in order to make her dreams a reality.


“Oh… okay,”- Nicole lowered her head as she turns over to her purse. “I’ll see what I got...” the girl added as she reached for her wallet.


“Babe, I’m only joking.”- Jazz pulled her back and let Nicole bury her face in her chest. “We can stay here as long as you like.”- Nicole stretched out her body and used Jazz’s breasts as a pillow.


Jazz could feel all of Nicole’s body weight falling upon her large squishy breasts, not even a second later a sigh of relief was heard making the redhead smile. She had to admit, she enjoyed being with another woman, something Jazz hadn’t expected.


Her body didn’t burn the same way as it did for a man, but… it was more intimate, less rough. Yet she still felt unsatisfied with the experience, she longs for penetration, to feel a long hard piece of meat going in and out of her.


“Next time, we’ll have to bring some proper equipment.”- Jazz stroked Nicole’s hair.


The glasses-wearing girl knew what that meant, she was still technically a virgin as her hymen was still intact though lightly touched by Jazz’s long tongue. Nicole wanted her redhead of a friend to pierce through it and make a full woman… her woman.


The sun rose over the horizon illuminating a particular car that stood quietly across the street overviewing the motel. The shutter sounds of a camera echo within the car as Jazz and Nicole exit their motel room.


“There you are my love.”- Tom whispered as he snapped another picture of his former girlfriend.


Tom couldn’t take the redhead out of his mind. Pictures of Jazz decorated his bedroom and completely stored his phone, there wasn’t a single day in which the man didn’t think of her.


It had begun to affect his studies, resulting in the failure of several of his exams. Yet Tom couldn’t care any less for college as there was no future if Jazz wasn’t in it. The man wanted to get back together with her no matter the cost.


The man saw Jazz kiss Nicole’s lips as they parted ways making his heart sink down to the pit of his stomach, it was a mixture of jealousy and anger. Tom lost the right to walk up to her and cursed her out for spending the night with other women when he did the same.


“It hurts so much…”- Tom whispered as he saw Jazz leave in her fancy convertible. 


It was then that he opens his digital camera’s gallery and watched with tearful eyes each picture in which Jazz walked into the motel room with a man. Ever since he was kicked out of the strip club and beaten up afterward, he became obsessed with Jazz.


Tom rarely ever saw her take the same man twice, but his heart suffered whenever she did take the same more than once. Tom couldn’t understand why Jazz would take geeky-looking men to the room. He would have to be a complete idiot not to know what they were doing there.


The pictures at the beginning were from afar but as Tom flipped through them, they became closer and more detailed as his stalking skills grew. The man stops at one particular picture which made his blood boil in rage.


“I don’t care how many guys you fucked… you’re still mine”- Tom whispered as he glued his eyes on the screen and pressed play.


With tears streaming down from his hazel eyes, Tom bites his lips in frustration while watching a video he took of Jazz from the motel window in which the redhead laid over the bed with her legs spread wide open and a man Tom had never seen before mounted his former girlfriend.


Tom had already watched the same video many times before but couldn’t stop himself from looking once more. He couldn’t understand what Jazz saw in such a poor excuse of a man for her to willingly open her legs. He wasn’t attractive or smooth, so what was it about him?


Even with the poor camera angle and the curtains closing most of the window, Tom managed to film a young man hardly beyond twenty bounced his hips on his ex-girlfriend making her moan loud enough for the camera to record her sweet voice.


Tom wanted to break into the room but he wasn’t Jazz’s boyfriend anymore though that didn’t make it any better. It was even more painful to see her make such a lustful expression, one that she had never shown him before. 


Seeing Jazz give herself completely to a man she had never seen before was especially painful for Tom, she wrapped her legs and arms around the man so tightly it seems as if she wanted to become part of him.


“I’m such a loser”- Tom whimpered as he recalls walking into the motel room moments after Jazz drove away in her expensive-looking convertible.


His heart pounded as he for the hundredth time watch this unknown man ejaculated inside of Jazz while she rises her quivering legs up high. It was especially painful for him to know that never once did Jazz reach orgasm with him. 


The memories of seeing her in another man’s arms haunted him, it was worst once he entered the room. The potent stench of sex permeated the room, the bedsheets held clear stains of sweat and other bodily fluids.


Tom’s heart shivered upon laying eyes over a full condom over the bed, an additional two within the trash bin. The man knew she had been in the room for well over two hours, tears rolled down his cheeks while realizing to have never lasted more than a few minutes.


There was no way a woman so gorgeous as Jazz Fenton would ever look in his direction again. Tom couldn’t believe how stupid he was by cheating on such a wonderful and unique woman, with a heavy heart Tom turn off the camera.



Days had gone by and Jazz still couldn’t believe she made love to Nicole, out of all people, it had been her best friend. The redhead had read countless romance novels where the hero ends up starting a romantic relationship with their childhood friend.


Nicole’s flavor still permeated her lips, though Jazz still preferred the taste of a man over that of a woman she had to admit it grew on her. Jazz never once thought she would pass her tongue over a pussy before.


“Damn, that was fun.”- Jazz said with a satisfied grin.


The redhead climbed off the bed moments after Tristan came inside her, feeling a slight amount of pain on her scalp from him pulling her hair. She turned around and allowed him to get a full view of her body.


“Glad I can make your day, beautiful.”- Tristan pulled her into a kiss.


His confident grin became more genuine. When they first slept together, Jazz sometimes had to flatter him so she wouldn’t see his crestfallen expression. But while she was his first, Tristan was a quick learner with a genuine interest in pleasing her.


“Ought to do this every night,”- Jazz moved her hand down to his manhood. “So much better than the others I have to deal with.”- Jazz whispered.


Tristan knew from the very start that Jazz wasn’t a virgin herself. He wasn’t worried about her past sexual experience, but devoutly hoped he was the only one she currently slept with. 


She knew it would be a while before Tristan was ready for another round, but delighted in teasing him. The man ran his fingers along her D-cups stopping at her erect nipples while kissing her neck and whispering how amazing she is.


Her job could be a lot of fun, but at the same time, dealing with men and the occasional woman who had no respect for boundaries grated on her. Jazz sat in Tristan’s lap and wrapped her legs around him, massaging his shoulders.


“You mean we’re not?”- Tristan teased, unable to believe a woman like Jazz would ever be attracted to him. “Been at least four nights in a row.”


Having sex four nights in a row though extremely fun was also very demanding on her body. Work, gym, and then college was already too much but “serving” Tristan was a particular pleasure she didn’t want to let go of even if it meant sacrificing what little sleep she had.


“What can I say? A woman got needs.”- Jazz giggled.


The redhead began pushing him back onto the bed and lying on top of him. Tristan had gotten fond of doggy style as it allowed him to stare at Jazz’s wonderful butt, and while she enjoyed his dominant side, Jazz also missed looking into his gorgeous blue eyes.


They laid there for several minutes, enjoying each other’s company. Unlike most of the others Jazz slept with, she grew to genuinely enjoy Tristan. He placed a hand on her butt, enjoying the smooth skin, his free hand stroking her hair.


“I want to try something,”- Tristan’s eyes widened in fear of rejection.


The redhead climbed off him with a sultry grin, wondering what he had in mind for her now. Jazz relaxed on her stomach upon being asked to lay down on the bed, curious whether he would want to play with her ass or shove his cock inside.


Tristan knelt next to her and placed his hands on her shoulders, squeezing her muscles. “Sounds like you’ve had a tough day, so I’ll see if I can work those kinks out.” He rubbed her neck, feeling how stiff her muscles were.


“More like a tough week,”- Jazz groaned. She was hoping for another round, as she now found herself horny whenever she was around Tristan, but couldn’t deny a massage would help too. “Paulina’s more unbearable than ever. Can’t believe my brother used to like her.”


There was a certain satisfaction in knowing that Paulina never got her heinous claws over her beloved brother, the redhead knew Danny was just too much of a man for Paulina and it was very likely that the former cheerleader would have freaked and leave him.


“She’s just jealous of you.”- Tristan chuckled, pressing his thumb on each of the vertebrae. “I’ll let you in on a secret: I am too, with that sexy body of yours.” He worked on her shoulder blades, Jazz feeling her muscles loosen.


“Right there…”- Jazz encouraged. She always felt sore and tired after a night of stripping, leaving other opportunities limited. “It’s like she can’t stop, always trying to take my clients, spreading rumors about me… saw her pulling a guy I offered a lap dance to and sucking him off within minutes.” And Paulina made sure Jazz got a full view.


 A lump suddenly formed in Tristan’s throat upon hearing Jazz utter the words “lap dance” which reminded him about her work, the girl made her living by rubbing herself to horny men and begged she didn’t secretly follow in Paulina’s footsteps.


“No worries, you’ve still got them eating at your hand,”- Tristan teased


The man could feel as a strange hollow was forming in his stomach while trying to hide his jealousy. He knew it was part of her job but still didn’t like thinking of her with other men. Tristan prayed she wasn’t sleeping with others.


“You’re the top dancer for a reason.” Tristan added as his hands moved up and down her body. Jazz waited with anticipation for Tristan to touch her breasts, but he did not.


“One of them.”- Jazz replied as she recalled why Paulina made more money, only because she slept with two or three customers a night, sometimes more. Tristan worked on her legs and back, leaving kisses all over her body. “She only makes more money because she sabotages me.”


“You know, after what you’ve told me about Paulina, I have some sympathy for her,”- Tristan frowned. He ran his hand through her hair, marveling at how beautiful the woman was. 


“Why?”- Jazz snarled catching Tristan off guard.


The bitch hadn’t changed one bit since high school. If anything, her behavior had only gotten worse. It was nothing short of a miracle she wasn’t a junkie already, but Jazz knew it was fair to say Paulina must have had at least one or two abortions given how she fucks like a rabbit.


“Because when I saw you for the second time, just before I left, I saw Bella… I mean, Paulina… taking a client out to his vehicle. In my experience, women who sleep around the way she does usually have a lot of emotional issues.”


“Not always…” Jazz felt a pang of guilt at her actions. “This isn’t an exclusive thing. I don’t have to restrain myself to him.”- Jazz thought as she moves her head to see him.


She was sure Tristan more or less knew she was seeing other men but, he had to know, even if she didn’t spell it out, and despite rage building in her heart at the thought of another woman near him, it wasn’t fair to Tristan if she wasn’t honest.


“No, but it’s true a lot of the time.”- Tristan worked out the knots in her back muscles, leaving kisses throughout her body. “She may not appeal to me, but I wonder how she ended up that way, whether she’s trying to fill some void in her life or if something happened as a kid that made her this way.”


“Bad childhood or not, it doesn’t justify her behavior…besides, she lived throughout high school like some sort of queen with guys buying her everything she wanted and walking over everyone at school… me included.”- Jazz complained but let out a slight moan at Tristan’s ministrations.


She wanted to chew Tristan out for defending Paulina, but also found it sweet he had a big enough heart to care. Paulina didn’t deserve his compassion or that of anyone else, Jazz was more than sure Paulina was just some nymphomaniac.


“No, but I can pity her as well.”- Tristan fell silent for the next several minutes until he worked out the muscles in her back. Jazz moaned and sighed, loving how he cared about her.


“Thanks very much,”- Jazz stretched once he was done. Her muscles still hurt, but nowhere near where they had been before Tristan helped her out.


“Happy to help,” He chuckled. Tristan put his boxers back on, only for Jazz to stop him.


“Sorry, I’ve got a ‘no clothes allowed’ policy.”- Jazz giggled, resting her head on his shoulder. 


Tristan pulled her to him, basking in the feeling of her skin brushing against him. Jazz enjoyed being treated as a lover, not a convenience. His hand groped her breast, a content sigh coming from Tristan’s lips. Jazz wanted nothing more than to go another round with him, but she found men often couldn’t keep up with her.


Tristan let his other hand go down her body until two fingers entered her vagina, making Jazz gasp out. “Plenty of other ways I can please you, Jazz. . .” Tristan whispered. Jazz climbed onto his lap and spread her legs, body quivering.


So this is what having a real man over is like… Jazz closed her eyes and savored his touch, wishing this could last forever.


On Sunday morning, Jazz laid over the pink bedsheets as she recalls the crazy week she had so far, never once did it cross her mind about having homosexual sex with her best friend and a couple of days later to go to bed with Tristan.


The man’s technique had developed greatly in the short couple of weeks they shared a bed. Out of all the men that’s been inside of Jazz only Tristan could make her reach an orgasm, she loves his touch and to feel his length inside of her.


“What should I wear?”- Jazz quietly asked herself as she made her way to her drawer.


Ever since she started working at the Candy Shop strip club, her wardrobe drastically changed. From her comfortable pink panties and baggy pants to erotic thongs and skin-tight pants which barely had enough space to fit a single finger much less her wallet which now was much fatter.


There was a time in which Jazz wondered why any girl would wear thongs as their daily underwear but now she too wore them every day without fail. It was a blessing in disguise that her mother no longer did her laundry as it would have resulted in a very uncomfortable conversation if she saw her new underwear.


“Better take a few of these”- Jazz whispered as she shoves a few condoms inside her purse. “Can’t believe I need these now”-


With a long smile, the redhead slides her black high heels which replaced her old much more comfortable black flats though Jazz had grown accustomed to them by now. The long hours she spent with them every night granted her some immunity to the pain they once caused her.


The sun was at its highest at Amity Park beach where men and women played in the sand or went for a dip in the cool ocean. Barbie sat under the umbrella fearing the sun would burn her pale skin, despite being tomboyish of the group, she took great care of her skin.


Her eyes weren’t used to the brightest of the beach but more than that, they couldn’t stand the brightness of Jazz Fenton who walked out of the water catching the eyes of every man nearby and a few girls.


“I can’t believe you’re wearing that! You might as well be naked!”- Barbie exclaimed.


“What’s wrong with my swimsuit?”- casually asked the redhead.


“I think she looks lovely”- Nicole added.


The blonde woman looked at Jazz and her pink thong bikini. Jazz’s top revealed over half of her breasts, leaving little to the imagination. Nicole on the other hand did not dare wear more than a one-piece swimsuit and a dark blue pareo. 


Barbie had known Jazz since elementary school and was sure she wasn’t aware of her beautiful body. Perhaps she was a late bloomer and was now going through her rebellious phase by wearing more daring clothes.


Yet it seemed Jazz was already used to wearing G-strings. She didn’t even flinch or hesitated upon walking out from the changing room. All the men and boys leering at her didn’t appear to make her in the least uncomfortable.


“I feel sexy in it,”- Jazz offered as an explanation, allowing herself a private grin. Nicole had yet to stop staring since she’d changed.


The blonde woman looks down at her own swimwear which consisted of a bra and jean shorts that made her feel like a geek in comparison to her more daring friends. Barbie was the most outgoing of the trio and yet she was acting like a prune.


As Jazz sat down on her beach towel a middle-aged woman approached her with a furious glare as two boys followed in tow which caught the attention of both Nicole and Barbie. The woman was clearly overweight with short blue hair that made Jazz smirk.


“Excuse me! But could you put on something more decent!”- the fat woman demanded of Jazz.


The redhead remained calm as she casually opens her legs while taking a soda from the cooler she and her friends brought over. The fat woman was turning redder than Jazz’s hair upon seeing she wasn’t being taken with the seriousness she believes to deserve.


“Why?”- Jazz asked in a cold voice, looking the woman over.


“My two sons can’t stop watching you, they’re only twelve and thirteen so put someone on.”- the woman demanded allowing Jazz to noticed two of her front teeth were missing.


“I’m afraid you’re out of luck, it’s hot and I like this.”- Jazz shrugged as she opens her soda can.


The woman’s mouth opens in shock and disbelief as she adjusted her bikini which made a much less attractive sight. Her eldest son had his mouth open, eyes focused on her chest but soon found himself unable to keep them away from Jazz’s crotch which his mother didn’t fail to notice.


“Go bother someone else, you lunatic,”- Nicole thumbed in a random direction. “Don’t you have better things to do?”


“It’s whores like you that give men such a low opinion of us!”- The woman refused to take a hint. “What kind of message are you sending to my sons!” Her face turned purple. “Put something decent on or I’ll call the fucking cops!”


Jazz couldn’t hold back her laughter at the silly threats the woman was making which made her, even more, enrage, it didn’t matter how many imaginary rules she came up with, none truly prohibited the kind of bikini the redhead was wearing.


“Maybe you should control your sons, teach them to respect women.”- Nicole spoke with equal hatred as she stood up.


The day was full of strange surprises as Barbie never once thought the shy little bookworm would lash out at a woman twice her size and triple her weight, yet it was more surprising once her pareo came off showing her one-piece was actually a thong leotard.  


The boys’ lust didn’t bother Jasmine at all but her friends shrank away from male attention. The woman’s youngest son tried to look away but glanced back every few seconds. His face turned red as a small tent pop in his boxer making Jazz throw him a devilish wink.


The redhead’s face broke out into a smirk. “Okay, I’ll change into something else.”- She removed her top with no hesitation, revealing her D-cups to the woman’s sons. Both the boys’ jaws opened wide, eyes bulging. “Like what you see, boys?”- Jazz’s eyes glinted with mischief. Turning to the woman, she added: “Didn’t say what I should change into, so. . .”


The fat woman found herself unable to speak, sputtering with rage. The older son tried to approach while the youngest remained in his place though with both hands on his crotch. Neither one, however, could stop staring at her. Beachgoers surrounding them stopped to look as well, even those who made a determined effort to ignore her.


“Wow!”- the younger boy smiled. “You’ve got great boobs! Are they real?” -His mother’s face turned purple.


“Thank you, you’re such a gentleman”- Jazz responded in her sweetest voice. “And yes, they are.”-


Unable to form a coherent response, the woman around only to see his eldest son trying to pull out his cellphone, knowing he was trying to take a picture, the woman stormed away dragging her sons who were staring as long as they could.


“Jazz… maybe you should put your top back on,”- Barbie suggested, taking in all the stares her friend received.


“Oh, right,”- Jazz put her bikini top back onto her body, sparking audible moans of disappointment. Even some of the women couldn’t help but look. Jazz giggled to herself. None of their stares bothered her in the least. “Well, took care of her.” She laid down on her towel and took in the sun.


Jazz didn’t understand what the problem was. It wasn’t as if she was the only one wearing such a swimsuit. A few girls wore even skimpier outfits and a handful was going around topless though she was sure it was an outburst of sheer jealousy.


“God, I can’t believe she wanted to call the cops on you!”- Nicole burst out laughing, secretly disappointed the show had ended. Even Barbie had to chuckle a little.


“You think anyone was recording?”- Barbie worried, fearing her friend would be all over the internet.


“Wouldn’t surprise me.”- Jazz adjusted their umbrella.


When she started out, it would have horrified her, but now she couldn’t bring herself to be worried. Even Nicole had changed drastically much to Barbie’s dislike upon seeing her bookworm of a friend laying on her stomach and showing off her butt.


“You’ve been behaving very strange lately,”- Barbie confronted. “I mean, the old you would never wear anything like this, let alone flash the entire beach!”- She still had no idea what to do when a man flirted with her.


“Got rid of her, didn’t it?”. Jazz laughed at the look on their faces. “Maybe next time I’ll show them more than my tits.”- Jazz added making Barbie frown.


There was an unexplainable sense of pride by having men and even half men staring at her as if she were made of gold, she wasn’t even disgusted by the idea of becoming their fap material anymore. The redhead expected when those kids got home, they would need some private time.


“It’s not just that,”- Barbie insisted. “It’s like we don’t even know you anymore.”


“Change isn’t a bad thing,”- Nicole defended. Since their first time, she and Jazz had met up twice a week, her friend helping her accept her sexuality. “I like the new you.”


Barbie sigh as she saw the redhead turn around to sunbathe not caring that the same two boys from earlier were watching her from afar, on a closer inspection the eldest had his cellphone in hand which made the blonde woman almost want their mother to come back again… almost.


“We hardly see you anymore, you’re not involved in any extracurricular activities, you’re always tired, and you never answer any questions.”- Barbie would not be deterred. “What’s happening to you? Are you…? She hesitated for a few moments. “Is Tom doing something to you?”


Jazz broke out laughing and couldn’t stop, covering her mouth to muffle her voice. She’d barely given him a thought since the incident at the club, there was no way for Tom to try anything after the beating he got from Vlad’s men.


The redhead couldn’t believe there was a time she thought Tom was the best and greatest man in the whole world, now she saw him as the miserable little wimp he always was. Indecisive and cowardly, a total pushover.


“No, I haven’t even heard from him. If you have to know… sometimes, I feel like letting loose. I’m not going to be young forever and I figure, might as well have a bit of fun.” It wasn’t the whole truth, but it would do.


“Let’s go for a swim, girls.”- Nicole proposed.


To be continued.

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