The Exotic Velvet

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The Exotic Velvet at the Candy Shop

Erotic fanfiction


Chapter one: The stage is set.


Bright neon lights and loud music boomed across the club which accompanied the loud chatter of men who were eagerly waiting for the show to begin, behind purple curtains stood a young redhead who peeks out seeing a few shadows sitting beyond the stage.


“Okay, you can do this,”- Jazz said as she stumbled onto the stage.


Feeling her legs about to give out from under her, Jazz made her way to the steel pole by the edge of the stage which held a great resemblance to a runway. Eight men and one woman sat next to the stage as their lustful eyes were going over her body. The redhead more than appreciated starting on a slow night.


Praying they didn’t see how terrified she was, Jazz walked across the stage wearing nothing more but a pink top and thong of similar color which she was still getting used to. It was the first time in her life, she had dared to wear something so audacious.


Not even in the intimacy of her bedroom had Jazz sported something so preposterous, but she bit down on her lip and climbed onto the pole, knowing what they were waiting for. Music blasted from the speakers assisting Jazz with her task.


“Now or never; get it over with.”- the redhead whispered. In a single move, she threw off her top, revealing her very large breasts.


Jazz had rarely paid attention to her own body as school was more important than looks but even she knew her large D-cup breasts drew the attention of many men. Those watching her threw money onto the stage with eyes as wide as dinner plates.


Jazz wanted to shrink away and hide out of sheer embarrassment, but... she reminded herself why she was doing this. Jazz approached those sitting down, shaking her breasts mere feet from them, ready to slap away a hand if they tried anything. Surprisingly, they didn’t.


“Hello there,”- she greeted one, pushing her breasts together.


The redhead was thankful for the dim lights which conceal her blushing as she came to realize the man glued his eyes over her nipples. The man was too tongue-tied to reply with a verbal response but instead tossing a few bills onto the stage.


Jazz greeted each one in turn following the example of the other dancers. None one of them tried to touch her, although none couldn’t stop staring. Jazz knew she was supposed to remove her thong as well, though she didn’t feel ready for such a step. The redhead turned to her side, allowing everyone to get a good look at her body.


“Least there’s no one I recognize.”- Jazz thought as the song was coming to an end.


The redhead squatted down to gather up the money and thanked her viewers with a wink and by blowing them a kiss while adding a smile as wide as she could. The redhead could still feel their lecherous gazes over her body as she finished picking up her “tips.”


“The lovely Velvet, everyone!”- The DJ announced.


Every girl at the strip club had a nickname as they would never dare to go by their real names. Jazz gave them a final glance as she picked up her top which she tossed over her shoulder while walking off the stage in her high heels, ignoring the pain they caused her. The girl’s heart was beating like wild as she crossed the curtains into the backstage.


“Can’t believe I got through that,”- Jazz said as she retreated behind the stage and put her what little clothes she had back on.


There was no doubt she had their undivided attention like she never had before, though part of her felt filthy… and yet she couldn’t help but feel excited and even thrilled by it. She could count on one hand the number of men who ever look at her like that at Amity Park university and even in the streets.


“What is wrong with me?”- Jazz whispered while shaking her head.


“Nice job,”- Nikki clapped as she threw an arm around Jazz’s shoulder.


The redhead turns over to her “mentor,” a woman in her early thirties with dark skin and long black hair, her breasts though large were the result of surgery. It made Jazz take a long look at her own naturally large breasts which brought much jealousy among her peers who in the best case had less than half her size.


“Damn,”- Jazz collapsed into a nearby chair as she stared at her dark skin friend who twirled her long ebony black hair with her finger which the redhead knew had French manicure.


“First time’s always the hardest. . . and you didn’t do too badly,” Nikki pointed to the money in Jazz’s hands which in total amounted to thirty-eight dollars. “Twice as much as I got the first time I was on stage. How do you feel?”


“Like I want to faint,”- Jazz admitted. “Feels…like…I’m… taken advantage of.”


The last time anyone stared at her was during her last summer vacation at Amity Park’s beach which is located just an hour away from the city, Jazz felt most uncomfortable as men drool over her large breasts and equally large ass, though the female comments were the most painful as it was the first time she was called a “plastic bimbo.”


“Nah, they’re not taking advantage of you.”- Nikki giggled. “You’re taking advantage of them. They give up their hard-earned money just to look at a woman like you. You don’t even have to do anything. So, relax, smile, and have a bit of fun.” She turned her head at the sound of her name. “Excuse me, babe. Duty calls.”


Jazz knew, before long, she’d be called back up on stage as well. And... it hadn’t been as bad as she anticipated. “I can do thisJazz said to encouraged herself as she returned to her feet and walked out the side entrance into the main area of the club.


Dancers not on stage chatted up those sitting throughout the club trying to convinced them to buy the girls some drinks, a few of them taking customers to a private room for a lap dance which Jazz knew she had to do while she plastered a smile on her face upon seeing of couple eyes on her.


“How’s your night going?”- She greeted the man who was ogling at her.


Jazz sat on the chair’s armrest and quickly noticed that the man she was trying to chat up was perhaps the same age as her father, she couldn’t help but feel somewhat creep out, yet she knew it was only for work and wasn’t looking for a sugar daddy.


“Lot better with you here, beautiful.”- He responded with a pearly-white smile.


At that moment she felt his hand grabbing her ass, the girl wanted to slap him across the face though upon seeing he wore a business suit unlike most clients who dressed casual clothing, Jazz let him cop a feel as she knew the businessman had money and was willing to spend it on her.


“Would you like a dance?”- Jazz as said as she pointed to a room with the hope of drying him off his money and leaving him alone.


If she could survive going on stage and have men drool over her like hungry dogs, then perhaps she’d be able to do this as well. The man wasn’t too bad looking either… just a little snow on the roof but he did give out an aura of elegance. 


“Can’t possibly say no to that.”- He chuckled.


Jazz grabbed his hand and led him to a private booth around the corner of the club, and once he was sited Jazz climb over a small table with a tube and began removing her top for a second time. His eyes were plastered on her ample breasts as they scan her entire body though ultimately stop her breasts once again.


The redhead wanted to complain before quickly remembered it was precisely what the club was for. It was hard for Jazz to stay in her stripper persona, she loathed the lecherous eyes which men stare at her with, it wasn’t hard for her to imagine the kind of depravities they wanted to do to her, but ignore it for the sake of her university education.  


To her left and right, she caught glimpses of other dancers rubbing themselves over their clients, some girls going farther than she was willing to. Her eyes moved briefly towards the bunny theme waitress walking around in their thong leotards offering drinks to the thirsty customers while casually ignoring the catcalling and light hand brushing on their bare butts.


For a moment, Jazz thought about applying for the waitress position but stripping left a lot more money. The man placed his hands on her hips catching her attention, there was a technical rule against touching, but it was rarely enforced by both the strippers and waitresses unless the client became obnoxious.


With a deep breath, she once more followed her peers’ example as she climbs off the dancing table to pressed herself against his lap, grinding her ass to his manhood. Jazz wanted to run away once she felt his penis hardening but forced herself to endure. 


“You smell so good.”- Jazz turned around to make eye contact as she started to run her hands along his chest.


The man did not attempt to stop her hands from going up and down his body. Though he did take advantage of the situation and caressed her thighs trying to see how far she was letting him go, Jazz told herself not to say anything unless it becomes necessary.


It was then that she wrapped her arms around his neck and rubbed her crotch against him feeling his erection grow. Jazz went as far as to tease him by waving her breasts over his face as he slides his hands from her thighs to her butt.


The redhead made several attempts to start a conversation, but it was clear he only wanted one thing. Once the song was over, Jazz inquired: “Would you like to continue?” With a nod, he placed another fifteen dollars on the wall and broke out into a leer.


Jazz shut her brain off letting her body do all the work, remembering it was merely temporary. Throughout the dance, his eyes never left her chest even trying to take a lick but each time the girl pulled away and pretended to have not noticed.


“Disgusting pig”- Jazz thought as she forced herself to smile.


The redhead kept the grin on her face, focusing on her upcoming paycheck. She could feel his hands going up to her leg and waist, even caressing her buttocks but at least had the decency to not touch anything intimate.


“Thanks for the great dance,”- The man smiled and planted a kiss on her cheek.


“Pleasure’s all mine, handsome.”- Jazz shook her ass for the man to tip her.


Jazz wanted to slap him once he took the audacity to pulled the string which covered her private parts and slides a bill before letting go, the girl forced a smile as she saw him leave the booth while blowing her a kiss. Once the man was out of the booth, she noticed that in between her tips was business card.


“Jeremy Manson, Manager bla, bla, bla”- Jazz didn’t bother to read the rest of the business card as she tossed it to the side but taking the ten-dollar bill instead.


By the time she got out, there was another dancer on stage, one she didn’t recognize. In total, six other strippers were working that night, it was her first night, therefore, she didn’t have the time or the energy to learn all their fake names as no one ever used their real names in any case.




Her second time on stage was much easier. Jazz’s muscles still felt weak, but she reminded herself she’d already made it through once without embarrassing herself. It was getting late and only four people were watching this time which made it easier, but the amount of money received was smaller. Even so, Jazz made sure to give them all some attention.


The redhead still wasn’t ready to show her vagina to the crowd but feeling more confident she added more erotic moves. It was then that she saw her businessman Jeremy Manson standing close to the stage licking his lips and touching his crotch, only common sense stopped him from jerking off there and then.


In her free time, she scanned the crowd from within the locker room and was surprised to find a fair number of women. Most were visiting with their partners, but a few had come of their own accord which the redhead found rather strange given the nature of the club.


“Hey, newbie! The boss wants to see you”- An Asian looking girl with a Japanese hairstyle spoke as she made her way to the stage.


It was her first night working and so the redhead couldn’t help wonder if she had done something wrong already, or perhaps she was to be scolded for not stripping down completely as was expected of her. Jazz didn’t feel ready to show her private parts just yet. 


On the way to her boss's office, she noticed half a dozen people relaxing at the bar while chatting to themselves. Security walked through the club, ready to intervene if there was trouble. There was always one jerk who spoiled the fun for everyone and needed to be shown the door.  


The redhead was glad to have started on a slow night, though by what she had been told by Nikki and a few other dancers including a couple of waitresses and the twin bartenders, things could get rather hectic on a full night completed with fights and drunks being walked out.


Jazz glanced over at Nikki, who was leading a young man into a private booth. She couldn’t help but giggle at his eyes plastered to the floor. He wasn’t as good looking as some of the customers, but. . . she had to admit, he was kind of cute.  


Never once did Jazz imagined herself working at a strip club, parading herself in a tight diminutive excuse of a bikini in front of drunk men, but college fees were getting expensive and so were the book but she had to admit it was exciting, added that striping paid a lot better than her previous job at the campus library.


“You wanted to see me, Vlad?”- Jazz sheepishly asked as she pokes her head in. Although he was in charge, she kept it on a first-name basis, as he’d been friends with her parents for many years.


It was strange for Vlad to see the redhead working at his club since he had seen the girl grown up and saw her more like a daughter than anything else, she needed the money and begged the man to keep it a secret from her family. Vlad, of course, didn’t keep it a secret to Jazz’s father, Jack Fenton. Due to their friendship, Vlad needed his blessing to hire the girl in the first place. The last thing he wanted was to lose his college friend.


The resulting conversation between the two men was rather interesting but ultimately ended with Jack allowing his only daughter to work as a stripper as long as Vlad made sure no one touched her. Needless to say, Vlad kept the conversation a secret from Jazz.


“Yes, I saw your dancing. If you want to make real money, you gotta show everything. Remember, the clients came to see some pussy.”- Vlad said as he pointed over the chair while trying to hide his blush.


Both Vlad and Jazz blushed upon using the word “pussy”, in a way Jazz was like a daughter to him which made the conversation rather uncomfortable. Jazz couldn’t help but recall her audition for the job, one that was no more than a formality, it was the first time she had even been on stage and strip down in front of anyone, but if she was going to do this every weekend, she had to get used to being seen naked.


That morning she was even more nervous and scared than when she popped her cherry with her high school sweetheart. She’d felt incredibly awkward due to Vlad’s friendship with her parents, she had grown up calling him “uncle Vlad” but he treated the whole audition and job interview with a lot more professionalism than when she applied for the librarian position at college.


“I get your new at this. That’s why I assigned Nikki to help you out. We’re almost closing for the night, so give it your best kiddo.”- Vlad said trying to encourage the redhead.


“You promise you won’t…”- Jazz bit her lip at the thought of her parents finding out.


“I won’t say a word.”- Vlad pressed a finger against his lips.


With a deep sigh, she agreed with her boss and exited the office. She knew stripping down completely was unavoidable, even if the boss was her dear “uncle” Vlad. It was what the clients pay for and the longer she prolonged it, the harder it would be for her to do later on.   


The Candy Shop as Vlad named his club though wasn’t the only strip club in town it was one of the best and most well-known clubs in Amity Park, two floors with several booths for private dancing, a fully equipped bar that could easily sit over thirty people at any given time and the main stage which ran across the club so everyone could see.




“Hey, babe, maybe you ought to give him a dance.”- Nikki pointed to a man a few years older than her. He sat at a table, nursing a Diet Pepsi, eyes despondent. “Bet he can’t say no to you.”


“We’ll see.” Jazz still struggled to approach men inside of her own accord, though she knew it was part of the job.


“He’s one of the better ones. I approached him last time and he talked far more than most of my customers do. Figured you’d want to dance with people who aren’t going to spend the whole time trying to grope you.” Nikki grabbed her hand. “Besides. . . got to boost your confidence, beautiful.”


Feeling apprehensive and even scared, Jazz walks over to the lonely man who only watched his drink rather than looking at the living sculptures around him. There were beautiful women around and still chose to glue his eyes to his drink.


“Evening, handsome,”- the redhead said as she approached him and placed a hand over his shoulder. His bright blue eyes, so similar to her own, bore into hers.


“Good evening... what was your name?”- Questioned the man while averting her gaze.


“Ja… Velvet,”- Jazz giggled as she pointed at his frown and responded: “Shouldn’t be wearing a frown, not while surrounded by beautiful women.”


“Right.”- He forced a grin on his face. “How’s your night going?”


“Pretty good.” Jazz sat next to him. “So… if you want, I can give you a private dance.” He’d yet to approach the stage, unlike most others.


“Sure, we can do that.”- The man mumbled lacking the grin all other customers had.


Jazz led him to a room around the corner, the girl frowns upon looking at other customers with their hands all over the dancers. She couldn’t bring herself to enjoy being touched like that, even thinking about the money. The man sat down and Jazz climbed onto his lap.


“I’ve been here a couple of times, but I haven’t seen you before,”- In contrast to others, he kept his hands placed on the seat.


“This is my first day here,”- Jazz giggled as her breasts were brushing across his face.


The man glanced down to the floor constantly, despite the dim lights his blushing and troubled face was clear as day, but he still made an effort to avoid looking at her breasts. It was and… unexpected behavior for someone at the club.


“I wouldn’t have guessed,”- he admitted. “You’re quite a dancer. I mean, there was only so much I could see from where I was sitting, but you looked like you knew what you were doing.”


“Thank you.”- Jazz placed her hands around his shoulders and ground on him. “I was really nervous up there.” The redhead had no idea why she’d confessed that.


He chuckled. “I don’t blame you, although there’s no reason to be. You’re a gorgeous woman who had them eating out of your hands.”


“Aww, thanks.” Jazz giggled despite herself. “Bet you say that to every girl who dances for you.”


The man couldn’t help but sing her praises, about how beautiful she is which made her feel warm and fussy inside. Jazz smiled gently as she leans closer and lifts his blushing face to her breasts reminding him that staring was perfectly allowed. Not looking beat the purpose of the strip club according to Jazz.


“So, what’s the happy occasion?”- the Redhead question as she teased him by pulling her thong.


“My birthday was yesterday and I decided to have a late celebration. You know, you’re only the second dancer I’ve gotten a lap dance from.” The man spoke between stammers.


“Don’t I feel special. Was it Nikki?” Jazz guessed.


The man gleeful agreed with Jazz, due to his shy and overly reserved nature had a hard time approaching the strippers to asked what they were getting paid for. He even found it hard to approach the stage and settle with drinking a club soda at the bar.


“Just relax and enjoy yourself,” Jazz advised, placing his hands on her waist. The man blushed as his grip loosening from the couch. “You’re all right. I’ll tell you if you go too far.”


“Okay. Just don’t want to appear like some sick pervert. I mean, I am something of one, since I’m here, but...”


So far, this shy man was the best client the redhead had all night. His hands always by the side and never wandering too far, Jazz welcomed this kind of behavior since she wasn’t used to being ogled at or touched for that matter.


Jazz could feel his fingers slowly making their way across her body though never once daring to approach her crotch or nipples. Had such liberty been given to any other man at the club, she would have to beat them off with a stick. His sudden questioning about why she was stripping caught her off guard.


“Paying my way through college. Hoping to become a psychologist.”- Jazz reminded herself not to get too personal. He was only a client, not her friend.


The redhead turns around and bends over for him to better see her large butt which her ex-boyfriend often sang praises about though unlike what she expected, the man commented about the brain still being in development until the age of twenty-five which made her think he was studying to be a doctor.


It was bizarre interaction what they had, the girl danced trying to make him horny but the man responded with science and physiological trivia which Jazz found most entertaining as it had much to do with her college studies.


“So where do you stand on the nature-nurture debate, then?”- Jazz challenged. He rubbed her back and smiled. She leaned closer into him, feeling him stiffen underneath her.


“More toward the former, though certainly how we grow up matters as well,” the man responded with confidence. “I was a counselor at school, and saw some... unpleasant experiences. I don’t think anyone’s naturally good or bad. It’s what we’re taught throughout our lives.”


Without either of them realizing, his hands made their way behind Jazz while talking about the horrid nature of humanity. It was a conversation Jazz would love to have over a cup of coffee at her favorite café.


“Got stood up for my birthday, so you can imagine I’m not happy about that.” He looked away. “Figured this is better than moping at home.”  


“Aw, I’m so sorry.”- Jazz hugged him out of impulse and habit.


The man fought the urge to wrap his hands around her slender waist as she relaxed her body letting herself fall upon his lap and her breasts above his face. Jazz could feel his manhood almost ripping through the pants.


“Well, not the first time I’ve gotten my hopes up when I shouldn’t. A couple of months ago, my best friend, who I’d had a crush on for years, said she returned my feelings. A few days later, she tossed me aside like a piece of garbage for someone hotter and forgot I ever existed.”- His face turned red.


“That’s horrible.”- Jazz scowled.


There was no way for her to know if anything he was saying was true but Jazz didn’t think him a liar and so ran her hands along his thigh. He still hesitated to touch her but was at least relaxing around her which the redhead quickly took notice of.


“Should have known better, but never thought she’d do that to me.”- He expressed a bitter laugh.


“Just try and forget her for tonight, okay?”- Jazz rubbed her breasts against him. “Besides, I’m sure you’ll find someone soon.”


The redhead stood up turning around to show her large bubble butt to the man, it took all of his willpower not to touch her the way he wanted upon seeing the pink thong disappeared among her wonderful buttocks. Jazz grinned at his shyness.


The thick black curtain at the booth’s door gave some privacy though it allowed the guards to venture in case they were needed. Jazz was also grateful for the dim lights which didn’t let her client see her blushing face, though she was sure even her butt was blushing.


Jazz bends over spreading her butt in front of her customer, it was then that the man leans in closer taking in her perfume while gazing upon the glitter spread over her butt. There was a debate taking place within the man’s head as he wonders if he should touch or not.


It wasn’t technically allowed but in his last couple of visits, he had noticed several men and on very rare occasions some women openly groping the dancers, though the fact that the bouncers would “escort” those who went too far out the door made him keep both hands in check.


Only the cotton string covered Jazz’s holes which she constantly pulled up marking her “camel” toe, it still surprised her to be using such scandalous underwear. Never before had the idea even crossed upon her head to wear a thong.   


“I can’t believe I’m doing this with a complete stranger. I didn’t even do it for Tom.”- the redhead thought to herself.


It had been nearly two months since she broke up with her high school sweetheart. Little by little the relationship had died out, it didn’t help much that her ex-boyfriend spent too much time with his female colleagues which according to him were only helping him with his classes though the deal breaker was finding him in bed with another woman.


Upon turning around once more she hops on her client brushing her large breasts over his face, nearly touching his lip. As she sways her hips to the sides, memories of her first time with Tom came about.


It was little more than a year ago at a small roadside motel of decent allure, neither of them could afford anything too expensive since they were about to start college. On the other hand, they also didn’t want to waste their first time at the backseat of Tom’s car.


Jazz was shaking within the shower despite the hot water covering her body, the redhead wasn’t one to let her emotions take over and lose her virginity in a moment of passion, on the contrary, she preferred to plan everything out and make the most of it.


Upon exiting the bathroom wearing nothing than a towel around her body, she could see her boyfriend Tom was already waiting for her in bed with the bedsheets covering his waist down, his clothes were neatly folded over a chair while her own was still in the bathroom.


Tom could easily be described as a geek with thick glasses and a somewhat goofy demeanor as to how he managed to make such a beautiful woman like Jazz his girlfriend was nothing short of a mystery involved in an enigma.


“So… let's do this.”- Jazz exclaimed more to encouraged herself than to announced she was ready.


The man’s eyes open wide no different from platters upon seeing Jazz naked for the very first time, her large breasts and wide hip were a sight to see even her slightly bushy crotch was charming. Jazz didn’t stand for too long and made her way under the bedsheets.


With shaking hands, Tom ripped open a condom wrapper that Jazz had previously purchased at the pharmacy. The redhead despite having received proper sexual education at school knew little to nothing about sex in itself and sex products.


Brands and types of birth control were never mentioned in class, therefore, Jazz simple gaze in shock upon seeing over ten types of condoms and brands, she even heard from a girl talking to her friend about there being more and better options at the sex shop down the street.


There was no way for Jazz to venture to such a shop as it was already too hard for her to buy condoms at a drug store, the redhead disguised her shopping with some cough pills and few bags of chips, though the cashier still smirks as she took the condom package to scan.


It was then that she felt Tom’s hand over her knees. Jazz’s face turns bright red upon her man gently opening her legs and positioning himself between them, the redhead could feel his penis touching her womanhood through the condom.


Jazz couldn’t help but gasp out loud as Tom enters her, she could feel his full length forcing himself deep. The redhead grins her teeth as her boyfriend slowly torn through her hymen making her lock his waist with both legs.


“Stop… don’t move… let me get used to the size.”- Jazz said between breaths.


It took all of Tom’s willpower to not move his hips, the boy felt his penis was burning up inside of Jazz’s tight pussy. With a nod of her head, she granted the go-ahead for Tom to start moving which he did fill with glee.


Jazz could feel him slide in and out of her as the pain from her ripped hymen vanished, though before her first moan could come out, something else came out. Tom’s face strain as he tried his very best to hold down his cum from escaping his cock but failed miserably.


The redhead suddenly felt her boyfriend’s cock pulsing which made her look over at the man on top of her as he ejaculated after nearly two minutes of sex, both looked at each other for another minute before Tom slide out of Jazz and sits in front in complete silence.


“That was incredible.”- Jazz said with a large smile.


Despite her praise, Tom knew his performance was more than lacking. Worst yet was that he was done for the night as his little soldier was unable to stand firm again. Jazz had foreseen this outcome as she was well aware men can’t hold for too long on their first time.


It was then that Jazz noticed the song had ended and was brought back to her current reality, the redhead quickly stood up and adjusted the only piece of cloth in her possession. Her client stood up to thank the girl as he handed her a twenty-dollar tip.


“Thank you very much. And this is a birthday gift.”- Jazz said as she kissed the man on the lips.


Her client looked in wonder at her celestial blue eyes upon feeling the soft and tender lips of the redhead dancer. Their tongues wrestled with each other as Jazz guided his hand to her butt, feeling the softness which was beyond incredible. 


“What’s your name?”- the man sheepishly asked as he parted from her lips, “so, I can ask for you next time”-


“Call me Velvet.”- the redhead replied though she was sure her client knew it was a fake name.


The man didn’t care in the least if that was a fake or real name but it fit her perfectly. He didn’t want to release her buttocks yet forced himself to so before she freaked and call for security though it was her who put his hands there in the first place.


“Mine’s Tristan.”- He gave his first genuine smile of the night. “Thanks for, you know, for listening to me.”- Added the man as he let go of the redhead.


“Anytime, handsome.”- If all her customers were like him, it’d be a far easier job Jazz thought to herself.


Jazz calmly walked out of the private booth followed by Tristian who couldn’t take his eyes off his hand as it was covered in butt glitter. Tristan lifted his head searching for the girl but several more men and women had entered the strip club which made the redhead disappear among the crowd and the dark environment.


“Why the hell did I kiss him?”- Jazz quietly asked as she leans next to another private dance booth just around the corner from the main area.


A strange and unfamiliar sound coming from within the booth drew her attention, upon turning her eyes over the curtain she noticed this wasn’t fully closed. The redhead covered her mouth as to hold down a gasp.


Within was one of the few dancers on role that and though they were expected to dance naked, sucking off one of the customers wasn’t part of the contract Jazz sign. The rookie stripper gazed upon a tan woman with long black hair.


It was Jazz’s first day and because of this, she didn’t know many of the strippers nor their fake names, much less their real ones. There was a brief sense of familiarity with this particular dancer, the girl was sure they weren’t acquainted but had seen her before.


“Paulina”- Jazz whispered upon recognizing the stripper.


She was a member of the cheerleader squad and one of the most obnoxious girls at college, there was an ongoing rumor that she slept with most of her teachers just to pass her classes such rumors went back to even her time at high school. Seeing her in such a precarious position gave credit to such gossip. 


There was a sense of relief accompanied by terror upon Jazz learning she wasn’t the only one stripping from her college. It was unlikely for Paulina to ratted her out to the college dean since she too was in the same situation though Paulina was indeed lacking in the brains department and might try.


Jazz silently watched how the client had his face buried between Paulina’s legs licking her crotch like a starving dog while she shoved all of his manhood deep down her throat. The redhead watched in awe as the dancer moves her head up and down with the most satisfying expression she had ever seen.


After a few brief moments, the man unloaded his cum inside her mouth though not a single drop fell out of the tan woman’s mouth. Jazz quickly made her way to the backstage as she saw the couple getting ready to leave the booth.


“My god. We’re strippers, not fucking whores.”- Jazz mumbled as she took her seat in front of her beauty desk.


Jazz wasn’t a naïve country girl, it was fairly obvious a few of her coworkers would be doing some sidetracking though Vlad was very explicit about her not sleeping with the clients, otherwise he would kick her out of the club and tell her parents in a heartbeat.


“I run a strip club, not a whorehouse”- Jazz remembered her boss say during the job interview and again before she started her shift as she adjusted her makeup.


It gave her a sense of security to know she wasn’t expected to sleep around the club and counted on the guards to make sure the clients obey the “no touching” rule, though some of the bouncers at times took their job a little too seriously which ended up with some random drunk thrown out the backdoor.


“Yo Velvet! Vlad says you’re up!”- A young dark skin girl though slightly overweight.


The redhead’s jaw fell to the ground in shock as she saw who the girl going under the name of “Candy” was, another of her college peers, Valerie Grey though it was clear she hadn’t recognized who Jazz is. The redhead nodded and walk past her noticing the girl wasn’t overweight but instead had a plum butt and large breasts which gave the illusion of being heavy.


“Does every girl I know work here?”- Jazz whispered as she once again stood behind the curtain.


The night was coming to an end and despite longing for her bed, Jazz still needed to perform one last time one stage. With a quick peek through the curtain, she noticed there were fewer people than before and so made up her mind to strip completely as was expected of her.


“Let’s hear it for Velvet!!”- the DJ announced.


Out of the corner of her eye, Jazz spotted Tristan moving to the stage while preparing the few dollar bills he still possessed. With growing confidence, she threw off her top with no hesitation entering the stage with renewed courage allowing them to take in her body. Security flanked the crowd in case of trouble, but no one extended a hand other than to throw a bill.


Men cheered loudly as Jazz sway her hips around the pole, the girl was rather thankful for Vlad attention to details as he came up with each girl’s dance routine. The man wouldn’t allow any half-ass dancing but did allow some improvisation to keep things interesting especially if they forgot their routine.


Her grip on the pole suddenly loosened causing Jazz to lose her balance for a moment as she tried to spin her legs in the air while holding the pole. She’d seen some amazing things up there but knew it would be some time before she could duplicate them.


Jazz took a deep breath and brace her heart as she sat on the stage pulling her legs up high in the air along with her thong, the girl held her breath as she spread her legs wide open allowing everyone to get a good look. No aside from Tom had seen her bare vagina before, she felt like wanting to cry but held strong and carried on.


Money rain from above as she crawled on all fours along the floor, upon turning to her side she noticed every pair of eyes on the stage glued themselves against her. There was an undoubted sense of excitement that forced her to bend over exposing both her horny holes.


She could feel their starving eyes over every inch of her body as her anus “winked” at the men, it was then that she noticed Tristian at the edge of the stage. His shy eyes contrasted with his sex starving expressions around, as the song was coming to an end, she come closer to the edge.


“Hi-ya, Tristian.”- Jazz whispered knowing all too well no one would hear her.


The redhead flips around and spanks her bubble butt making men throw money towards her. Upon the song ends, she squats down to pick up her tips though no one moved an inch until she was backstage.




Jazz stretched her protesting back muscles. She’d never realized how physically exhausting being a stripper could be. Both her legs and back felt like they were on fire forcing her to sit down for a few moments.


“Okay, I survived my first day... somehow.” Jazz wiped the sweat off her face.


“Hey, you made it,”- Nikki greeted her. “How you feeling, girl?”


“Okay, I suppose.”- Jazz wasn’t sure what to feel.


Part of her still felt the degradation. Mere weeks ago, she’d never imagined being a stripper while she working at the library, though another part of her... relished in the power her looks gave her. Jazz had received little attention in either high school or college.


Despite hitting puberty like a freight train hardly anyone looked at her direction beyond her ex-boyfriend, Tom. At age sixteen she was already buying C-cup bras and two years later she had to replace her bras with cup D while still holding a slender figure which she didn’t think was humanly possible.


“So, you think you can keep doing this? It’s not for everyone, you know.”- Nikki said while Jazz stuffed her sexy clothing in a sports bag and took out her normal street clothes.


“Should be able to survive.”- The redhead replied. Even after giving the club its cut which was considerably lesser thanks to Vlad, Jazz still possessed close to three hundred dollars, over twice as much as she made during her librarian duties. “I mean, a couple of people I just wanted to slap, but some...” Thoughts of the young man entered her brain.


“Word of advice: keep things professional.” Nikki made eye contact. “I’ve seen dancers make that mistake before and it tends to go badly. Some guys think you’re in love with them and... may take it badly when they realize the truth. Done this for five years, so I know what I’m talking about.”


The last thing Jazz wanted was to have some horny pervert stalking her every move, night and day. Following her to college and back home, therefore, keeping her job a secret would be the least of her problems if something like that were to happen.


“I’ll remember.”-Jazz dressed back into her normal street clothes


The girl felt a huge relief upon putting on her normal panties, she wasn’t used to wearing thongs and felt rather uncomfortable with them on, Jazz couldn’t understand how girls would wear them to school and their daily activities.


It was then that Paulina Sanchez walked into the locker room wearing a smug face and an attitude to match, Jazz cautiously watched her trade her fake diamond bikini for her street clothes which consisted of a black mini skirt, a pink tube blouse, black high heel and of course a pink thong.


Jazz looks at her clothes in the mirror and noticed the vast contrast between them, Jazz still wore the same style since her high school days, a simple pair of blue baggy jeans, black flat flops and her ever so favorite V-shape blouse.


“I ended up seeing. . . one of the dancers performing sex acts on a guy.”- Jazz whispered once Paulina punched out.


“Yeah, some of the girls here do that.”- Nikki nodded. “Not technically supposed to, but a lot of girls here do it and as long as you’re not too obvious, the boss won’t do anything about it. I’ve never slept with a guy here. Up to you whether to take that step. Takes a certain type of person.” Jazz knew what Nikki meant by that.


“Guess I’ll see you tomorrow night.”- Jazz felt her eyes droop.


To be continued.


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