The Exotic Velvet

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The Exotic Velvet at the Candy Shop

Chapter two: All in a day’s work


The loud music echo throughout the club, exuberant girls danced on Vlad’s stage as men cheer them on. Howling like mad dogs upon seeing the dancers peeling off the last of their clothes. Yet a particular girl is dancing in private to one man’s eyes.


“Come see me again, handsome.”- Jazz kissed her latest client on the cheek and pocketed the money.


The man chuckled as he sends her one last lustful stare on his way out of the booth. Jazz knew he wanted to sleep with her and the sole thought though disgusting in itself felt somewhat alluring as men rarely ever looked at her that way.


It was past midnight and Jazz had given lap dances to a few people and so far, none of them had tried anything which was something she enjoyed greatly as the last thing she wanted was to feel their greasy fingers over her body.


Jazz gave curious glances at the other girls trying to pick up clients. She attempted to learn who allowed their clients to touch them and who did not, but more importantly where they let them touch. Many men often went for the butt or the hips as the strippers walked them the private dance booth which often earned them an extra tip.


Trying to learn from her seniors, Jazz began to allow men to take hold of her thigh and sometimes her butt while taking them to the private booths where she would dance for them and even rubbed herself on to their crotches. 


The moment she walked out of the private rooms, she spotted numerous men staring at her with open mouths and lustful gazes. Jazz tilted her head to the side waiting for one of them to approach as her ears drowned out the music blasting near the bar.


Jazz had worked in the club for nearly three weeks by now and had gotten used to the routine, but even so, it was difficult for her to unrobed completely in the booths as she was always alone with a man she’s never seen before. It took her a long time to start getting naked at the stage but couldn’t find the courage to have someone look at her vagina up close.


“Good, they’re giving me a minute.”- Jazz thought as she bents down showing them her large breasts before retreating to the back room.


Once inside, she wiped the sweat off her face and reapplied her makeup, Vlad was very insistent on having each girl looked their very best which meant having to fix their makeup every time they dance at the booth, and before going on stage, though some girls waited until their makeup was running down their faces.


Over the course of her job, she’d seen and dance for all sorts of customers. The first of them often were content with watching but a few got to touch her with her explicit permission, though their hands hesitated to go farther. In Jazz’s opinion, they were either too shy or had partners back home who wouldn’t be happy if they touched her.


The second were those who got caught up in the moment and let their hands wander off. Jazz had gotten to the point where it didn’t bother her much as long as they didn’t touch anything too intimate. Usually, when told to keep themselves under control, or when she guided their hands away, they listened though there was some disappointment in their faces.


The third, though rare, were those who refused to listen and even tried to grope her breasts and even going further down. Thankfully, Jazz hadn’t endured it too often and had only required security to intervene once. The man blustered about how important he was, but no one bothered to listen to him.


There was a fourth type, a very dreaded kind of client yet extremely. Though Jazz had yet to encounter such men, she heard from a few coworkers about random guys openly masturbating to them and even shooting cum on their faces which got them a back-alley date with the bouncers.


“Wasn’t as hard as I thought.”- Part of Jazz got a kick out of seeing so many men lust after her.


She’d never considered herself that sort of woman, but there was something. . . enticing about it. They couldn’t stop thinking about her, couldn’t take their eyes off her. Each time she danced for them it was like a cobra hypnotizing her prey, and by the end made off with their hard-earned cash.


Jazz turned to see Paulina Sanchez entering the room and recalled her stage name “Bella,” though the first thing Jazz noticed was how the Latina was wiping something off her chin. She did her best to hide a disapproving look, it wasn’t uncommon to see the tan dancer giving a different type of dance in the booths.


Far as she could tell, the girl hadn’t changed one bit since Jazz knew her from high school. Same arrogant smirk, flaunting her body, although she was pretty sure Paulina had gotten implants since then unlike her own naturally large breasts which now were her pride in the club.


There wasn’t a single night in which men and even some women complimented her beautiful physique but especially her large breasts and well tone legs. Jazz never gave too much mind to her personal appearance in the past and used little makeup but it felt incredible to have “sincere” compliments on her body.


“Can’t believe they’re letting you dance here,”- Paulina sneered. “Vlad must be getting desperate.”- the Latina scoffed making Jazz grin her teeth.


The two girls never got along in the past since Paulina was part of the A-list kids, and Jazz was part of the common rabble, some even considered her a nerd though her beauty kept her off that list, Jazz knew about Paulina not only because she was the talk of the school but mostly also due to her younger brother having a crush on Paulina like half of the male school body.


“It helps to have something underneath these good looks,”- Jazz shrugged as she pressed her natural breasts together.


Paulina wasn’t worth neither the time nor the energy to fight with. At least Danny didn’t feel anything for her anymore, it was always a bit of a mystery for Jazz to understand what her brother saw in such a shallow person who thought good looks lasted forever.


“Knew your family were all freaks but never imagined they’d accept you here, with fake boobs and that hideous complexion.”- Paulina said in defiance.


The redhead instantly noticed the hypocrisy in Paulina’s’ words as she lowers her gaze to the tan woman’s obviously fake breasts and light gut, the smirk on her mouth made Paulina turn red in anger as Jazz pulled off her bra.


“Looked in a mirror lately? Unlike you, these babies are natural.”- Jazz crossed her arms lifting her breasts, intending to make it clear this wasn’t a fight Paulina wanted to have.


The former cheerleader growl at the redhead as it was common knowledge around the club that she got breast implants a few years ago, her new and “improved” tits were hard and stiff unlike the soft-looking breasts Jazz bounced around.


“Whatever freak.”- Paulina replied as she began to fix her makeup.



Jazz knew it wasn’t wise to be starting up fights with her colleagues especially with senior workers such as Paulina, even though the owner was her dear “uncle” Vlad, it was still his business and the tan girl was his best earner while Jazz was still struggling to take off her panties on the stage much less in the private booths.


Some complaints had reached Vlad’s ears about Jazz not wanting to strip down completely which prompted an uncomfortable conversation, the man had seen her grow up since she was a baby and mostly saw her like a daughter which made the conversation even harder but not as hard as having her work there.


Under normal everyday circumstances, Vlad would beat any man who wanted to see Jazz naked black and green but seeing her naked was the sole reason people asked for her at the club. Worse yet, he couldn’t be seen showing favoritism to one dancer in particular.


In those short weeks, Jazz had been working at Candy Shop, she had quickly become one of the most popular and requested girls at the club. Even competing with Paulina for the most popular girl in the club, something that didn’t sit too well with Paulina.


Jazz stood behind purple curtains, wearing nothing more than her high heels as she waited patiently for the DJ to call her in. It was her last show of the night and wanted to get over it as soon as possible. The redhead blushed as she saw Vlad standing by her beauty desk watching her.


His face was hard and stoic though underneath, he was blushing red and covered in shame, ordering Jazz to walk into the stage naked was no different than asking his own daughter to dance naked for horny drunks.


Vlad wanted to punch himself for getting an erection by seeing the woman he considered a daughter. Her firm back, her bubble butt, and well tone legs were something many strippers in the club would even kill to have.


“Everybody!! Make some noise for the lovely Velvet!”- The DJ announced her nickname.


Jazz walked out into the stage sporting the best smile she could, the glitter she covered her body in shine under the lights even the fake jewelry shine brighter than the real one. Jazz locked her hand on the pole and spin around making the crowd roar.


The redhead didn’t dare count the visitors as that only added to her anxiety though was sure there were nearly thirty men around the stage and a dozen women, many more were watching from the bar. Saturday nights were always the busiest of all nights and Jazz made sure to be on the role.


Jazz puts her right foot above her head holding it in position on the pole showing her lovely holes to the crowd before her, the redhead had gotten used to having people looked at her as a mere sex object, though her smile grew long and wide upon seeing some twenties dollar bills mixed in with the singles.


She slowly lowered herself until she was on all fours, a wicked gin across her face as she rallies the money. Men and even some women cheered her on as she opened her buttocks exposing her love holes, even licking her luscious lips towards the generous customers.


Out of nowhere, a hand yanked her off stage by her long red hair. Cursing, her scalp felt like it was being ripped out. It took her all of three seconds to realize she was being dragged across the floor. Fill with fear and dread, Jazz looked up to see a familiar face.


“You fucking whore!”- Her ex-boyfriend Tom sneered at her.


The redhead had left him after finding out he was having an affair with a junior from his class. Tom even had the audacity to let the girl stay over the night at his apartment which he had given Jazz the keys to. He hadn’t taken the break up too well. 


“Yo! Leave her the fuck alone!”- one of the customers said, pushing Tom away as he was about to kick Jazz on the ground.


“Fuck you! She’s my fucking girl!”- Tom slurred his word as he tried to adjust his glasses.


Jazz took the brief momentum to crawl away to safety, it was then that a bulking black man wearing a tight black shirt with the club’s logo came running towards Tom. Without uttering a word, he punched the man straight in the face sending his glasses in the air before he tackled Tom to the ground.


A second man no less muscular than the first added a kick to Tom’s belly before putting him in a chokehold. Jazz felt a familiar hand helping her up, upon turning her head she saw it was Vlad who helped her stand up.


Nikki rushed out naked from her booth as she was attending a client when she heard the commotion and the yelling, though her expression was one of fear, Vlad’s expression, on the other hand, was one of rage as he came to recognize who was the troublemaker


“Get him out of my club.”- Vlad said, eyes alight with quiet fury.


The man never did like Tom while he was dating his “niece” and even outright hated the boy upon finding out he was cheating on Jazz. There were no words that could fathom his rage though it took a good long talk with Jack to avoid Vlad sending his goons to teach Tom a lesson.


“She’s a dirty slut!”- Tom screamed spraying saliva everywhere as two men dragged him out which forced Vlad to order his men to stop.


Vlad’s eye twitches in anger upon hearing the word “slut” coming out from Tom’s mouth. Vlad was no fool and knew some of his girls did more than dancing in the booths but he wouldn’t tolerate anyone talking trash about them, especially to Jazz.


“Perhaps you should show a little more respect,” Vlad’s tone was still even. Everyone in the club had paused to see the commotion. “Drag him out of here.” He ordered the two bouncers, who smiled as they understood the implications.


Vlad rarely went to such extremes but refused to tolerate Jazz being treated in such a fashion. Tom was a special case that needed more attention than what he normally would have granted towards someone who laid their hands on his dancers. “Drag him out of here” was code Vlad made up for “rough him up.” Otherwise, the offending client was merely escorted out.


Once Tom was out of sight, Vlad turned around and headed back to his office like nothing happened, though he gave a brief glance towards Jazz who smiled sweetly. Noise gradually picked up again as clients and dancers alike went back to their previous activities.


“You okay, babe?”- Nikki flung an arm around Jazz’s shoulder.


“I... think so,” Jazz still struggled to process what just took place.


She’d known Tom could be jealous and even possessive but hadn’t imagined he would attack her. During the time they were dating Jazz had been a loyal, supportive, and faithful girlfriend yet Tom acted like he was the one being cheated on.


What worried Jazz the most was how he found out about her job. The idea that it was all just a coincidence danced around her head though deep down was sure he had been following her from her house or from college, though she couldn’t avoid entertaining the idea that perhaps someone from school saw her and told Tom.


“Happens once in a while. A few months ago, I had a guy who swore he was in love with me. Needed escorts to my vehicle for weeks until I got a restraining order.”- Nikki said calmly.


It was then that Nikki and Jazz noticed both were standing naked in the middle of the club which brought out a much-needed laugh from the redhead. Jazz saw her friend rushing towards the booth to fetch her clothes begging the client didn’t walk off with her cash. After a brief moment, Jazz followed.


Most girls including Jazz quietly stored their earnings in their purses which they kept safe in their personal lockers, there was something of a code of honor among them though it was mainly encouraged by the cameras overviewing the dressers, lockers and a bouncer who was recently posted at the dressing room’s door.


Jazz’s night had been ruined by Tom but it became worse upon turning her attention to the stage noticing most of her earnings were missing which made her frown in frustration, and though she didn’t feel like dancing anymore, she still needed to finish her shift before calling it a night.


“Yo Velvet. The boss wants to talk to you, I think you’re in trouble.”- a big breasted blonde woman said pointing over to Vlad’s office on the upper floor.


“Thanks, Vanilla”- Jazz thanked the woman.


The redhead sigh in defeat as she walks over to the stage to pick up what was left of her money, Jazz was quick to do mental calculations which made her understood her winnings for that performance were over the hundred dollars but now barely amounted to less than thirty dollars in change.


It would have been her finest night so far hadn’t it been for her ex-boyfriend showing up to make a scene and ruining everything. Men and women were chatting as the redhead made her way backstage to get dressed and see her boss.


“Tough luck.”- Paulina teased as she peels off her bra showing her fake tits while standing behind the curtain.


“The party goes on with the beautiful Bella!!”- the DJ announced signaling the Latin beauty to rushed out swaying her hips as if possessed.  


Paulina was the best dancer at the Candy Shop Strip Club and the one who made the really big numbers, Jazz didn’t intend on making a career out of stripper like the former cheerleader but it did bother her to see the crowds roaring for Paulina completely forgetting her ordeal.


“Hi, Vlad. You wanted to see me?”- Jazz asked peeking her head through the door.


“Yes”- Vlad replied pointing over the chair for her to seat on. “Are you hurt?”- the man added in a kind voice.


“I’m fine Vlad. Just a little shaken up but that’s all.”- the redhead replied.


Jazz couldn’t deny the fact she was spooked and shaken by how Tom dragged her off the stage, never before had her ex-boyfriend been violent towards her in the past, though their brake up was anything but quiet, screams and dreadful accusations were thrown around.


For a time, Jazz dreamt about marrying Tom after college but that dream shattered once she found him in bed with a girl she had never seen before. The break up was part of why the redhead started working at the club. She wanted to feel desired and beautiful, it something that she didn’t hear from Tom as the last words she heard from him was “frigid bitch.”


“If you want, you can take the rest of the night off.”- Vlad offered.


“No, that wouldn’t be fair with the other girls.”- Jazz replied.


She understood her relationship with Vlad was more than just friendship, but it would be very bad not just for her, but also for Vlad if he started to show too much favoritism over her. In the best-case scenario, the girls would put two and two together and find out Vlad’s a very close friend of the family and is just giving her hand. Though it was most likely that the strippers, especially Paulina would spread rumors of her sleeping with the boss, hence the privileges.


Jazz felt it was pointless to call it a night after that incident, it would be like letting Tom win, therefore excuse herself and headed out the door ready to make some more money, she lost most of her earnings at the stage thanks to her ex but wasn’t willing to leave empty-handed.


After paying her cut to the club she would be left empty-handed which meant all her hard work would have been for nothing. It was through Nikki that Jazz learned the cut she was paying was much smaller than what the rest of the strippers paid.


The redhead didn’t want any special treatment but she was short on cash and college fees as well as books were expensive which made her pretend to pay the same cut as everyone else in the club, but deep down was grateful for having to give a much smaller cut.


Her mood was ruined and though she was tempted on taking up Vlad’s offer and call it a night she instead headed over to her beauty desk to fix her makeup and her long red hair which was left a mess thanks to Tom before heading back to the floor.


There was light pain on her back from when her ex dragged her off the stage that still linger, though it was her scalp which hurt the most, no matter how hard she looked there weren’t any bruises anywhere. It would be very difficult to rack up some cash if she was sporting a large purple mark on her back.


Jazz stood up and sprayed some perfume over herself to mask the smell of sweat. Dancing on stage and in the booths was much more demanding than she originally thought to be, so much she was surprised Vlad hadn’t installed showers already.


“Is that Ghostly Fantasy?”- Nikki said from behind Jazz.


“Yeah, try some.”- the redhead offered some of the perfume.


The two girls walked out into the floor with some giggles and smiles though Jazz noticed a different girl was dancing on stage. Paulina had already stepped down and by what she heard from Nikki; the Latina had everyone eating from her hand.


Though Jazz would never say it out loud, she was grateful that Paulina hugged up all the attention away from her little incident. Yet Nikki told her, people very rarely ever cared for such trivial fights as drinking and gawking at naked girls was far more important.


From the corner, Jazz spotted a well-looking man who approached her with confident steps and a warm smile. She knew the man was seeking her services and so tossed aside her worries and pulled out her stripper persona.


“Evening, handsome; how are you?”- Jazz smiled at the young man while completely ignoring Nikki. “Would you like a dance?”


The man was in his late twenties, standing nearly six feet tall, with stubble on his chin and neck. He wore a polo shirt and khakis, though still casual. He mostly paid attention to their faces, though his line of sight went down to their chests every few seconds.


“What am I, chopped liver?”- Nikki joked, trying to obtain not only Jazz’s attention but that of the man. “You’ve got two sexy women standing here.”


“Actually, I was wondering. . . if I could get a dance from both of you.” He smiled. “Do you do that or is it against the rules?”


Jazz smiled and silently laughed at the idea the poor man suggested as she hadn’t seen anyone from the crew shared a client before. Most, if not all, girls were like hyenas fighting to gather all the men they could and dry them off their hard-earned money.


“My, you’re a bold one. That’s quite alright. We’ll be there in a moment.” Nikki held his hand and winked.


The man practically skipped his way into the back room leaving the girls behind. Jazz found it rather hard to believe Nikki was willing to share a customer, the redhead was starting to feel uncomfortable as the idea of dancing naked next to another woman dawn on her.


“Do we. . . actually do this? I mean, no one’s ever told me.”- Jazz felt her old rookie nervousness return.


“Matter of fact, yes, though it costs them quite a bit more.”- Nikki walked toward the back room and gestured for Jazz to follow. “Just follow my lead and relax. He looks like he can afford it, and I know you’re nervous, but that’s what I’m here for.”


It wasn’t strange for two or even three girls to dance on stage when the club was at full capacity, especially if all the strippers were on roll that night. Though Jazz had yet to see that happened but she never imagined for two girls to dance in the same booth at the same time for one particular client.


The redhead shook her body, allowing the other clients to get a last glimpse at her large breasts before following her co-worker to the booths around the corner. The young man was sat down with eager eyes, already hard underneath his pants.


“My, aren’t we eager?”- Nikki grinned running her hands near him but not quite touching it.


Instead of grinding on his lap as Jazz had expected, Nikki groped her breasts and kissed her. The man shot up a huge smile as he saw the two girls making out, their tongues wrestled before his eyes as Nikki’s hands found their way from Jazz’s breasts down to her ass.


“What are you…”- Jazz considered pushing her away.


“This is part of what a double dance entails.”- Nikki placed Jazz’s hands on her hips.


One on her waist and the other on her breasts. Jazz hadn’t touched another woman in all her life, but her coworker seemed to be used to it as her touch was gentle sending shivers through Jazz’s entire body. The redhead didn’t even notice her bra was pulled off leaving only her tight pink G-string.


“Follow my lead, okay?”- Nikki whispered to her ear.


Jazz looked over at their client who reached out and touched their butts. She prepared to move his hands away should he go too far, but soon noticed their client was trembling from the effort it took him to restrain himself; his lustful eyes and quivering fingers were expected but to see such restraint wasn’t.


The redhead pulled Nikki closer to her rubbing their breasts together, their man gulped down as he saw their nipples touching each other. Jazz still couldn’t bring herself to touch anything too intimate, but their client still enjoyed the show.


For her part, Nikki had no hesitation, placing her face just a couple of inches away from Jazz’s chest, massaging them with her hands, playing with nipples. It was. . . more pleasant than she’d expected. Jazz took the initiative and moved behind Nikki, running her hands up and down her body, thrusting her pelvis toward her waist.


“Better than I dreamed it...” The man whispered.


Jazz played with Nikki’s breasts as she pretended to conduct sexual acts on her. Pushing her hips on the woman’s butt much like a man would do, it took all of the client’s will power not to pulled out his penis and masturbate.


The song comes to an end and both girls parted from each other, Jazz was blushing as red as her beautiful long hair, though Nikki was still fresh as a daisy. It was clear her five years at the club weren’t in vain as she knew her way around.


“That wasn’t so bad.”- Nikki teased her redhead friend as their client handed twenty-five dollars to each of them. “Oh shit, I forgot I’m on stage next.”  Nikki kissed her cheek. “Let me know if you need anything, babe.” Their client retreated outside. Jazz couldn’t help but smirk, thinking of what he was about to do.




The redhead collected the cash and made her way out of the booth feeling somewhat confused by what took place, she never thought something like that could happen. She was glad it was with Nikki and not with Paulina.


Had it been with the Latina then Jazz would have refused. She wouldn’t dance with Paulina, not for any money. Even if Vlad forced them to dance with each it was almost certain they would end up trading scratches rather than kisses.


“Excuse me, Velvet. Can I buy you a drink?”- the man asked with a shy tone.


“Sure”- Jazz replied with a gleeful tone.


Jazz wasn’t on stage detail, which bothered her the most since she was making a killing until her ex-boyfriend came to ruin everything. The club had their own set of waitresses and so the dancers who weren’t on stage or in the booths were required to convince the clients to buy as much booze as they could.


The redhead didn’t have any reason to deny the man who already spent a good amount of money on her and Nikki. Yet she didn’t expect him to be drinking club sodas. Vlad and Nikki had told her several times to come up with an excuse to brushed off such men and find someone more suitable.


“I saw what happened earlier… with that guy…”- the man wore a sultry grin.


It was then she noticed he was the same man who shoved Tom away before the bouncers took charge of the situation. Even with the dim lights, Jazz noticed his short brown hair and soft face, eyes staring down at her body.


A good-looking average man if she were to put it into words. Jazz swooped in closer while putting her hand on his thigh and whispering a soft “thank you” to his ear which sends shivers up his back and pulled out a huge smile.


Her thoughts were broken upon feeling his hand over her bare legs, it wasn’t strange or uncommon for men to want to feel her up. Yet he instantly took his hand off the moment he saw Jazz’s eyes fall over his hand.


“I’ve been coming here for a couple of weeks, and I really wanted to talk with you”- the man met her eyes. “You’re the most beautiful woman in this club.” 


Jazz couldn’t help but blush as red as her long hair upon hearing such words. She was rarely ever called pretty much less beautiful throughout most of her teen years and her college peers hardly took notice of her making such innocent words feel powerful.


“Kinda reminds of Tristan… wait… why did I remember him?”- Jazz thought as she picked up her beer mug while thanking the man for the unexpected compliment.


The night was coming to an end and though she wasn’t allowed to drink alcohol, it was a bendable rule. Most girls needed to take a drink or two in order to endure the looks and the empty conversations from drunks.


He was the perfect combination for her; confident while not being arrogant. Jazz had never cared for the very muscular type, with more ego than brains. Too many of them didn’t give a damn about her beyond her body.


“Perhaps we should find a more private place... have dinner.”- the man said. “Surely you must be hungry after a long day.”


It wasn’t the first time someone invited her out ever since she started working there, some even offer to get her an apartment all for herself but the redhead was no fool and wouldn’t fall for such silly tricks and cheesy pickup lines.


“I’m sorry, but I got off a really bad relationship, some other time.”- Jazz replied tilting her head and giving her best “good girl” vibe.


“I understand... though I do hope you change your mind.”- He said before placing a brief kiss on her lips.


Normally Jazz would have slapped him across the face and called over for Rolando who was a walking mountain of muscles to get rid of him but Jazz felt a tingle, her heartwarming. The man though blushing was more confident than Tristan but still possessed the same kind demeanor.


“Moving out soon, and I’d like at least one good memory of Amity Park.”- the man said as he lowered his face expecting her to call for security.


Many men had called her beautiful and gorgeous but Jazz knew each and every one of them didn’t truly mean it, just hollow words spoken by some horny drunk. She knew it was true since barely anyone from college and in the streets had yet to call her by such terms.


The childlike embarrassment he gave out was in a way quite charming, he wasn’t some player toying with her head in order to lure her to bed, or at least that was what Jazz believe. Rather than feeling offended, she gave a sincere and warm smile, the first in all night.  


“Maybe we can go for a coffee after all. I’m done in thirty minutes if you’re willing to wait.”- Jazz said in a playful tone.




The buzzing sounds of a neon sign echo within a bedroom at a motel a few blocks from Candy shop strip club, despite the annoying buzzing from the sign and red light which turn on and off, it was the slurping sounds that were the loudest within the bedroom.


“I can’t believe I’m doing this.”- Jazz thought as she sucks on the man’s penis.


The only one she had ever slept with was Tom though it was clear he didn’t have the same commitment as herself. For a time, Jazz blamed herself for the break up as she thought it was due to her poor looks and lack of ability in bed.


Never before had Jazz given a blow job to anyone but the sole thought of her ex-boyfriend fueled her movements, Tom lacked much imagination in bed as he never suggested anything beyond the missionary position.


Jazz was willing to give him blowjobs and try all kinds of positions but was too shy to offer them herself, her ex-boyfriend wasn’t any better. The redhead couldn’t help but feel like a hypocrite for taking a client from the club to a motel.


“Velvet, I’m gonna cum”- the man whimpered.


The warning came in too late as she felt his baby-making milk gushing out and spraying her mouth. Jazz could feel his boiling hot cum running down her throat though she managed to hold down her retching sensation.


Jazz had never once tasted the flavor of semen in all her life. For a brief moment she felt like a mere whore but upon seeing the caring eyes of the man sitting on the bed made her feel much more relaxed. With a single gulp, she swallowed his cum.


“Yummy.”- the redhead said as she licks her lips. It wasn’t nearly as bad as she’d anticipated.


The girl knew it was for the best to stay in character and pretended to be well seasoned in the bed arts despite hardly knowing the very basics. Slowly she stood up watching the man’s eyes as he wraps his arms around her waist taking in all her warmth.


“I can’t believe I’m doing this with a guy I just met. I feel like a whore.”- the redhead thought as she looks up to the ceiling. “Gotta pay for that pussy.”- Jazz thought with amusement but felt the man let go of her with a confused expression.


Though the redhead was started to have seconds thoughts about sleeping with a man whose name she didn’t even know, she didn’t expect to say out loud she wanted money in return for sex before she could retract her words. The man quickly produced a few twenty-dollar bills and even a fifty offering to run over to closest ATM if she wanted more.


Unconsciously, she took the money and counted up to a two hundred and eighty dollars. Jazz followed the stranger willing to have sex and though she didn’t have the intention of selling herself she still took the money. The redhead remained in silence as she felt her thong sliding down and a tongue licking her vagina as a pair of hands fondle her butt.


Jazz knew there was no backing out now. She got herself into this mess and needed to see it through to the end, it helped greatly that her partner was a somewhat handsome and well-mannered man and not some greasy old fart.


“Don’t forget the candy wrapper”- Jazz whispered as she peels off her top and points over to the “curtesy” condom on the nightstand.


For the first time in several months, Jazz opens her legs for someone. She could feel his manhood probing her wet meaty cave as he struggles to enter her, with a loud gasp she felt his full length go inside of her.


Jazz lost the count of how many men would love to do this to her, to pierce her womanhood. The redhead couldn’t hold down her moaning as the man’s penis slide in and out of her making her large breasts bounce around.


“Faster!”- Jazz suddenly ordered as she felt her vagina clam unto him.


The man increased his speed pulling out several loud moans from Jazz. The girl soon found herself on all four being rammed from behind, the man pounced her ass with all the strength he could muster making her buttocks create light waves which he found most enticing.


Jazz felt as if her pussy had a mind of its own and refused to let go of the man, her vagina clutched so tightly on him that made Jazz realized she wasn’t aware of just how “cock-starved” she was. His firm left hand took hold of her breast as they shared a kiss while his right hand made its way to her clitoris.


“Holy shit! So, this is real sex!”- Jazz thought as they tangled their tongues.


Sex with her ex-boyfriend was boring and quick, yet this unknown man was making her squeal like a pig. Pussy juice stained the bed and the wet smacking sounds were stronger than the buzzing neon sign just outside the room.


Jazz was more than sure her moaning could be heard outside along with sounds that their bodies made upon hitting each other. The redhead had heard about doggystyle but never got the chance until now to do it.


“My God! You’re fucking huge! I can feel you hitting my womb”- Jazz yelled out in the middle of ecstasy.


It was far from a lie as she truly felt him touching her most inner parts. Jazz could fell the penis pulsing inside of her, with a loud moan she reached a very strong orgasm as she felt the condom getting filled up with hot cum.


Out of all the times she slept with Tom, never once had she actually reached an orgasm, it would be a shame if what the man said about leaving Amity Park the following night was true as she wouldn’t mind having another round with him in the near future.


“So that’s what fucking is really like.”- Jazz whispered as she tried to catch her breath.


Jazz’s legs turned to jelly as she tried to stand up, it had been so long since she last had sex. No matter how hard Tom did her, it never lasted long and definitely didn’t end with her legs wobbling and out of breath.


“Thanks, Velvet. It’s been a long time since I’ve been with a woman like you.”- He grinned while cleaning off sweat from his forehead.


It had been ages since the man last had sex and though his intentions weren’t to get laid, he did welcome these results. Though his night with Jazz was beyond blissful it made leaving Amity Park much harder than it already was.


“I didn’t even catch your name,”- Jazz responded as her one-time lover laid on the bed next to her.


Jazz wasn’t a slut nor a prostitute despite having been paid for sex, she wanted to at least know the name of the man she just shared a bed with and a very intimate moment. The redhead rolls over to the side and looks at him with a soft smile.


“Daniel…” He brushed his fingers along her chest.


The woman couldn’t help but to giggle at the irony, though she couldn’t bring herself to reveal her real name nor hand out her private phone number, she instead kisses him in the lips much to his surprise as well as her own.


“Look me up next time you’re in town.”- Jazz winked at him drawing a large smile. 


Daniel left the motel room saying how much he appreciated what she did for him. Jazz abhorred the idea of selling herself as it only proves Tom right, but she couldn’t deny it was the most satisfying night she ever had. Jazz had to admit it was due to Tom’s little tantrum that let to this outcome, otherwise, her pussy would still be covered in cobwebs.


“Perhaps this might work out after all,”- Jazz said as she looks at the used condom on the floor.


The redhead gazes upon the condom as it now resembles a small balloon in her hands, with a smiled she tossed it to the trash making a wet sound as it touches the bottom. Daniel had been far better than Tom in all aspects and was now a couple of hundred dollars richer.


Jazz felt more pleased with herself than at any other moment of her life. Men wanted her, they desired her, perhaps the first time in her life.


She never could have imagined selling herself for money even a night ago. Nikki was right; it was an easy lifestyle to get into. Jazz didn’t intend to make it a regular thing, but perhaps once in a while, with someone like him…


“What would Tristan think of me?” Try as she might, Jazz hadn’t managed to get him out of her head. She couldn’t understand it.


Tristan wasn’t the richest or the most handsome hardly the most charming client she had served in her three weeks as a stripper, but there was something about him, something kind that she enjoyed. The redhead found herself unconsciously looking for him while dancing on stage.


“And why do I even give a damn?”- Jazz suddenly exclaimed as she entered the bathroom for a shower.


The last thing she wanted was to go home smelling like cigars and beer, living with her parents helped her avoid paying rent as she couldn’t get a dorm room at the university, but it meant living under their rules.


Thankfully, the nearby motels rented out showers which help her keep her façade of still working at the university’s library and the café she applied to before coming to Vlad for work. The shower felt like bliss though she did feel somewhat sorry for the maid in charge of washing the bedsheets.


Her glitter and fake jewelry along with her sweat and love juices stained the sheets, Jazz was more or less sure the motel staff changed the sheets only when the filth was too obvious. Jazz sat down on the bed and sigh for a moment.


It was already past three in the morning and was extremely tired. Her night started off great though her brief encounter with Tom made things seriously hard even so she ended up in bed with a man she hadn’t seen before but didn’t regret it in the least.


Jazz tossed the bed covers to the side as these were covered in glitter and spent the rest of the night in the motel room, her emotions a torrent.


To be continued.

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